• Published on Apr 26, 2016
  • The price of natural color diamonds varies widely depending on the color, market demand and rareness. The following list presents the maximum value that color diamonds can reach, from highest to lowest. Prices also depend on the intensity of the color, and on the purity and weight of the diamond.
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  • Taylor Umongus Has
    Taylor Umongus Has 24 minutes ago

    For those curious, here are the causes of each diamond's color:
    Clear: Pure Carbon. Wasn't on this list but I've heard that it's more rare than yellow diamond.
    Brown: Nickel impurities
    Black: Iron and/or graphite impurities
    Gray: Other metal impurities.
    Yellow: Nitrogen impurities
    Orange: Nitrogen aligned in a specific pattern
    Pink & Red: Plastic deformation. Red is a more concentrated version of pink.
    Blue: Boron impurities. Boron is rare on earth.
    Purple: Hydrogen impurities and/r plastic deformation. Hydrogen is rare in earth's crust.
    Green: Natural radiation from underground rocks causes electrons to be trapped, making the diamond's surface green.

  • Qadir Khan
    Qadir Khan 2 months ago


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  • Hai Kim
    Hai Kim 4 months ago +1

    The top diamonds expensive in the world. I just thinking about all new supper world.

  • Jay Shree Krishna Tips
    Jay Shree Krishna Tips 6 months ago

    black and yellow are cheaper than regular diamonds fake

  • Hai Kim
    Hai Kim 6 months ago

    Thank you very much all.

  • Danny White
    Danny White 8 months ago

    thank you for not using fake voices

  • M Bek
    M Bek 8 months ago +1

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  • M Bek
    M Bek 8 months ago +3

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    • handmade
      handmade 4 months ago

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  • Ben K
    Ben K 8 months ago

    Most of these photographs are not of Real Diamonds. Black Diamonds are in the range of $50 per carat. Brown Diamonds are worth Crap. why are you mis-informing people?

  • Mawardi ab Mawardi ab
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  • Nik110512
    Nik110512 8 months ago

    That orange diamond was obviously Cirtrine

  • Yung Abortion
    Yung Abortion 9 months ago +1

    Purple diamonds don't exist

    • JapanTWC
      JapanTWC 6 months ago

      I have one bought from museum

    • Motorcity KD
      Motorcity KD 7 months ago

      Yung Abortion not true

  • Chung ping Tang
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  • irakli dzneladze
    irakli dzneladze 10 months ago

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  • Hobobohemian —
    Hobobohemian — 11 months ago

    If I gave you my diamonds and pearls

  • Aries Radley
    Aries Radley 11 months ago

    I dont know why this stupid rock is too expensive? Well it's ok if
    You will be immortal if you have them?

  • Carol Nash
    Carol Nash 11 months ago +1

    Those Diamonds r beautiful to say the least, but that Orange one if I'd ever hit the lottery is the 1 for me.

  • Sílvia Regina
    Sílvia Regina Year ago

    O coração lilas é de sofia o vermelho e de elena o preto e branco ivi o a marelo e de rapozel o azul claro é de elsa o rosa escuro é. De masha.e o de sterpanny é o branco citrico

    I AM JERR Year ago

    Lol where is White Diamond?

    • Taylor Umongus Has
      Taylor Umongus Has 19 minutes ago

      @Fay Amane I know that colorless diamonds are rarer than yellow. The video creator must've forgot. Colorless would most likely go between yellow and orange.

    • Fay Amane
      Fay Amane 11 months ago

      White diamonds are not rare compared to colored diamonds.

  • MattPaint
    MattPaint Year ago

    I only came here to see the 3 diamonds(and the red diamond if its is real)

      LIL LOOSE LEAF 5 months ago

      ew who tf watches that gay ass show, goes on a video that's about real life diamonds and talks about a crappy ass show? i hate fanbases like you guys. if you are gonna talk about a subject, go on a video about that subject.

    • MattPaint
      MattPaint Year ago

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  • Timothy Lynch
    Timothy Lynch Year ago

    Most rarest.......that's a good indicator of click-bait from an unemployable who uses videos for income since they can't get hired due to their ignorance of grammar.

      LIL LOOSE LEAF 5 months ago +1

      why are you so nit picky? and so angry? do you work at burger king or something and you are just angry at the world.

  • Chung ping Tang
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  • Adnar Solo
    Adnar Solo Year ago +4

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  • Teacher Shen
    Teacher Shen Year ago

    Very wrong info. Please check reliable diamond websites for info and prices.

  • prabhat kumar
    prabhat kumar Year ago

    Lesson:never trust the thumbnails

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  • Dr Who
    Dr Who Year ago +1

    These look like Mystic Topaz, not diamonds.

  • Spam Sandwich
    Spam Sandwich Year ago +3

    Most rarest is a double superlative

  • Riddhi Saraf
    Riddhi Saraf Year ago

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  • Some supah star Warrior


  • Some supah star Warrior

    Is that.. Yellow.. Diamond?

    • Carol Nash
      Carol Nash 11 months ago


    • Carol Nash
      Carol Nash 11 months ago

      Yes it is. A singer got 1 as a Engagement ring. It was J Lo or ummm Marian that got one.

    • Fay Amane
      Fay Amane 11 months ago

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    • Deanna Emard
      Deanna Emard Year ago +1

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    • Kevin Lim
      Kevin Lim Year ago

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  • OhNoIHaveContractedPolio35

    Did you just get a color wheel and write random info on it

    • Taylor Umongus Has
      Taylor Umongus Has 20 minutes ago

      Most likely not. Here's what I generally know about diamond color rarities:
      -Brown is most common
      -Black and Gray almost as common as brown
      -Yellow is on the common end
      -Colorless diamonds are rarer than yellow
      -Blue, green, and purple are on the rare end
      -And red is the rarest.

  • Rana Bilal
    Rana Bilal 2 years ago

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  • Willie van het Kerkhof
    Willie van het Kerkhof 2 years ago +4

    My white diamond is worthless!

    • Fay Amane
      Fay Amane Year ago

      +Willie van het Kerkhof
      White diamonds are the most common type of diamonds.

  • SektundSchnee
    SektundSchnee 2 years ago +24

    Black, brown and grey are simply non-gem quality previously used for drill bits but through the magic of marketing are now sold as jewellery.

    • Alex Rauff
      Alex Rauff 6 months ago

      SektundSchnee uhmmm but pieces used in jewelry are mostly close to brown/yellow in color grade G-J

    • holly may
      holly may 7 months ago

      Igor if you can see through your diamond then you have a fake diamond .

    • Royi Mualem Pavel
      Royi Mualem Pavel 11 months ago +1

      Yellow is less rare then any color but gray

    • igor
      igor Year ago

      Gem quality mean you can see trough. they are a lot of yellow/brown gem quality, they are also some of them who are really industrial of curse.

  • Nanami Eki
    Nanami Eki 2 years ago +6

    I had a diamond that has 7 colors or more but i don't know how much its cost since it was a found somewhere in second hand clothes. It's with me about more than 10 years and show that it's even more prettier

  • NilEsh Pawar
    NilEsh Pawar 2 years ago

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  • Dennis Durkop
    Dennis Durkop 2 years ago

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  • Bergsman
    Bergsman 2 years ago +2

    This is a splendid video of the stupidity... sorry, diverisity, of mankind. To spend all that money on bling that is totally overrated is really... something... to think twice, three or 85 times of...
    The reason diamonds cost that much is that it is a big hype for that stone. Created by the diamond industry, with help of Hollywood...
    Diamonds are hard and beautiful, yes but there are a lot of other stones that are that too. Diamonds are expensive, what ever colour they may have. But diamonds are not even very rare... As long as people buy that hype these stones will be expensive.
    When I buy diamonds, I don't... I rather buy some other stones, about equally nice. There are a lot of alternatives.
    If you want to have a really nice looking stone in your ring or pendant I recommend you to buy a cubic zirconia. It is a man made stone that is very close to diamond in beauty. If you feel that you "must" spend more money on a stone (even if almost nobody will see the difference) buy a moissanite instead. (Also a man made stone.)
    (Both of them don't destroy nature so much as the production of natural diamonds either, if you want to be more friendly to the environment.)
    It is funny how we people are. If something is expensive it is automatically more beautiful (better or what ever) then it would if it would cost less... Oh, and the prestige to have an "expensive" item of course... *sigh*
    But I guess that the more money you got, the more money you spend, whether it is on gemstones, cars, houses or something else... Well, I guess it is easy to get blind for the expenses when you got money to spend...

  • Kevin Kasdin
    Kevin Kasdin 2 years ago +10

    I should have know what CRAP this would be as soon as I saw "MOST RAREST"! Many of the examples are NOT diamonds. This is a joke!!

  • Charger
    Charger 2 years ago +1

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  • Ashalata Devi
    Ashalata Devi 2 years ago

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  • Hulk Strongest Fastest

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  • atha yana
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  • Nicki LovesDogs
    Nicki LovesDogs 2 years ago +1

    Drilling and mining needs to be banned. It's unethical and costs lives. Don't support it and don't buy those.

    • Anthony Valentino
      Anthony Valentino 3 months ago

      Oh shut up..... Every thing in this world... Takes lives.... We arent safe from anything....! We are all gonna die.. Someway or another.. Your not miss save a hoe !!!..... Stop fooling yourself... Cause not fooling me.. If you want a diamond. Or gemstone.. Then go buy one !!!!!

    • Nyrufa
      Nyrufa 2 years ago +5

      Any form of industrial work potentially costs lives. Get your head out of your ass.

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  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 2 years ago +24

    that reminds me to steven universe

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  • Lil Goat
    Lil Goat 2 years ago +25

    this was not an accurate video

    • Taylor Umongus Has
      Taylor Umongus Has 31 minute ago

      Yeah the video is missing clear diamonds, which are somewhat rarer than yellow. Should've been 11 instead of 10.

    • handmade
      handmade 4 months ago


    • Adnan Raksha
      Adnan Raksha Year ago

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    • Sultan F
      Sultan F 2 years ago

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      kim Komes 2 years ago

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  • Lon Sokhon
    Lon Sokhon 3 years ago +2

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