12 Reasons We’re Convinced Troye Sivan & Connor Franta Are Dating! (TRONNER) | Hollywire


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  • g e o r g i a !
    g e o r g i a ! 4 days ago

    tracob is shaking

  • Vicky Debath
    Vicky Debath Month ago

    They're just friends

  • zara !!
    zara !! Month ago

    wheezing at the fact troye and jacob were over 6 months into their relationship at this point

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    Knowing The Good Side was about Connor broke my heart 😭

  • Erica F. Brun
    Erica F. Brun 3 months ago +2

    He’s w Jacob .... 😐

  • right spyder
    right spyder 3 months ago

    I know they are apart but i still ship them hard!

  • so what?
    so what? 4 months ago


    is now dead lol

  • Edward Elphick
    Edward Elphick 4 months ago

    the good side says hello.

  • you are deep and I love drowning

    Troye look cutter with Jacob and so damn crazy in love with him
    I feel like he's this kind of lover if he really really fall in love with a man he just want the whole fucking world to know and that's what he did with Jacob

  • Gay Noodles
    Gay Noodles 5 months ago +1

    Fact: Connor first had a relationship when he moved to California in 2013, and when he and his boyfriend broke up, it was 2016 ( or early 2017) and he was really heartbroken. If you look at the timeline, the mystery boy could have been Tyler Oakley or Troye. The evidence came from his 2017 book, Note To Self. He also visited New York at the same time, soooooo

  • Alanis Vu
    Alanis Vu 5 months ago +2

    The Good Side is also about Connor and now I'm crying in the club

  • Simmer_Scape
    Simmer_Scape 5 months ago +1

    Does this girl need help? 😂 the more I watch this it seems like she’s being held at gun point

  • Amy Cooper
    Amy Cooper 6 months ago

    i don't ship it but you could of at least added that connor went to the premiere of spud 3 even though he wasn't in the movie and he was supporting Troyes acting but then they do need their privacy and the reason no one knows who troyes bf is is because he thinks its one of the things he should keep to himself and not tell the whole world

  • Kartika Rina
    Kartika Rina 6 months ago

    1:00 song?

  • 멍멍비비
    멍멍비비 7 months ago +3

    lmao😂😂😂 Troye met Jacob in February 2016 When did this video come up? TROYE was still dating JACOB. TRACOB❤👍

  • Alex Belman
    Alex Belman 7 months ago

    Did she say 'gayting'? What's wrong with 'dating'?

  • Lou
    Lou 7 months ago

    Connor admited that they were together in his book, but still I think we should respect their privacy

  • FrenchHornCat
    FrenchHornCat 7 months ago

    Joshleen? You mean Erikleen right? (I know this was made when josh and colleen were married but let's be real, erik and colleen is 10 times better.)

  • FudgeADollarAndADream
    FudgeADollarAndADream 7 months ago

    Bruh Hollywire dont know

  • animemyjackass
    animemyjackass 8 months ago

    Just after this Jacob shows up

  • Nathaniel Beven
    Nathaniel Beven 8 months ago

    "have each others back" i see what you did there.

  • NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll
    NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll 8 months ago

    Connor was much happier when he was secretly probing his tongue into Troye's no-no hole.

  • Tired Gal
    Tired Gal 8 months ago

    I don’t know how I got here but I’m seeing a shit ton of phandom comments. DONT DO ONE OF THESE VIDEOS ON PHAN.

  • lauren grace singings
    lauren grace singings 9 months ago


  • Howard Simpson
    Howard Simpson 9 months ago

    Their are a cut couple

  • That’s Just Nat
    That’s Just Nat 9 months ago

    Joshleen 🤐🤐

  • Hannah G0123
    Hannah G0123 9 months ago

    This was SO wrong because they had already broken up when this video was made. Con was majorly depressed from the breakup and Troye already had Jacob, so this vid was just disrespectful especially to Con who was struggling.

  • hope
    hope 9 months ago +2

    The Good Side was supposedly about Connor too

  • M2L My 2nd life!
    M2L My 2nd life! 10 months ago

    Does it really matter that they are dating or not?? Just be happy cause it's OK if they are, its not a big deal. I am completely happy even if they both r dating or even if they are just friend's, it really doesn't matter to me cause in my dream world I am a good friend and it doesn't matter to me.

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin 10 months ago +1

    They're not perfect together that's not your choice to make guys... and as proof , Tronnor no longer exists 

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin 10 months ago +4

    Update this to : To cute tracob moments 👍🏽

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin 10 months ago +2

    A bit disrespectful to their privacy 😕

  • Dayana Khafizova
    Dayana Khafizova 10 months ago

    omg, it's too late

  • Merty McFly
    Merty McFly 10 months ago +4

    Okay but Troy and Jacob have been dating for at least 2 years now so... this is super outdated.

  • Hello It’s me
    Hello It’s me 11 months ago +1

    Ok maybe they are just really really really really really really good friends

  • Silly Jaqie
    Silly Jaqie Year ago

    joshline is dead :/

  • Arthur White
    Arthur White Year ago

    H E A R T B R E A K I N G

  • Nagyaleeya McMillan
    Nagyaleeya McMillan Year ago +2

    This host is sooooooooo annoying

  • smelly -
    smelly - Year ago +3

    Tronnor is dead now lol

  • Kaylee NL
    Kaylee NL Year ago +1

    Uhh their not dating anymore

  • Mackenzie Duggan
    Mackenzie Duggan Year ago

    it's almost 2:00 am and i'm torturing myself by watching tronnor videos.

  • Lucía Rojas
    Lucía Rojas Year ago +2


  • Soulless Is Dead Inside

    respect them please

  • Ren Brooks
    Ren Brooks Year ago

    Just tronnor my dear😄

  • Lafayeet Mom ami
    Lafayeet Mom ami Year ago +1

    Why does this matter, they hang out a lot. Me and my friends do that, doesn’t mean we’re dating and we’re both gay

  • Ellie Flenn
    Ellie Flenn Year ago

    Can you leave them alone. If they are dating or if they are not it's none of your business if they chose to tell us or not.

  • Foxy Squad
    Foxy Squad Year ago

    U r just asuming

  • gabriella rose
    gabriella rose Year ago

    what vid is the b&w pic?

  • Rin San
    Rin San Year ago +1

    Anyone please tell me what happen to them now?? XD they did not end up together??

  • Paola Rivera
    Paola Rivera Year ago +1

    Watching this video in 2017 and thinking about Troye singing for him to Jacob IM SHOOK (and crying at 3:00 am)

  • trisha nctdreamot7
    trisha nctdreamot7 Year ago +9

    bb its tracob now

  • Emma
    Emma Year ago


  • a n d r e a .m
    a n d r e a .m Year ago +2

    I ended up going out with Jacob😂💕

  • _ gexrgina_amxry _

    Idek what to say about this, they'd make a cute couple but because they haven't officially told everyone themselves yet, if it is really a thing, I don't think they'd want everyone knowing about it

  • Danielle Fernandez

    it's 2017 and this ship (my fav youtuber ship of all time :')) is pretty much dead and i'm still not over them. cAN THEY PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO TOGETHER ONCE MORE???

  • chantal williams
    chantal williams Year ago +1

    This is embarrassing to watch

  • Fenna Bego
    Fenna Bego Year ago

    shyland for life

  • Kayla Krause
    Kayla Krause Year ago


  • simplypace
    simplypace Year ago

    This video is one of the reason new people keep coming and bugging them, asking if they are dating and basically being annoying, esp when Troye is clearly in a relationship with Jacob now. its just so disrespectful :/

  • iHave aName
    iHave aName Year ago +5

    This is the kinda of internet crap pressure that breaks real relationships apart

  • shantanu panda
    shantanu panda Year ago

    joshleen, yeah that ship sunk

  • SuckMyNutz 420
    SuckMyNutz 420 Year ago +2

    Can you please just respect their privacy please

  • renatta atsiila
    renatta atsiila Year ago +1

    bitch its tronnor, not tronner

  • LameEdits
    LameEdits Year ago +4

    This girl is so damn annoying

  • Bhuerta3213
    Bhuerta3213 Year ago

    why don;t you talk about Troyler too??? :(

  • christina pehl
    christina pehl Year ago +5


  • wowie
    wowie Year ago +11

    Well now we found out Troyes beautiful boyfriend is Jacob Bixenman :33

  • Iris Gray
    Iris Gray Year ago +1

    i swear they were dating, but not anymore. Oh well, but, I'm glad troye is happy with his new boyfriend

  • My Leg!
    My Leg! Year ago +1

    I love how they were extremely late and didn't even spell the ship name right

    JANNE Year ago

    Leave them alone

  • Gabbyisbored
    Gabbyisbored Year ago

    ya'll tronnor died so long ago wtf

  • chiara escalante
    chiara escalante Year ago

    She looks like cece drake

  • Danny Wood
    Danny Wood Year ago

    I ship troyler

  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar Year ago +1

    This video came out when Tronnor was already dead and Tracob was in existence.

  • CV 58
    CV 58 Year ago

    MI OTP

  • Prakash yadavanshi

    they are cute

  • madison
    madison Year ago

    No #troyler

  • Hailey Jane
    Hailey Jane Year ago

    *Sees part of title.*
    *Clicks on video.*
    *Reads full title.*
    * Sharp inhale.*
    * Closes eyes as exhales.*
    *Fake smiles.*
    *opens eyes*

  • trinidydae
    trinidydae Year ago +3

    sorry bby but tracob is alive and thriving. this video was like 2 years outdated 😂

  • Alanna deSilva
    Alanna deSilva Year ago


  • WingMik
    WingMik Year ago

    Tronner is cute

  • WingMik
    WingMik Year ago


  • sofia sartorello
    sofia sartorello Year ago

    i think so cause both are freaking beautiful and both have awesome personality and its really hard not to fall in love when u have a hot and nice friend around

  • Jay2 Crazy
    Jay2 Crazy Year ago

    they have to be you can seethat cant you

  • Chloe Frances
    Chloe Frances Year ago


  • timbliboo #2
    timbliboo #2 Year ago

    rip joshleen

  • LesbiansRUs
    LesbiansRUs Year ago

    This is dumb, everyone knows he's dating Tyler Oakley..?

    • hiyya
      hiyya Year ago

      LesbiansRUs are you being serious rn

  • Just A Random Fan

    Stop hurting me :(

  • Nyah Reynolds
    Nyah Reynolds Year ago

    This girl is hella annoying

  • Arun Bakshi
    Arun Bakshi Year ago

    Joshleen oh Joshleen

  • Iliketosleep
    Iliketosleep Year ago

    ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship ship

  • Lmao lane
    Lmao lane Year ago

    This lady is annoying gtg

  • tia k
    tia k Year ago

    this was uploaded way after it died.......


  • annika
    annika Year ago +3

    And then tracob and note to self happened.

    (if you haven't read note to self yet, Connor talks about a two year relationship that ended in 2016. he said it was his first major heartbreak.)

  • Kay Dobre
    Kay Dobre Year ago

    Troyler is still better good points, but they're still better

  • Lonely Days
    Lonely Days Year ago +4


  • nehmjoon.
    nehmjoon. Year ago +1

    what about Tracob? (dat face)

  • Christina B
    Christina B Year ago +1

    Yet, Larry Stylinson if fake? These two ships man. They run my lie

  • Riapa Shitara Kyupa Galovna R. Vabanatoah

    Tronnor FOREVER Yaaaaasssasasasasasss!!!!!!!!!!!