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  • infinity slayer
    infinity slayer 12 days ago


  • Elsiebehaviorist Hagan
    Elsiebehaviorist Hagan 2 months ago

    thanks for sharing. your house is beautiful

  • Tori Lorna
    Tori Lorna 9 months ago

    take a shot every time she says trusses are on/up

  • Betsy Discoraver
    Betsy Discoraver 11 months ago

    This is a great video, just what i wanted to see! I want to build a home in the next few years and have no idea what the process involves. Thanks so much for posting :)

  • Lily King
    Lily King 11 months ago

    can she just film show us and not talk as much like omfg no offence and I don't mean this to be rude but in all honesty it is a bit much because every time I click to a new part of the video low and behold there she is talking talking and talking. Im really sorry if this appears as a hate comment but maybe they will see this and think a bit, because I clicked on this video to watch a process of the building of a house as I want to be an interior designer but its a bit distracting. So sorry if this seems like a hate comment because I don't mean it that way its just my opinion and a suggestion.
    Really sorry if this seems rude and arrogant but I'm only 14 from New Zealand and I am just making a suggestion.

  • Are Alz
    Are Alz Year ago

    ok, is it just me, i cant stop looking at your skin, you are beautiful

  • Sahie
    Sahie Year ago

    Do you have a house plan at all? I’d love to see it and it would help visualise the house!

  • Melanie Russell
    Melanie Russell 2 years ago

    hey girl! my partner and I are looking to build on the Gold Coast. we just watched all your house vids - loved seeing the process from start to finish! which builder did you go with? we love your house plan/layout!

  • skinnyism
    skinnyism 2 years ago

    Omg thats so cool our house is getting built in february im so excited!!

    • skinnyism
      skinnyism 2 years ago

      I half designed it lmao so im pretty excited im very mad tho because my mum decided to move the island next to the wall since she think it would get on the way

  • Queen A
    Queen A 2 years ago


  • Danielle Gabbott
    Danielle Gabbott 2 years ago

    Need to clean and I really can't be bothered so I've decided to watch all your house videos to give me some motivation 😂😂😂 xx

  • Alissa Robinson
    Alissa Robinson 2 years ago

    I have just watched all of this series and I love your house! It was so much fun seeing the process from start to finish. We are beginning our building process, and are trying to decide on house plans. What is the square footage of your home? It looks like a great size, but not overwhelming- just perfect!

  • Maria Marquez
    Maria Marquez 2 years ago

    i just found your channel , & i'm in love. ☺️💘

  • GoldenBoy
    GoldenBoy 2 years ago

    Like the way the girl is excited over the house.Why do you make walls from wood instead of stone? Is that in Australia?

  • Ravindra Babu
    Ravindra Babu 2 years ago

    That Burp at 2:28 :D :D :D

  • Benyada
    Benyada 2 years ago +3

    Apparently these video are educational for students who want to learn how the house is built. It's honestly so helpful

  • Ryanna Avery
    Ryanna Avery 2 years ago

    I build houses for a living and it's crazy to see how different we build houses in the states compared to other places and the different timeframes it takes. When my subs are on task we can build a house in 90 days and that's from slab to CO.

  • Tash C
    Tash C 2 years ago

    So exciting!

  • Allumee mua
    Allumee mua 2 years ago

    I am so happy you are sharing this with us! Not only is it inspiring me to get my own property but it is informative about the processes

  • Cajsa Karlsson
    Cajsa Karlsson 2 years ago

    Love this!!

  • Belinda Trenkoska
    Belinda Trenkoska 2 years ago

    I love how flat your block is!! We're building as well in Sydney but the land isn't registered yet. Looks like ours is going to be so slopey! :/ I've been so excited for your building vlogs!

    • Catching Up With The Contes
      Catching Up With The Contes  2 years ago +1

      That's one of the worst things about building in a new estate when the land isn't developed yet and just buying off the map. We didn't know what it was going to be like in the last one we built and it sloped down so much at the back - we put in soon much fill to make it even. But then we could basically see into the neighbours yard! But congrats on deciding to build! I hope you enjoy the process and it goes smoothly! ox

  • riita_xx
    riita_xx 2 years ago

    What suburb if u don't mind Crystal? Still outer Melb? Xx

  • Tanika Jaun
    Tanika Jaun 2 years ago

    yayyyyy! Been waiting for these vlogs 🙌🏻💕

  • Chloe Rarity
    Chloe Rarity 2 years ago

    what a huge house now

  • Chloe Rarity
    Chloe Rarity 2 years ago

    so excited for you guys

  • Alexis LuMaye
    Alexis LuMaye 2 years ago

    Sooooo exciting!!!! Cant wait for the rest of the videos

  • xx.breee
    xx.breee 2 years ago

    Watching this with my partner, he said hope you enjoy your windows hahaha he makes the windows 😂

  • HElizabeth
    HElizabeth 2 years ago

    Watching this makes me want to playThe Sims

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary 2 years ago

    Congratulations Crystal the house looks amazing! Nice to see some hard working regular TVcliprs who built their dream home! Well done!! Would you mind letting us know who you built with?

  • Victoria Khoury
    Victoria Khoury 2 years ago

    I'm so happy for you and dean! You sound so happy and you deserve it so much!

  • holly olpp
    holly olpp 2 years ago

    been waiting so long for these vlogs 😃

  • Samantha K
    Samantha K 2 years ago

    ah soo exciting! makes me want to build another house. cant wait to see more 😘

  • Lauren White
    Lauren White 2 years ago

    Sooo excited to see the next episode, I really enjoyed this! Congratulations guys, you've worked so hard and you deserve it! Xx

  • Shez
    Shez 2 years ago

    Wow it looks amazing!!!
    Thankyou for sharing. I'm just about to build my first home and this helps sooooo much x

  • cgkitti
    cgkitti 2 years ago

    Looks great! Can't wait to see more!

  • Claddagh Clad
    Claddagh Clad 2 years ago +8

    Your excitement is so infectious, I am truly delighted for you guys. Cant wait to see the finished product. Isn't it funny how the slab looks small and then BAM huge house haha.

  • Kelly Krajecki
    Kelly Krajecki 2 years ago

    Holy balls its huge im so happy for you!!!!

  • Bethan Browning
    Bethan Browning 2 years ago +1

    Oh my gosh it's so exciting!!! I know it's been a long time coming for you and Dean but you're almost done! This week is so exciting for you both!

  • Taylah Freeman
    Taylah Freeman 2 years ago

    I'm so proud of you guys, and I can tell how proud you are of each other and what you've been able to achieve! So looking forward for what's to come!!! 😙😙😙😙

  • Rachel Satchell
    Rachel Satchell 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Crystal and Dean. It's amazing! xxx

  • Louise M
    Louise M 2 years ago

    So excited for you guys!! I clicked so fast!!!

  • Paige Roy
    Paige Roy 2 years ago

    Ahhh, this is so exciting!! I can't wait for the all the other house vlogs and to see the finished product!

  • Mandy Mo
    Mandy Mo 2 years ago

    Don't think iv been so excited for someone else's house lol such a interesting process , so happy for you . You deserve it x Thank you for all your hard work .

  • Brittany Eilersen
    Brittany Eilersen 2 years ago

    Looks amazing!! so excited for you!

  • Courtney Wheeler
    Courtney Wheeler 2 years ago

    I'm soooo excited to watch this!!!!

  • XforeverX443
    XforeverX443 2 years ago

    Yay! Been looking forward to these vlogs! 🎉

  • Melly Green
    Melly Green 2 years ago

    I am so excited to see more !!

  • Clara H.
    Clara H. 2 years ago +2

    this is soo interesting! I'm working as a draftsman in Germany and building is very different in Germany but I'm quite interested in Australia as well! thank you so much for the work and effort you put in your vlogs and let us be part of your journey. lots of love and support from germany xxx ♡

  • Sarah Budge
    Sarah Budge 2 years ago

    Looks great - so interesting to see the process, can't wait to see the end result! Well done guys x

  • Katina McCrae
    Katina McCrae 2 years ago

    OMG YESSS!! I've been waiting for what feels like forever for these videos🎉🎉🎉🎉 can't wait to see the next one 😍

  • sazzlepop
    sazzlepop 2 years ago +3

    Is this a porter Davis house?? If so which plan is it??

  • sazzlepop
    sazzlepop 2 years ago

    I'm so excited to see! We are about to have our dream house hand over in two weeks and no joke the front entry and lay out of the master is the same as ours, even the huge WIR we converted the adjoining bedroom into the big WIR 😊 so so happy! I've blogged the journey and I'd like to share it with you too once it's finished

  • Vanessa Hall
    Vanessa Hall 2 years ago

    Love love love it....... Love the little series you have done, can't wait to see more, it's going to be stunning when finished.

  • Aimee Bishop
    Aimee Bishop 2 years ago

    So happy for you guys! can't wait for the next episode!! 😁❤

  • Sabrina Sardegna
    Sabrina Sardegna 2 years ago

    I don't often drink tea but I got some tea and biscuits ready for this video, the day has finally come!!!!!

    • Sabrina Sardegna
      Sabrina Sardegna 2 years ago +1

      So excited to see the walk in wardrobe I can't 😍

  • Kookoocachu
    Kookoocachu 2 years ago +15

    I don't think I've ever been excited for someone else's house lol!!

  • Andrea Miranda
    Andrea Miranda 2 years ago

    In which suburb did you build your house??

  • elyse6688
    elyse6688 2 years ago

    Words cannot describe how excited I was to see this vlog!! 😁💕💕💕

  • allfancythings
    allfancythings 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for doing this step by step process with us. Such a intimate private journey but you guys have been so nice sharing it with us. I'm going to be building soon & I'll defs be watching these so I know what to expect eeeeekkkkk so exciting

  • allfancythings
    allfancythings 2 years ago

    Yaaaaay I'm already loving this segment! & I'm only 5secs in lol

  • Savvy Feminist
    Savvy Feminist 2 years ago

    Amazing thank you for letting us into your house build journey. A big congratulations too on completing the build. May you and hubby make it a happy home.
    Perhaps you and hubby can do a video on saving up for a house, why you choose to build instead of buying.
    Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    • Catching Up With The Contes
      Catching Up With The Contes  2 years ago

      Thanks for watching! We put out a Q&A last year sometime which covers a few of these things I think! oxo

  • CookingwithKarma
    CookingwithKarma 2 years ago

    OMG it's massive!! I love that your walk in wardrobe is almost as big as your room lol. Can't wait to see it finished :)

  • Pai Martin
    Pai Martin 2 years ago

    Yay ep1 down plenty to go yay I'm excited for yous

  • Wendy Browne
    Wendy Browne 2 years ago

    Yay!! Not long until you shift in now. All your hard work will be sooo worth it when you are finally in your new home. It's a huge home, how many square metres is it?

  • Australian working mum - Kylie Barnes

    OMG I love this channel. I came across it a week ago and have been binge watching you ever since! I agree I could not click on this video fast enough. I am heaps excited to see the next video.... why must you make us wait. Lol 😋😊 I love that you are Aussie even more 🇦🇺💖

  • Taylah Edwards
    Taylah Edwards 2 years ago +13

    I'm 9 minutes in and your house is HUGE! Compared to the one you're in now.. Coco's going to get lost! 😂

  • Jacinta Alexander
    Jacinta Alexander 2 years ago

    OMG How freaking exciting!! I am so happy for you's xx

  • Nicole Stephenso
    Nicole Stephenso 2 years ago

    Such a massive house, congrats crystal & dean. I look forward to seeing the rest of them

  • Arna Alayne
    Arna Alayne 2 years ago +12


  • Ngarns Martin
    Ngarns Martin 2 years ago

    Omggg i love it 😍👌🏾💜

  • Mel Thompson
    Mel Thompson 2 years ago

    Such an exciting time for you both (and coco 😻)
    So happy for you 😘

  • Eden Nicholas
    Eden Nicholas 2 years ago +1

    Yes! This is what I've been waiting for 😍
    So excited for you guys! Looks amazing.

  • NzKarleen
    NzKarleen 2 years ago

    what a great way to show us the build. looking great!

  • Bonafidevixen10032
    Bonafidevixen10032 2 years ago +8

    I haven't seen all your house videos but any chance you can do a video where you include things that you wish were different or some things you would change? A lot of people who have built homes already always have lots of insight into what to watch out for and what they wish they could've added etc. Hindsight, you know. Anyway, how exciting for you both. I'm hoping to build by the end of the year! I hope we get approved for our loan. Please pray for us! We're so desperate!!! Damn Sydney prices!!!!

    • Catching Up With The Contes
      Catching Up With The Contes  2 years ago +1

      We put out a Q&A video last year where we gave heaps of advice on things like this! Wishing you the best for your building! You will get there! oxox

  • Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie Rose 2 years ago +13

    Laughed so hard at your reaction to when your man burped. Also congratulations on the house

  • Sasha Wrightson
    Sasha Wrightson 2 years ago +1

    It's so nice to see how excited you are as each new stage is completed 😄

  • Georgia
    Georgia 2 years ago

    so so exciting. been watching you guys you collabed with shannon and fell in love with your main channel vids and the vlogs ever since, so happy for you guys good luck xx

  • Andrea_Petroski
    Andrea_Petroski 2 years ago

    Cab you share your house plan with us ?

  • Andrea_Petroski
    Andrea_Petroski 2 years ago +3

    So exciting, the house always looks small at the slab stage, we we built our house we were so freaked out because we thought it was so small but as you now know it starts to look real size when it gets further along. Love the fact you vlogged everything. Thanks for sharing 😘

  • Haileigh Jones
    Haileigh Jones 2 years ago

    this is amazing! we are building our first home in werribee, they are at the stage of installing the kitchen, but on the weekend somebody stole our kitchen!! so it has set us back about 2 weeks, have too reorder everything, best of luck Crystal & Dean xox

    • Catching Up With The Contes
      Catching Up With The Contes  2 years ago

      OMG!!! That sucks so much - I'm so sorry :( But congrats on building! Hopefully everything else goes smoothly! oxox