DO'S & DONT'S | Best Eyeshadow Tips

  • Published on Apr 8, 2017
  • SO THIS TIME ... I Promise I'm SERIOUS, this isn't another joke video ... these are seriously my Best Eyeshadow DO's & DONT's. xo's
    » » » Check out ... MY BEST (April Fools) MAKEUP TUTORIAL EVER ...

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N
    Benefit the Porefessional
    La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation // Beige 32
    Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme
    Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer // Light-Medium
    .em by Michelle Phan Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlight Stick // Light
    Cover FX Custom Enhancement Drops // Celestial
    Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder // Ivory
    Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette
    Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder // Translucent Light
    Make Up For Ever Shine On Powder
    Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder // 01
    Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer // Daydream
    Lancome Blush Subtil Duo // Sheer Amourôse /Mauve Mystère
    Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray
    Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray
    Cinema Secrets Pro Eyeshadow Base // Light
    MAC Eyeshadow x15
    Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara
    Make Up For Ever Brow Pencil // N40
    Make Up For Ever Brow Pencil N20
    Make Up For Ever Brow Liner // 40
    Make Up For Ever Brow Liner // 20
    Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil // Brunette
    Tatcha Lip Liner // A Cherry Blossom
    Zoeva Graphic Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner // Its Never Over
    The Estée Edit The Barest Lipcolor // In The Flesh
    Sara Happ One Luxe Gloss // The Rose Gold Slip

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  • Darren Harvey
    Darren Harvey Hour ago

    This is amazing for beginner tips

  • Pia
    Pia 16 hours ago

    Somebody pls explain this to me: so if you do the eyeshadow (like this smokey eye shadow look for instans) first, won’t your foundation or concealer mes it up when you Apple it later??? As in won’t your foundation or concealer make the smokey eye shadow look not smokey???

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo Day ago

    Yasssss thank you! Asian eyes next?

  • Sally Sweets
    Sally Sweets Day ago +1

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  • Liz Conrad
    Liz Conrad Day ago

    that nail polish analogy was so good 🤯

  • Candace Salim
    Candace Salim 2 days ago

    I've shared this video with so many people, it's a true GEM Tati!

  • Sandra Mijailovic
    Sandra Mijailovic 2 days ago

    Very useful tutorial! Thanks so much! 😊😊😊

  • Candace Salim
    Candace Salim 2 days ago

    My hooded eyes!!!! Ugh I love this episode Tati!

  • Kelianna Karnatz
    Kelianna Karnatz 2 days ago

    Its 10/2019, I am 36 and have been doing my "Makeup" for 20 years. and will say "This is the BEST "How to do your Make-up" video. I'm learning basic practices from this video.

  • Mara Sandbothe
    Mara Sandbothe 2 days ago

    Thank you :)

  • Valesia Labelle
    Valesia Labelle 3 days ago

    Completely awesome video I am so glad I am binge watching and going back through I have been a subscriber for a long time but I know that there is a lot of videos that I have missed so I am still playing catch up even though I've been subscribed now for over 4 years There is still a lot I had missed as always sending peace love Android your way can't wait for your new make up line to come out so I can get a pilot I just hope I can afford it

  • Platon 11111
    Platon 11111 4 days ago

    Thank you very much!!!!

  • Jeri Gracia
    Jeri Gracia 6 days ago

    I tried watching other make up artists, but they all were doing expert eye makeup on a beginners video and I was kinda upset as I’m barely starting to wear makeup again. I want to thank you so much for this video. You’ve helped me understand a lot more!!! Subscribed :)

  • Lillian Atkins
    Lillian Atkins 6 days ago

    Lol as a nail fanatic, I'm loving the manicure references 🥰

  • blessed serenity
    blessed serenity 7 days ago

    Lol Thankyou I just learned I was doing my eyes like your left eye. I’m leArning so much even though it tKes patience to listen because I usually like just the make up to be done but you explain it so well 😊

  • liz contesti
    liz contesti 7 days ago +2

    best video I have watched on dos and donts was having trouble applying eyeshadow in crease helped alot thanks

  • Ceci Carmen
    Ceci Carmen 7 days ago

    Cute picture of lana in the back;)

  • Isabel F.
    Isabel F. 8 days ago

    I can't do this !!

  • Gabriela Fallen
    Gabriela Fallen 8 days ago

    Thank you for this video!!! I swear I’ve been doing right side :((((

  • Holly McMorries
    Holly McMorries 8 days ago

    Thank you so much for your tips

  • Aesthetic Pasta
    Aesthetic Pasta 9 days ago

    Tati naming her video: dos and donts of eyeshadows

  • vishi mohan
    vishi mohan 9 days ago

    Tati looks like the female version of Jared Leto 🤣❤

  • Dora Argy
    Dora Argy 10 days ago

    Love this tutorial . I’ve just stepped up my eyeshadow application . Thanks Tati 😘

  • Michael Barrios
    Michael Barrios 10 days ago

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  • Marissa Custer
    Marissa Custer 11 days ago

    Why did I learn more about eyeshadow in this video than I did in 3 years of cosmetology school

  • iibloomii
    iibloomii 12 days ago

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  • Aria The House
    Aria The House 12 days ago

    These tips are so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing them 🌠

  • Cow
    Cow 12 days ago

    Your voice is very soothing

  • MommyLife & Beauty
    MommyLife & Beauty 12 days ago +1

    18:26 I didn’t expect that 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 14 days ago

    omg this is so precious!!! thank you tati really, you are a fairy

  • Lina La
    Lina La 15 days ago

    Helpful 😊👍🏻

  • Introverted Fangirl
    Introverted Fangirl 18 days ago +1

    Thank god I found this video cos I have no idea about eyeshadow I need guidance haha

  • melisalwayshere
    melisalwayshere 18 days ago

    Honestly I’ve been doing a lot of the donts for awhile and now seeing you it makes me realize why it comes out the way it does and why I get frustrated when my makeup doesn’t look clean like yours

  • Nicci Berriman
    Nicci Berriman 18 days ago

    What’s the purpose of setting spray on the brush?

  • Marte Gulbrandsen
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    First off you're my FAV TVclipr however this is THE worst eye look you've done yet 😔 even the good side... The dark brown u used on the outter v is not blended well... It's a very blotchy look... Not your best moment girl!!

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    deedi87 24 days ago

    You're a great teacher! I learned a few great suggestions! 😊

  • Selena Garcia
    Selena Garcia 28 days ago

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  • Bonni Chai
    Bonni Chai 28 days ago

    Do’s and don’t on eyebrows and eyeliner please

  • Mancuspia
    Mancuspia 29 days ago

    I never understood why everyone was doing their eye makeup first and with your video it became so obvious, doing it after my face makeup was one of the things I've been doing wrong the whole time lol thanks so much for this vid!

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    farah arooj Month ago

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  • farah arooj
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    Lori Walker Month ago

    Wow, by minute 4 I'm already learning - thank you again!

  • Paige Alexandra
    Paige Alexandra Month ago

    Is this eyeshadow palette still available? I like the color options. If not, do you recommend one that is similar? Also, (I don’t know if you have done this already) but I would like to see colorful looks for hooded eyes? I’m definitely late to the game at trying out eyeshadow looks for hooded eyes. I’m almost 30 and do the same look every day because I get lost when I try to branch out. 😬 Lastly! Thank you for your detailed explanations! I learned a lot.

  • Claudio Junior
    Claudio Junior Month ago

    I think it's always good to remember that there isn't a magical formula for makeup. Like Tati said, do what works best for you. I personally love a dramatic under-eye shadow, but she likes it better very thin. It's subjective and up to you. Make-up is, above all, a way to express yourself, so don't get too stuck up on rules!

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