• Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Found Giant arowanna while cleaning my swimming pool pond!
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  • subdivine redeemed

    I'd like to catch a marrowanna fish

  • Jerry Howard
    Jerry Howard 9 days ago

    Bro, who knew you were heading out of town🤔
    Somebody nabbed your fish!!! And put some funky fish carcass behind the pool..."BE MORE DISCREET" Much love & respect brother✌

  • KC Yang
    KC Yang 11 days ago

    One of the ghettoest “pond” ever

  • Matt V
    Matt V 12 days ago

    I'm in northern Michigan. I looooove nature, hunting, fishing, boating. But... I go to South Florida in December and llloooove hunting, fishing, boating, sunsets. 😎🐟🐠🐡🦈🦀🦐🐬🐋🐳🐉🦑🐲🦂🕷️🌴

  • Matt V
    Matt V 12 days ago

    I love animals. I love hunting and fishing. I have pets and appreciate nature.
    You need a bigger, natural pond for your fish friends.
    I will hit you up when I get to Myakka City in December. I will be glad to help. I love your channel. Keep on enjoying nature and fish bro.

  • Ashis Sampang
    Ashis Sampang 13 days ago

    Can i have ur fb account

  • Ashis Sampang
    Ashis Sampang 13 days ago

    BIG FAN 😁😁

  • Bobbie Moss
    Bobbie Moss 15 days ago

    You are just pushing algae around. Can’t you treat the water with something?

  • Sean Knoll
    Sean Knoll 15 days ago

    You have to many commercials for your video content. I'm out.

  • Daniel Telly
    Daniel Telly 16 days ago

    Why does it seem like Joey knows more but isn’t saying nothing 🤔

  • Shangpoos Amazing life

    As a plant lover that arrowana just fertilized the whole garden there.

    • No subs no likes
      No subs no likes 16 days ago

      Shangpoos Amazing life arowanans poop can do that job

  • CG-8638
    CG-8638 25 days ago

    Just put some sticks and plants in there

  • Rosie Malaga
    Rosie Malaga 26 days ago

    you have nice pets in your pool. thats cool...

  • daniel rogers
    daniel rogers Month ago +2

    I like in the picture of the arowanna your fingers got big to

    • YT SnowyyX
      YT SnowyyX Month ago

      daniel rogers lmao clickbait

  • Gutta Beats74
    Gutta Beats74 Month ago

    New(Fishing challenge)Fishing while _______? _______ ____? ( u fill in ya own blanks)

  • Dallas Freer
    Dallas Freer Month ago

    Love your mother's pond. Nice and clean.

  • Dallas Freer
    Dallas Freer Month ago

    Y'all need to have a talk with "bass productions". Not sure if they have your permission to say or use your name. the kid has been staging these fish rescues. By the way my uncle is Bob Freer.

  • Ryan safar
    Ryan safar 2 months ago

    Pacu shouldn’t be eating meat in the wild they are strictly vegatrain

  • Ashly Josie
    Ashly Josie 2 months ago

    Put some kind of net on top of your pond.

  • logan h
    logan h 2 months ago

    do you live in Florida

  • rico300zx
    rico300zx 2 months ago

    You pond is embarrassing

  • Oscar Käpyaho
    Oscar Käpyaho 2 months ago

    I once got 6 pound salmon with a normal fushing rod... If you see this comment what you think guys

  • Oscar Käpyaho
    Oscar Käpyaho 2 months ago

    I fell for the clickbait but thats ok cause i love fishes

  • Oscar Käpyaho
    Oscar Käpyaho 2 months ago

    In tge thumbnail tgat thing is like size of you

  • Kev Schindler
    Kev Schindler 2 months ago

    The audio messed with my brain at 9:10...I thought my ear started ringing.

  • Tim Burnell
    Tim Burnell 2 months ago

    So sorry for your loss brother 😎🙏

  • Remembered
    Remembered 2 months ago

    Make a net cover for your pond Zack.

  • Caden Cox
    Caden Cox 2 months ago +1

    Didn’t even watch the vid already saw it was clickbait

  • J hill
    J hill 2 months ago

    why dont you put a canopy over to limit sunlight to cut down on algae

  • Walker
    Walker 3 months ago

    Dude I would just cut that one tree down or just cut the limbs back so the leaves don't get n the pool from that one tree

  • Waxman68cards #CARDCREW

    We have been watching your channel for a while and than you for keeping it real!

  • Rodel Tagod
    Rodel Tagod 3 months ago

    If you buy another arrowana put a net above it

  • Phil
    Phil 3 months ago +1

    why is yr girlfriend 13yrs old

  • Anna McDermott
    Anna McDermott 3 months ago

    Do you keep your fish as your pets without killing them? Are they your pets?

  • TheElcoqui346
    TheElcoqui346 3 months ago

    Man everytime you go away something bad happens

  • Zombiehunter 2.0
    Zombiehunter 2.0 3 months ago

    He should get a bigger pool pond and boost the water level up and just not get another aworwana

  • Fluffy the Puppy
    Fluffy the Puppy 3 months ago

    Why do You always clickbait it’s getting annoying

  • Roger Suttle
    Roger Suttle 3 months ago

    Zak why not put a net around the outside of the pond hanging over the edge of the pond to try and stop the arrows from getting out of the pond

  • sunroong Puttharaksa
    sunroong Puttharaksa 3 months ago


  • Vin cent
    Vin cent 3 months ago

    Why dont you set up a net above the pool as high as the beginning of the tree. A tip from Holland😁

  • jromeros454
    jromeros454 3 months ago

    Your thumbnails are deceiving

  • Sienna Hill
    Sienna Hill 4 months ago +1

    I have ur merch.

  • Caleb Broshar
    Caleb Broshar 4 months ago +1

    You need a pool brush with a vacuum filter unit.

  • eyeandmind
    eyeandmind 4 months ago

    Just found your channel. Not sure if you addressed this but can you use a uv light for algae control in your pond?

  • Fat Potato
    Fat Potato 4 months ago

    You win some you lose some but you know there are many fish in the lake

  • DRIP Accryliv
    DRIP Accryliv 4 months ago

    I went to a science academy with my dad, my brother and me and my brother future step mom and we saw a huge silver arowanna and the size was about the size of a door! Then we saw a really big red tail catfish that’s probably the size of 25 percent of a door
    Edit: I meant academy of science

    SLAM BOY 4 months ago

    Why wouldn't you cover? You know they jump. Clean the fucking water.

  • Alex Frenette
    Alex Frenette 4 months ago

    Mabey put a net on the pond

    REENA TOMY 4 months ago +1

    the fishes are so beautiful

  • River’s World
    River’s World 4 months ago

    Arrowanna was put in by Joey slay am

  • Derpo Slerpo
    Derpo Slerpo 4 months ago

    You should put a clear net over your fish pool so the flowers don't get in
    Just a thought

  • Jack
    Jack 4 months ago

    Reminds me of Shamu 😔

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher 4 months ago

    Every video i watch of yours, i can never finish because you talk so much and it gets annoying

  • robbie johnson
    robbie johnson 4 months ago +1

    Yep....I fell for another one of your click bait videos.

  • Zachary Duncan
    Zachary Duncan 4 months ago

    Dude you should really use all your TVclip money to make sure you don’t have your fish jumping out and dying all the time. A top net perhaps. Is that really a good life for those fish for many to be caught out of waterways and put into a pool where they occasionally jump out and kill themselves? That just makes me feel sad for those majestic fish.

  • Kapoooww
    Kapoooww 4 months ago

    I can guarantee he doesn't scrub that shit every 3 days.. that's the accumulation of weeks...

  • ni aja
    ni aja 4 months ago

    That peacock is a lil shamo am I right

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 4 months ago

    So click bait asf this the type shit that makes me wish his chanel died

  • *ENTER MEME HERE* dragonheartmeteor

    You seem like you love your fish but its too crowded in that pool. You might want to get another pool and separate the larger ones from the smaller ones. It would be safer for them all. And try to get a rounded pool bc if the fish do fight, it will be easier for them to run away. Yes your current pool is a little round but not enough

  • Flixoran
    Flixoran 4 months ago

    You could put a jet pointed toward the wall with the drain on it and turn it up high enough to the point where if there were leaves there that they’d get blown off. Idk if that’d work but you could try it.