• Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Found Giant arowanna while cleaning my swimming pool pond!
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  • Sienna Hill
    Sienna Hill 3 days ago +1

    I have ur merch.

  • Caleb Broshar
    Caleb Broshar 4 days ago

    You need a pool brush with a vacuum filter unit.

  • eyeandmind
    eyeandmind 6 days ago

    Just found your channel. Not sure if you addressed this but can you use a uv light for algae control in your pond?

  • Fat Potato
    Fat Potato 7 days ago

    You win some you lose some but you know there are many fish in the lake

  • DRIP Accryliv
    DRIP Accryliv 7 days ago

    I went to a science academy with my dad, my brother and me and my brother future step mom and we saw a huge silver arowanna and the size was about the size of a door! Then we saw a really big red tail catfish that’s probably the size of 25 percent of a door
    Edit: I meant academy of science

  • XūEūNūTūOūX
    XūEūNūTūOūX 13 days ago

    bruh why put yo dirty ass feet in that already dirty ass water

    SLAM BOY 17 days ago

    Why wouldn't you cover? You know they jump. Clean the fucking water.

  • Alex Frenette
    Alex Frenette 18 days ago

    Mabey put a net on the pond

    REENA TOMY 18 days ago +1

    the fishes are so beautiful

  • River’s World
    River’s World 18 days ago

    Arrowanna was put in by Joey slay am

  • Derpo Slerpo
    Derpo Slerpo 19 days ago

    You should put a clear net over your fish pool so the flowers don't get in
    Just a thought

  • Jack
    Jack 19 days ago

    Reminds me of Shamu 😔

  • Michael Fletcher
    Michael Fletcher 20 days ago

    Every video i watch of yours, i can never finish because you talk so much and it gets annoying

  • robbie johnson
    robbie johnson 21 day ago

    Yep....I fell for another one of your click bait videos.

  • Zachary Duncan
    Zachary Duncan 23 days ago

    Dude you should really use all your TVclip money to make sure you don’t have your fish jumping out and dying all the time. A top net perhaps. Is that really a good life for those fish for many to be caught out of waterways and put into a pool where they occasionally jump out and kill themselves? That just makes me feel sad for those majestic fish.

  • Kapoooww
    Kapoooww 24 days ago

    I can guarantee he doesn't scrub that shit every 3 days.. that's the accumulation of weeks...

  • ni aja
    ni aja 25 days ago

    That peacock is a lil shamo am I right

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 26 days ago

    So click bait asf this the type shit that makes me wish his chanel died

  • *ENTER MEME HERE* dragonheartmeteor

    You seem like you love your fish but its too crowded in that pool. You might want to get another pool and separate the larger ones from the smaller ones. It would be safer for them all. And try to get a rounded pool bc if the fish do fight, it will be easier for them to run away. Yes your current pool is a little round but not enough

  • Flixoran
    Flixoran 27 days ago

    You could put a jet pointed toward the wall with the drain on it and turn it up high enough to the point where if there were leaves there that they’d get blown off. Idk if that’d work but you could try it.

  • megan badger
    megan badger 27 days ago

    Put a net over your pond it stop fish jumping out and stop the stuff falling in and just pull it back wen you get in it to feed your fish

  • John Tribolet
    John Tribolet 27 days ago

    Click bait

  • antman 8000
    antman 8000 27 days ago +1

    Yo im sorry for your arowana we had a arowana and the water got too high and it jumped out and ants got to him

  • This Is Merica
    This Is Merica 27 days ago

    Red tail cat was just tryna suck in dem toes

  • Marquis Edwards
    Marquis Edwards 28 days ago

    Oo dawg your muscles inspired me to exercise dude

  • VERN BANG!!!
    VERN BANG!!! 28 days ago

    uv santizer light kill the green agle

  • tom bob
    tom bob 28 days ago +1

    Im trying to think of something i hate worst than click bait like this.......even a child rapest dont compair......maybe a barking dog is abt the only thing equally as bad

  • Farrel Official
    Farrel Official 28 days ago

    In Indonesian

  • Jensen Redd
    Jensen Redd 28 days ago

    The thumbnail so photoshopped his fingers were massive like bratwursts

  • Shredd Shark
    Shredd Shark 28 days ago

    Why don't you add a mesh net over the pond to help with the leafs?

  • Chris Jacobsen
    Chris Jacobsen 28 days ago

    This guy is a fuckin moron

  • Owen
    Owen 29 days ago

    All I get is click baited vids from you. Fuck ur channel.

  • AmirFight
    AmirFight 29 days ago


  • Richard Veenstra
    Richard Veenstra Month ago

    Got neuwfish love your channel go on 🥰

  • Scotty2Dope216
    Scotty2Dope216 Month ago

    This dude...

  • Vonifyz
    Vonifyz Month ago

    Rip your arowana

  • Holly girl 586
    Holly girl 586 Month ago

    I has a question...
    Is da baida fish still alive

  • Stan TheObserver
    Stan TheObserver Month ago

    PHONY clickbait. That's bush league.

  • Emilio Cañón
    Emilio Cañón Month ago

    Love your vids, but please stop clickbaiting...

  • Sam Sarbo
    Sam Sarbo Month ago

    Look at 00:13😂😂

  • Levi Smith
    Levi Smith Month ago

    click bate

    ROBBIE’S TV Month ago

    What about queen pacu .. is she eating?

  • Chloe Bailey
    Chloe Bailey Month ago

  • Steven Killeen
    Steven Killeen Month ago

    Never gonna get rid of algae with filter ur just pumping in more of same form the pond

  • Zion Maghoney
    Zion Maghoney Month ago

    Sometimes ur corny thumbnails make me not want to click on the video lol

  • Ekta Yadav
    Ekta Yadav Month ago

    Can you speak in hindi

  • moker_kungz Tv
    moker_kungz Tv Month ago

    oh gosh ver bigggg

  • Ashton Mleko
    Ashton Mleko Month ago

    Stop using clickbait for your thumbnails

  • JoeZi
    JoeZi Month ago

    I’m not a fish but I fell for the clickbait :(

  • Mohammad shahnib Khan

    This is all the love which your fishes shows to you..... At 2:47

  • mikis i
    mikis i Month ago

    So ur telling me those 12 in koi are eating live goldfish?

  • Aubrey Holman
    Aubrey Holman Month ago

    Could you put some algae eaters in there or would it interfere with the others?

  • PandaMan 3000
    PandaMan 3000 Month ago

    The whole thing is a clickbate

  • 메지mezi
    메지mezi Month ago


  • dino 2000
    dino 2000 Month ago

    Sup I love ur vids sooo much and I subd

  • John Chase
    John Chase Month ago

    Put Aviary netting uder the flowering tree that is over the pond. It will catch the leaves.

  • SUREshot1021
    SUREshot1021 Month ago

    Will you get another one?

  • That one dude
    That one dude Month ago

    Put a screen on top of it

  • dobsonk8484
    dobsonk8484 Month ago

    Update on betta pls

  • musa, juriz,p
    musa, juriz,p Month ago

    Qh. (/(6(

  • Alexander Sharrer
    Alexander Sharrer Month ago

    Sry for ur loss

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright Month ago

    Did you ever find out what kind of eggs they were

  • Mems R us
    Mems R us Month ago

    So sorry dude

  • Crystal's pets&plants

    To bad about the fish may it rest in peace

  • alejandro fernandez

    SZvcdrg be 5t3t4

  • Rhinaye Sankar
    Rhinaye Sankar Month ago

    Put a net over de pond love your video keep up de good work

  • Hayden Cunningham
    Hayden Cunningham Month ago

    Get an albino pleco

  • Xx_SnipIt_xX
    Xx_SnipIt_xX Month ago


  • demokert
    demokert Month ago

    Sorry for your loss Zack! Btw would it be possible to upload your video's in 4k Resolution so we can enjoy your fish and adventures even more?
    Thanks in advance and hopefully with an reaction! Greeting from The Netherlands!

    NBA YOUNGBOY Month ago


  • Jess Guzmán
    Jess Guzmán Month ago

    Does the tilapia eats tilapia

  • emmanuel mendoza
    emmanuel mendoza Month ago

    What happened to the beta fish

  • Claudia Prandy
    Claudia Prandy Month ago

    The photo shop thumbnail on point

  • kristasha Powell
    kristasha Powell Month ago +1

    You need a net to protect your fish

  • sabertoth 1
    sabertoth 1 Month ago


  • Philip
    Philip Month ago

    i dont understand the title? u did not found it ;D at all, F's in chat..

  • S T
    S T Month ago

    this is nothing but killing of innocent animals ....just for views !!!! arowana is not for beginners and he is certainly not the its killing .

  • MakScoPeeZ ?
    MakScoPeeZ ? Month ago

    Me are he's not capable too keep fish alive for long time( talking about difficult fish)

  • klownz
    klownz Month ago

    WORLDSTAR!!!! I love watching idiots keep fish :D

  • Melanin Rose
    Melanin Rose Month ago

    Click baity bait

  • Jordan Nash
    Jordan Nash Month ago

    You should probably get a algae eater they get pretty big so that none of your bigger fish eat them and it will take care of your algae bloom problem

  • Bettina Kenty
    Bettina Kenty Month ago

    so freaken awsome

  • KyleIsHungry Tate
    KyleIsHungry Tate Month ago

    Sorry about your lose

  • Christopher Meyer
    Christopher Meyer Month ago

    Catch em all!!!

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts Month ago

    U should get a bigger pool for them

  • Money Josh
    Money Josh Month ago

    u need more placos

  • Isaiah Aviles
    Isaiah Aviles Month ago

    The click bait is so annoying ..... but I still watch them....

  • -oAviary
    -oAviary Month ago

    So what happened to all the betta

  • Jack Sundell
    Jack Sundell Month ago

    Go ice fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackson White
    Jackson White Month ago

    Sorry for your loss... maybe some day you can get a arowpima #reel legends never die. Please come to Texas

  • patriick dimayuga
    patriick dimayuga Month ago

    Does the pond have a filter?

  • Mohd Ali
    Mohd Ali Month ago

    U should get some turtle also . Plzz reply

  • Void Reaver
    Void Reaver Month ago

    Do some cages around holes so water will come from under but leaves will stay around ;) hope no more fish will die peace ✌

    VAULDAN DRUMM3R Month ago +1

    Thank me later.

  • Ivery Williams
    Ivery Williams Month ago

    What happened to your beta fish

  • Avery Eugenio
    Avery Eugenio Month ago

    Man please try to keep another Arowana please please please 🙏

  • MixtapeGenius
    MixtapeGenius Month ago

    I like how the tilapia are eating tilapia

  • SenshiBuredo
    SenshiBuredo Month ago

    I am not surprised honestly

  • AOV Butterfly
    AOV Butterfly Month ago

    Were is the aligator😂😂

  • dandi Wahyu
    dandi Wahyu Month ago

    Hello I am from Indonesia