Inside America's Only Beluga Caviar Farm

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • We visited the only caviar farm in the United States legally allowed to breed beluga sturgeon. Russian immigrant Mark Zaslavsky brought live beluga into the country in 2003, just before the US government banned imports of the species in 2005.
    Beluga sturgeon are native to the Caspian Sea, and are classified as critically endangered by the World Wildlife Fund.
    The farm breeds five different types of sturgeon, some of which don’t take as long to mature as beluga, which allows the company to harvest their eggs for caviar and take them them to market.
    Zaslavsky has pledged, as part of his agreement with the US government, to donate fertilized beluga eggs in the hopes that they will eventually strengthen the population of beluga in the wild.
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    Inside America's Only Beluga Caviar Farm

Comments • 167

  • foodie animal
    foodie animal 19 hours ago

    Marshallberg Farm is producing some of the only Russian sturgeon caviar in North Carolina, America?! Care to explain?

  • Chris Lasanta
    Chris Lasanta Day ago

    What you people don’t realize is how poorly these monsters are kept. The tanks are too small or too crowded for these fish and if you don’t believe me look at the fins and how deformed they are from swimming in circles for years.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 2 days ago


  • Almondbray Mejia
    Almondbray Mejia 3 days ago

    I’ll save 40k a month no business ness it

  • Leaf life
    Leaf life 5 days ago +1

    Hurricane was a fluke until it happen a few years in a row then its climate change lol

  • john lopez
    john lopez 6 days ago

    So the hurricane was a fluke, while living in Florida 😂ohh boy!

  • Ghost Yang
    Ghost Yang 8 days ago

    Waste of garbage....

  • Livid Felix
    Livid Felix 10 days ago +16

    2019: “it takes 5 years to determine their gender” hey just like people

    • Livid Felix
      Livid Felix 3 days ago

      Thai Vang ?

    • Thai Vang
      Thai Vang 3 days ago

      if it take you 5 year to determine your gender. . . you must be a fish.

  • Maxwell Cavassa
    Maxwell Cavassa 10 days ago

    100 years no hurricane? In Florida? I dunno about that.

  • Alfred Markovic
    Alfred Markovic 10 days ago

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  • M.Dawod Sharifi
    M.Dawod Sharifi 12 days ago

    They should allow more people to raise these fish.. Not right that he is the only one...

  • The man with the plan
    The man with the plan 12 days ago

    Is it just me or are those fish absolutely adorable

  • ILikeTurtles
    ILikeTurtles 15 days ago +2

    Imagine living inside a tank for your entire life and someone cuts you open to eat your eggs

  • witiss lafontaine
    witiss lafontaine 15 days ago

    Caviar is overpriced...i think poor people deserve to taste this thing...ive always wondered what it tastes like but the market limits this dish to only the most rich people dont work as much as regular people...injustice is shit.

  • Faiza Balola
    Faiza Balola 16 days ago

    That's just sad and btw caviar is disgusTANG

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 16 days ago +2

    They look kinda cute lol, they remind me of water raccoons lol

  • Michael Ceballos
    Michael Ceballos 17 days ago

    Caviar looks so gross

  • Best guy diaz
    Best guy diaz 17 days ago

    Stop it now this is cruel

  • Best guy diaz
    Best guy diaz 17 days ago

    This is cruelty

  • John Lim
    John Lim 18 days ago

    No wonder jack's from titanic didn't like it much.

  • Manny Padilla
    Manny Padilla 18 days ago +23

    “This fish make shark look small” - Beluga Farmer

  • Lilow
    Lilow 18 days ago +2

    Me going on a boat trying to get a fish like that wait 10 years to reproduce then making money 😂

    • Slew One
      Slew One 9 days ago

      he has sterlets they grow up alot faster.

  • Younes Zreika
    Younes Zreika 20 days ago

    It doesn’t taste nice , still proteins

  • Tatiana Chairez
    Tatiana Chairez 21 day ago

    This guys always two steps ahead

  • Kevin Diaz
    Kevin Diaz 21 day ago

    Rich people will eat cow shit if it was rare

  • Dainty Minnie
    Dainty Minnie 21 day ago +8

    I love pan fry fish with the bones in it, makes the fish more flavourful😄. But I will not eat fish eggs, I would be screaming 😝.

  • Evilpimp
    Evilpimp 21 day ago +1

    Even if i was a millionaire i wouldn't dream of eating something so disgusting.

  • LFC Gaming
    LFC Gaming 22 days ago +9

    Russian Guy:
    In America they eat Beluga Sturgeon
    In Soviet Russia Giant Beluga Sturgeon eat you!

  • Ayuzawa Misaki
    Ayuzawa Misaki 22 days ago +1

    Since when caviar is considered yummy??

  • Soleman Mehran
    Soleman Mehran 23 days ago

    Repopulates Caspian Sea....3 weeks later it’s fished back into extinction

  • David Kuriakose
    David Kuriakose 23 days ago +1


  • Knuckles x Sonia
    Knuckles x Sonia 23 days ago

    Poor fish 😭

  • xander simons
    xander simons 23 days ago +3

    With 1 kilo sold he paid all his food from the month

  • Angelo vlog XD
    Angelo vlog XD 23 days ago

    Make more beloga

  • Angelo vlog XD
    Angelo vlog XD 23 days ago

    Make more baluga

  • Daniel Catalan
    Daniel Catalan 24 days ago

    Caviar the diamonds of food

  • Skylar Cooper
    Skylar Cooper 24 days ago

    Baby baluga give your caviar to me baby beluga in the deep blue sea

  • Mr. Colemak
    Mr. Colemak 25 days ago

    Why does the US look so weird?

  • Ah Boy
    Ah Boy 26 days ago +3

    See y’all when the baby beluga become old enough to make caviar

  • Scary Terry
    Scary Terry 26 days ago +12

    40k a month to feed them, thats 480k a year on fish food

  • joe low
    joe low 27 days ago

    Gordan ramsay did this

  • Shh It’s A Secret
    Shh It’s A Secret 27 days ago +1

    Why can’t caviar farms strip the fish of their eggs instead of killing the creature.

    • Shh It’s A Secret
      Shh It’s A Secret 5 days ago

      Olga Kovtoun but their not endangered are they?

    • Olga Kovtoun
      Olga Kovtoun 6 days ago

      @Shh It’s A Secret we kill fish(pig, cow and etc ) for food

    • Shh It’s A Secret
      Shh It’s A Secret 24 days ago

      Anime kookie no u

    • Anime kookie
      Anime kookie 24 days ago +1

      @Shh It’s A Secret shutup and watch some slime videos

    • Shh It’s A Secret
      Shh It’s A Secret 26 days ago

      Olga Kovtoun but why should the animal have to die for the sake of supply and demand of man kind

  • Supah H
    Supah H 28 days ago +12

    On my bucket list is to eat caviar atleast once in my life.

  • rs4runner
    rs4runner 28 days ago +7

    No hurricane zone? In Florida?

  • Kevin Burrell
    Kevin Burrell 28 days ago

    This fish looks creepy

  • ku
    ku 28 days ago +10

    You're not supposed to eat caviar with silverware but they just did in the intro lol

    • Brent Leal
      Brent Leal 11 days ago

      I was thinking the same thing!!!

    • Taqqee Maudhoo
      Taqqee Maudhoo 26 days ago +6

      @Epicstar999 Because sulphur proteins from the caviar reacts with silver and oxidises the spoon as well as changing the taste of the caviar

    • Epicstar999
      Epicstar999 27 days ago +2

      Why not

  • Swedish bear
    Swedish bear 28 days ago +3

    They live to die

  • Fishing Friends
    Fishing Friends 28 days ago +3

    You have again used images which were not yours to use, for the second time our content has been plagiarized, please respond business insider so we can set this right

  • Joseph Liddiard
    Joseph Liddiard 28 days ago +3

    This man is a straight up beast, good luck! And sorry about the hurricane!

  • WildDisease
    WildDisease 28 days ago +2

    soo smuggling Beluga is now a thing...

    • Narata
      Narata 28 days ago

      Watch the video. It is illegal so it had to be done before 2005.

  • Rudster14
    Rudster14 28 days ago +3

    The hurricane wasn't a fluke. Because of climate change these things are just going to get worse

  • THExBLAZEx88
    THExBLAZEx88 28 days ago

    Talk about exaggeration of price

    • 666 BRLN 999
      666 BRLN 999 28 days ago

      people pay that price so how exactly is it exaggeration?

  • Ian Dante
    Ian Dante 28 days ago +6

    That shark has noodles hanging from it’s mouth

  • Drew Van Roekel
    Drew Van Roekel 28 days ago +2

    Why not use RTPCR to determine the gender at a younger age?

  • Benjamin Adiwidjaja
    Benjamin Adiwidjaja 28 days ago


  • Last Ronin
    Last Ronin 28 days ago +1

    35k ??!! Nothing is that good.

    • Last Ronin
      Last Ronin 27 days ago

      @HANS SAPUTRA but that at least will offer you some return (i hope) but this is just food and vanity.

      HANS SAPUTRA 28 days ago

      Im ready to spend more than 100k for a gaming pc

  • Stephanie Broadwater
    Stephanie Broadwater 28 days ago +1

    How good can they taste for the price?

    • ZinExcel'
      ZinExcel' 28 days ago

      Pretty good. Trust me.

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 28 days ago +2

    My uncle owns a beluga farm in Portugal..... I’m gonna be rich

  • Cliff Loizeau
    Cliff Loizeau 28 days ago +4

    Given enough Time & Funds we can easiiilyyy repopulate these fish 🧐

  • ilirjan Chicago
    ilirjan Chicago 28 days ago

    Beautiful fish 🐟❤