Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka, Trump Whisperer | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

  • Published on Apr 12, 2017
  • The man who cannot get a grasp on his own accent will surely have the plan that defeats ISIS.
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  • Andi amo
    Andi amo Year ago +2

    Samantha is nothing more than a liberal shill spreading propaganda. And a really pathetic one at that, because only an idiot would co sign Eric Schneiderman.

  • David J
    David J Year ago

    Pyjama boys didn't take Omaha or Monte Casino

  • David J
    David J Year ago +1

    Gorka is right

  • Chrysaura
    Chrysaura Year ago +6

    1. there is not such thing as an 'alpha male' in either wolf or human societies. It's out-dated an outdated theory that's been disproven for decades.
    2. no secure, confident male would ever describe himself as an 'alpha'. It's used exclusively by insecure guys who need to prove something.
    3. Don't let this change your behaviour, because it's the #1 way to immediately see that a guy is fuckboi not worth your time.

  • Peter Schancel
    Peter Schancel Year ago

    Dr S v Dorka

  • Astrostevo
    Astrostevo Year ago

    Classic clip.
    BTW. what does the Arabic there actually mean anyone?

  • ranko 67
    ranko 67 Year ago

    Dr.faka jew Gorka is wanted in his own country.

  • Jesus Jimenez Hernandez

    The Trump Whisperer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! đź’Ż

  • Gauris
    Gauris Year ago

    How does selling 20% of a company that mines uranium = selling 20% of the uranium that's in the ground to Russia?

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    Jean-Claude Van Dumb

  • Andrew Szanajda
    Andrew Szanajda Year ago

    This naughty pajama boy ought to return to his country of origin and be taken out in cuffs.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    Sean swallows lukacs goulash

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments Year ago +1

    Dumb BLOND woman .... Whats new?

  • Crisis Control
    Crisis Control Year ago

    Real Truth,

  • dot schnitzler
    dot schnitzler Year ago

    Contagious reporting.... get a life

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    Herr doctor gives warm proctological exams

  • BMB
    BMB Year ago

    Hate, Racism, Stupidity = Gorka = Trump. Your tribe is your Vibe, tell me who your Friends are and i'll tell you who you are

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    and if you really want to be naughty, add some crisco

  • Ken Albertsen
    Ken Albertsen Year ago

    It's hard to gauge who is the worst of the worst in the current and former Trump Oval Office. Gorka sure gives Miller some stiff competition.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    Jean Claude Van Dumb

  • Roving Punster
    Roving Punster Year ago

    Gorka has an active arrest warrant out for him in Hungary.
    Could Trump's vetting of staffers be any more incompetent ?

  • jmbo72
    jmbo72 Year ago

    I´m here mostly for the most hot tigh gap I have ever seen!

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe Year ago +1

    give lower case v, pajama boy, a tad naughty

  • Boyd
    Boyd Year ago

    Gorka, you mean like nottttt putting the main 911 attacker country on the supposed "Muslim travel ban" list. Fake president, Fake politics

  • HRS Darwish
    HRS Darwish Year ago

    "I have the best minds".. in retrospect, he's fired most of em

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 Year ago

    I wanna see Gorkas PhD and other credtinals

  • Jesse Ericson
    Jesse Ericson 2 years ago

    Not funny

  • mininovaq
    mininovaq 2 years ago

    Fact: There was no single suicide bomb attack before USA started war in Afghanistan in 2001.

  • I’m in love with Pikachus YT

    Stop. Get some help.

  • Eat em n Smile
    Eat em n Smile 2 years ago

    Next to the view this yet another waste of 2 minutes

  • SuperCorrector1
    SuperCorrector1 2 years ago

    You would rather be run by islamists

  • Leila Melendez
    Leila Melendez 2 years ago +1

    Just another white guy thinking he knows my culture.

  • Butch Davila
    Butch Davila 2 years ago +1

    "Our uranium "?? You not from here.

  • alessandro quarta
    alessandro quarta 2 years ago

    Samantha you are a Moran

  • CorporateG0th
    CorporateG0th 2 years ago

    1:20 Actually no, uranium isn't used in weapons. Other isotopes are suitable for weapons, but uranium isn't. Half-life is too high, energy release too low. You're going to end up with a small impact area with a bunch of unused energy-grade nuclear material and missile debris sitting in it.

  • jc jones
    jc jones 2 years ago

    Gorka is going to help president idiot from outside now. This white house has more turn over than McDonald.

  • jc jones
    jc jones 2 years ago

    Trump best people are idiots just like him. Voters didn't are finding out having money doesn't necessarily mean you are smart. Escabar had more money than Trump and didn't file bankruptcy even once.

  • Sally Gammer
    Sally Gammer 2 years ago

    Mr Gorka is intellectually far superior to this young lady.

  • Jason Horst
    Jason Horst 2 years ago

    Sore losers

  • Jim Ip Vai Ching
    Jim Ip Vai Ching 2 years ago +2

    The pyjama boys are in and the alpha males are OUT!!!! YOUR FIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So weak, so sad. Gorka your the weak link, BYE !!!!

  • NamisIll
    NamisIll 2 years ago

    Samantha Bee enough said

  • remi sansfamille
    remi sansfamille 2 years ago

    Pure garbage!

  • remi sansfamille
    remi sansfamille 2 years ago

    Sebastian Gorka killed it.. Krishnan had one single line of questioning.

  • Tsnore
    Tsnore 2 years ago +1

    Seb Gortex was certifiable, and now he is outside the WH but probably still a champ on FOX NOISE.

  • Waggish Sagacity
    Waggish Sagacity 2 years ago

    Too bad that DOKTOR Gorka is not a baron or at least a knight. Just imagine the salivating we'd see from the Tweeting Orange Twit! Who other than the Fake DOKTOR can say without missing a beat "it is a Monty pythonesque Alice in Wonderland?" How about "The Taming of the shrew far from the madding crowd by two gentlemen from Verona is the type of jabberwocky poppycock that brings up the bodies in charlatans like me [SLG]?" Yes, Sebastian, here in America there are lots of folks who'd like to lick your boots--they're called Trumpistadores. Can you remember that? BTW, Are you, by any odd chance, related to Professor. Zoltan Karpapy, from "My Fair Lady?" I'll bet you are, Seb.

  • Miles Patterson
    Miles Patterson 2 years ago +1

    OH god the Uranium lie, amazing how many lies he repeats over and over and over.

  • thamnophis14
    thamnophis14 2 years ago

    Sore loser.

  • drednort
    drednort 2 years ago +1

    hay us catholics are bombers to, pyjama boys i like it

  • TheJukeboxhero15
    TheJukeboxhero15 2 years ago


  • jane picard
    jane picard 2 years ago

    stand up to him he has dementia

  • Steve Cousins
    Steve Cousins 2 years ago

    But he was fired. But now he can march with the Nazi's.

  • Tank Requiem
    Tank Requiem 2 years ago


  • Josef David
    Josef David 2 years ago

    Dr Gorka really understands the evil of Islam. Trump really needs people like him and Steve

  • ho2cultcha
    ho2cultcha 2 years ago +1

    definitely one of her all-time gems! love it!

  • Henry Baker
    Henry Baker 2 years ago

    This woman is terrible. What a clown.

  • Bigmac Macd
    Bigmac Macd 2 years ago

    samantha,you are the perfect example,of,why, abortion is legal

  • Willie Brown
    Willie Brown 2 years ago

    I must've missed this one when it first aired but its so relevant now. The clown shoes are in full view with this administration.

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 2 years ago +1

    God she's good.
    A national treasure.

  • Mopar Smith
    Mopar Smith 2 years ago

    Left are unhinged. I mean, who cares about Uranium going to Russia, right? Apparently just the voters. It's fun to watch the left these days always attacking and never talking about policies, trade deals, economy, etc. It's all negative name calling which luckily doesn't win elections.

  • raymonko
    raymonko 2 years ago +1

    This segment was done few months before Gorka left the White House. This is even more fun to watch after he left