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    👁 About this video :
    What supercar should we use for the next Gold Digger Prank ? Previously we've used Ferrari 458 , Ferrari 488 , Lamborghini Huracan , Lamborghini Aventador , McLaren 720S and a ton of other exotic cars ! How about a Bugatti for the next video ? Or should we take things up a notch and go crazy with a Private Jet ? Also what other videos do you want to see us make ? Lifestyle vlogs ? Challenge videos ? Funny skits ? Let us know !

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  • JOEL Tv
    JOEL Tv  2 months ago +581

    HEY GUYS LETS GET 2k likes ROAD TO 100k love you guys support 🙏🏾😢😱

    • Victor Gross
      Victor Gross 4 days ago

      What's her ig?

    • Jessica Caldwell
      Jessica Caldwell 8 days ago

      What is wrong with girl this day's🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

    • Oghale Othoigbe
      Oghale Othoigbe 20 days ago

      Joel you are nut, you were driving to see her as a gold digger, not every prank ends up a gold digger, she wanted to give her number to you and you talk bullshit, she was also cool conversing with you, funny enough you can't even spare the 7 dollars you gave her, you damn a broke arse. $7 got you saying I'm recording, she is not a gold digger, rather you are a broke nigga.

    • Yur Journey
      Yur Journey 21 day ago

      Whats her IG

    • Tory Morin
      Tory Morin 28 days ago

      @Luffy Monkey D. - q o e2

  • Davon Phillips
    Davon Phillips 6 hours ago

    She so damn ugly

  • Joel Cochrane
    Joel Cochrane 6 hours ago

    My name is joel too

  • Darryl Perry
    Darryl Perry 7 hours ago

    His little games is not going to work on everybody. He is going to get his hat brought to him one day...He is very childish to me. She really is not a gold digger he was really begging her to make her out to be a gold digger.

  • Darryl Perry
    Darryl Perry 8 hours ago

    He is practically forcing them to want him with the car.

  • Francis Steele
    Francis Steele 9 hours ago

    she gave bro the green light.then bro started actin corny askin 101 question😂🤣

  • Big C
    Big C 11 hours ago


  • lamonte haven
    lamonte haven 12 hours ago

    She given validation to this dude ready go crib. The Dude should go head smash tell her after gold digger on camera. Savage Life

  • extra222love
    extra222love 13 hours ago

    Boring ...

  • Taccoberry Gunsmoke
    Taccoberry Gunsmoke 14 hours ago


  • Abraham Diaz
    Abraham Diaz 14 hours ago

    Fake shit

  • Cool J
    Cool J 15 hours ago

    This reminds me of " Hollywood Shuffle", " Bad acting schooool".

  • Jason Tang
    Jason Tang 15 hours ago

    Joel is really the one full of shit tho 😂

  • Tajuan Harri
    Tajuan Harri 16 hours ago

    You need to always keep the camera in the car so you can really see these gold diggers

  • Tajuan Harri
    Tajuan Harri 16 hours ago

    LOCO Mexican chick lol

  • J Ski
    J Ski 17 hours ago

    Still hit 😂

  • Mark M.
    Mark M. 18 hours ago

    Dude don't even know how much his car is worth even it even is his, he said "Hey that's a 20 thousand dollar car" @11:20 😂😂😂😂

    • Mark M.
      Mark M. 13 hours ago

      @Antrell Davis Regardless he fumbled more than his words, he fumbled his whole act. You have to admit this was creepy, he approached her and was persistent. If she was a real gold digger she would have been waiting next to the car.

    • Antrell Davis
      Antrell Davis 14 hours ago

      He said 200,000 just fumbled his words

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 18 hours ago

    That girl is ugly bro !!! Do better lol

  • J C
    J C 21 hour ago

    She gave him the green light but he kept pushing . This dude is lame. He wanted her to be a gold digger for his video.

  • Sweetness Shelton
    Sweetness Shelton 22 hours ago

    going too far. I would had beat her ass!

  • Linet Ahuma
    Linet Ahuma Day ago

    Who feels like this is not a gold digger

  • Dook Dook
    Dook Dook Day ago

    Them chucks looking nasty 🤢

  • El perro Grande
    El perro Grande Day ago

    Rude ass hopping on the fn 🐑get this to big head to fit in a car

  • Life Life
    Life Life Day ago

    You definitely a bozo bro thts why they don’t vibe with you.. I definitely would have punched you in the face if I saw this


    Got that damn "meep meep" smh

  • •Layla•
    •Layla• Day ago

    She pretty hot tho 🥰🥵

  • Madmind BeatZ
    Madmind BeatZ Day ago

    Lol She's GANGSTER!!!!!!!!!

  • Roland Baron
    Roland Baron Day ago

    She failed the test. Now you wanna give him your # smh chicks like that you smash em & pass em

  • jay Thunder Games

    Lol nice video bro Joel you is have like a secret camera inside the car hey ? To see you and the gold digger talking in the car?

  • ÑK'S Gamīng MeĐia

    10:10 yoooo i'm dying with this laugh of yours man🤣😭💀‼
    10:27 heyy give me back my 7 dollars back😭🤣😭‼

  • Bee Free
    Bee Free Day ago

    It's fake cos most of the gal in the vids wearing batty riders

  • Desmond Wallace
    Desmond Wallace Day ago

    This is the most comical one you’ve even did!

  • Pinar Sengul
    Pinar Sengul Day ago

    Thinking of his 7 dollars... pathetic.

  • OG Message Show
    OG Message Show 2 days ago

    She call u rude because she played herself like a damn fool but she was a bad thick chick

  • Michael Otobo
    Michael Otobo 2 days ago

    This doesn't count bro. She was having a convo with you at least buy you were appearing annoying with what you were saying. Who wouldn't want to hangout with someone with a Lamborghini anyway so...

  • China Doll
    China Doll 2 days ago

    I don’t like what you doing to females you a corn ball you not even cute you sound lame 😒

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson 2 days ago

    LoL... That's what the fuck he get playing with these bitches like that you see these bitches always trying to get a bag and all he doing is embarrassing them. shorty was about to kick his shit in

  • Budi Hartono
    Budi Hartono 3 days ago

    Nice car & ugly owner 😁

  • Abigail Davis
    Abigail Davis 3 days ago

    Wtf...that bitch crazy

  • trip scales
    trip scales 3 days ago

    This video did it, i'm not watching no more. Seem fake as heck and staged, either way he was pressing and it stl didn't seem right. Good luch buddy, ✌dueces!

  • Aquin Arvelo Jr.
    Aquin Arvelo Jr. 3 days ago

    Bro Yu Gonna get stabbed 😂😂😂

    HELL BOY 3 days ago

    Which country got more gold diggers?

    HELL BOY 3 days ago

    Aiye aiye aiye.......get off my car 😂😂😂😂

  • Line_M_Up DES
    Line_M_Up DES 3 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 She was on real dirt with u bro trying to kick yo window in 😩😩😭😭 Crazy ass chick lol

  • Duyon Walton
    Duyon Walton 3 days ago

    Stop this fake video please it boring we want real shit

  • marcopolodarts
    marcopolodarts 3 days ago

    Sorry not feeling this one. I'm puzzled that you showed her face anyway if this was real I'm sure she didn't give you permission to embarrass her. You were playing her, but I dont see where she was playing you.

  • Tee Saifele
    Tee Saifele 3 days ago

    Jawn looks like a Mexican Jay Leno lmao

  • Nach Yahawadah
    Nach Yahawadah 3 days ago

    Dude don’t be corny wit it.. if they go before the wheel take it and keep it a bean

  • KK 2016
    KK 2016 3 days ago

    Shit car😂

  • bro, bro biggs
    bro, bro biggs 3 days ago

    What's wrong with this dude? See she just said yes, take her number and pull off

  • gaming whith chelo
    gaming whith chelo 3 days ago

    Them Joel u got her doing the eyes signe she probably want it

  • Travis Raye
    Travis Raye 4 days ago

    She was dwn from the beginning ur rap is phonie but lam brung the freak out her

  • Victor Gross
    Victor Gross 4 days ago +3

    Using this car to get girls is kind of tacky. Was all of this worth it for a prank?

    • Victor Gross
      Victor Gross 4 hours ago

      @Davon Phillips it's not though, would you let a chick stand on your car for a prank. It's another dude on here playing pranks with a Lamborghini truck and the girl robbed him and his homeboy with a taser. Is that worth it for a prank?

    • Davon Phillips
      Davon Phillips 6 hours ago

      Do you see the views. I’m sure it was worth it

  • Rikayla Mitchell
    Rikayla Mitchell 4 days ago


  • kortstam jamory
    kortstam jamory 4 days ago +1

    fake asf

  • Calm Mind
    Calm Mind 5 days ago

    🍔🍔🍔 Never chase a girl.. chase money.. Then not just her, her mother will chase you! 😜😋🤣
    Who else agree???

  • Rowena Conchas
    Rowena Conchas 5 days ago

    Fuck shit so bored bro

  • O'lynn M
    O'lynn M 5 days ago


  • Luis Acosta
    Luis Acosta 5 days ago

    Its rude the way you pressin on these girls like that makrn em think you rich boy. But dont like when she jump on your dumb ass car she should of caved your shit in

  • St. Laurent Don
    St. Laurent Don 5 days ago +1

    Should've clapped them cheeks bro

  • Gary Buster
    Gary Buster 5 days ago

    If a lambo make them act like that I'll keep my Kia!

  • Kvng Leo
    Kvng Leo 5 days ago

    Bro put the camera infront all the time

  • Dopey NightlifeTV
    Dopey NightlifeTV 5 days ago

    Bro she had her shit wide open

  • Kaejuan Morant
    Kaejuan Morant 5 days ago

    She passed and failed

  • wtcisco
    wtcisco 5 days ago

    False advertising... You might get shut down 👎🏽

  • AJ RX
    AJ RX 6 days ago

    It's a shame that you're only in the prank game...only for the money and the likes. Extra large.

  • Yung Hanible
    Yung Hanible 6 days ago

    Bro being a real creep

  • Yung Hanible
    Yung Hanible 6 days ago +1

    She not no gold digger she was gone give you the number and he started acting weird

  • YouAre Elle
    YouAre Elle 6 days ago

    His Game Kinda Whack!!

  • Montell Louis
    Montell Louis 6 days ago +2

    Keep a camera in the car when you bring the girls in so we can see what’s going on

  • Entertainment For Christ

    She's actually a genuine girl straight up

  • Anderson Zanetti
    Anderson Zanetti 6 days ago

    This shit is fake. 🙄

  • Hillie Boyy
    Hillie Boyy 6 days ago

    Bra always getting beat up 🤣

  • Swift Dray
    Swift Dray 6 days ago

    She ain't a gold digger

  • flame phoenix
    flame phoenix 6 days ago

    i can't tell if this hit fake or real all i know most of them girls be pretty i do not give a fuck if they is a gold digger but i tell you this i would put a condom on and smash

  • Boknowmagic
    Boknowmagic 6 days ago

    You lame...She offered you the number but you wanted to drag it out to make her a gold digger

  • Cassandra Cicirello
    Cassandra Cicirello 6 days ago

    🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.. I don't understand how a woman. Or any type of female.. I mean I almost don't got any words are so disrespectful you have no game at all I would have been left so this respectful like by boy

  • Ich La Quiche
    Ich La Quiche 6 days ago

    All of the girls are golddigger.....

  • Dennis Poole
    Dennis Poole 7 days ago


  • Expert Critic
    Expert Critic 7 days ago +2

    You went too far bro. You really coerced this female with your car. She wasn't that bad.