Total Engine Failure - Eastern Air Lines Flight 855 - XP11


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  • Kip Trump
    Kip Trump Day ago

    When a "pilot opens the isolation valve"...
    . . . . . . . what are the allowing or disallowing to happen?

  • Donovan Hale
    Donovan Hale 2 days ago

    What are those chips and what the hell is an isolation valve

  • CenTex Dave
    CenTex Dave 2 days ago +1

    Small wonder Eastern Airlines went out of business. I flew them a couple of times from Cleveland to Miami and never had any problems.

  • ludovicoC
    ludovicoC 4 days ago

    Great channel! Watching these is more nerve-wracking than any Liam Neeson action movie!

  • Federico Paolo
    Federico Paolo 5 days ago

    As I was watching I got more and more anxious and was expecting a tragic end, but I feel so relieved. I cheered. Fantastic

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan 6 days ago

    Amazing work by the Pilots and Flight Engineer! Amazing work by the Flight Attendants! Great work and cooperation by the Passengers! Every single person on that plane was part of the Team!!
    Thank Goodness for the APU. On the old B29 Bombers, the APU was referred to as the "Putt-Putt"

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 6 days ago

    Is there a way of not seeing the same video twice by mistake.

  • Pesto Johnston
    Pesto Johnston 8 days ago

    Love the videos please give more time for reading. Not much just a little. Thanks again!!

  • John Surguy
    John Surguy 8 days ago

    The pictures in the production hangers at the end of the vidio brought back alot of memories. I worked in Palmdale at Lockheed L-1011 assembly plant from 1972 - 1975. Loved the aircraft. I was 20 yrs old.

  • aguyandhiscomputer
    aguyandhiscomputer 10 days ago

    I wonder what a plane with no working engines sounds like.
    Actually, I hope I never find out.

    • aguyandhiscomputer
      aguyandhiscomputer Day ago

      +Kip Trump
      Yeah, gotta be a weird feeling. Brain telling you there should be engine noises but you're not hearing any.

    • Kip Trump
      Kip Trump Day ago

      I dunno.... (lol) Probably something like a glider sounds like?

  • Sabrina Dugan
    Sabrina Dugan 11 days ago

    Again, these pilots Are amazing. They are a special breed of super human.

  • Timothy Kissinger
    Timothy Kissinger 11 days ago

    What's with these mechanics anymore?Seems when you watch some kind of plane disaster,hslf tbe time it's the mechanics fault.

  • Alexis LaRock
    Alexis LaRock 12 days ago

    Yay no one dies in this video lol

  • Toto Torre
    Toto Torre 13 days ago

    Where did you get the lockheed l-1011 tristar plane for xp11? Can you tell me what site?

  • taariqq
    taariqq 14 days ago

    Loved this aircraft. Flew lots of time on Saudia and once made a round trip on Eastern Airlines L-1011 from Miami to Santo Domingo.
    Thanks for sharing. This was a beautiful aircraft.

  • Pete_ Hine_Of_PA
    Pete_ Hine_Of_PA 16 days ago

    There are so many mistakes I don't know where to begin. Just an example, with a smoking engine there is danger of fire and the emergency shoots would of been deployed and the passengers disembarked right on the run-way and told to move as far from the plane as possible. Also fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles and staff would of been waiting at the end of the run-way. Once the single tail engine was started the other two would of been locked so they could not "windmill" thus slowing the jet down. There are many more mistakes, that's just a few of the more obvious.

  • M G
    M G 16 days ago

    If it ain't Boeing we ain't going
    Said the Eastern flight attendants

  • Peter Grant
    Peter Grant 16 days ago

    Redundancy is so important in maintenance procedures. A 5 cent o ring not installed can cost millions in lives and law suits. Hard to believe any certified aircraft mechanic doesn't double check his o rings before installing the chip detector. Plus a visual inspection by another party should happen. This crew did a great job bringing everyone home safely.

  • Lawrence Thom
    Lawrence Thom 18 days ago

    I love these videos
    They are addicting

  • Daivd Rothchild
    Daivd Rothchild 19 days ago

    Thank God the plane returnef with all passengers , kudos to the captain, as for those two mechanics they should be fired.

  • Illogic Math
    Illogic Math 23 days ago

    Those mechanics f***ING morons , thinking about chicks instead of concentrating on their work

  • michael garbett
    michael garbett 24 days ago

    Wish it wasnt computer generated

  • Rob Graham
    Rob Graham 24 days ago

    You know what's sad Eastern Airlines had only one fatal crash and it was because of operator error and I think it was flight 93 and basically what happened was there was a white that did not indicate that the landing gear was locked what's it was locked the engineer went down into what's it called the coffin room what year is a small Rim right behind the front landing gear Will turns out it was just a burned-out bulb well when the captain reached over to thump the the light to make sure it was just loose or whatever apparently his knee bump the yolk and there wasn't a Fail-Safe and there now so basically the pilot applied just in a pressure with just bumping the yolk to cause a plane to start losing altitude by the time he realized it it was too late then try to add power and pull out of it but they hit the Everglades swamp and everyone died instantly but no Delta's had multiple crashes and they're still in business really

  • mitch flynn
    mitch flynn 24 days ago +1

    Once again "management failed" Not surprising. In my experience the definition of "management" is as follows, overpaid, detached, and for the most part, totally useless individuals.

    • MrMus TangMan
      MrMus TangMan 20 days ago

      .....yep, you can tell management "we need to do it this way, sir" and they will say "no, do it my way"......

  • Victor PONCE
    Victor PONCE 26 days ago

    An act of GOD

  • JoM Squared Videos
    JoM Squared Videos 26 days ago

    Aren't O rings something that caused one of the space shuttles to explode? They seem too important to overlook or mishandle.

  • Dimas Perez
    Dimas Perez Month ago

    My dad was about 50 years old at the time.

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster Month ago

    This crew did a commendable job!! GOD was surely with them! I am a long time private pilot. During my many flights I had two forced landings in my personal aircraft immediately after engine maintenance was performed. In both cases the mechanics became distracted or left their work stations for a prolonged period of time only to return and fail to remember to tighten or safety wire key mechanical components. In one case, moments after take off, an oil seal service plug fell out because it wasn't even hand tightened, also no safety wire had been installed. The plug's falling out resulted in complete and instant loss of all oil and oil pressure. I got down safely with no harm to plane or pilot but the engine was fried and needed a very expensive major overhaul. The second occurrence was right after the airplane I owned underwent it's annual inspection. The mechanic failed to tighten the spark plugs. One spark plug blew out 1 hour after take off at roughly 1,000 feet altitude. Without that spark plug compression was lost to that engine cylinder shaking the engine violently, nearly out if it's mount. Fortunately some power could be maintained but I could not maintain altitude. I thought I would have to land on a narrow highway. But fate intervened as an airport was in range. I made it there just in time for a straight in landing from 400 feet high, way below normal pattern altitude. So it is clear that many crashes, crash landings or forced landings happen right after aircraft servicing by incompetent unprofessional mechanics. The mechanic involved in my first incident had 40 years experience and owned and managed the airport FBO. He would not pay for my engine damage. He was later killed in an accident. When my wife of 46 years had to fly to France overseas I wished I could find out if the airplane had just come out of service or inspection. The airlines should have to report that if you ask. I was a nervous wreck waiting to hear that my dear wife's flight made it safely. Then I went through all of it again worrying about her on the return flight. There is a lot of water between the USA and France. Thanks be to GOD that these people made it. Me too for that matter!! I agree that the mechanics and/or supervisors should have been held criminally liable in this case! That was gross negligence in the extreme! They never should have worked on all three engines in one session involving any airliner that flies over water (or land for that matter).

  • Bryanjjhyytu Medina

    How do you install something that clearly needs a gasket, without a gasket?!?
    I swear, they used to shave monkeys and throw them in those hangars to fix the planes back in the day.

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy Month ago

    Those pilots deserve a medal

  • Ronald Brandmayr, Jr.

    Thank goodness poor grammar doesn't lead to plane crashes or we'd all be dead.

  • ignorecorporatenews

    REALLY bad mechanics. What a**holes.

  • Chuck G
    Chuck G Month ago

    A true testament to the discipline, training, and skill of the flight crew ......... Purely professional!

  • Fakename70
    Fakename70 Month ago

    I didn’t expect that happy ending! At least no one was killed in a crash.

  • billy vandory
    billy vandory Month ago

    is engine 2 considered the center engine on the tail?

  • Jason Ferguson
    Jason Ferguson Month ago


  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi Month ago

    Eastern + L1011's = Bad Mix Just like the downfall of Eastern their biggest problem was the Unions allows Easterns mechanics to be sub par, overpaid, and blackmail the company.

  • carole wilson
    carole wilson Month ago

    Qaamazimg flying

  • TallDark Handsome
    TallDark Handsome Month ago

    Man that was riveting! I thought for sure the plane was going down over the ocean. Kudos to all involved that were able to stay composed through it all. Well done.

  • Farra Elena
    Farra Elena Month ago

    Thank god engine 2 restarted. Phew!

  • The AViator
    The AViator Month ago

    Great pilotry made up for terrible maintenance. Another happy landing.

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  • wehoscott
    wehoscott Month ago

    In case anyone is wondering why Eastern went out of business. Pilot & co-pilot are heroes - hopefully they got good jobs at other airlines. The maintenance crew & EAL management deserved to lose their jobs.

  • fritzb43
    fritzb43 Month ago

    And Eastern Airlines has been dead for a very long time now.

  • Hans C. Schellenberg

    So an incompetent mechanic can eliminate all the redundancy on an aircraft. Swell.

  • Second Thought
    Second Thought Month ago +1

    The L1011 was a death trap!! During the 1980s I had to fly from DFW to Gatwick , London over a hundred times for my employer!! An eleven hour flight each way and had encountered numerous difficulties. On one fight for example we lost all electrical for ten minutes over Ireland!! I hate these dam planes! I actually quit my job because they would not let me fly into Heathrow in North London on a 747!!

  • Mystical Rose
    Mystical Rose Month ago

    Always an asshole or two somewhere to fuck things up.

  • hike oganessian
    hike oganessian Month ago

    thank God they landed safely..wonderful work to all involved. And brave passengers...

  • In Veritate Gloria
    In Veritate Gloria Month ago

    As someone who drives an Alfa Romeo 156 JTS 2.0, a 2004 model, I have great respect for motor oil. This wonderful car has failed me formidably so many times, forcing me to either capitulate and call road assistance, or try and endure tremendous vibrations for another 200 kilometers on the highway, feeling as if it will fall completely to pieces. Not just once...! (different parts) Not many women would dare to drive under such circumstances. :) That's what it is like to be a pilot. You must be capable of assessing dangerous situations, because you can't stop and check, or repair things, mid-air. If you can't handle the responsibility, you cannot be a pilot. - That said, it seemed a risky decision to fly back. I understand the dangers of landing with burning engine in a storm, however total failure and a long trip seems worse.

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee Month ago

    After 35 years my butt would still be puckered.

  • The Crow
    The Crow Month ago +6

    Was flying from Philadelphia to San Francisco.
    30 minutes after takeoff, the panel between the fuselage and left engine flew off.
    The pilot came back to the cabin area and kept looking at the engine area.
    Came on the intercom and said that the panel had fallen off, but there was no reason to land before getting to San Francisco.
    Needless to say, it was a very uneasy trip for the next 5 1/2 hours.
    There was a loud whistling noise for the remaining 5 1/2 hours.
    Thank God it all worked out.

    • TimePro
      TimePro 12 days ago

      The Length between the Outside and inside of the plane is Very huge. No need to worry

    • In Veritate Gloria
      In Veritate Gloria Month ago

      Quite! I think the decision to continue is preferable, even if the journey is filled with extreme anxiety. - Was once on a Cessna with 12 passengers, almost landing on the sandy beech on an island in Australia, because of the landing gear that had not retrieved properly. The pilot told us he was going to attempt to fix it manually. A couple of elderly ladies sat behind me, and didn't hear a word, partly because of the engine noise and partly because of the panic they felt. I convinced them that the pilot knew exactly what he was doing and everything was going to be fine, even if I was anxious myself. I was to return to Europe after a long time, and travelled with 60 kg luggage. Could just imagine the titles in the papers, the next day, should we have stranded on the island. The pilot had released the landing gear manually, but still didn't know if it was out properly - until we landed. Routine procedure, yet nerve wrecking.

  • fuffoon
    fuffoon Month ago

    3 parts replaced incorrectly for total failure is awful. I know that it's a difficult job but really it needs to be done right.

  • Malti Moto
    Malti Moto Month ago

    That was a close call!

  • Memo Musica
    Memo Musica 2 months ago

    Thumbs down

  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark 2 months ago

    They got lucky, especially considering the Three Stooges were at the helm. I would have climbed as much as possible and gone straight to Nassau, weather or no weather. Clowns.

  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    Remind me to never fly Eastern!

  • mweb1
    mweb1 2 months ago

    Crippled bird and those nasty O-rings again.

  • markissable
    markissable 2 months ago +2

    The bottom line is...we're at the mercy of these pilots, mechanics and faulty planes! it can happen at any time so.....let's just be grateful for these happy endings!

  • Charles H Geis IV
    Charles H Geis IV 2 months ago

    I love happy endings


    Glory to God.
    I have a question for the so called aviation experts👉WHY CAN'T ALL PLANES HAVE FOUR OR MORE ENGINES AND FLYING ON TWO THEN THE OTHER TWO FOR EMERGENCIES LIKE THIS.👉For how long will we continue hearing about "engine failure" in midair?!!!

  • loblg88
    loblg88 2 months ago

    Man if that second engine had not suddenly restarted. 😅😅

  • JetMechMA
    JetMechMA 2 months ago

    It is my understanding that this incident resulted in the establishment of ETOPs rules (Extended Twin-engine OPerations), for improving the reliability of twin engine aircraft on overwater flights, so that the same mechanic is not supposed to do work on both engines....making it highly unlikely that all three chip detectors would be improperly installed. I say "all three" chip detectors because the ETOPs standards have now been expanded to aircraft with more than two power plants.

  • Travis Linton
    Travis Linton 2 months ago

    Another happy landing. :)

  • Schism Circle
    Schism Circle 2 months ago

    Where's the cockpit recoding? Imagine the pilot's conversations!

  • Ashu Ku
    Ashu Ku 2 months ago

    Thanked god.. alls well that ends well..

  • Fiber Bunny
    Fiber Bunny 2 months ago

    I love this channel! There are so many other channels like this and they use FS2004, or FSX but X-Plane 11 is ideal! Great commentary.

  • Allrock123
    Allrock123 2 months ago

    Would the flight engineer not notice the leaks as a decreasing oil levels on the gauges ??? does the planes monitoring system not recognize the trend of rapidly decreasing oil levels as a serious developing problem to inform the pilot ?

  • Aperture Laboratories
    Aperture Laboratories 2 months ago

    Another happy landing

  • The California Garage
    The California Garage 2 months ago

    Engine 2 got the victory royale

    ART WILMETH 2 months ago

    Ad : Not one more democrat in congress

  • Hans Peiper
    Hans Peiper 2 months ago

    Amazing work, very entertaining!

  • Danny Stewart
    Danny Stewart 2 months ago

    Is this gtasa

  • Darrell Cate
    Darrell Cate 2 months ago

    Wow, what an amazing job by the crew! I'm a sport pilot, and I have a lot of crap going through my head half the time to begin with. I can't even imagine how they must have felt.

  • Kevin Do bs
    Kevin Do bs 2 months ago +1

    Pilots should trust instruments, 9-10 good job making it back safe!

  • Peter Horvath
    Peter Horvath 2 months ago

    Nice to see finally a video where not everybody died. :-)

  • Medaes Beauty Clinic
    Medaes Beauty Clinic 2 months ago

    I’m glad that everyone survived.

  • Dave Warwicker
    Dave Warwicker 2 months ago

    This is classic Google. I watch a republican political advert explaining how our world is improving, and so Google follows it with an video of a plane malfunction.

  • grosskopf2
    grosskopf2 2 months ago

    Oh there was injury alright. I bet there were at least 160 pairs of soiled underwear when they got off that plane.

  • Aaron Elliott
    Aaron Elliott 2 months ago

    God damn, that was tense...

  • urankjj
    urankjj 2 months ago

    Hey Charlie, what are we supposed to do with these extra rubber rings ??

  • Anthony  Collier
    Anthony Collier 2 months ago

    "Very experienced pilot, co-pilot and engineer"!

  • Mike S
    Mike S 2 months ago

    What idiot installs a part without the necessary O-ring seals?

  • Tejas
    Tejas 2 months ago

    Seeing all these devastating videos, it actually makes me feel safer in an airplane

  • Juan Navarrete
    Juan Navarrete 2 months ago

    Almost cried when engine 2 went back to life

  • Andy Madden
    Andy Madden 2 months ago

    I have a book which mentions something similar happening to TriStar N318EA. But when I look up the incident, I can't find anything.

  • la cachiporra
    la cachiporra 2 months ago

    Last time I flew in Eastern Air was back in 1987 from JFK to Las Américas Int. In the Dominican Rep.

  • Dan Littman
    Dan Littman 2 months ago

    Nothing short of a miracle, good job they didnt ditch.

  • Marten Trudeau
    Marten Trudeau 2 months ago

    The Captain, co-pilot and engineer were all pros, it's fantastic they made it back safely to Miami.

  • TonyTube407
    TonyTube407 2 months ago

    YAY! I've been watching your videos non-stop all week and it's nice to see an occasional one where pretty much everyone DOESN'T die. :-)

  • jeremytones
    jeremytones 3 months ago

    These videos are frikkin addicting, wtf. I've been watching them non stop

  • West Graphics
    West Graphics 3 months ago

    The Lockheed L-1011 was one of the best built Planes in history..

  • ALEXxpress
    ALEXxpress 3 months ago

    It's really hard to read the text in most of the vids...this is in all your vids X pilot.

  • tilitila88
    tilitila88 3 months ago

    Everytime I see a PRITZKER ad, I cringe...So NOT GENUINE...

  • Bon Summers
    Bon Summers 3 months ago

    What's the program you use to make this vids?

  • Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel

    very cool channel, thanks.

  • Polygone Trigonométrie

    Finally a happy ending !

  • Leonard Jackson
    Leonard Jackson 3 months ago

    Merciful Jesus... FINALLY one with a happy ending.. thanks.

  • DeezNeez01
    DeezNeez01 3 months ago

    I like that you do videos that land successfully as well. Not all doom and gloom.

  • corbin mcnabb
    corbin mcnabb 3 months ago

    Without injury, unless you count the brown stains on the back...Sorry. Couldn't resist. This, and things like it, are why these guys have to be very good, and on occasion, heroic.

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez 3 months ago

    Well, too bad they don't have autopilot for ground maintenance staff. How often have you seen them mess up by not uncovering the pitot tubes (or failing to cover them, equally bad for long periods of rest)?