BTS Interview - AMAs Red Carpet 2017


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  • ɨȶʐʍɛɦ_ռǟɛռǟɛ

    Jimin: **looks down at Lauren**
    *(Lauren short af)*
    Jimin: *mission accomplish*

  • ronan jude
    ronan jude Day ago

    why is the mc guy a giant? it looks awkward and unreal. and the mc girl is so tiny. producers should balance it out so no one is a distraction.

  • 아내시혼
    아내시혼 2 days ago

    هل يوجد ارميز عرب😜

  • Niña Manalastas
    Niña Manalastas 2 days ago

    0:47 bitch he just looked at me im dying hahahahaha

  • Raina Gull
    Raina Gull 2 days ago

    What kind of dress the girl is wearing

  • lucia gutierrez
    lucia gutierrez 2 days ago


  • Ranjit Kalita
    Ranjit Kalita 4 days ago

    I feel relieved when I see a short girl

  • Sayantan Datta
    Sayantan Datta 6 days ago

    Jungkook's face at 1:31 😝

  • Basel Basel
    Basel Basel 8 days ago

    lLove you bts

  • Basel Basel
    Basel Basel 8 days ago

    l Love you bts

  • yadi king
    yadi king 9 days ago +1

    Laura Marano??!

  • TheDreamcatcher6
    TheDreamcatcher6 10 days ago

    2:34 Baby taetae

    KIMTAEX BTS_ARMY 10 days ago

    I gotta say she is one of the best interviewers to interview bts, I wish she could interview them often if they were still there :(

  • Beauty Queen
    Beauty Queen 10 days ago

    Next or this year i want see bts and blackpink together😭❤

  • Jhanavi Srinivasan
    Jhanavi Srinivasan 11 days ago

    0:49 that smile tho KILLED ME

  • Bing Francisco
    Bing Francisco 11 days ago

    Jin was so happy when the girl said "AMAzing!"

  • froyo —
    froyo — 11 days ago

    so this is how it would feel like standing next to bts, cause she’s only an inch taller than me (i’m 5’1)... damn they’re giants

  • kidlisaXx
    kidlisaXx 12 days ago

    Tell me why it took me like 10 minutes to realise it’s Laura 😭

  • May Sweet
    May Sweet 12 days ago +1

    Ela é mais baixa que o jimin 😂😂😂😂💜

  • yurani bejarano
    yurani bejarano 12 days ago

    estan con laura marano

  • Ceren
    Ceren 14 days ago

    Bro I swear Jin’s literally the cutest his reaction the the pun was just everything I mean he just kept saying AMAzing we love you worldwide handsom!

  • Ceren
    Ceren 14 days ago

    Awww Jimin was going to say something too but they didn’t let that happen! We love you sm Chim Chim 😍😍

  • K-Pop SW
    K-Pop SW 14 days ago

    ¿Y esos corazones?

  • Niken Anissa
    Niken Anissa 15 days ago

    Why she's so small 😍😄

  • Jk KN
    Jk KN 16 days ago

    My favourite Disney actors are Ross and Laura and my fav music artist is BTS seeing Laura and BTS in one frame..😭😭oh my god 💜💜 and also Laura is very lucky

  • Yanet artic. ARGENTINA

    😂 Sólo le di like por las estaturas 😨

  • j-hope you are my daydream

    1:13 hobi what happened?
    they all seem to like her btw lol
    i guess they really like tiny girls

  • j-hope you are my daydream

    1:11 namjoon looked at her so cute ahahah

  • Bea Morandeira
    Bea Morandeira 21 day ago

    1:36 Jungkook jajajajjajaja

  • Luisa Mayví
    Luisa Mayví 21 day ago

    Cuando vi que Laura tenía una entrevista con ellos, inmediatamente busqué su ig y le di like a todas sus fotos uwu
    Me encanto como trato a Bangtan. 🌈

  • ᄇᄃᄉArmy!
    ᄇᄃᄉArmy! 23 days ago

    O V😂😂❤ brasil aqui? O V tá fazendo ano hj!!❤😍

  • Wa bichi
    Wa bichi 24 days ago

    Ella mide 1.57 y se ve así de pequeña. Yo que mido 1.48, cómo me veré? Y ya tengo 15, es que yo ya no voy a crecer más, bro

  • Hsjehshsh Bbdh
    Hsjehshsh Bbdh 25 days ago

    يعمري المذيعه صج اتفشل بس قزمه قدامهم🌚😭🌚😂

  • Katherine Dela Cruz
    Katherine Dela Cruz 25 days ago

    please raise their salaries

  • della jackson
    della jackson 26 days ago

    And then 2:17 Jungkooks panicked scream cause he’s shy

  • della jackson
    della jackson 26 days ago

    1:56 tae mouthed the English meaning after Namjoon

  • Caroline Lopez
    Caroline Lopez 27 days ago +1

    2:32 look how she looks at joonie she so cute jajaj😂🥰

  • BangtanPearl :3
    BangtanPearl :3 28 days ago +1

    Yoongi was so shook when Namjoon hugged Laura 😭💖😂

  • loriemay barrientos
    loriemay barrientos 28 days ago

    Laura and bts :)).... I SHIP Laura, Jin, and tae2x

  • JiMaine SPark
    JiMaine SPark Month ago

    The girl look so small😂

  • Hikka
    Hikka Month ago


  • بنونه الملكيه

    هاي شطولها 😐

  • Narjies 2003
    Narjies 2003 Month ago

    شدتحس هاي بله بوسط عمالقه

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi Month ago +1

    jimin is so whipped

  • neha maheshwari
    neha maheshwari Month ago

    What's the name of the girl in red dress

  • annyong Asma
    annyong Asma Month ago +1

    Jhope is my bias 🇸🇾💜

  • annyong Asma
    annyong Asma Month ago +1

    Jhoooooooopppee 🇸🇾💜

  • annyong Asma
    annyong Asma Month ago +1

    Jhope 💜🇸🇾

  • annyong Asma
    annyong Asma Month ago +1


  • annyong Asma
    annyong Asma Month ago +1

    I love them

  • BangStan ARMY
    BangStan ARMY Month ago

    1:01 Jungkook expressions killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marisya BTS
    Marisya BTS Month ago

    Jhope face 😂😂😂😂

  • Kim Taehyung is BAE

    2:35 Taehyung is me if I ever get to see BTS!!

  • Salinna Soth
    Salinna Soth Month ago

    SHES 5’2 BTW

  • Josefina Dallas
    Josefina Dallas Month ago

    I am the only one who thought that Laura wasn’t able to stop looking at Tae, just saying akskskdjdhdi

  • trashykomaeda
    trashykomaeda Month ago

    yoo i remember seeing that girl on austin and ally

  • Ally Alam
    Ally Alam Month ago

    I keep watching jungkook

  • Laila Khan
    Laila Khan Month ago

    The girl in the red dress was so tiny... Haha cute

  • Kat Bautista
    Kat Bautista Month ago

    Ella es muy bajita xd

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover Month ago

    That girl is so cute

  • Nishtha
    Nishtha Month ago

    AMAJIN show lol

  • Muna Zubair
    Muna Zubair Month ago +1

    Ok first of! ... Namjoonie those jeans 🙈🙈👀👀👀 dayyyuuuummmm! That toned body 💪🏼👊🏼! Skuurrrr, He looks sooo damn good!
    Jin with the reoccurring lafta n same innuendo 😉👌🏼 as always *worldwide handsome*
    Jimin glad to knw he isn't that short at all (Laura obviously is dat short😅)
    RM with dat finesse in letting da haters knw their place without being brash (I love him so much for dat n more)
    Kookie in d spotlight 😃😄 thanks to Jin 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😹
    Tae-tae with the mischief 😼😹 like he just had to! Love u BTS! 🧡💛💜💚❤💙💖

  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo Month ago

    I love myself since when I was 3

  • Ariana Ropuk
    Ariana Ropuk Month ago

    Proud of taehyung respect hand💜💜

  • Shady 90
    Shady 90 2 months ago +2

    2:22 Jimin was about to say something too but the interview has ended lol

  • Noime Rico
    Noime Rico 2 months ago

    2:35 jk, jin and jimin reaction to laura hugging rm . Lmao 😂😂

  • Beatriz Leivas
    Beatriz Leivas 2 months ago +1

    2:24 I just felt so bad when jimin grabs the mic to say what he had been training so hard to say in english but the interview ended so he never got the chance 😂 i feel u chimchim

  • Lavanya
    Lavanya 2 months ago

    01:55 the auto generated subtitles is just ..... When RM is talking about what BTS stands for, this happens - Stands for who left for boys and cream this is like hanging times when I'm down in Korea.

  • Taekook Lovers
    Taekook Lovers 2 months ago

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 LOVE YOU SO MUCJHHHHHHHHH BTSSSSSSSSSSS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mint Sugar
    Mint Sugar 2 months ago

    0:50 "The way Tae stare at RM ,lol
    That alien is so cute..😂"

    (And of course i dont forgetting someone in behind who look so adorable when smiled..😚😆

  • chitta prr
    chitta prr 2 months ago

    im a rm biased but bitch LAURA AND RM LOOKS GOOD TOGETHER

  • Belen Garro
    Belen Garro 2 months ago

    Jungkook doesn't understand nothing 😂

  • Nicole Lopez
    Nicole Lopez 2 months ago

    Please watch Laura's new music video!! She is an angel who deserves to have her music heard!!

  • Kangaroo Bang Chan •
    Kangaroo Bang Chan • 2 months ago +1

    Omg tae at the end😂

  • sHisHtAr JuNgKoOk sNaTcHeD

    Jimin : yaw someone shorter than me

  • zaynxjaan
    zaynxjaan 2 months ago

    Basta, es la primera vez que veo a los chicos siendo súper altos a lado de otra persona, son enormes 😂

  • zaynxjaan
    zaynxjaan 2 months ago


  • Hannah William
    Hannah William 2 months ago

    Everything V does is illegal to my heart

  • Luis Fernando Sánchez
    Luis Fernando Sánchez 3 months ago


  • Diksha Sinha
    Diksha Sinha 3 months ago +1

    That eye contact betn RM n laura at 2:31. The way my bae looked down at her tiny frame ufff too much to handle n than the way he immediately had his hand stretched out n than she wasted no time in leaning in n giving him a hug. Must say i am jealous but i hv to admit joonie's tall frame next to laura's tiny one n them hugging gave me certain feels baby is so manly n raw couldn't help but imagine myself next to him though i am slightly taller than her but this is almost what it would be like to stand next to my dream man 😍 damn this makes me blush....sorry fr the rant its just that joonie makes me go crazy. He fucking looks like a supermodel a whole snack

  • Mari Estela
    Mari Estela 3 months ago +3

    I love RM personality cuz I think we all could speak English but not everyone can respond with so humble and intelligent way and transmit to many people 😊😊😇

  • Butterfly BTS
    Butterfly BTS 3 months ago +4

    I have no idea why I'm watching this again..

  • Angie Kharpuri
    Angie Kharpuri 3 months ago +1

    2:17 when your moms makes you talk to your relative on the phone.

  • Nadia Analisa
    Nadia Analisa 3 months ago +1

    This happened when I didn’t know BTS
    My girl cousin who is obsessed with BTS: Do you know BTS? They are so cool
    Me: yeah.. Behind the scenes. They are funny . I watched the Behind the scenes of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift’s new MV.
    My other boy cousin: BTS Stands for British Toilet service
    My girl cousin: idiots..
    After a month and a few weeks I saw an Ellen video with BTS and decided to watch it and from that day I have been watching at least ten BTS videos a day. 287 being maximum 😅Sadly my cousin left to her country but I didn’t tell her I liked them(BTS)😝 I wanna know how other people got to know BTS . Please tell me or reply. FIGHTING

  • Susana gonzalez
    Susana gonzalez 3 months ago +1


  • Susana gonzalez
    Susana gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    V so cute💜💜💜💜💜

  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • Susana gonzalez
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  • - lucid dreams
    - lucid dreams 3 months ago

    ok but why the girl in the red dress is like super nice and dumb💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Kehinde Ayinde
    Kehinde Ayinde 3 months ago

    where can I find the full interview where she hugs V and Suga?

  • Ilyatul Fitriya
    Ilyatul Fitriya 3 months ago

    Bts loved 💓💗

  • shivansh sharma
    shivansh sharma 3 months ago

    ohhhh yeah i can't control i want to go south korea

  • Belu
    Belu 3 months ago

    I love this guys 💕 so cute 😊

  • Najat najat
    Najat najat 3 months ago

    Bts 😍

  • Park Joon
    Park Joon 3 months ago +1

    Girl... You better Stay away from my Namjoon. How dare you hug my Joon😬😠..
    No just kidding.
    But I hate you