Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Coins Have Hidden TRAPS and SECRET LEVERS
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  • Israel Shakir
    Israel Shakir 2 days ago

    It’s the skullken

    The skull kraken

  • Abigail Schaefer
    Abigail Schaefer 3 days ago

    wats the moove gargols

  • B Barhoum
    B Barhoum 3 days ago


  • Elizabeth Sangalang
    Elizabeth Sangalang 4 days ago

    this is a *coin*- incidence

  • PURPLIE Ninja
    PURPLIE Ninja 5 days ago +2

    And plus if you pick up a penny from the floor you get bad luck

  • fortnight clips
    fortnight clips 6 days ago

    It means Harry potter

  • Henry Langkowski
    Henry Langkowski 7 days ago +3

    I will grant you a wish if...

    You wish before you read this!
    O well😊😎😝

  • Adeline Corkwell
    Adeline Corkwell 8 days ago

    Will someone please donate 10,000 dollars.

  • Karen Bradford
    Karen Bradford 9 days ago +2

    This is driving me nuts he’s carving rare old coins I could so use them in my coin collection

  • Minato -_- Namikaze
    Minato -_- Namikaze 10 days ago +3

    Me:*See's iluminati picture*

  • Bernie Howarth
    Bernie Howarth 12 days ago

    Can you guys sub to me pls☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • The McArthur’s
    The McArthur’s 12 days ago

    azzy where i am there is a storm D: im really scared and pluis we have a doggggg

  • Andrea Schneibel
    Andrea Schneibel 12 days ago


  • Lily Chan
    Lily Chan 12 days ago

    Hey I was eating chocolate

  • jroberts3001
    jroberts3001 13 days ago


  • Miles gdgd
    Miles gdgd 13 days ago

    How doess this person make the coins.

  • ariel mansur
    ariel mansur 13 days ago +2

    Next one is H 🙂 H it's h smile h and h is caps and smile is gold

  • ariel mansur
    ariel mansur 13 days ago

    It's a pig first one

  • Hennie Griessel
    Hennie Griessel 13 days ago

    That coyn is from spurr

    YA BOI ETHAN 14 days ago +1


  • Jaeven and Jheia's Collection

    Tats all t of coin

  • Daria Elek
    Daria Elek 14 days ago

    i have 1000 dolars😎🤑

  • Kalai Mani
    Kalai Mani 15 days ago +3

    Me when you said it's for sale..
    I am definitely gonna buy the one with the make myself cool😎😎

    When you said it was about 10000 dollars
    Me: nah it's a waste😑😶

  • Ashley Armstrong
    Ashley Armstrong 15 days ago +1


  • Anna Burzynska
    Anna Burzynska 16 days ago +1

    🍩Is AzzyLand 🍩

    🍭Is the best the best AzzyLand

  • Jessica the warrioress H

    Booorn that way.

  • Jessica the warrioress H

    Me: this looks ettchy...
    Azzy: :-D

  • Jessica the warrioress H

    I not sure how these were found but maybe from Etsy? I used to frequent Etsy years ago alot...

  • Luna moon playz
    Luna moon playz 16 days ago

    I Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merline Sani Wijaya
    Merline Sani Wijaya 16 days ago

    2019 : year of pig (for chineese people)
    2018 : year of dogs (for chineese people)

  • zoe B
    zoe B 16 days ago

    Azzy I want you to get hypnotize please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lea-Maude. Rosse. Nicolas, levesque.

    1:45 ILumInATy COmfIrMd!

  • Zoe Duque
    Zoe Duque 17 days ago

    I can buy it kinda

  • Diana Linehan
    Diana Linehan 17 days ago

    Azzy your so cute

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 17 days ago

    I’m getting a hissing cockroach next week and I’m so excited

  • Melissa Crawn
    Melissa Crawn 18 days ago

    as I am watching this I'm eating chocolate ice cream

  • What For
    What For 18 days ago

    Hey Azzy I'm mad of bicus it's so hard to make it I was mad now I'm bad😅😅😅

  • -Withered bonnie-
    -Withered bonnie- 19 days ago

    (●^○) free cookies ^^
    (>🍪 🍩

  • Ethan Currie
    Ethan Currie 20 days ago +1

    Comment if you like Azzy land

  • Robina Gomez
    Robina Gomez 21 day ago

    Azzy are you heyting

  • Samskie TV
    Samskie TV 21 day ago

    Wow ur b*obs too big.🤤🤤

  • •Space Monster•
    •Space Monster• 21 day ago

    Do you know what "E Pluribis Unum" means? It is Latin for "Out of many, one"

  • Danielle Cotton
    Danielle Cotton 22 days ago

    I got so scared I banged my leg on my table

  • Monika Giza
    Monika Giza 22 days ago

    Azzy do u play roblox, if so my username is bowbowjojofan. (Please and your the best

  • Sofie Bainbridge
    Sofie Bainbridge 22 days ago

    I don't know why I'm saying this for this kind of video, but can you do a video where you make slime?

  • maya maya
    maya maya 22 days ago


  • Carolina Rodriguez
    Carolina Rodriguez 22 days ago

    ( *°*)
    ( ^ ^ )

  • Carson Li
    Carson Li 22 days ago

    i love this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carson Li
    Carson Li 22 days ago


  • RealFuntime Foxy
    RealFuntime Foxy 22 days ago +1

    I wear sparkle fedoras

  • Colby brock
    Colby brock 23 days ago

    You have 10000000 subs 👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄👍😄

  • Corne De Heer
    Corne De Heer 23 days ago

    Where can you buy these

  • Denise Carden
    Denise Carden 24 days ago

    What can I make videos I can draw things on my arm where it look realistic like a

  • Oreo2019 Cristiano 2012


  • Francis Chan
    Francis Chan 25 days ago

    Ummm azzy the world is going to end in 12 years time due to scientist calculating that a metor almost hit earth so I’m scared

  • Dario Vreven
    Dario Vreven 27 days ago

    Love jour vids

  • Dario Vreven
    Dario Vreven 27 days ago

    Love jor vids

  • Evie Bode
    Evie Bode 27 days ago

    coins can be so boring or cool

  • 4b93 YT
    4b93 YT 27 days ago

    What was even that Ö on löl

  • Cutie butterflys Channel
    Cutie butterflys Channel 29 days ago +6

    I eat chocolate too 😊😊I’m not gonna fix my problem