Marques Brownlee Ranks Hot Sauce Labels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • Marques Brownlee is TVclip's favorite tech shaman, the Shorty Awards Creator of the Decade, and an astute reviewer of everything from iPhones to Teslas. But how is he with hot food? Find out as the oft-requested MKBHD finally takes his turn against the wings of death. During the spice storm, he breaks down his pro Ultimate Frisbee career, offers sensible headphone advice, and provides some scorching breakfast-cereal takes.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 months ago +610

    If you're into the red Hot Ones tee, you can get it here btw:

    • चिड़ीbm-booo
      चिड़ीbm-booo Month ago

      we want
      obj in ur show bro........plzzz its my idol

    • Balaji Sridhar
      Balaji Sridhar 2 months ago

      Cool interview 😉
      Btw name of the intro music anyone?

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight 2 months ago

      i can hanle prob all ten if i was on there.. if u can handle siracha dont efffin do spicy.. its not about so much heat but alot of flavors... as for cereal i would choose oreos then cookie puff wtf i dont fuckig know the other name.. the apple jacks.... this dude clearly doesnt appreciate other flavors..

    • Obunga Nigga
      Obunga Nigga 3 months ago

      SKI MASK

    • Obunga Nigga
      Obunga Nigga 3 months ago


  • Clayton Riggs
    Clayton Riggs 3 days ago

    I mean, it's not like the Mars rover gets great wifi either.

  • Maxine F
    Maxine F 3 days ago

    Loved ❤️ the video.

  • iloccorB
    iloccorB 4 days ago

    This guy is literally the most chill guy ever!! Loved this!!

  • Manas Sharma
    Manas Sharma 6 days ago

    It was painful to watch him maintain decorum post the 7th sauce. Like just cry already man we all know you want to!!! #respecttho

  • Everything With Alex

    Thanks for an awesome episode. I would love to come and eat. I do eat Trinidad Scorpio to breakfast.

  • Murderface023
    Murderface023 8 days ago

    Also, MKBHD is now in a Vsauce 3 video:
    It would be nice to see Jake here! :) Cheers!

  • Javier Renteria
    Javier Renteria 9 days ago

    Get Unbox Therapy on here!

  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood 9 days ago

    Ticked off my TVclip bucket list

  • Connor Reynolds
    Connor Reynolds 13 days ago

    People who are into Teslas are people who don’t know anything about cars

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 13 days ago

    You guys gotta get Chadwick Boseman on the show!

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 14 days ago

    Do Unbox Therapy!!!

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 14 days ago

    Marques is probably the calmest person I've ever seen. I'd gate to see what's capable of making him angry.

  • David Jensen
    David Jensen 14 days ago

    Marques is a legend.

  • mark yastion
    mark yastion 15 days ago


  • Mason Edward
    Mason Edward 15 days ago

    This show makes me so hungry.

  • MJPMain
    MJPMain 15 days ago

    Marques Brownlee looks like Victor Oladipo

  • Temur Bakhriddinov
    Temur Bakhriddinov 15 days ago


  • Aaron Arocho
    Aaron Arocho 16 days ago

    Did u see that catch and that throw of that frisbee EWWWW insane

  • ymes
    ymes 18 days ago


  • Sheryl San Diego
    Sheryl San Diego 18 days ago

    If you keep on talking after u eat spicy food it will be more hotter in you mouth

  • Film Maker
    Film Maker 18 days ago

    first time watching this how, it was very nice , only please change the chairs, it would give so much live to these shots. Awesome work anyway.

  • kumiv
    kumiv 18 days ago

    “John I’m giving him a bottle, I know you hate but I’m giving him a bottle”
    ~ Sean 2018

  • Jeremy Brumley
    Jeremy Brumley 18 days ago

    I notice you use a pixel 2 xl. Nice👍

  • Zeeshan Hyder
    Zeeshan Hyder 19 days ago

    "Slow WiFi is worse than than no WiFi" - MKB, ca. 2018

  • Lucas Dominic
    Lucas Dominic 19 days ago

    who else watched his first video after he said that

  • Lucas Dominic
    Lucas Dominic 19 days ago

    who else watched his first video after he said that

  • Arctic Borkism
    Arctic Borkism 19 days ago

    Haha I love Marques. No homo tho

  • B D
    B D 19 days ago

    Lol good video

  • Trev0r98
    Trev0r98 20 days ago

    Marques was right ... the 11th digit of pi (after the decimal point) is indeed 8: 3.14159265358... . Vindication.

    FVBYT 20 days ago

    Marques Ketchup Brownlee HD
    Stick to ketchup MKBHD! Your face really looks hurt!

  • TysonFREE Molemela
    TysonFREE Molemela 21 day ago


  • Alex Handzus
    Alex Handzus 21 day ago

    The sound of the people chewing on all of these videos gives me an aneurysm.

  • AM Motorsport
    AM Motorsport 22 days ago

    Such a real, cool guy... and he didn't pretend the wings weren't hot AF. Love this show and this episode.
    Instantly one of my favorite Hot Ones.

  • Kyoki_jin
    Kyoki_jin 22 days ago

    Lol do have linus from linustechtips

  • Rydon Smith
    Rydon Smith 22 days ago

    what happened to jaylen browns voice

  • Rens l 'Ami
    Rens l 'Ami 23 days ago

    omg, the host taks weird he sounds like he is only saying facts he sounds like he reads it from a piece of paper

  • Miles Garcia
    Miles Garcia 23 days ago

    Does he even cus? Lol

  • chin-yen Liang
    chin-yen Liang 23 days ago

    Can we get Gordon Ramsay on this show?

  • ekimolaos
    ekimolaos 24 days ago

    MKBHD forgot to say "peace" :O

  • Jortus Pelatus
    Jortus Pelatus 24 days ago +4

    Me: Expecting topics about tech
    *3 minutes into the video*
    Sean: Naughty America or Bangbros?
    Me: wot

  • Roman Kubiv
    Roman Kubiv 25 days ago

    jeez how much do you pay your sound designer?

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa 25 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how they cut out his face and put it on other black dudes pics

  • Huma Onyango
    Huma Onyango 27 days ago

    Da Bomb, Hell Fire... interesting names for Hot Sauce

  • Jkb
    Jkb 27 days ago

    Yess, still using that beautiful Pixel

  • Benjamin Penney
    Benjamin Penney 29 days ago

    is there somewhere u cant buy the hot sauce they make

  • HydroBandit
    HydroBandit Month ago

    the sibilance in this video, is it just me?

  • SRCtube : Code Your Design

    L I K E F O R M A R Q U E S

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    i respect mkbhd cause hes passionate. hes been doing this since he was a little kid by looking at his first few videos

  • horntj77
    horntj77 Month ago

    What a genuinely nice human being

  • ClimateCTRL
    ClimateCTRL Month ago +2

    "I don't know what my expectations were, but it wildly exceeded my expectations"
    Yeah, that summed up my thoughts seeing that clip. That throw was something else.

  • dreck
    dreck Month ago

    Get Linus from LTT, he'd be in to it.

  • FortniteLoverBoy76
    FortniteLoverBoy76 Month ago

    sean talks way to much about himself

  • Bobby Sandhu
    Bobby Sandhu Month ago

    I can’t even handle jalapeños

  • R1L
    R1L Month ago

    m50x ewww

  • Wolffe 2017
    Wolffe 2017 Month ago

    I wish this was after the Elon Musk interview, bc I would love to see him ask a question about the interview

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Finally, you got Jinx to do Hot Ones. It's amazing how proper he was even with a mouth full of fire. Still waiting on the Jinx Da Juvy mixtape.

  • Mr Sammotube
    Mr Sammotube Month ago

    Marques is such a pro. but it makes me want him to review everything, which is an unreasonable expectation.

  • Steve Goldman
    Steve Goldman Month ago

    Don't waste your money on M50x's, save some money and get M40x's and you'll be much happier.

  • Erik Moe
    Erik Moe Month ago

    Matt Stonie on here next

  • calvin enderby
    calvin enderby Month ago

    He has some giant hands

  • Cellular G
    Cellular G Month ago

    3:24 coma inducing awkwardness/cringe

  • Jarmahent
    Jarmahent Month ago


  • Larry Games
    Larry Games Month ago

    Every time I watch one of these I have wings for dinner, every time.

  • Nathaniel Raposo
    Nathaniel Raposo Month ago

    Those are all Kellogg cereals that came in the same variety pack..
    Fucking really?

  • Pavlin Lako
    Pavlin Lako Month ago

    Cmon's nkt the fastest car on the street

  • theVstop
    theVstop Month ago

    he spit that last wing bite into his napkin.

  • SnoozeVictim
    SnoozeVictim Month ago

    I call B.S. on the last one. Eating so much 2 million Scoville sauce PURE as a non trained chili professional would've turned really bad.

  • ChickenNoodleSoup
    ChickenNoodleSoup Month ago

    You got to get Linus now

    • Tech Talk Today
      Tech Talk Today 11 days ago

      No way would Linus last all the way through 😂

  • TheMass33
    TheMass33 Month ago

    Marques voice makes me want to punch him in his iPhone 😝

  • Damien Beckham
    Damien Beckham Month ago

    Can't watch this anymore, I get the huge urge to get hot wings like everyday for a week.

  • Nishiki Nishio
    Nishiki Nishio Month ago

    Hearing him literally say bangbros killed me

  • Affendi x Real Estate

    It is totally entertaining show. And to see Marques hurt like that is funny. haha.

  • EKotlikoff
    EKotlikoff Month ago

    I like him except for his view on soylent that was a cheap shot and offended me deeply

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 Month ago

    damn now im in the mood for some wings

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 Month ago

    I've never heard Marques talk about porn, this is odd

  • Paul Je
    Paul Je Month ago

    Everything is amazing, but Sean you sound kinda fake haha. Love the videos all in all though

  • TheGreekGuyNL
    TheGreekGuyNL Month ago

    Slow Wi-Fi is so much worse than no Wi-Fi - Marques 2018. I think he got a point about that. You don't have to wait, because you can't use it anyways. That's 100% better than very slow internet. You can use it, but it is sooooo, slow! And you maybe pay for that Wi-Fi too.

  • Tino
    Tino Month ago

    Thanks! I'm in Brazil. My IG is gringotogringo

    SMASH TIME Month ago

    Baby bites

  • Christian Apodaca
    Christian Apodaca Month ago

    I had Buffalo Wild Wings ghost pepper wings and I couldn’t get past eating one.. so I have a whole new respect for the host and the people that get through all the wings.

  • sieve5
    sieve5 Month ago +1

    3:23 LMAO had me rollin

  • Billy Alarie
    Billy Alarie Month ago

    can someone please explain the huawei/iphone/gal gadot thing? i was completely confused from the very beginning.

    • Crystal Cafiero
      Crystal Cafiero Month ago

      basically he called her out for tweeting from an iphone when she is sponsored by an android company (huawei makes android devices) and was blocked as a result. he didn't do any crazy sleuthing though, that info is public and is attached to your tweets.

  • Billy Alarie
    Billy Alarie Month ago

    6:33 what is that song?

  • justin price
    justin price Month ago


  • 1-7000 ANCiENT
    1-7000 ANCiENT Month ago

    is there a full version of the intro song?

  • miguel santos
    miguel santos Month ago

    So if you asked how do we get a signal to the Rover from Earth have you ever asked yourself why haven't we been on the moon since 1969 like how were we able 2 have technology to go to the Moon multiple times and out of nowhere we don't have the technology or haven't even really got back to the Moon you should ask yourself that question?

  • Afridi Haja
    Afridi Haja Month ago

    I bet he cried cuz gal blocked him... Nice way to get away with it lol

  • Bowat
    Bowat Month ago

    You spelled Froot loops wrong...

    USPATRIOT99 Month ago

    I bet Gal Gadot makes mad bucks in Israel from Huawei.

  • crazydubaddict
    crazydubaddict Month ago

    I NEED to see Linus here PLEASE.

  • djmasterdj
    djmasterdj Month ago

    You don't have Portuguese piri-piri sauce(same as in Nando's), so i'm out....

    • Toro Loco
      Toro Loco Month ago

      i always thought peri peri is from africa

  • Simon Ayres
    Simon Ayres Month ago

    OK, I genuinely like Marques, he may not always cover what i am interested in but his content is usually good to great. That said the idea the depth of field when focusing a camera is in any way related to the relativity of the distance of the camera an not the aperture is disingenuous at best and flat out wrong at worst.

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous Month ago

    sean knows his porn.

  • luqmanr
    luqmanr Month ago

    get Linus on here!!

  • luqmanr
    luqmanr Month ago +1

    lmfao he was slowly losing his chill towards the end

  • Karla
    Karla Month ago

    I love this show, but whether it is Sean or some other people coming up with the questions, whoever that is, needs to be rich af! I watch every talk show and the only one I consistently hear a guest say "Great question!" is on this show!

  • You know Da Wae?
    You know Da Wae? Month ago

    you heard it from MKBHD guys, porn is innovative