15 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / Back To School Pranks


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  • Troom Troom
    Troom Troom  7 months ago +1399

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  • Mastergirl 975
    Mastergirl 975 6 hours ago

    Tf?... shouldn’t the thumbnail be the other way around

  • ronald elzy
    ronald elzy 11 hours ago

    Yes love your vids

  • Lucky13 Trotter
    Lucky13 Trotter Day ago

    Maybe she won’t notice that we’re CHEATING

  • John Keilholtz
    John Keilholtz Day ago

    I love your video so much you are so good a making these video in sneaking food in to class and everything

  • Cutie Colors
    Cutie Colors Day ago

    u r amazing

  • Missel Gonzalez
    Missel Gonzalez 2 days ago

    IS Good

  • MinerPlayz
    MinerPlayz 3 days ago

    Is this serious or is this like a joke

  • MinerPlayz
    MinerPlayz 3 days ago

    *Very Odd Very.....*

  • manju mehta
    manju mehta 4 days ago

    cool ideas....very nice....😘😘😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Ramos
    Jennifer Ramos 4 days ago

    That's way too much effort to bring food in class. It is creative though.

  • Ericka Satterley
    Ericka Satterley 5 days ago


  • Miss____ Memer
    Miss____ Memer 5 days ago

    The hell ...these vids are so stupid •__•
    no lie....like I'm pretty sure that a teacher wouldn't go along with student shenanigans like that.

  • kamal chajjer
    kamal chajjer 6 days ago


  • Calatel Jamaica
    Calatel Jamaica 6 days ago

    I think your hacks are great

  • Joe Banister
    Joe Banister 6 days ago

    Sexy ass

  • Flurry Studios
    Flurry Studios 6 days ago

    Fruitella can be used for slime! XD btw the nut bracelet would not work wt all, nuts are not aloud at meh school XD

  • nicole hagglund
    nicole hagglund 6 days ago

    Behind all my pencils in my pencil case

  • Jayden Howard
    Jayden Howard 6 days ago

    Did anyone think the hazelnuts were popcorn

  • Anisha Chakraborty
    Anisha Chakraborty 6 days ago

    nice I like pranks

  • audra Cooper
    audra Cooper 6 days ago +1

    Hi it grace I like your channel xxx😘😘😘😘

  • Dorothy Tluma
    Dorothy Tluma 6 days ago

    Very good idea...

  • Kikin 2512
    Kikin 2512 7 days ago


  • Legacy starter 626
    Legacy starter 626 7 days ago

    Why do they like sanking food and to class so much

  • Fati Mimi
    Fati Mimi 7 days ago +1

    Your channel is the coolest channel on TVclip. But there are some of these ideas containing germs hhhhhhhh yes

  • Lo Hi
    Lo Hi 8 days ago

    Good thing my teacher allows food

  • Potato Pie
    Potato Pie 8 days ago

    stahp it get some help

  • Spiffy Pictures
    Spiffy Pictures 9 days ago

    Ms. Smith is a loser

  • GiuliaGiorgia Rivadossi


  • Lionella Thompson
    Lionella Thompson 9 days ago

    I Love this video 👅💪👄💅👍

  • Shivangi Sarvaiya
    Shivangi Sarvaiya 9 days ago +1

    In my pocket or. Under my desk ..........

  • unicorn_gymnasics101 lol
    unicorn_gymnasics101 lol 10 days ago +1

    If a teacher can’t tell the difference between the calculator and some chocolate, then she shouldn’t be a teacher

  • Uday Gokhale
    Uday Gokhale 10 days ago

    How is it possible that you carry sweet food and ants don't get stick to u

  • Fahad Fahad
    Fahad Fahad 10 days ago


  • Jabacons
    Jabacons 10 days ago

    Or you can just bring some normal food and eat it normally

  • Mary Beth Topor
    Mary Beth Topor 11 days ago


  • Mina Chaubey
    Mina Chaubey 11 days ago +1

    This teacher in all your videos change her

  • Azizul Azri
    Azizul Azri 11 days ago

    Who needs food in class that bad??

  • Cenz Sunzjoefine
    Cenz Sunzjoefine 11 days ago


  • Oheu Thm
    Oheu Thm 11 days ago

    ل ءسلسعب7ةة رسسششصجفتوزجكم

  • Jordan Jandres
    Jordan Jandres 12 days ago

    you should make hsgxbxbxhxhs

  • Doraireen aslunith
    Doraireen aslunith 12 days ago

    yahuuu good cool😙😚😀😆😉😊😍

  • emily J
    emily J 12 days ago

    What in the ............

  • muhammad sharif
    muhammad sharif 12 days ago

    Yes it's class not

  • Arohi Aarav Thapa
    Arohi Aarav Thapa 12 days ago

    if our teacher would be like that I would love it

  • Bombardmentor 15
    Bombardmentor 15 13 days ago +1

    "has she become a teacher to take away candies from her students?"
    Uh Nooo... she's taking them away because food isn't allowed in class you freaking nimrods

  • Kendra Watkins
    Kendra Watkins 13 days ago


  • KimAngel123
    KimAngel123 13 days ago

    Loved them!

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez 13 days ago

    Thanks for the idea

  • Anita Jat
    Anita Jat 13 days ago

    wow thats cool ideas

  • Raju Bhai
    Raju Bhai 13 days ago

    Thanks for your video and it is so tasty food for your video

  • Ola Danika
    Ola Danika 14 days ago

    I think I will do that because I love eating I will do some

  • Toasty Voices
    Toasty Voices 14 days ago +1

    I don't think these will work because you have to be not dumb to be a teacher- just a thought

  • heat bee kitty 2
    heat bee kitty 2 14 days ago

    Troom troom is the worst channel

  • shiny stars
    shiny stars 14 days ago


  • Sophie Reed
    Sophie Reed 14 days ago

    Nice videos

  • Josephine Mambwe
    Josephine Mambwe 14 days ago

    Yeah idk

  • Kamini Mishra
    Kamini Mishra 14 days ago

    Tik tak one is easy and good

  • Sabri _SC
    Sabri _SC 14 days ago

    You could just eat i the backpack, and when the teacher looks, say that you gotta get a notebook. These videos are just useless

  • Kyla Eunice Mabbayad
    Kyla Eunice Mabbayad 14 days ago

    And u ate a ink

  • Kyla Eunice Mabbayad
    Kyla Eunice Mabbayad 14 days ago

    You ate the glue?!

  • Tech,Giveaways,& Gaming

    Go under your desk
    To eat

  • vvv cool vetha
    vvv cool vetha 15 days ago


  • Jastine ann Ravara
    Jastine ann Ravara 15 days ago

    I like this bracelets foods im kidding in my classmates

    DROWLEY65 16 days ago

    I am going to bring an edible erasor tommorow bc its friday and im going camping so i wanna make the short day much more fun i just hope my seat partner or any class mates dont tell and im a good kid so idk why im doing this XD

  • Sajad Hardani
    Sajad Hardani 16 days ago

    I did that today

  • Andro Tech Gamers
    Andro Tech Gamers 16 days ago

    Wow nice Ideas

  • Isobel Warner
    Isobel Warner 16 days ago

    put ores in your pencil case
    and sneak it into class.

  • Snow Globe
    Snow Globe 16 days ago


  • Trouble- Mania
    Trouble- Mania 16 days ago

    Does the girl in the thumbnail use that highlighter as lipstick?
    Like if u agree

  • Stellar Evie
    Stellar Evie 17 days ago

    Yeah we all have random old pieces of icing lace and edible glue around

  • Beast Plays_
    Beast Plays_ 17 days ago

    One of my teachers have a good sense of smell and knew how I snuck some food to class somehow.my school has cameras in classrooms and I was facing away from the camera

  • Ninja girls 1006 4958
    Ninja girls 1006 4958 18 days ago

    I love troom troom

  • Ninja girls 1006 4958
    Ninja girls 1006 4958 18 days ago

    Can you do another video of how to sneak food in class

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson 18 days ago +3

    2:52 *spits out my drink*

  • Squishypop
    Squishypop 18 days ago

    how do you expect the teacher to not hear/look at you put something in your mouth?! this isn't "sneaky" at all......

  • Emma The Person
    Emma The Person 18 days ago

    This video should be called "How to get caught bringing food to class"

    • Soraya martin
      Soraya martin 15 days ago

      hahaha good one troom troom got burn good one girl

  • Inkby Gery
    Inkby Gery 18 days ago

    I love your videos❤️❤️😍😍

  • Galaxymøøn Star
    Galaxymøøn Star 18 days ago

    Thumbnail: *I eAt MaRkErS*

  • bonzohavoc
    bonzohavoc 18 days ago

    24k dislikes dude ur gonna get cought don't get expelled 🤨🤔

  • bonzohavoc
    bonzohavoc 18 days ago


  • Chi Doan
    Chi Doan 18 days ago +1

    Cô giáo còn tham ăn hơn học sinh😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Jesus On Laxatives
    Jesus On Laxatives 18 days ago

    Why in the thumbnail she is biting a god damn marker! All of your thumbnails have someone biting something what is wrong with you are you even human!?

  • Nightmare Dragon
    Nightmare Dragon 19 days ago

    There called TORTILLAS

  • Wild
    Wild 19 days ago

    I do love my FLAT BREAD


  • Amber Lennon
    Amber Lennon 19 days ago

    Who likes stare burst on candy bars 😫😫😫

  • Raj shree
    Raj shree 19 days ago


  • Galactic Force
    Galactic Force 19 days ago

    Bad children bad

  • Hona Sudio
    Hona Sudio 19 days ago

    troom troom is the best

  • Rakesh Shinde
    Rakesh Shinde 19 days ago

    Please sneak makeup

  • Neriemae Fojas
    Neriemae Fojas 19 days ago

    Yes iwatto

  • theandrewdinator
    theandrewdinator 20 days ago

    this is the worst fucking chanel in the world

  • Antman Playz
    Antman Playz 20 days ago

    i wish i sneaked food in class

  • Nia Mamiashvili
    Nia Mamiashvili 20 days ago


  • Nia Mamiashvili
    Nia Mamiashvili 20 days ago


  • Veronica Velez
    Veronica Velez 20 days ago

    Good thing that I have discovered this channel because i am starting school tomorrow

  • Le Quyet
    Le Quyet 20 days ago


  • Lauren Lilly
    Lauren Lilly 20 days ago

    I'll die watching this without cake

  • Idan Hershkovich
    Idan Hershkovich 20 days ago


  • Amatullah Bint Omran
    Amatullah Bint Omran 20 days ago

    Why is the teacher taking the food if she is eating the food herself omg