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  • Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • Roy Keane Rep of Ireland individual match clips vs Holland from September 1st 2001 during a World Cup Qualifier in Dublin Ireland. Keane was immense helping his team to a 1-0 victory despite playing for much of the game with a man less following a red card for Gary Kelly.
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  • Living Dead Lifter
    Living Dead Lifter 17 days ago

    I really think he’s the best back to back CM ever. Dude was always so calm with the ball. Wasn’t the best creatively but fuck that dude was everywhere, tackled, and rarely lost the ball.

  • Jure Primorac
    Jure Primorac Month ago

    It's just simply brilliant to watch a player giving his all on the pitch, like he's ready to die for the team.

  • Craig Connick
    Craig Connick Month ago

    Keane to Kilbane was the outlet

  • John Shanley
    John Shanley 2 months ago

    4:07 hon the Dunphy !

  • shaun dunbar
    shaun dunbar 3 months ago +1

    what a monster of a game from KEANE …..BOX TO BOX all day ..inspirational

  • T Minihane
    T Minihane 4 months ago

    George Hamilton said it best "Roy Keane you can always depend on him"

  • CL Racing UK ludurkris
    CL Racing UK ludurkris 4 months ago +1

    He would be in the first 11 of any team in the world.

  • fincaman2
    fincaman2 5 months ago

    Thug on the field coward and traitor off it and that idiot Dumfree praising him for what should have been a yellow card tackle !!! I can't understand the Irish and Roy Keane his record speaks for itself. Refused to play for Ireland under 23s for Jack Charlton. Refused to play in the Japan pre world cup friendlies. Feined injury, threatened to leave Saipan twice then left and he is on record saying "I wasn't sent home no-one sends me home" he was a disruptive influence in the world cup squad criticising Bonner and Mick and moaning about everything in a place where they were only there for 5 days to acclimatize and get rid of Jetlag. As captain it was his job when things got tough was to rally his players instead, he ran away. So you can see why it's difficult to understand why the Irish see him as a hero. The Irish often say "Mick wasn't Irish" but he took them to their best performance in the world cup never losing a game in open play. You've just had an Irish manager with Keane on board how did they do? I rest my case.

  • Stephen Armstrong
    Stephen Armstrong 6 months ago

    People say that Roy keane's performance against Juve was his defining performance. But this one was the most perfect by far. He literally never made a backwards pass nor gave the ball away

  • ciarann182
    ciarann182 7 months ago

    keane made van bommel look like a pussycat

  • Aritra sarkar
    Aritra sarkar 8 months ago

    Hate that mccarthy

  • John Davies
    John Davies 9 months ago

    Island wont win anything

  • Jingo Unchained
    Jingo Unchained 9 months ago

    Kilbane was so shit

  • Ken Shields
    Ken Shields 9 months ago

    Keane is a TRAITOR to EIRE HE DIDN'T have to do what he did in JAPAN he could have waited till he got home and complain MICK was right to send him home ASK HIS TEAM MATES

  • cousin leigh
    cousin leigh 10 months ago +1

    Before the hotel was not good enough.........

    MADMANB68 10 months ago +6

    Roy played RB, CB, CM, ACM, ST, winger all in this one game! Absolute workhorse LEGEND

  • omalone11
    omalone11 10 months ago +1

    not sure what was so special about this performance
    not seeing proper shots, interceptions, reading, screening, marking, passing, creating, destroying, etc

  • phx xxx
    phx xxx 10 months ago

    What a team back when they weren't hoofing English rejects. Now we have the diagonal to fat Walters and Harry Arthur hiding when it's time to take a pass.

  • chris woffendin
    chris woffendin 10 months ago +1

    McCarthy must’ve had some kind of respect for Roy Keane at the he runs a fair bit to go shake roys keanes hand 😂 and Roy just walks of like a boss after bossing the game

  • John O toole dog games
    John O toole dog games 10 months ago +2

    It was one off rep of Ireland 🇮🇪 best games. and it was so sad 😭 what happened to Roy keane in 2002 World Cup

  • Kevin Heaney
    Kevin Heaney 11 months ago +2

    Even in a 10 minute clip playercamming Keano it highlights how shite a player Kilbane was

  • Julian Israel
    Julian Israel Year ago

    sh1t player
    sideway pass sideways pass sideway pass sideways pass foul sideways pass

  • Leon Rifki White
    Leon Rifki White Year ago

    Roy Keane clattered Marc Overmars!!!!

    • DeluxeDJsIreland
      DeluxeDJsIreland 9 months ago

      you've come straight from Paul Howards assessment of the game

  • neil
    neil Year ago +3

    the ball on the deck.
    players running with the ball.
    what manner of sorcery is this.

    • Colloquial Soliloquy
      Colloquial Soliloquy 9 months ago

      the era before Ireland returned to caveman football

    • Camcolito
      Camcolito 9 months ago

      Lol, nice one. I know, madness.

    • omalone11
      omalone11 10 months ago

      this was an era before diving

  • robowen11
    robowen11 Year ago +2

    Keane, Stam, Van Nistelrooy, Utd had some incredible talent back then. How they need it now. Can't see Keane putting up with Jose's defensive nonsense.

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi Year ago +4

    A complete one off. Truly dominated the midfield like no other. The best ive seen in that position.

  • Fianna
    Fianna Year ago +4

    in fairness that was a brilliant irish team probably the best ever

  • Benjamin Anderson
    Benjamin Anderson Year ago +19

    What a shame there's no players like him around anymore that can keep possession, win back the ball constantly and drive an entire team forward for 90 minutes, what a unique talent.

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 Year ago +3

    Roy Keane is a legend

  • John Brett
    John Brett Year ago +1

    Would have Won the World Cup only for what happen in Japan. He was some player.

  • TrueBlueEG8
    TrueBlueEG8 Year ago +13

    Imagine being Mick, and letting this man leave your team?

    • TrueBlueEG8
      TrueBlueEG8 Year ago +5

      It was in Japan, but I get your drift, best Irish footballer of all time, and possibly the best mid-fielder the world has ever seen. He would defo be on my all time best 11.

    • Fianna
      Fianna Year ago +3

      only in Ireland would you send your best player home

  • Kevin Baldwin
    Kevin Baldwin Year ago +6

    What a player and leader wish United had a player like him now

  • sweetlittlerazor99
    sweetlittlerazor99 Year ago +3

    A very grubby, semi talented player who was eventually sacked by Sir Alex Ferguson for an antagonistic personality that was not matched by performance on the pitch. Sir Alex tried to sign Stephen Gerard on multiple occasions to replace him while Keane was still at Man U.

    • Jerry Shea
      Jerry Shea 7 months ago

      I think it appears u don't like Mr Keane(Mr Angry)--On a good day,a real quality Midfileld General&On a.bad one-Dirty,disruptive&a. Bad example..I think he should have a Tattoo-"The Good,the bad and the Lucky"..Might be approriate!

    • Jerry Shea
      Jerry Shea 9 months ago

      sweetlittlerazor99 All I can say is,I really don't think many people who watched Football around that time,would agree with u..Perhaps u just don't like Cork People!

    • TrueBlueEG8
      TrueBlueEG8 Year ago +3

      Steven Gerrard used to beg to lace Roys boots. He just wasn't up to the job.

    • neil
      neil Year ago

      sweetlittlerazor99 total bollix mate.

    • Rory Lowe
      Rory Lowe Year ago +2

      Yep, on drugs. No doubt.

  • Bread Harrity
    Bread Harrity Year ago +8

    It always baffled me why it said Holland and not Nederlands. Holland is province in Nederlands. Like saying Nederlands Vs Leinster.

  • Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league

    I remember reading somewhere that Van Gaal said this was probably the best performance by an individual player he had ever seen.... and that Keane had simply 'trampled' over his entire team.

    • RadioNul
      RadioNul Month ago

      Van Gaal was also a fan of Kinsella in the first match.

    • RadioNul
      RadioNul Month ago +1

      yep, Van Gaal even voted for Keane for FIFA Player of the Year.

  • Derrick Murphy
    Derrick Murphy Year ago

    They played a good tight game that day it wasnt a great team but it was a good team.keane was in top form that day and gave us a great game.he always gave 110% but on that day we got a bit more from him.pity the world cup turned sour then when we got there...

  • Eamonn Curley
    Eamonn Curley Year ago +18

    When Ireland had a Champions League winning captain in their midfield. Could you imagine uttering those words today or any time in the future??? I don't we appriciated some if the players we had then!!

    • Jure Primorac
      Jure Primorac Month ago

      Dont forget a player like duff. One of the best chelsea players in first mourinho years, and one of the finest wingers in europe at that time. He was simply brilliant.

    • Camcolito
      Camcolito 9 months ago

      A decent side, had a lot of players playing at good clubs. Now we are lucky if we can scrape together a team of championship rotation players.

  • Darren Agnew
    Darren Agnew Year ago +8

    Keane wouldve been an asset to any team. He was an inspirational leader and the engine room of the team. He was always 100% dependable . and commanded alot of respect . Id dont think he was a great playmaker by any means but he would win the ball , break down the oppositions attack and give others the opportunities to create chances . He performed the basics extremely well without fancy footwork or showmanship. Incredible player !!

    • mm43501
      mm43501 Year ago +2

      You're wrong, he was also a very good playermaker indeed; not in Scholes league, but his passing, vision and geometry were absolutely great, especially for a player that spend so much energy in the game(and it usually brings to less accuracy)

  • Dvlx
    Dvlx Year ago +4

    I wonder if you could get a copy of his game for Celtic vs Rangers at Ibrox where he won man of the match. It was his best game in a Celtic shirt.

    • Joe Mullan
      Joe Mullan Year ago 👍

  • Jimmy Dixon
    Jimmy Dixon Year ago

    At 3:18 he hit the gayest shot of all time.

  • BOSIE321
    BOSIE321 Year ago +42

    I'm a huge Roy Keane fan and I don't think his football intelligence and awareness get praised enough by fans (though plenty of players speak highly of him in this respect). He really takes the sting out of this game at times when the heat is on Ireland but at other moments he's rampaging around all over the place trying to make things happen. A very versatile and clever player who in the age of opta stats and detailed media coverage would be appreciated on a more technical level had he played nowadays. There's a match on TVclip against Liverpool at Anfield where his passing is just flawless and he must have made nearly a hundred passes with only one that was misplaced. An immense player.

    • Jure Primorac
      Jure Primorac Month ago

      I'm so glad to be among people who actually acknowledge keane as a player. I'm an arsenal fan, but I'm just so baffled reading comments about keane nowadays, how he was just a tough man with no skills or football knowledge whatsoever. Those are just arrogant and naive people. Keane is a player I hated so much and admired so much at the same time. For me the best old school no. 6, defensive midfielder I've watched, alongside makelele, although personally I favourite keane. Yeah, he had that box to box ability in himself too, knew kow to make a late run, score, had a huge engine, but he usually played as "the" defensive midfielder in the team. He knew how to control a game, was highly intelligent and aware of his defensive and offensive impact and duties. Neat, accurate passer, very tidy and efficient on the ball, quick, mobile.. For me he was undoubtedly a world class player and a probably one of the best leaders in football, and biggest personalities in football I had the opportunity to watch. And admire. And hate :).

    • John Davies
      John Davies 9 months ago

      kante is at least as effective and is also not a complete twat, so he just shades it for me.

    • Karnel Davis
      Karnel Davis 9 months ago +2

      Was the complete box to box CM. Great at tackling, great first touch, great at passing, great at heading, great long range shot, great vision, great movement, great ball retention. Had pace was very quick. World class player. Top 10 greatest of all time CM. Technically suberb and had immense passion too

    • kylereese2000
      kylereese2000 Year ago +5

      He was, for me, the best central midfielder of his generation.
      I know the game you're talking about at Anfield and he absolutely schools Gerrard. But it was just another day's work for Roy. Ridiculously talented player. Always in space, available for the ball, never gave it away.
      Dictated the game's tempo, had an engine unlike anybody else and a desire that was unmatched.
      Popped up with more than a few important goals and was the only player back then that was able to put it up to the brilliant Zidane. (I don't say that lightly)
      I miss him so much but what can you do?
      Time moves on, unfortunately.

    • Colloquial Soliloquy
      Colloquial Soliloquy Year ago +1

      Bobby Charlton was amazed at Keanes passing % rate over a season.It would regularly be in the high 90%'s

  • mm43501
    mm43501 Year ago +4

    I love the half time analysis of Keane's tackle, and it's the reason why it's so disgusting nowadays to watch players doing some useless and forced fair play during the match. What the fuck is wrong with those pussies? I'm a supporter and I want my players to fight to the death against the opponents, like a war. After the game you can be friends, showing brotherhood, apologizing, and shaking hands. But before or during the game? I obviously don't mean they have to be dangerous or injury the opponents, ever, but I want my players not to show any mercy towards anybody. No friends on the field. Kick and be kicked, and do not complain. That is (was) football.

  • wannabehendrix
    wannabehendrix Year ago +13

    One hell of a footballer!!!

  • Karl Fogarty
    Karl Fogarty Year ago +16

    Best player ever for Ireland

    • Jerry Shea
      Jerry Shea 9 months ago

      Karl Fogarty No..That accolade goes to Paul McGrath..Could play equally effectively in Midfield&Defense..

    • Ruairí Ó Sé
      Ruairí Ó Sé Year ago

      jmpmcd Comment of the year

    • pad fla
      pad fla Year ago +2

      Paul mcgrath

    • jmpmcd
      jmpmcd Year ago +8

      him and George best . Ireland is Ireland after all , just cost the brits put up a border don't mean fuck all .

  • Leigh Dalton
    Leigh Dalton Year ago

    is there going to be another academy cup that you will cover many people liked them keep up the good work

  • Keepitonthedeck
    Keepitonthedeck  Year ago +23

    What a player!

    • Jerry Shea
      Jerry Shea 9 months ago

      Keepitonthedeck There's no doubt,when Keane focused on playing Football&competing sensibily-His ability spoke for itself..This was a Strong Dutch Team&Keane gave a World class display of how to play in Central Midfield..And then he went to Asia&was sent home like a Naughty Misbehaving Schoolboy!

    • Ruairí Ó Sé
      Ruairí Ó Sé Year ago +1

      Barry Callaghan He walked out on mediocrity, then came back. Whether or not he walked out the second time or was booted out remains unclear. I wasn't there. You weren't there. Only Keane and McCarthy know the truth.

    • Barry Callaghan
      Barry Callaghan Year ago

      One of me favourite players ... but at the end of the day he walked out on us !!

    • Antoan 416
      Antoan 416 Year ago

      Keepitonthedeck hey do you have any damien duff videos?