NME vs RYTHMIND | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | LOOPSTATION Final

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • NME vs RYTHMIND at the Grand Beatbox LOOPSTATION Battle 2019. Thanks NME beatbox & Rythmind beatbox for this GBB19 beatbox battle final.
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    CONGRATULATIONS RYTHMIND FOR THE 1ST PLACE! Cheers NME for a great tournament. You did both great and we are grateful for your awesome music.
    The judge decision was 3:2
    Thank you very much to the GBB19 Sponsors:
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    Thanks to the involved parties:

    Thanks Robert Ruszcyk & your team to set up our 11th edition of GBB19 in Warsaw, Poland at Stodola Klub! Thanks Stodola.
    Thanks Rob for the whole coordination.
    BIG THX TO THE CAM & AUDIO CREW. Thanks to the entire team for doing an amazing production for this years edition.

    Madox from SBX, Kazu from humanbeatbox, Adam Andrew Corre from Beatbox Television, David Greuzinger, Luca Saavedra, John Richter, Max Göttert & Dennis Biskup. Your work this year was insane. THANK YOU.
    Audio mixed/mastered by Sinjo from SBX & thanks to Kuba, you are a legend! Thanks for the whole live sound & the whole work at the venue. You are legends! THANK YOU.

    Shoutout to Madox & Sinjo!
    Thanks Asia Beatbox! Mic Lee is one of the biggest legends.
    Thanks Benjamin Williams for the whole help these days.
    Thanks Trung Bao for all you did.
    Thanks to Juliana, Azel, YasSon and Azel for the big help at GBB.
    Thanks to Patchwork and Chmielna hotel for the hospitality.
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    NaPoM | Roll Like This

    NaPoM | Bass Electro

    BERYWAM & MB14 | Crew World Champion

    Gene Shinzaki | Here You Say

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Comments • 4 307

  • Laxmi Upadhyay
    Laxmi Upadhyay 4 hours ago

    NME is supb

  • RPG_PANda Gaming
    RPG_PANda Gaming 8 hours ago

    5:55 when your girlfriend said shes pregnant

  • otako arab
    otako arab Day ago

    Happy birthday Rythmind

  • Mauro Willems
    Mauro Willems Day ago

    what music style is this actually?

  • NelsonJuggler
    NelsonJuggler Day ago

    13:02 Dou

  • Rebel Higtt
    Rebel Higtt Day ago


  • Alec franceschi
    Alec franceschi Day ago

    Só eu que tô perdido aqui kkkkkkk

  • Tengku Arya
    Tengku Arya 2 days ago +1

    Anj drop botak asek

  • koki terrazas
    koki terrazas 2 days ago

    The guy from 14:50 knew that was a fraud

  • Adriano Maddonni
    Adriano Maddonni 2 days ago


  • Neguim Produções
    Neguim Produções 2 days ago

    H e a d s h o t

  • Cytrix X
    Cytrix X 2 days ago

    5:10 start of the best thing ever

  • xZotic Blight
    xZotic Blight 2 days ago

    NGL that last NME loop was dope AF.

  • Cytrix X
    Cytrix X 3 days ago

    1:56 gale lmao

  • Cytrix X
    Cytrix X 3 days ago

    BRUHH they were like “GO!”
    or “COME ON!”

  • AlTG !
    AlTG ! 3 days ago

    Can we guys have a minute of silence for the guys being lifted by his friends in 8:35 ?
    **Great battle going on**
    *That one guy:- PUT ME DOWN!!!

  • chao karan
    chao karan 3 days ago

    Judges we're on rythmind side if I'm not wrong they didn't even stand for nme only standing for rythmind

  • Ērgļa Ligzda
    Ērgļa Ligzda 4 days ago

    i had 1:40 that guys face, impressive!

  • N Calero
    N Calero 4 days ago

    Donde consiguo los audios??

  • Neng Alcala
    Neng Alcala 4 days ago

    NME 1st round beast 💓

  • coolhook87
    coolhook87 5 days ago

    By the looks of it, Tom loves Rythmind

  • AckNac
    AckNac 5 days ago +2

    Last day of school : 4:04

  • Seto Mulyadi
    Seto Mulyadi 5 days ago +1

    3:58 what the heck is that
    I see something lol
    At 4:33 i see so many things that Fly out lol
    Even a cat lol

  • PianoNoob
    PianoNoob 5 days ago +2

    Anyone know what NME is saying after imagine that?

  • Free to play
    Free to play 5 days ago

    Who the fck thumbs d this vid

  • Metalpoe
    Metalpoe 5 days ago

    NME died in 10:39 and rythmind won

  • Sarah Pasaribu
    Sarah Pasaribu 6 days ago +1

    Nme computer says you just elimanate by Rythmind

  • Verbo
    Verbo 6 days ago

    Why was everybody cheering so hard at 5:00? I don't get it

  • Haze Switch
    Haze Switch 6 days ago +8

    What would have happened if at 7:10 NME would have said *Headshot* to finish his round!!

  • KowaL
    KowaL 7 days ago +1

    Dawaj drop kurwa

  • JR554 Bl
    JR554 Bl 7 days ago +2

    My part favorite 5:12

  • Thanos Smith
    Thanos Smith 7 days ago +1

    2:47 🤯

  • XyZ CwP
    XyZ CwP 7 days ago


  • Faisal Gani
    Faisal Gani 7 days ago

    NME Rich Brian_Dat $tick 💥

  • Zombie
    Zombie 7 days ago

    'cum shot' !

  • Khadijah Hadher
    Khadijah Hadher 8 days ago


  • Klaudek
    Klaudek 8 days ago

    So ez

  • [NSFW]
    [NSFW] 8 days ago

    How did nobody catch the replies from NME?
    For a headshot, he pulled out an automatic rifle.
    For being killed, he came to the table with Lothlórien showing that he's a fucking elf that can never die.
    My hair stood up on my hand at that point.
    Smh, he won. Easily.
    People can't comprehend not hearing a drum, not getting the drop.
    If normal loopstation creations would be the modern era music, what he did in 2nd round was classical music.

  • The Brothers Panda
    The Brothers Panda 8 days ago

    NME All day

  • Janji Rock
    Janji Rock 8 days ago

    i like rythmind style!🤤

  • the kevin
    the kevin 9 days ago

    nme still my champion

  • Omer Temurtas
    Omer Temurtas 9 days ago

    Nme very crazy real champions 😎

  • Campeón Serrano
    Campeón Serrano 10 days ago +1

    9:04 Name song???

  • MAN channel
    MAN channel 10 days ago +1

    Apa cuman gw orang Indonesia disini
    👇Orang Indonesia like

  • Tyago Vieira
    Tyago Vieira 10 days ago +1

    Nme is a master, the first round response, its amazing

  • Tayfun Kara oglu
    Tayfun Kara oglu 10 days ago +1

    this guys like 500 iq

  • Brayant Armenta Carretero

    12:47 WOOW

  • ousawa kun
    ousawa kun 10 days ago +2

    RYTHMIND aplaudí con gran emoción y felicidad te lo merecías.

  • Brennan Butler
    Brennan Butler 10 days ago +1

    Watched NME’s final performance 100000 times still blows me mind

  • Nemesio Valadares
    Nemesio Valadares 11 days ago

    Dat $tick 🔥

  • Renard Dubois
    Renard Dubois 11 days ago

    Was that the soundtrack of lord of the ring? which song is that?

  • Oyuncu Rehberi
    Oyuncu Rehberi 11 days ago

    Saygı var

  • Tu rinta
    Tu rinta 12 days ago +1

    Can anyone paint the text of the first round of NME?
    P.S. I will be very grateful

  • Alejandro Riperl
    Alejandro Riperl 12 days ago +1

    Soso won 🤪 XDDDDDDDDDD

  • lil snez
    lil snez 13 days ago

    Codfish is better

  • L Mizu
    L Mizu 13 days ago +1

    Next Brez is Champion GBB 2020

  • macxxz
    macxxz 14 days ago

    11:25 dawaj dropa kurwa XD

  • UGN Moonz
    UGN Moonz 14 days ago +3

    1:36 Was the best drop of the whole GBB LOOPSTATION Battles for me. I think that part was so well done on how he did it too. It was amazing!

  • Hendi Kurniawan
    Hendi Kurniawan 14 days ago

    good beat

  • Cameron Herrick
    Cameron Herrick 14 days ago

    Both of these guys are insaneeeee.. But 6:12 was heeeaaavy 😂