First Take's biggest takeaways from the 2018 NBA draft | First Take | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, alongside analyst Jay Williams, give their biggest takeaways from the 2018 NBA draft.
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Comments • 955

  • Melo MVP
    Melo MVP Day ago

    Luka will be a superstar
    Bagley will be an all star
    Ayton will be an all star
    Young will be an all star
    I think it will be a good draft

    • Melo MVP
      Melo MVP Day ago

      Also I think Collin Sexton and Kevin Knox will be really solid players

  • jake jackson
    jake jackson 17 days ago

    They have bagley as a point guard

  • John Newson
    John Newson 2 months ago

    Just here to see what they have to say about Luka since he balling Right Now

  • kim s.h :
    kim s.h : 4 months ago

    Robert williams is the biggest steal ..

  • Zixiy Hhh
    Zixiy Hhh 6 months ago

    Being top pick doesn't mean shit look at Mitchell

  • Testos Tyrone
    Testos Tyrone 6 months ago

    Miles Bridges is a sleeper.

  • Kcehclana Probe
    Kcehclana Probe 7 months ago

    It's funny how people are skeptic towards Europeans just because of Darko. He even admitted that he played only for money. That's an hard exception. Players like Porzingis and Doncic and most of other European players are highly passionate ballers.

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor 7 months ago

    Jay Williams never heard of risk/reward. That's how he wound up on that motorcycle.

  • michael white
    michael white 7 months ago

    I agree with jay

  • Xavier Stamp
    Xavier Stamp 7 months ago

    Mavs, Suns, Bulls and Denver won by a mile. Especially if Deandre Jordan goes to Dallas and the Suns can sign someone very valuable in the offseason and i’m telling y’all that back court of Dennis and Luka is gonna be incredible. I can already imagine the crazy lobs they will have on the fast break and half court sets. The Bulls are planning for next year. If they get a lottery pick they can fill that SF position with Zion, Reddish, Barrett etc. The bulls are on the rise.

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 7 months ago +1


  • Sarj T.
    Sarj T. 7 months ago

    Mo BAMBA is going to be the best player of the 2018 draft! mark my words!

  • Wyatt Seim
    Wyatt Seim 7 months ago

    Suns are going to regret trading Zhaire

  • Henry Esparza
    Henry Esparza 7 months ago

    You know knicks picks wont do shit because Stephen A didnt bitch about any of them

  • clouteous
    clouteous 7 months ago

    Biggest Draft Takeaways
    -The majority of teams went with fit over best available.
    -Once again the Spurs hoodwink everyone and possibly get the best combo guard prospect in this years draft, with a very high defensive ceiling.
    -The Knicks can no longer be made fun of for their draft choices, they just outsmarted everyone. Knox+Mitch Rob
    -Undrafted lottery talent ends up on championship contender.Billy Preston has all star upside in todays NBA, and he winds up on a Roster that could keep Lebron James,Rodney Hood (He's a hooper don't @ me),Kevin Love,and the possibility of a marquee free agent.Oh yeah and the Cavs might have been blessed with the best point guard prospect in this years draft at #8 with Colin Sexton.Lebron could just trust the process in Believeland.
    -Speaking of the "process", they went with upside as their main goal, and I honestly don't think they missed on any of their picks in that regard.

  • Magic Will Fix It
    Magic Will Fix It 8 months ago

    SAS is lazy as fuck, never bothers knowing the facts. The Mavs gave up their 2019 first pick in the trade top 5 protected not the 2021 pick. That was the Suns trade with Sixers.

  • Zamsonite B
    Zamsonite B 8 months ago +1

    Dallas wins! Doncic is going to suprice many people in and outside the city or Dallas. And Stephen A.. watch your mouth this this time. The last time you opened your mouth about a european player, it was about Porzingis and how wrong you was about that player is really a sad story. You should be ashamed of yourself after the worst prediction ever made on national television. Doncic is on a whole different level.

  • seanjewth
    seanjewth 8 months ago

    knox will be a surprise in the future

  • Delishua Gibson
    Delishua Gibson 8 months ago

    Max stfu mikal bridges is one of the best people in the draft hands down

  • Knights 204
    Knights 204 8 months ago +1

    Stop yelling at me Max

  • Alex Turyk
    Alex Turyk 8 months ago

    Max is so much smarter than J Williams

  • Ben Schaefer
    Ben Schaefer 8 months ago

    Jay probably shoulda rehearsed his take a couple more times before letting it rip

  • Collin Cronin
    Collin Cronin 8 months ago

    That was actually a damn good take by Stephen A 🤔

  • Spurs_
    Spurs_ 8 months ago

    Jay Williams.. finally somebody that knows basketball on First Take.

  • T - Mac
    T - Mac 8 months ago

    For a team who isn’t going to be good for the next couple years, them giving up a 1st round pick is something they couldn’t afford to do

  • Gavin C
    Gavin C 8 months ago

    NBA draft is so boring and predictable, only draft worth watching is NFL because you know how they play and can do with 3 years in college, instead of these young kids going to a team in nba and most wont even have an impact

  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R. 8 months ago

    4:05 Scared TF out of me thought there was a mouse.

  • mranklebreaker12
    mranklebreaker12 8 months ago

    Michael Porter Jr played all but a few games? Huh? I thought he only played 3 games according to his online stats.

  • Carlos Lander
    Carlos Lander 8 months ago

    100% with max

  • skills1ent
    skills1ent 8 months ago

    Trae Young and Doncic are both extremely overrated....

  • Zack Beraznik
    Zack Beraznik 8 months ago

    they called my man Marvin Bagley a PG

  • Wilson Sy
    Wilson Sy 8 months ago


  • Sebastian Krajewski
    Sebastian Krajewski 8 months ago

    DONCIC!!! Not donkic or doncik !!!!! You ignorant fools!! Stop disrespecting European white players, you racist haters!

  • DLX Infinite
    DLX Infinite 8 months ago

    Doncic is a bust.
    God, he is so slow.

  • I Need HELP!
    I Need HELP! 8 months ago

    All this is good and all that, but I'm awaiting the Celtics playing w a healthy Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and the rest of the team this season.

  • Praetorian Foil
    Praetorian Foil 8 months ago

    NBA seriously needs to change their trade process. Players wearing hats from the team they get traded by is just dumb and weird. Doncic should go down in history as being drafted by the mavs not the hawks .. so stupid

  • Jarvis Juice
    Jarvis Juice 8 months ago

    FOMO - fear of missing out. Trae young could be...COULD BE a lottery ticket that pays dividends, you can’t pass that, look at ATLs picks in previous years...dennis Schroeder, Taurean prince, John Collins (even tho the jury’s still out on him) Trae Young gives HOPE as a superstar...not some rotation player that don’t put butts in seats

  • marvdatboi
    marvdatboi 8 months ago

    If Michael Porter Jr. Injury dampens his career people are gonna look silly saying he shouldn't have fallen so far in the draft.

  • Robbie Laidlaw
    Robbie Laidlaw 8 months ago +1

    Jay Williams cmon man. Another "analyst" talking about the nuggets for an extended period of time without mentioning, by far, their best player...

  • testizel
    testizel 8 months ago

    Jay Williams look like MC Hammer

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson 8 months ago +1

    I understand the 76ers have bad luck With injuries but I would of drafted porter if I was them. Trust the process

  • Shayne Bennett
    Shayne Bennett 8 months ago

    Denver is gonna be scary this season mark my words...

  • dekarispp
    dekarispp 8 months ago

    The shitcago bulls should have fucking picked MPJ. I’m from chicago if you couldn’t tell !!

  • Brenden Chandler
    Brenden Chandler 8 months ago

    Great move by the mavs. I doubt they’ll be anywhere near as bad this season but if they are the pick is protected 1-5 so they’re solid

  • JellyFamKev
    JellyFamKev 8 months ago

    Nuggets got a squad

  • RonnyDonny13
    RonnyDonny13 8 months ago

    A borderline playoff team the nuggets can afford to take a risk on an injury worry player. The other teams couldn't

  • seazn furi
    seazn furi 8 months ago

    “Liangelo Ball should’ve been #1” ~ LaVar Ball

  • MrBSHAW333
    MrBSHAW333 8 months ago

    Barring injury...Porter Jr will be ROY

  • The King-Danchie State of Mind

    MPJ is slept on!

  • Hollis2Hollywood
    Hollis2Hollywood 8 months ago

    Why wasn't Jay and Fran on the draft coverage telecast? I like Chauncey Billups but he was AWFUL. His comparisons made zero sense. And Reese Davis is an excellent CFB analyst but was outta place there. That other dude with the beard came off as a know it all douche. The interviewer was annoying as well.

  • Metod Miklič
    Metod Miklič 8 months ago

    How the fuck can they still mispronounce Dončić like that.

  • Daniel 1
    Daniel 1 8 months ago +1

    Just came to say GODDAMN this show is unbearable now with max, who REALLY does sound like Sylvester the cat or daffy duck. I used to watch this show literally every day it was on before school, now I can't tolerate it for more than a minute straight, especially when that worthless cunt Molly or irritating piece of shit max is talking.

  • Daniel 1
    Daniel 1 8 months ago +1

    Yea... trae young is not going to be an NBA star. He's just like markelle fultz and lonzo in that way, extremely overrated due to a good year and decent overall game. But I guarantee he will flop right alongside those two.

  • josh pereira
    josh pereira 8 months ago

    Trae Young is Jimmer Fredette

  • Ryan Shane
    Ryan Shane 8 months ago

    I heard MPJ might miss the whole next season. 😬😬😬

  • charles pitter
    charles pitter 8 months ago

    Let's see them prove themselves in the NBA now

  • Stancha91
    Stancha91 8 months ago

    Max still calling him Donkeyich...:D

  • mrbrewser1
    mrbrewser1 8 months ago


  • Jamal Bordonaro
    Jamal Bordonaro 8 months ago

    Pg Marvin Bagley ??

  • Kyle Benhart
    Kyle Benhart 8 months ago

    Don't agree at all that giving up Mikal bridges was the right move. Mikal helped now. Their window is now. 3 years down the road u don't know where Miami is. And they surely won't tank for your sake with it unprotected. I like Zaire Smith but Mikal was literally what the 76ers needed.

    • Kyle Benhart
      Kyle Benhart 8 months ago

      Also anyone who is standing up daying MPJ will be the steal is stupid. His back has to be really messy id 13 teams passed on him because nobodu denys he had/has tallent. But tallent is useless on the bench. It sounds like he is going to be forced ro red shirt (basically 2 years without playing competitively) and tell ne how he is gonna be better than guys who have 2 more yeara experience then him.

    BRYAN JAY AMPONG 8 months ago

    Max kept on saying 'Darkic'.. is he referring to Darko Milicic? Come on man, you're trying be a genuine basketball analyst, please try to even remember the players' names.

  • Nucky Mancini
    Nucky Mancini 8 months ago

    I thought the 76ers move WAS STRAIGHT GENIUS (*on many levels) TOO

  • A-Aron
    A-Aron 8 months ago

    You are fing stupid if you think Zhaire or Porter will be studs.

  • Gregor Turk
    Gregor Turk 8 months ago

    Please learn how to say his name!!!! Luka Dončić (LOO-kuh DON-chitch)....

  • Sabih Nayyer
    Sabih Nayyer 8 months ago

    you guys think raptors should trade demar for MPJ ?
    raptors need to tank and rebuild
    and denver need a scorer

  • Philboh8
    Philboh8 8 months ago

    This is their job and neither of them can pronounce Doncic properly haha

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 8 months ago

    76ers just did wat celtics did

  • mackenzie boyd-clowes
    mackenzie boyd-clowes 8 months ago

    how do these television professionals all pronounce Doncic not only wrong, but differently every time they say it?

  • triodesrbetter
    triodesrbetter 8 months ago

    I know one thing, the Suns are fucking talented. Booker, JJ, and Ayton is a solid big 3.

  • Ashur Stz
    Ashur Stz 8 months ago

    I like max commenting in boxing,.

  • Vijay Subramanian
    Vijay Subramanian 8 months ago

    How do you mention Nuggets players and not mention Jokic? Dumb ass Jay Williams

  • Ninjaveli
    Ninjaveli 8 months ago +1

    MPJ is trash! No handle, no footwork, gets bullied easily, bad shot selection. People are way too caught up in the hype over this kid

  • quaid darnell
    quaid darnell 8 months ago

    MPJ is the real deal. Scary talent.

  • Mistah Beety
    Mistah Beety 8 months ago

    Smith: Donchik
    Kellerman: Donkich
    Reality: Donchich

  • Baron Sackey
    Baron Sackey 8 months ago +2

    Why did Dallas not pick up Mo Bamba would a Dennis Smith Jr and Bamba duo not be a good core for the next 10 years???

  • Frano
    Frano 8 months ago

    Donkić, Donkić, Donkić, Donkić, Donkić.... Come on Max, learn to pronounce name righr, do your job.

  • J. Collins
    J. Collins 8 months ago +1

    Biggest take away from this year's draft? Luka Doncic's mom is frggin SMOKING HOT!!!

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 8 months ago +1

    Shut the F up and talk about liangelo ball

  • A. Visitor
    A. Visitor 8 months ago

    What number was Gelo drafted?

  • Bat Vigilante
    Bat Vigilante 8 months ago

    Trae young is ugly tho

  • yougottabekiddinme
    yougottabekiddinme 8 months ago

    C's got the steal of the draft with Robert Williams at 27. They are already thinking about putting a shot blocker in front of Embid for the next 10 years.

  • sac riches
    sac riches 8 months ago +3

    Hawks did a nice job

  • i dislike for fun
    i dislike for fun 8 months ago

    this year draft class is weak as hell. might be worst all time

  • Living off His brothers name

    Max with the fakest 'omg' voice ive heard. so cringe to watch him talk basketball

  • Nate Erre
    Nate Erre 8 months ago

    Nuggets could be rly good just saying

  • Erik Gotthart
    Erik Gotthart 8 months ago

    Anyone realize they listed marvin bagley as a PG???!

  • PhoenixSuns NZ
    PhoenixSuns NZ 8 months ago

    76ers should have kept Mikal Bridges. He's going to be an All-Star one day. Smith will be a Gerald Green minus the 3pt shot.

  • Matthew Moscotto
    Matthew Moscotto 8 months ago

    Trae young is a bust lol

  • Chauncey Moore
    Chauncey Moore 8 months ago

    Jay Williams preachin

  • Alwyn Louis
    Alwyn Louis 8 months ago

    Max spits all over the screen damn. Can you imagine him at the dinner table ? Yuck.

  • Rey Alonsagay
    Rey Alonsagay 8 months ago +1

    I hope MPJ would turn out to be a great player with the Nuggets. I hope he’s gonna stay healthy in the NBA.

  • Cameron Goldberg
    Cameron Goldberg 8 months ago

    Not saying MPJ is gonna be bad, but to say 13 teams made a mistake is biased.

  • Cameron Goldberg
    Cameron Goldberg 8 months ago

    If the bulls passed on MPJ then obviously they thought there was something wrong cause the bulls have good management and have drafted good players before.I don't think 13 teams made a mistake. I have to also say I'm a Knick fan and you ain't giving no credit to the Knicks for drafting Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson who a lot of experts said would be good players in the NBA.

  • Lionel T
    Lionel T 8 months ago

    Zhaire Smith is covering Tatum? Tatum has like 5 inches on him...good luck with that

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 8 months ago

    Porter bad pick will sit out first year an be plagued with injuries for the rest of his rookie contract

  • Lionel T
    Lionel T 8 months ago

    Mo Bamba will leave Orlando in 4 or 5 years...just like Shaq and Dwight lol

  • Sssaga Benches
    Sssaga Benches 8 months ago

    Stephen A. Smith is a clown. Runs his mouth so much you'd expect he at least knows how to say the best Euro player's name right. I mean, he freakin' played almost 100 games and a lot of them were covered by an English commentator.
    He consideres himself a pro in his craft?

  • Causatum
    Causatum 8 months ago

    lol he said 13 mistakes, so the suns should have drafted him? he is not top 5 player, but he should have been picked around 9th, but to say all 13 teams made a mistake is ridiculous, he is too risky to be picked in the top 5

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong 8 months ago

    MPJ definite steal for nuggets

  • Flashyfinancier
    Flashyfinancier 8 months ago

    Steven A's hairline went undrafted