REBUTTAL: Trevor Noah's SJW Freakout Over Trump's Arpaio Pardon | Louder With Crowder

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • A rebuttal to Trevor Noah and The Daily Show's viral video on Trump pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
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Comments • 3 744

  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  2 years ago +1644

    Do you think Trump should have pardoned Sheriff Joe?

    • Scott_T
      Scott_T 27 days ago


    • George Wiltz
      George Wiltz 2 months ago

      @Águila701 and 2 years later........

    • Sam Gallimore
      Sam Gallimore 2 months ago


    • Clinton Traywick
      Clinton Traywick 2 months ago

      I miss (not gay) Jared......

    • Jared Goodwin
      Jared Goodwin 3 months ago

      Wondering if you're aware that if someone watches your videos and clicks on "related" "from Steven crowder" tabs it doesn't bring up any links, tried it over and over again, works with any other page except yours!?!?

  • Nebraska West
    Nebraska West 2 days ago

    Crowder edited the original video to make Trevor look like he just had Joe Scarborough comment. Complete misrepresentation my Crowder. What an ass clown

  • SuperCharlie64
    SuperCharlie64 12 days ago

    I had to read this guy’s book for school. That was fun.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 25 days ago

    How come Trevor Noah is the only person who has dominated TVclip with positive reviews. Look at any of his videos and the list of people willing to fawn over him is endless, it is nearly impossible to see a negative remark on his videos. I had no idea he was supposed to be a comedian, other than being a complete racist it is hard to tell when he is trying to squeeze out a joke

  • Regina Avila
    Regina Avila 26 days ago

    Could you please review Philip deFranco ?

  • Dale Tarian Jesdro
    Dale Tarian Jesdro 26 days ago +1

    Really missing NotGayJared..

  • Jarvis Gandy
    Jarvis Gandy 27 days ago +1

    Trevor Noah's is No John Stewart. The show is Not funny no moor the comedy is gone it's All political now with bad Attention

  • Randolph Slumber
    Randolph Slumber Month ago

    It’s funny Trevor Noah doesn’t really speak too much about South Africans burning alive Zimbabwean immigrants... Just about Americans deporting illegal immigrants.

  • Randolph Slumber
    Randolph Slumber Month ago

    I as a South African hate Trevor Noah. When he comes her all he does is complain about the state of the country. When he’s in America all he does is complain about America. Scum bag

  • Monisha N Kumar
    Monisha N Kumar Month ago

    I hate to see Trevor even in Crowder’s video. I unsubscribed from Comedy Central only coz of not wanting to see that Idiot’s videos hogging my feed 🤦🏽‍♀️......

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson Month ago

    So far, including this, Crowder has been obviously wrong about at least 2 subjects, (the other being abortion), and this is only the second vid I've seen of his..

  • Rodel Romero
    Rodel Romero Month ago

    Not just joke thief.
    What an asshole Trevor Noah.

  • Jenny Meeks
    Jenny Meeks Month ago

    The look on not gay Jared's face 😯 really lol

  • Mark Stein
    Mark Stein Month ago

    Being Latino in any southern border state sucks because police take all of them for a Mexican and assume there is a chance that they might be here illegally.

  • Mark Stein
    Mark Stein Month ago

    Cavier at the hospital? Um, no. Hospital food is tasty school cafeteria yum yums.

  • SpaghettiandSauce
    SpaghettiandSauce Month ago

    So basically, Noah doesn't like that law enforcement is mean to his MS13 chums?

  • elliott1017
    elliott1017 Month ago

    trevor noah is an asshead.

  • Chad Shelton
    Chad Shelton Month ago +1

    Noah what a piece of shit!!

  • Raven Night
    Raven Night Month ago

    No but obamba is married to a tranny u seen micheal i mean michelle dancing on ellen u tell me what swing in her pants... Theres a reasonhe did so much for the gay community n hes called her micheal many times on tv many many many times

  • Dylan Duffy
    Dylan Duffy Month ago

    I love your show, I thumbs up eveything, subscribed and soon with finances a mug club member. I live in Arizona, I have been to Tent city and you are wrong about Arpiao. I'm not saying he didn't have some good ideas but you are uniformed.

  • TrapTombstone
    TrapTombstone Month ago

    Wanna talk about creating laws without actual legislation? Let's talk about the ATF.

  • Matt Fleming
    Matt Fleming Month ago

    Well actually you are wrong about immigrants not having rights... It is against the law to not give them the rights as everyone else. It is given to everyone in the country here legally or not. I honestly dont understand, but that's coming from LEO's that I worked under. (State of TN, idk about everywhere else)

  • Shane Duncan
    Shane Duncan Month ago

    The closing line won this video for me. I hate a lot of cars for various reasons but boy does the cobalt just check all the boxes of giant POS boring car. Thanks for the great content.

  • psyker paladin
    psyker paladin 2 months ago

    He makes me ashamed of being south African

  • Deas Mhumhain
    Deas Mhumhain 2 months ago

    Steven "can't interpret the bit" Crowder

  • Daryl Laforge
    Daryl Laforge 2 months ago

    The guy at the keyboard in glasses reminds me of Jaun Williams. Not in looks or color or anything personal. But he just annoys me with trying to be funny, interjecting his not funny oohs and aahs.
    Then when they actually let him speak it's just nauseating.
    But then that's just my opinion...
    Which is like Assholes everyone has one right?

  • Ryan Evans
    Ryan Evans 2 months ago

    Love this!!

  • Jessica Laughlin-Sisley

    Me: I'm not racist, I have black friends and relatives.
    SJW: oooo yeah the typical I have black friends comeback.
    Me: what!?!

  • Nick Scheidt
    Nick Scheidt 2 months ago +1

    Jesus loves you

  • Micah Mach
    Micah Mach 2 months ago

    Hail Satan full of malice. Put your mouth upon my phallus.

  • David Cox
    David Cox 2 months ago

    I love when Democrats pretend to care about how much the government spends.

  • Jonathan Cook
    Jonathan Cook 2 months ago

    I'm a little late to the party on this one .. sorry I've only just started watching you Steve Crowder in the last 2 months... but your my new favorite!! Hes the best sherriff ... needs to be more like him!

  • Sam Gallimore
    Sam Gallimore 2 months ago +1

    Sheriff arpaio is a pos
    I don’t agree.
    I agree with almost all of your videos but this guy put prisoners in restraint chairs and shot them. Not cool.
    Btw he made men wear pink panties!

  • Nettie Smith
    Nettie Smith 2 months ago

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the best Sheriff we've ever had in Arizona so Trevor Noah doesn't know what the fuck he's talkin about

  • Jackie Thomson
    Jackie Thomson 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah is a professional victim and panders to SJWs like an old lady throwing bread to a hungry gaggle of ducks. Truly a cancer on society.

  • Gerhard Hattingh
    Gerhard Hattingh 3 months ago

    I really dislike Trevor. Way before he abandoned his own country

  • 806 D
    806 D 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah =WORST SHOW... Every show, all his shows are based on him calling OUR PRESIDENT NAMES, it's like watching a child hold court in a playground.. How this guy has a show is mind boggling n who actually watches this show!! Its just sad.

  • MrProck9225
    MrProck9225 3 months ago

    I could give you a different aspect. But him upholding the law is different

  • brainnjnnn
    brainnjnnn 3 months ago +9

    Cuffed pregnant women to beds. My God, a prisoner in a hospital was restrained? Monster.

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 3 months ago

    I love watching Steven Crowder and I agree with almost all his viewpoints but i believe it is flatout wrong (and illegal/unconsitutional) for cops to pull over someone just to check their citizenship status. The person driving must commit an infraction or the cop must have a reasonable or articulate suspision of a crime to pull someone over. Otherwise itll be another one of those "I smell weed in the car so im gonna search it" (even if he/she never smoked in their life) kind of things and would encourage cops to violate real U.S citizens 4th admendment rights.

  • Conservative T3stament
    Conservative T3stament 3 months ago +1

    You know if all these people are against Trump then why don't they move out of the United States and never come back. They all say that whites are horrible, the Constitution is worthless, America is a racist country, etc. Well, simple solution, all you crazy dumb asses move to an island and form your socialist nut job utopia and see how long you last or until you are begging to come back. You will, by the way. Also, if you are black and you think that America is a racist country and needs to be reformed, or your libtard that just hates America, please move back to Africa and let me know if it is better there. I give you a month and you will be begging to return to America. Whatever race you are, if you hate America and do all you can to fight against its values, please go back to the country of your fore fathers and you will be begging to come back, because you will realize that this is the best damn country to live in hands down.

  • J Slater
    J Slater 3 months ago

    It just seems the entire liberal agenda is to target the only voters capable of giving them a win after attacking the entire middle and upper middle classes of this country. Even if that involves allowing immigrants and criminals into this country. Someone needs to tell these idiots felons can't vote.

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 3 months ago

    Well that sherif shouldn’t have been pardoned

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes 3 months ago

    His racist BS was a thing on a job application that asked what is your race on a hiring form.

  • vIrGiL
    vIrGiL 3 months ago +11

    y'all remember when Trevor Noah was funny?

    yeah me neither

  • Sammy Hua
    Sammy Hua 3 months ago

    Trevor Noah watch this you think??? But this people sure do watch Trevor a lot because I'm here from one of their comment on Trevor Noah show. #trevornoah #thedailyshow

    • ajax515
      ajax515 3 months ago

      No because he has no response to Steven's thorough wrecking of his bullshit. #fuckoff.

  • Unique Tangbe
    Unique Tangbe 3 months ago +1

    I’m sick of Trevor Noah even thou I only watch the little bits of him in middle of Comedy Central. All he talks is bullshit with no sense of humor at all

  • Sing Talk Laugh Li
    Sing Talk Laugh Li 3 months ago

    As a South African, I just want to say, we disown him for the leftist views, but we keep him for his standup comedy 👍👀

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller 3 months ago +6

    Trevor would know a lot about segregation, he’s from SOUTH AFRICA

  • Ana
    Ana 4 months ago +3

    I’m subscribed to both of you bc I agree with some of your view points but on others like these I agree more with Trevor
    I guess I mainly agree with Trevor concerning this stuff is because I’ve seen first hand how it is out there (out of America)

  • MezaZG
    MezaZG 4 months ago +2

    Trevor Noah is one of the worst comedians in the world. Trying to hide the fact that he is not funny with political activism.

    • MezaZG
      MezaZG 3 months ago +1

      @SaltyBeans It take 14 writers to write his jokes for tonight show. I would take Trevor Noah 50 years to write his own hour of stand up . So he has nothing to do with stand up comedy. Only place you can hear it is some obscure comedy bar is South Africa and sry but i am not that big comedy fan to go there. And watching him read out other peoples jokes on TV is not stand up comedy.

    • SaltyBeans
      SaltyBeans 3 months ago

      MezaZG bruh you sound like someone that has never watched his standups 😂😂

  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 months ago

    I'm not a fan...

  • Broeden Koene
    Broeden Koene 4 months ago +1

    This is ridiculous lol. Its says it in the name 'illegal immigrant' ILLEGAL!

  • hph081000
    hph081000 4 months ago +1

    Trevor Noah comes from a country where whites are slaughtered for nothing more than the color of their skin.

  • Sarah Kreller
    Sarah Kreller 4 months ago +1

    Trevor Noah is in my top 5 least funny comedians.

    • ajax515
      ajax515 3 months ago

      @SaltyBeans Please get his dick out your mouth.

    • SaltyBeans
      SaltyBeans 3 months ago

      Sarah Kreller I guess you saw his standups and didn’t think it was funny 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ruben O.
    Ruben O. 4 months ago +6

    I agree with Steven in a lot of things BUT racial profiling is wrong. Period.
    Pulling someone over because they look "illegal" is immoral.
    What if you looked "illegal" and were pulled over constantly in your state? Sounds like a shit experience to me.

    • Ruben O.
      Ruben O. 3 months ago

      @Michael Myers
      My comment is about 6:43
      Also do your own research instead of being a sheep who is tribal and will defend their group over principles.

    • Ruben O.
      Ruben O. 3 months ago

      @Michael Myers
      No. You need to stop assuming and actually watch the video.
      Sheriff Arpaio used racial profiling. Meaning it was acceptable to stop you for looking "illegal".

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 3 months ago +1

      I can guarantee you that people aren't getting pulled over because they "look illegal". Are you implying that cops pull over every brown person specifically because of that reason?

    • Liam Prieto
      Liam Prieto 3 months ago +1

      Aside from being immoral and just plain bad police work, it's also extremely unconstitutional.

  • caricari Bear
    caricari Bear 4 months ago

    crowder, you have aged severly!!! take a breathe and stay younggggg!

  • Jude 1:21
    Jude 1:21 4 months ago

    Not one time did he house illegal immigrants in tent City. It was strictly used for sentenced inmates. And when people talk about him abusing rights, they are specifically speaking of the rights of US citizens.

  • G A I A
    G A I A 4 months ago +1

    So if you have a racist friend, you're a racist, but if you have a black friend you're still racist?

    • SaltyBeans
      SaltyBeans 3 months ago

      G A I A the black friend could be like the black girl on dr Phil thinking their white 😂😂 it’s on a channel Comedy Central don’t take things seriously

  • Old Foot stool
    Old Foot stool 4 months ago

    Triver is a picker sucking