Gutfeld on Joe Biden's new ad and his wife's endorsement

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Biden campaign touts candidate's electability in first 2020 ad. #TheFive #FoxNews
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Comments • 3 244

  • liono lee
    liono lee 3 hours ago

    Poor joe. His campaign is so bad even his old best friend Obama doesn't want to endorse him. I wonder what happened to their friendship?

  • lionflowerbay
    lionflowerbay 7 days ago

    Bidens First Ad Seems to, Incite Violence. Looked Like Antifa Promo. Voting Becoming a Violent American Right

  • James Stanley
    James Stanley 8 days ago

    hell this traitor couldn't win an election as a dog catcher hew is a complete criminal and his whole family are ALL CROOKS and traitors to the us

  • James Stanley
    James Stanley 8 days ago

    he is a total traitor the American government selling out to the Chinese goverment

  • James Stanley
    James Stanley 8 days ago

    joes wife has swallow a lots from the Chinese government millions in the biden family s bank accounts

  • James Stanley
    James Stanley 8 days ago

    china Joe biden is a total idiot

  • up you're ass and to the left!

    Just swallow a little bit!........
    Is that what creepy Joe whispers in those little girls ears?

  • Biggest Teahupoo
    Biggest Teahupoo 16 days ago

    none of them can beat Trump in 2020

  • Khai Lee
    Khai Lee 19 days ago

    To all my American friends, we are all living in an certain and dangerous time indeed. I pray for America, that God Alone can keep America moving forward. History is being repeated again after hundreds of reigning years.

  • Carl K
    Carl K 20 days ago

    I hear that Biden's wife is rethinking her endorsement. The new slogan? "Anyone But Biden: We're Tired of Swallowing". 😂

  • fuck you
    fuck you 20 days ago

    In an unlettered way she was trying to say yang, Harris, etc., they ain't getting elected. So rather than throw your vote away, vote for Biden. All those folks that voted for Bernie rather than Hilary empowered trump. There's a ton of division in the Democratic party. It's a huge weakness.

  • David S
    David S 20 days ago

    joe pedophile biden and his family are all bloodthirsty, bloodsucking, freeloading, treasonous Godless aniChristian devils.

  • Fumble Bunny
    Fumble Bunny 20 days ago

    Thank you, President Trump , for leading our country. Thanks to all who voted him in and thanks to everyone who is going to vote for him again.

  • DrSourPurp
    DrSourPurp 20 days ago

    Bernie and Warren have different bases haha bernies taking from biden!

  • William Eagle
    William Eagle 20 days ago


  • Theo Fulk
    Theo Fulk 20 days ago

    Biden is a dead ringer for "WALTER", the ventriloquist's DUMMY for Terry Fador !

    • Theo Fulk
      Theo Fulk 20 days ago

      PS--- sorry, it's Jeff Dunham's DUMMY !

  • Pam Hurley
    Pam Hurley 21 day ago +1

    Thank you Jill for letting me know how stupid and lazy that man You married! Trump 8 years!!! Thank you, Sweet Jesus! The leftists are totally UnAmerican and should be invited to live in North Korea, or China, or Russia, or Cuba, or Venezuela! Bernie Sanders is a Communist and wouldn't have a problem with American citizens standing in long lines to receive One Slice of Bread! No thank you! 🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️😡🤷🏽‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷‍♀️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🌎🌍🌏🌎🌍🌏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 !

    JOSEPH WILLIAMS 21 day ago


  • Kevin
    Kevin 21 day ago

    Swallow what??? Maybe Jebb's mom will swallow and say something nice about Biden. I hope you get there Joe...

  • Greg Beltz
    Greg Beltz 21 day ago


  • Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

    Biden cannot and will not beat Trump! Neither can Warren or Sanders. Trump will mop the floor with all of them! The debates are going to be amazing!

  • royston mason
    royston mason 21 day ago

    ' SWALLOW A LITTLE BIT" yeah i am sure she is used to THAT !

    MAGA MAN 21 day ago

    Whenever Juan Williams talks, I just skip past it because I know he's not going to say anything worth hearing.

  • wilson blauheuer
    wilson blauheuer 21 day ago

    is the 'soul of the nation' some kind of left wing afrocentric dog whistle talk about putting evil white voters back in their place?That is too extreme? The democrats and Marxists would never resort to such inferments ? Oh. I get it. It's okay for one side but not for the other.

  • Bill Thomsen
    Bill Thomsen 21 day ago

    Trump will eat Biden for breakfast. One of the top reasons Trump won was because he's an outsider. Biden has 47 years in congress. You do the math.

  • William Knabe
    William Knabe 21 day ago

    Joe needs to focus on what he had lunch this morning lol

  • Marlene
    Marlene 21 day ago

    Is this ad, a joke?

  • Bass fishing Jim
    Bass fishing Jim 22 days ago

    I hope we get to see a Trump/Biden debate. I don't think he lasts 10 minutes with Trump.

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 22 days ago

    Is this a Joke?

  • Char X
    Char X 22 days ago

    If I were his wife (eek) I would have a bag over my head and not want to be seen in public, knowing everyone thinks my husband is a pervert clown.

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 22 days ago

    Yeah, Jill says, vote for my demented husband, and get him out of the house! He's driving me crazy! He calls me by the wrong name all the time! He actually picks up the phone and talks to telemarketing people!

  • Charles St-Pierre
    Charles St-Pierre 22 days ago

    Is Joe really THE nominee for the Dems? Really? They would've had a chance if Tulsi Gabbard Had been the nominee. but Joe? Come on!!

  • Dan Colville ColVane
    Dan Colville ColVane 22 days ago

    Trump is the best president we have ever had!!!

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen 22 days ago

    They mention all these polls. I voted trump in 2016 and nobodies called me about Trump since 2016... So these polls are in fact wrong.

  • Phil DH
    Phil DH 23 days ago

    If Dana wasn't so pretty this panel would suck. Jesse is trying to argue against math and common sense. Can we point out that someone is a moron if they're on 'our team'? Jesse is that moron.

  • crisis-reaction solution

    Joe Biden- America's first scratch and sniff presidential candidate...Lets watch the dems steal another election from their own party first before they try to steal it from Trump.

    NDFOOTBALL 23 days ago +1

    Trump will slaughter Biden

  • Jon
    Jon 23 days ago

    LMAO I hope Biden does win the criminal party primary and become their candidate. How many dismal failures as a presidential candidate does he have? Great choice neighbors, he is a much stronger candidate now!

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf 23 days ago

    I hate Biden I also hate Trump more than Biden. There was 11 cases of obstruction of justice with Trump in Mueller's report, you clearly have not read it at least the unredacted form that is available to us. Until you do stop talking about it. It's pretty sad that you're up here on a TVclip channel talkingshit about something you don't know and haven't read

  • Glen Hesketh
    Glen Hesketh 23 days ago

    Joe will still take his orders from Hussein.

  • 5winder
    5winder 23 days ago

    You know it's rigged if they run Biden... there's no way he can beat Trump.

  • Stefan Adamcik
    Stefan Adamcik 23 days ago

    Here's what adults know: You don't have to like your political leaders. The political leaders just have to do the right thing for your family and your nation.

  • Deborah S. Nelson Dream to Publish

    WHY do we HAVE to BEAT TRUMP? Why?

  • Bunny Foo Foo
    Bunny Foo Foo 23 days ago

    I wonder how many 13 year old girls had to swallow when Joe was in the room with them since he can't keep his hands to himself.

  • Brad Hamilton
    Brad Hamilton 23 days ago

    The man is done, he was done 10 years ago.

  • PoppONaya Shelly
    PoppONaya Shelly 23 days ago

    who are you fooling..recession is coming. wages are low and US is getting mollywopped by China.

  • Glenn Silvetti
    Glenn Silvetti 23 days ago

    Everyone has a job and hers is to swallow

  • Mary kai
    Mary kai 23 days ago

    His new slogan is -- HA, HA. I'M ALL YOUVE GOT !!!

  • Mel Dew
    Mel Dew 23 days ago


  • Brian Fansher
    Brian Fansher 23 days ago

    She knows him best, and she doesn't seem to sure about him. The most uninspired endorsement I've ever witnessed.

  • david blume
    david blume 23 days ago

    i don't trust warren 'The fake Indian" either

  • david blume
    david blume 23 days ago

    I don't trust either Joe or juan

  • wyssmaster
    wyssmaster 23 days ago

    "Joe Biden can beat Trump!"
    Are we talking about the same Joe Biden has groped little children on camera DOZENS of times?

  • Alpha 6
    Alpha 6 23 days ago

    A failed stand-up comedian trying to be clever, I suppose you couldn't book hobo the clown?
    Fox standards has always been trash, but, come on.

  • Being Here
    Being Here 24 days ago

    They can't buy Trump into the nasty realities they created for themselves, so they want trump gone. Makes sense to me. Still don't make it right.

  • Angel Rod
    Angel Rod 24 days ago +1


  • Cody Nash
    Cody Nash 24 days ago

    she just said, we want chinas bottom line. they're about to fall. we can't let that happen because. biden an i will be broke, an thrown out of the country

  • Scott Chappell
    Scott Chappell 24 days ago

    3:23 .... When you contradict the agenda because you have to be correct. I thought the left was all extreme socialists?

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 24 days ago

    Reminds me of when McCain's mom gave him a lackluster endorsement.

  • Alexander Chance
    Alexander Chance 24 days ago

    Biden will be dead within 10 years that old bastard you see how fast he's aging?! who the hell would vote for this monster so Many dumb people out there I swear to God.. DemoRATS are Demonic