• Published on Apr 15, 2018
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Comments • 353

  • Nellie Ellie
    Nellie Ellie 16 days ago

    One question- what was that rainbow brush you used for your contour

  • Nellie Ellie
    Nellie Ellie 16 days ago

    Wow your eyes...😍 I love it

  • Tina512
    Tina512 Month ago

    Do you have a video on the drugstore brushes you used?

  • Kendra Frazier
    Kendra Frazier 2 months ago

    Love that they are cruelty free. You did a great job 😍

  • Angely Paloma Ortega Cabria

    Me gustaria que hicieras un vídeo en español , saludos desde Colombia

  • Myleana Silacci
    Myleana Silacci 2 months ago

    She didnt leave the lasges in the description🙄

  • Andrea Castro
    Andrea Castro 3 months ago

    Wet n wild hello halo liquid highlighter

  • Aubrey Holmes
    Aubrey Holmes 3 months ago

    do elf

  • Jax
    Jax 3 months ago

    I cant get over that highlighter 😳

  • Jax
    Jax 3 months ago

    Wet and wild is fucking awesome for the price 👍

  • MakParis Supreme
    MakParis Supreme 3 months ago

    eyebrows are WAY too close together on my nerves also what powder did you use???

  • Roxi Martinez
    Roxi Martinez 3 months ago

    Do beauty creations ❤️!

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia 4 months ago

    You should do elf or milani

  • Lizbeth Gonzalez
    Lizbeth Gonzalez 5 months ago

    What brushes did you use?

  • Mariela
    Mariela 5 months ago

    Where can I find the foundation at?

  • MamaKermit
    MamaKermit 5 months ago +2

    love your editing!! and thank you so much for showing the prices! most beauty gurus don’t do that with one brand tutorials.

  • Green Dovah
    Green Dovah 5 months ago

    You make the eyeshadow look so easy, but I know when I try, it'll look nothing like that 😂😍

  • Snoopy Bindi
    Snoopy Bindi 5 months ago

    3:07 sounds like she said “my fucking brush”

  • Meekly L
    Meekly L 5 months ago

    Totally not sponsored

  • Emely De La Rosa
    Emely De La Rosa 6 months ago

    Loved this babe❤

  • Shaunna Coles
    Shaunna Coles 6 months ago

    Seriously love this video I’ve done seen all the ones that I actually like and can sit thru a full video and I always keep coming back to this video to learn more!!

  • brenda ruiz
    brenda ruiz 6 months ago

    What shade is the foundation ?

  • Melissa Reyes
    Melissa Reyes 6 months ago +1

    Do another wet n wild video!!

  • Marjana
    Marjana 6 months ago +1

    Try loreal infalable stay fresh foundation

  • Joe Gonzalez
    Joe Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Omgosh LOVE!! I was looking for a WNW contour video, because I feel like I’ve been applying it wrong (I was! lol)
    I basically only use WNW with a few ELF products, so this was very helpful. I’ll be watching it again later while getting ready for work.

  • dan g
    dan g 6 months ago

    한국이랑 가격 너무 차이난다ㅠ

  • Maria Ayman
    Maria Ayman 6 months ago

    I love the video but where's the lrice of the powder highlighter? ??

  • Me
    Me 7 months ago

    Can you do the physicians butter bronzer???? Or a “Milano bronzer vs butter bronzer” video??

  • Shivapriya Ghoshal
    Shivapriya Ghoshal 7 months ago

    This is stunning

  • SadieLady 116
    SadieLady 116 7 months ago

    And can you do maybelline?

  • SadieLady 116
    SadieLady 116 7 months ago

    At dollar tree they have wet n wild brushes and lashes and if you wanted you could review the brushes😊

  • Sasha Ivette
    Sasha Ivette 7 months ago +2

    I love Wet & Wild!! This look is Bomb AF

  • Tabitha Caldwell
    Tabitha Caldwell 7 months ago

    Do a full face of milani !!

  • Rebekka
    Rebekka 7 months ago

    Love this, full face of e.l.f would be amazing they have such good products

  • Brianna Nixon
    Brianna Nixon 7 months ago

    Not gonna lie, im a broke ass single mom, wet and wild is my shit.

  • Luh Lele
    Luh Lele 7 months ago


  • Mimi Sky
    Mimi Sky 7 months ago

    I loved this Video Doll! 💯 it helped me alot with Makeup.

  • Rushadha Rushi
    Rushadha Rushi 7 months ago

    Pls do la girl and city color 😍

  • calafia110
    calafia110 7 months ago

    LOVE your eye look!

  • silencieuxasmr
    silencieuxasmr 8 months ago

    Milani or Flower Beauty please bc they're animal cruelty free

  • Anistya Pratista Rahma
    Anistya Pratista Rahma 8 months ago

    just wondering, what's your ethnicity? btw nice video!

  • Liz3tt3 Babyyy
    Liz3tt3 Babyyy 8 months ago

    New subbie!! Great tutorials TY!!😙😙

  • The Sciencetific Show
    The Sciencetific Show 8 months ago +1

    After watching this vid I’m totally getting that foundation

  • ILoveTiffany Accessories

    Looking like a young natural kim k

  • Sadie Ensor
    Sadie Ensor 8 months ago

    L.A. Colors next!!

  • madeline vicioso
    madeline vicioso 8 months ago

    What kind of smoothie was that? Hot pink color?

  • Rosarin Rose
    Rosarin Rose 8 months ago

    I love Wet n Wild and You do good job! So beautiful 😍

  • Bunni Pickering
    Bunni Pickering 8 months ago

    Ty love the video!! Make up on point!! 😉

  • Lizzie Brady
    Lizzie Brady 8 months ago

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Shay Mitchell? So pretty!

  • Sydney Begg
    Sydney Begg 8 months ago

    Does this foundation work the same using a beauty blender?

  • iam trishelle
    iam trishelle 8 months ago

    ive been rocking with wet n wild since i started doing makeup (at the age of 15) they have came a long way :) ps nice video!

  • Kiya Shaw
    Kiya Shaw 8 months ago +1

    Her face is a mixture of Shay Mitchell and Kim Kardashian

  • sophia Cerna
    sophia Cerna 8 months ago

    Thanks. Finally i can buy inexpensive makeup. You are the best. More videos like this. How about cover girl makeup tutorial.

  • nicole quiles
    nicole quiles 8 months ago


  • Mia Uy
    Mia Uy 8 months ago

    do a i followed a jaclyn hill tutorial!!

  • Sohana Parveen
    Sohana Parveen 8 months ago

    Does the megaglo highlighter in precious Petal contain shimmers

  • Solyda Bam
    Solyda Bam 8 months ago


  • Lauren Sanford
    Lauren Sanford 8 months ago

    That Wet n Wild Matte primer is actually SO good I could not believe how much I liked it

  • Monica Ehlermann
    Monica Ehlermann 8 months ago

    can you tell in every new foundation video what color are you in Mac foundation or in the loreal pro matte please

  • Jaqueline Sanchez
    Jaqueline Sanchez 8 months ago

    Im new and I’m in love!

  • Breanna Ellis
    Breanna Ellis 8 months ago

    do a full face of dior

  • megararestuffguy
    megararestuffguy 8 months ago


  • Leslie Carbajal
    Leslie Carbajal 9 months ago +11

    Can you do another video like this for elf

  • Tori Bishop
    Tori Bishop 9 months ago

    I have the brow pencil and i don’t like it. It’s waxy

  • Lilo3519
    Lilo3519 9 months ago

    She has such nice skin wth

  • Shay Nieves
    Shay Nieves 9 months ago

    Where did u get ur necklace from

  • BB Craft Nation
    BB Craft Nation 9 months ago +9

    If you haven’t done it yet... can u do a full face of elf or nyx

  • Dasani Torres
    Dasani Torres 9 months ago

    Does anyone know what kind of brushes she's using?

  • Alicia Ramirez
    Alicia Ramirez 9 months ago

    First video I watched of you and subscribed after watching for a minute. I love how you edited the products on the side with photos. I look forward to your makeup looks! 😍

  • Lisa Guillermo
    Lisa Guillermo 9 months ago

    I love that you've also only using drugstore makeup brushes! I love this look and Wet n Wild! That matte lip is gorgeous 😍

  • Nadia Devi
    Nadia Devi 9 months ago

    Girl you are so beautiful!!

  • Dawn etc.
    Dawn etc. 9 months ago

    I just subscribed today. Diana you remind me of Nicole of the pussycat dolls. Beautiful look. DawnJ👏🌼🙌💞

  • Johanna Paula Songco
    Johanna Paula Songco 9 months ago

    Do flower beauty!

  • iheeartyoux3
    iheeartyoux3 9 months ago

    Damn girl what lotion has that much glow ?!

  • Starflower Sunflow-er
    Starflower Sunflow-er 9 months ago

    Omg... u sound like Selena Gomez

  • Nancy Vazquez
    Nancy Vazquez 9 months ago

    Hey guys follow my new Instagram 😝😍🙌🏼 fancylion24

  • Denisse Castillo
    Denisse Castillo 9 months ago

    I love wet &wild specially the lipsticks

  • Belle Honey
    Belle Honey 9 months ago

    I just got that Not a Basic Peach palette I'm in love and the liquid liner is my holy grail!

  • stygianempathy
    stygianempathy 9 months ago +5

    Please do ELF and Essence!

  • Jazi Monique
    Jazi Monique 9 months ago

    I can’t find that highlighter ? Yours is loose powder the one u linked is in a pressed powder packaging. Can u help

  • Fairy Dollz
    Fairy Dollz 9 months ago

    Great video! Oh I really want to try that brow pencil out now! xx

  • aShLeY FaRnSwOrTh
    aShLeY FaRnSwOrTh 9 months ago

    Love this look going to get everything I need to recreate!!!!

  • Stephanie Zamudio
    Stephanie Zamudio 9 months ago

    bomb ✨✨

  • April Judith
    April Judith 9 months ago

    Wait a minute!!! I can’t find that loose highlighter anywhere!!

  • wv Momma
    wv Momma 9 months ago

    Two Faced Products

  • Bryanna Guzman
    Bryanna Guzman 9 months ago


  • Sarah Lomas
    Sarah Lomas 9 months ago

    I'd love to see you DO NYC especially with the Lid Lingerie palette xxx

    • Sarah Lomas
      Sarah Lomas 9 months ago

      NYX I mean....auto correct interfered 😩

  • Amanda Myshrall
    Amanda Myshrall 9 months ago

    Can you do a video on using elf cosmetics

  • Jackie  Marquez
    Jackie Marquez 9 months ago

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  • yadira79f
    yadira79f 9 months ago

    Have u tried the maybeline fit me matte and porless foundationif u have send me the link or let me know what shade u used also please

  • Jaeda V
    Jaeda V 9 months ago

    What brush are you using to blend out your foundation??

  • Abby A
    Abby A 9 months ago

    I love ya Diana!!! 💗💗 you should do NYX next !!

  • Fely S.A.
    Fely S.A. 9 months ago

    Please Rose on the air.
    thank you

  • Morgan Cohen
    Morgan Cohen 9 months ago

    Slay those eye brows pretty girl

  • Betsy Ramos
    Betsy Ramos 10 months ago

    Bella!!! How did the makeup wear throughout the day? I ❤ Wet n Wild because they are Vegan and CrueltyFree. No animals tortured or hurt in the production of this makeup makes my heart very happy.

  • sinsin
    sinsin 10 months ago

    The intro sounds different from the actual tut part. Sounds better during the tut

  • Zombie Princess
    Zombie Princess 10 months ago


  • Karellys Fuentes
    Karellys Fuentes 10 months ago

    Yaaaaaaasssssss with that Onika playing in the background!!!!! Why I listen to the same song when I do my makeup tho!!!!! 😝😋🤣🤣

  • makeup_by_kbell
    makeup_by_kbell 10 months ago

    Amazing 😍💕

  • Drbeautyglam
    Drbeautyglam 10 months ago

    makeup looks very nice. Don't like the hair because it looks frizzy and that is not becoming.....