The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

  • Published on Jul 1, 2017
  • The Real Texas Chainsaw Massacre investigates how a former mental patient with gun offences to his name could have become a pillar of British society and been allowed to hoard guns by the police, and discovers how a disabled pensioner helped to uncover his past. The film also looks at why US Authorities recently launched proceedings to extradite the original Texas Chainsaw killer to face new DNA evidence.
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  • Real Stories
    Real Stories  2 years ago +181

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    • Nancy Villines
      Nancy Villines Year ago +1

      Wow! Some anger management?

    • FactsOverFeelings Matter
      FactsOverFeelings Matter Year ago

      Do a video on the true story of the wicked Mormon cult from the 1800s showing the factual lies of joe smith and racism found in their own writings.

  • Exotic Soul
    Exotic Soul 2 days ago

    Rip I thought this was like 10 minutes Hah I’m at 40 now

  • Tori Victoria
    Tori Victoria 3 days ago

    How bout ed gein

  • Tori Victoria
    Tori Victoria 3 days ago

    Love the host voice

  • Nero Diamante
    Nero Diamante 3 days ago

    He looks similar to John Wayne Gacy

  • kiran babu
    kiran babu 4 days ago +1

    The narrator's accent and voice is pure ASMR

  • Dr. Bombay
    Dr. Bombay 7 days ago

    How did he earn money?

  • Mr Kajja
    Mr Kajja 12 days ago +1

    The correct reference for Texas Chainsaw Massacre would've been Ed Gein, not this dude.

  • Adriana Leon
    Adriana Leon 16 days ago

    What’s up with these women that write to inmates?? I mean, they are in jail for something!!!!

  • Sunshine Patsoph
    Sunshine Patsoph 20 days ago

    Whoever assisted to the cemetery was to make sure he was dead

  • krysta kosherr mahmod

    wait wait wait i thought Ed Gein was the real Texas chainsaw massacre guy?.

  • The Dutchess of Dragonshyre

    This isn't real. Lol ha ha omg. This was good though

  • Colton Minger
    Colton Minger 24 days ago

    MAYBE the most dangerous man you’ve ever met???

  • Mo Hawk
    Mo Hawk 26 days ago

    So this story is not in America. So, Why the story.

  • Super Cat
    Super Cat Month ago

    He's just an average sort of guy. Lol.

  • Jonny Collado
    Jonny Collado Month ago


  • Zek0DaBunny
    Zek0DaBunny Month ago

    Wonder what video games he was playing...

  • jquest43
    jquest43 Month ago


  • Miguel Salas
    Miguel Salas Month ago +1

    All I can say oh my god

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago

    Proton wira?😳

  • Akrem Amara
    Akrem Amara Month ago

    I believe such psychopaths are the ones who deserve the death penalty. Yet they manage to escape it while innocents were killed by mistake. So it's obvious, the problem is in the judiciary system and not the death penalty. I guess nobody doubts that some people are evil reincarnated and they deserve to die as quick as possible.

  • J M
    J M Month ago +2

    Texas Bandsaw Murderer

  • xxbabygurl79xx
    xxbabygurl79xx Month ago

    I just watch 0:00-47:30 y'all BRITISH ppl r REACHING when yall calling him ➡THE REAL TEXAS CHAINSAW...really?😕😕😕😒😒

  • sayingthe thingstheywont

    I think she knew more then shes letting on and the secrecy turned her on.
    The "reaction" when she was told sounds like someone with a nasty fetish being caught doing it.

  • sayingthe thingstheywont

    Moral of the story?
    Maybe try finding out who your marrying before you start gleefully trying on dresses?

  • longleggedmacdaddy 88

    Americans from the south are not 'yanks" southerners refer to northerners as yanks.
    A more appropriate term would be REB short for rebel. Johnny reb, ect....

  • 4D Green Tea
    4D Green Tea Month ago

    I think the movie comparison here shouldn’t be the “Texas Chainsaw...” but it should instead be “Gone girl” cause the wife went missing and it made people think it was him

  • D Duif
    D Duif Month ago

    Hacking /shooting all those innocent animals to death.. it upsets me severely. The fact that so very little people care for that .. i get less upset when people kill other people.

  • Andrzej Conner
    Andrzej Conner Month ago

    He "fitted in", did he?

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett 2 months ago


  • tomato
    tomato 2 months ago

    I thought the Thomas Hewitt Family were the Base of this movie!!??

  • Christine Winder
    Christine Winder 2 months ago +1

    This man is off his nut

  • Angel Dominguez
    Angel Dominguez 2 months ago

    This is perfect for Halloween

  • BlackBird RUF
    BlackBird RUF 2 months ago

    He must be good friends with Frank Dux.

  • Gav Roche
    Gav Roche 2 months ago

    the bishop should have told the two young men to stop visiting him because he is crazy and dangerous. he should have ordered, not just advise, them to stop.

  • Myrna Marzan
    Myrna Marzan 2 months ago


  • Nuria Thor Hewett
    Nuria Thor Hewett 2 months ago

    This is a obvious lie it may be a stroy that happened in real life but i no for a fact that this is not the real texas chainsaw massicure

  • G.O.D MeatBeater
    G.O.D MeatBeater 2 months ago

    *kira's theme starts playing*

  • dasbösedasjederkennt
    dasbösedasjederkennt 2 months ago

    The stuffed cat in 2:48 really freaked me out

  • idkdrew
    idkdrew 2 months ago

    crazy to think I live where this happened, Oak Hill

  • Dinosaur Trees
    Dinosaur Trees 3 months ago


  • Nick_from_YouTube
    Nick_from_YouTube 3 months ago


    p.s. I know it's spelled fortnight and it means 2 weeks

  • SnOrInG PaNdA33
    SnOrInG PaNdA33 3 months ago

    He claimed to be alot of things did he thing he was god or something?

  • methat lovescats
    methat lovescats 3 months ago

    He was delusional and scitzo.

  • swahili speaker
    swahili speaker 3 months ago +1

    Please God y do I keep watching serial killer are this the signs of becoming one

  • Carl Barber
    Carl Barber 3 months ago

    Seems like a really nice sort of guy...

  • Lorenzo Notarianni
    Lorenzo Notarianni 3 months ago

    He looked absolutely batshit crazy and how the heck did everyone fall for his lies defies me. Just because he wore a few medals ? Pathetic!

  • Adem Roci
    Adem Roci 3 months ago

    Ed gein was the real chainsaw massacre

  • Thlamuana Ganther
    Thlamuana Ganther 3 months ago +3

    Anyone 2019?

  • Candy Rayne
    Candy Rayne 3 months ago

    25:22 he was a TVclip Partner? That's what that guy said, that means this whole thing is fake..

  • Al Baba
    Al Baba 4 months ago

    What a c##t! Wish I had the pleasure of flicking the switch!

  • Funana Bitch33
    Funana Bitch33 4 months ago +3

    So, I hope I’m not the only one watching this at night in my room alone with the door shut.

  • Sari Ho
    Sari Ho 4 months ago

    Can i decapitate him and make an ashtray outta his skulls? :)

    • Mervyn M
      Mervyn M 4 months ago +1

      Sari Ho from League of Gentlemen?? “We didn’t burn him”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧

  • DigiBullet23
    DigiBullet23 4 months ago

    Met a guy through a prison!!!

  • Ra Mighty The 1
    Ra Mighty The 1 4 months ago +2

    America is filled with Psychopaths

  • Carlos
    Carlos 4 months ago

    That motherfucker should get beaten to death slowly

    • Mervyn M
      Mervyn M 4 months ago

      Carlos cover him in honey and let the ants do the rest 🤣

  • Eatme Douche
    Eatme Douche 4 months ago

    I'm confused as to the comparison to a fictional murder spree that was committed with a chainsaw?

  • no you're breathtaking
    no you're breathtaking 4 months ago

    This is normal for Texas and the rest of america everybody has a gun (in America atleast)

    • Mervyn M
      Mervyn M 4 months ago

      Nigel qaucamole only one part of your statement is fact/true; I’m not from America

    • no you're breathtaking
      no you're breathtaking 4 months ago

      @Mervyn M yeah everyone loves guns and has one in America or texas no offense if your from America

  • Olivia Knipp
    Olivia Knipp 4 months ago

    26:20 can we talk about how many ducks were in such a small box??

  • GachaBlues 210
    GachaBlues 210 4 months ago

    He made bowls out of skulls..