• Published on Jan 11, 2019
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  • Eram Hussain
    Eram Hussain 3 days ago

    Love and miss your videos so much! Know you’re a busy mom but keep them coming! Everything I learned about makeup for my skin tone, hair and eye shape is from you!! forever a supporter!! ❤️❤️

  • Nilo Haq
    Nilo Haq 6 days ago

    Loveee the look and the concealer!

  • Randa Awad
    Randa Awad 6 days ago

    you'r amazing love youuuuuuuu from egypt

  • Beauty By Ambreen
    Beauty By Ambreen 7 days ago

    Killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  • JordanGiselle
    JordanGiselle 7 days ago +1

    For some reason, your side profile kinda reminds me of Nicol Concilio lol, you're beautiful !!!

  • Liwany Aemanay
    Liwany Aemanay 7 days ago

    Missing yur background music.. yayyy!

  • zara2385
    zara2385 8 days ago

    Ohhh haseena u look gorgeous MashaAllah

  • Baddie AF
    Baddie AF 9 days ago

    You look like Kim K

  • Tasneem Bamath CakeFace

    I can’t stop watching this video. I love Irene and all her videos. But this song is sick 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Af R
    Af R 9 days ago

    I know you told us that your skin is dry but you always prep it so well and it looks so dewy and plump always! Also, the way that foundation just glides on your skin and covers it so well was amazing! Def sold me on the foundation and the brush! Anddddd my new year's resolution was not to buy any more make up and makeup related items but i'm about to fail on that already! sigh

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  9 days ago

      Thank you babe!! Enjoy the products and don't feel guilty about it lol! No more makeup for the whole YEAR?!?! Why eveeeen make that promise hahah! Happy New Year love!

  • Nafisa Beauty
    Nafisa Beauty 9 days ago

    What song is this? Can't find it on Waseem's Instagram

  • Kimberly Kumar
    Kimberly Kumar 9 days ago

    Great tutorial! What shade are u in the Fenty foundation? I’m struggling to match myself 😩 300 is a decent match but the undertone is too pink and 310 is a great match for the summer but in the winter not so much

  • S. 97
    S. 97 9 days ago

    Bro if you don’t tell me the name of this song 😭😩

  • Bashni Balbhadr
    Bashni Balbhadr 10 days ago

    What color do you use in all all rose gold brow package ?

  • M Najjarine
    M Najjarine 10 days ago +2

    Is it just me - or do others see a massive difference in her eye shape and size. Seems like she’s does some surgery. No shade - I’m all for people getting stuff done if it helps them either physically or psychologically

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  5 days ago

      It's so worth it!! You will be numbed so it isn't painful, just a little uncomfortable!

    • Bina Bibina
      Bina Bibina 5 days ago

      +Irene Khan (irenesarah) Hi Irene!Gorgeous as always...Can you make a video about microblading of your eyebrows?Did it hurt etc...?I want to make them, I m just like you:lot of black hair but my brows are just clear😵...So it would be interesting👍And your eyes are beautiful like doll eyes😉Thanks😘😘

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  9 days ago

      M Najjarine that makes me happy!!! Thanks babe!

    • M Najjarine
      M Najjarine 9 days ago +1

      Irene Khan (irenesarah) perhaps it’s the eyebrows which are balancing things out

    • M Najjarine
      M Najjarine 9 days ago

      Irene Khan (irenesarah) awww you replied! :) they seem smaller and not as large as before - they look amazing don’t get me wrong mashaAllah - this is even before you put any makeup on

  • Bashni Balbhadr
    Bashni Balbhadr 10 days ago

    What color are you using in the Brow powder?

  • Aishah
    Aishah 10 days ago

    😍😍 I CANTTTT

  • Shazna Akhtar
    Shazna Akhtar 10 days ago

    Missed your makeup videos so much, good to see you back 👍🏽😉 masha Allah beautiful as always 🙏🏽 xx

  • Fella chemla
    Fella chemla 10 days ago

    C jolie j'aime beaucoup

  • nafisa
    nafisa 10 days ago

    please teach us how to reverse contourrrr !!

  • RiyaHindustani
    RiyaHindustani 10 days ago

    I have always loved your nose contour, but in this video they look hella snatched! So gorg!!

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  9 days ago +1

      really?!?! I felt the powder was a little too dark but I'll play with it some more, thank you!!

  • Tema B
    Tema B 10 days ago +1

    Can you review the new Morphe foundation and concealers! Waiting for a dry skin gal review!

  • Gigi Holbert
    Gigi Holbert 10 days ago


  • Aydan Khalifeh
    Aydan Khalifeh 11 days ago +7

    Pleeeasee Irene which song is this?? 😩

  • Desi Giirrrl
    Desi Giirrrl 11 days ago +4

    The highlight didn’t do much..

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  9 days ago +1

      Highlighter doesn't always have to be blinding! I love a clean, polished look so I'm very happy with it in this look!

  • Kajol Patel
    Kajol Patel 11 days ago

    What lashes are these?

  • botaqhead
    botaqhead 11 days ago +9

    Becca is a no for me now, I avoid anything that has to do with the Kartrashians , Jenner and Reality stars that has no business in beauty ie Those who got their fame by being trash instead of true talent.

  • AMN
    AMN 11 days ago

    Loving the new eyebrows, they are doing more justice to enhance your beautiful eyes! 💛

  • Shefali Bahal
    Shefali Bahal 11 days ago

    YAY! I'm so glad you decided to do a video with your voice instead of a voiceover :) I LOVED this style of video, I really hope you do more

  • shhhdontsayaword
    shhhdontsayaword 11 days ago

    Irene, updated skin care video pleaseeeeee. You look flawless!

  • Tasneem Bamath CakeFace
    Tasneem Bamath CakeFace 11 days ago +5

    Omg what’s the name of this song. It’s so good. Can’t find it on his instagram

  • cutiegurl188
    cutiegurl188 11 days ago

    Loveeee the long videos of you just doing your makeup, ur my fave to watch 🥰 lots of love from Detroit💖

  • Tokio B.
    Tokio B. 11 days ago

    That was the cutest and funniest sneeze lol

  • Tiaa Chung
    Tiaa Chung 11 days ago

    Everything looks so good on you 😍😍

  • alexis deminati
    alexis deminati 11 days ago

    manicure is fierce

  • Averi Xu
    Averi Xu 11 days ago +3

    You seem more happier and more willing to make beauty videos now like your doing it whole heartedly. Like your talking more etc idk if I'm over analysing but its nice to see you like this x

  • Nahla Parker
    Nahla Parker 11 days ago +4

    You put so much more into your videos and I really love it, but at the end of the video I don't know how the make up holds up? You know what I mean. .what are the issues with the makeup products? how long does the makeup last? Is it worth buying? Can you let us know? Thanks

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  11 days ago

      Nahla Parker I talked about the palette needing a darker color and my issues with the shade of the new Fenty powder!

  • Nadia Syed
    Nadia Syed 11 days ago +2

    omg what it this song

  • Preet Singh
    Preet Singh 11 days ago +1

    LOVE! 😍 & girl i couldn't find the song on his page, can someone link me! IM OBSESSED! 😅

  • Anusha Nasim
    Anusha Nasim 11 days ago

    This look is stunning😍😍😍

  • Andrea xo
    Andrea xo 11 days ago

    I wish you swatched the concealer shades 😩

  • Maria B
    Maria B 11 days ago +1

    Your skin is so flawless😍 Could you make a video about how you maintain it

  • Marla Robinson
    Marla Robinson 11 days ago +1

    That eye shadow is so pretty

  • Becky Walker
    Becky Walker 11 days ago


  • A365 A
    A365 A 11 days ago

    l love all your videos

  • Sadiya
    Sadiya 11 days ago +5


  • Patricia Jordan
    Patricia Jordan 11 days ago +2

    I have so much love for you but my first reaction was “this song is fireeeee” Your family is killing the game rn. 😭💖💖💖

  • Aliyah Saadein
    Aliyah Saadein 11 days ago

    i love how long this video was

    • Maryam Ali
      Maryam Ali 10 days ago

      Aliyah Saadein what is it called??

  • Angelique Portan
    Angelique Portan 11 days ago

    What camera are you using wow

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  6 days ago

      canon 5d mk IV

    • Angelique Portan
      Angelique Portan 7 days ago

      Sorry to ask again but what camera x

    • Angelique Portan
      Angelique Portan 11 days ago

      Ohh 😂😂 well would you mind telling me because that quality is phenomenal 😍

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  11 days ago

      Angelique Portan sorry I read that as “now” not “wow” 😂 so I thought you were asking if it changed!

    • Angelique Portan
      Angelique Portan 11 days ago +1

      Sorry I’m a new follower (and I’m so In love with your channel) so I don’t know 🙄

  • Rabiya Lone
    Rabiya Lone 12 days ago +2

    Great look IRENE, but i can’t find the KVD shade in the description, please share!

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  11 days ago

      ..they're refills for the contour and highlight palette, you have to select the correct shade which is a contour.

    • Rabiya Lone
      Rabiya Lone 11 days ago

      Irene Khan (irenesarah) thank u just found it! But on the site it states its a highlighter, but you used it as a contour to create shadow! I am just curious ur skin tone is more golden than mine will that show up like it does on ur skin, I have neutral undertones.

    • Irene Khan (irenesarah)
      Irene Khan (irenesarah)  11 days ago

      Rabiya Lone it’s there!!! I actually added it in after cuz i forgot!!

  • halz jannat
    halz jannat 12 days ago +2

    skincare routine✨

  • Keren Ojo
    Keren Ojo 12 days ago +2

    I think Fenty Beauty powder in the shade “cashew” will be perfect for your nose contour

  • Amir Aslam
    Amir Aslam 12 days ago +3

    What is your foundation in MAC?

  • ashley dooley
    ashley dooley 12 days ago

    Really beautiful!

  • Laila Dem
    Laila Dem 12 days ago

    MaschAllah ❤️

  • Farwa Hassan
    Farwa Hassan 12 days ago

    How to pronounce ur name?

  • Tu ba
    Tu ba 12 days ago

    You are so beautiful

  • sabin sashev
    sabin sashev 12 days ago

    Can you make a video of what's on your phone

  • L
    L 12 days ago

  • LazyInfantry
    LazyInfantry 12 days ago +7

    Half way into the video and it's so good! Irene literally suits anything and everything! Mashallah!😍💗💗

  • Aishah Q.
    Aishah Q. 12 days ago +9

    Oh my God, Irene I’m left in awe of your beauty every. Single. Time. MashAllah 😍

  • Aaraani Aryan
    Aaraani Aryan 12 days ago +6

    I am first...Miss u sooo much princess alots of love n prayers from pakistan plz do a makeup collection video