BabyGirl (full movie)

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Baby Girl full movie

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  • Salalah Hassa
    Salalah Hassa 22 hours ago


  • Brittaney Wright
    Brittaney Wright Day ago +1

    Fast talking fools on the bus...*double eye rolls*

  • We Are Weirdos
    We Are Weirdos 2 days ago +3

    I still can't get over the fact that he was 10 years older, it's like a 10 yr old dating a 20 yr old .it's so weird 😶

    • We Are Weirdos
      We Are Weirdos 26 minutes ago +1

      Yea but it's weird cause she's a kid and he's a adult

    • Ranetta Maxwell
      Ranetta Maxwell 13 hours ago +1

      Jayz and beyonce is 10 years. Jayz is immature though. It depends.

  • Le petite Washer
    Le petite Washer 4 days ago +1

    Fucking victor, disgusting

  • Viktoria Buer
    Viktoria Buer 4 days ago

    I really don't like falling in love to men who are far too young than me.

  • Asfaloth 257
    Asfaloth 257 4 days ago +1

    That was a fricking good movie

  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas 4 days ago +1

    horndog ass mom. she is such a loser. like she prolly missed lena cause realized she will have no other choice but to take care of her baby boy.

  • Desho Diy crafts
    Desho Diy crafts 5 days ago +6

    Who else is watching today september16?

  • Vannessa VA
    Vannessa VA 5 days ago

    Is anyone gonna say anything about how that baby got genuinely upset and started crying when he witnessed the mother beating the boyfriend? The baby doesn't understand it's a movie and they are just acting. Child abuse?

  • Safi Shoe
    Safi Shoe 6 days ago +3

    Who is watching 15/9/2019 for frist time

  • Francky Nicolas
    Francky Nicolas 7 days ago


  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 8 days ago +15

    තේරුම් ගැනීමට ඇති ඔබ ආචාර්ය ජෝර්ජ් තේරුම් ඇති බව ඔබ වැය

  • Christajia Ard
    Christajia Ard 9 days ago +7

    I feel so bad for her😢

  • Dorene rachel
    Dorene rachel 13 days ago

    at last, she told her mom what happened, with her and her mother boyfriend😊😊😊✔✔

  • Sasouki Slamz
    Sasouki Slamz 13 days ago +3

    Wtf is she 16 am 14 e'd I look more old then her. She look like she's 11, 🤔🙄

  • unicorn1 unicorn
    unicorn1 unicorn 13 days ago

    All bad ppl r victors now 2 Victor's already

  • Vortex
    Vortex 14 days ago +64

    When your broke for Netflix youtube always got you 👍

  • Carmen Blake Official Account

    who is watching with me in september 2019?

  • Abike O. Washington
    Abike O. Washington 17 days ago

    Nicely Told, Beautiful story!!

  • Abigail Carrasco
    Abigail Carrasco 18 days ago

    Romeo Santos music!!!

  • suraj,8139077166 Sk
    suraj,8139077166 Sk 19 days ago


  • أعشقها Romantic
    أعشقها Romantic 20 days ago

    مرحبا بنات اكو بنت مراهقه تحب المص واللحس تجي خاص ممكن. يُرجى إضافتي إلى أصدقائك على TVclip

  • Melissa Winn
    Melissa Winn 20 days ago

    I haven't seen this movie 4 a while now

  • Berry Blaq
    Berry Blaq 20 days ago +1

    Who hate her mum like I do? 2019 still watching!

  • mutungi mark
    mutungi mark 21 day ago +6

    This guy moved in in just an hour's dating!!!! Lol

  • Jamilah Jones
    Jamilah Jones 21 day ago

    Good ass movie 🎥 🍿!!

  • Jessie Charadza Sithole

    Me too

  • Quddy
    Quddy 21 day ago +1

    Time for

    " *who is watching it in this year* "


  • fidel cruz
    fidel cruz 22 days ago +1

    I got all caught up with members of my family sorry about that.great movie!!!.

  • fidel cruz
    fidel cruz 22 days ago

    I know women like this, they will let men abuse them just to be with some one.pathetic she puts her kind hearted 16year old child out for a looser .she is going to change yeah she is going to change looser.and her friend is on the same path.

  • Iheoma Preciousk
    Iheoma Preciousk 22 days ago

    Lena's mum didn't try at all,how can she throw her sixteen year old daughter into the street bcos of a man, I mean why bother over a man when she have two beautiful children to love and cater for, tank God she realized her mistake and amended her way,family over every thing

  • Renata Jastrzebski
    Renata Jastrzebski 24 days ago +6

    So pleased that had a happy ending, it could have been very dark. Sweet movie.

  • Deon for Life Bent for Hope


  • مرتضئ الحساني

    The film is very beautiful and wonderful worth seeing

  • Mø Nëfïã
    Mø Nëfïã 27 days ago

    It had me in all emotions
    But great movie

  • KINGRAY_yt
    KINGRAY_yt 28 days ago

    Not me I was on vacation

  • Just A Nugget
    Just A Nugget Month ago +3

    The dirty perv after the daughter

  • Belinda Gill
    Belinda Gill Month ago +4

    How u gonna go out with man that's dating ur mom knowing the person he is ..

  • Agnes Atoni
    Agnes Atoni Month ago +3

    Defs need a Part 2 🙌

  • Nnaji Tracy
    Nnaji Tracy Month ago +2

    This is the best film I had to watch in night

  • InaS X FaN TuBe
    InaS X FaN TuBe Month ago +1


  • Britney Wilson
    Britney Wilson Month ago +2

    Its a good movie you scrolling in the comment section can watch it👍

  • Ashena Nairne
    Ashena Nairne Month ago +2

    Wow it was realistic

  • Kathleen Perez
    Kathleen Perez Month ago +12

    ඔහුගේ අලංකාර සැලැස්ම උල්ලංඝනය වී ඇති විට

  • live w¡th Linda
    live w¡th Linda Month ago


  • Deena Dawn
    Deena Dawn Month ago +4

    I felt very emotional after watching this movie, it is very matured and meaningful movie and it controls my emotion

  • Toru Alex
    Toru Alex Month ago

    I like this moive 2nd time watching. 😘

  • وجدان العنزي

    النهايه دائماً سعيده🌚❤️❤️

  • Benardo on the beat

    i wish i had a chance to talk with that little girl

  • saturn tingz
    saturn tingz Month ago

    26:11 scared the shit outta me

  • rabbi khan
    rabbi khan Month ago


  • Greybi Carranza
    Greybi Carranza Month ago +1

    This happen in real life

  • Shaiann S. John
    Shaiann S. John Month ago +1

    Lana is wrong she should tell her mother

  • Lexi Loves
    Lexi Loves Month ago +13

    *Mother starts to cry on the eggs*
    Lena- Ma don’t... *you’ll ruin the eggs*

  • Scarlet red Magic
    Scarlet red Magic Month ago +5

    The ending he said pizza was 15 dollars she gave him a 20 hmm he kept the change Jaja lol

  • Bernice Eixas
    Bernice Eixas Month ago


  • Leslie Albarran
    Leslie Albarran Month ago +1

    NGL reminds me of me and my moms relationship who some might say is toxic but we are just like this ..

  • Yingg Lopez
    Yingg Lopez Month ago

  • BZM.OC
    BZM.OC Month ago

    A fucking prevert come on now 🤦‍♀️

  • Uniqueka Baxter
    Uniqueka Baxter Month ago

    She sound so much like cardi b♥️♥️Like if agree