• Published on May 12, 2018
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  • Bryan Shoemaker
    Bryan Shoemaker 2 days ago

    I want..

  • IIIRotor
    IIIRotor 5 days ago

    IDKLIP right there for ya... LOL

  • you want a pizza me?

    30K today so $30 in 30 years?

  • Kusama Gamer
    Kusama Gamer 14 days ago

    make an other model for tuna fishing

  • gameflux
    gameflux 15 days ago

    Cool !

  • RobM
    RobM 15 days ago

    Yes, but can it Crysis 3?

  • logan siebert
    logan siebert 16 days ago

    super good for 3d scanning a house / business to rob..

  • SentireAeris
    SentireAeris 16 days ago

    Nobody's gonna' point out the dakimakura on the bed at 7:46? Ok then... XD

  • Oscar Muffin
    Oscar Muffin 16 days ago +1

    Costs 30k yet comes in a stupid carrying case that the bottom can fall off of.

  • Ice Carbon X
    Ice Carbon X 16 days ago

    Now buy a quantum computer and put the scanner it the middle of the galaxy.

  • Chris_P_Lettuce
    Chris_P_Lettuce 19 days ago

    I would use it for VR modelling. would that work?

    • Haas
      Haas 16 days ago

      Probably melt your average computer, unless you use some cloud processing computer.

  • CC13
    CC13 19 days ago

    I thought that was a mouse said no one evah

  • saultube44
    saultube44 19 days ago

    Seen this before, very interesting, but I see the points go off a volume for some reason, so I'd want is a more precise point cloud for a room instead of 60m radius with point going off objects

  • Joelmir Reyes
    Joelmir Reyes 21 day ago

    I'm in love of that equipment.

  • ThatSubieDude
    ThatSubieDude 21 day ago


  • bbpetrov
    bbpetrov 22 days ago

    can you 3D scan and send me a model of Maybach Exelero please

  • Taylor Clark
    Taylor Clark 22 days ago

    7:43 is that a dakimakura?

  • Ferib Hellscream
    Ferib Hellscream 23 days ago +1

    can we get the data? time to add a new office map to my csgo gameplay

  • The Mighty Voice
    The Mighty Voice 23 days ago

    This video is brought to you by thieves!

  • Trenify
    Trenify 23 days ago

    **looks at bottom right**

  • Marcus Cody
    Marcus Cody 24 days ago

    breaking bad

  • Anthony Paull
    Anthony Paull 24 days ago +1

    I bet the guy let out a sigh of relief every time Linus put the thing down

  • NeoPetMe
    NeoPetMe 25 days ago

    make them scans public so people can get to work making a vr version of the ltt office

  • Elendyel
    Elendyel 25 days ago

    Ive always wanted a 3D scanner so i clicked on the video. Not even 30secs into the video, that price o.O

  • SomePoorSap
    SomePoorSap 26 days ago

    That body pillow shows up in everything.

  • Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface

    $30,000 for smooth door action? How much for one, without a door?

  • babakht
    babakht 26 days ago +1

    5:00 What is Linus looking at? I think he's saying: whatever dude, can I go now?

  • Alteh
    Alteh 26 days ago

    Dayum 3 scans at once? iRacing sim should upgrade to these

  • Gonun
    Gonun 28 days ago

    don't need it, can't afford it, probably don't have a good enough PC to run it... BUT I WANT IT!

  • Dan Jacques
    Dan Jacques 28 days ago

    This machine replaces my job

  • vxnessa
    vxnessa 29 days ago

    I mean that would be a new way to send nudes

  • TheHolydruid
    TheHolydruid 29 days ago

    7:45 that pillow.. wow

  • Zigrifid
    Zigrifid 29 days ago

    7:45 is that an anime body pillow or whatever its called?

  • kjetil Bergesen
    kjetil Bergesen Month ago

    That is a Lidar

  • Ryan Voll
    Ryan Voll Month ago

    Are you Canadian?

  • Obnyr
    Obnyr Month ago

    It won't be long before somebody's scanning pron stars.

  • jacks films
    jacks films Month ago

    7:46 Anime Body Pillow

  • XxMsrSzprzxX
    XxMsrSzprzxX Month ago

    Imagine sitting in your office doing work and some guy is literally standing next to you advertising to you indirectly.

  • Alex Nightingale
    Alex Nightingale Month ago

    Build the model and release a playable 3D set tour demo ... LTT Simulator 2018

  • Rizki Budisatrio
    Rizki Budisatrio Month ago

    R u reupload this linus?

  • dragonamt
    dragonamt Month ago

    Linus, I am an ecologist and geographic information scientist. I am really glad you are bringing attention to this technology. This laser scanning technology, along with aerial LiDAR and PhoDAR, is pretty cutting edge stuff. The unit you demonstrated here is really special because it makes both true color photos and laser point scans so it can overlay a color map on the point clouds. It is truly bleeding edge and comparatively affordable.
    The tech has applications beyond just surveying and I wanted to mention a few of these application. You hinted at this application here but I think you viewers would be interested that some companies in the gaming and virtual reality industry are using this tech to create game and VR environments. The most important application of this technology has historically been for creating accurate topographic models used in flood modeling based on aerial LiDAR, sometimes supplemented with ground-based scans. This ground based LiDAR, in conjunction with aerial LiDAR and imagery, is also used by some ecologists and conservation biologists to reconstruct topography and vegetation structure for quantitative analysis. Quantifying the physical structure of the environment is important because the physical complexity of habitats impacts how animals use and move through their environment. Physical models can also be used to more accurately estimate carbon storage in forests and shrubland habitats. Archaeologists are using this technology to accurately document dig sites, recording artifact positions in soil strata with pinpoint accuracy.
    In the near future we should see laser scanners that not only combine color photos with point data but also combine hyperspectral imagery with point cloud data. Hyperspectral imagery includes UV, visible, near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths just like a spectrometer. Under controlled or natural light conditions, hyperspectral images can be used to infer chemical compositions for each data point.
    Keep up the cool videos on tech like this!

  • StrikerX1360
    StrikerX1360 Month ago

    You could make a Minecraft LMG headquarters

  • Alex S
    Alex S Month ago

    what's funny/crazy about this product is how cheap the manufacturing compared to the retail price is!

  • Adrian Stetco
    Adrian Stetco Month ago

    Awesome...needs a more Star Trek look ...reminds me a little of a kettle

  • Richard Arpin
    Richard Arpin Month ago

    Check out the Leica Pegasus Backpack!

  • Bilbo Baboon
    Bilbo Baboon Month ago

    i liked that little breaking bad meme in the start

  • David Adams
    David Adams Month ago

    Why don’t you try to 3D print your own custom watercooling loop, pipes, firings, and res, at least.

  • Nityanand Saswade
    Nityanand Saswade Month ago

    And the Daniel company's owner is like, now he also wants sponsorship for his videos even he got lots of views and money on by this video.s

  • Parzival
    Parzival Month ago

    Lol they have steam on those computers

  • VileStorms
    VileStorms Month ago

    My dad has a 100k dollar 3d scanner at his work, thats peasant shit linus

  • Scirocco City
    Scirocco City Month ago

    Lol who drives up to Kamloops? 🤣

  • firefang1343
    firefang1343 Month ago +1

    It would be revolutionary if it could make a 3d model of the room automatically, that you could just import into maya. still cool tho :)
    btw yes i know, you can still make a model yourself with that thing.

  • Byakuya Sama
    Byakuya Sama Month ago

    Is it is just me or does Excelsior sound like a spell from Harry Potter? Lol

  • Jason Joyner
    Jason Joyner Month ago

    My company uses similar equipment along with a scissor lift to create 3D as-built drawings for equipment installs inside the building.

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody Month ago

    It looks exactly like the point-defense anti-missile lasers in the BATTLETECH/Mechwarrior Universe, awesome!

  • iikk_a
    iikk_a Month ago

    3D acan your studio completely and so one will make it into a playable tour

  • Hohmlec
    Hohmlec Month ago

    in 6:47, linus are you the thanos, you rather not be.

  • Sebastian Baker
    Sebastian Baker Month ago

    I feel like for game design into real locations this could be amazing tech

  • Trevor H
    Trevor H Month ago

    Five Iron Frenzy sticker!!!!!

  • Leica BLK360
    Leica BLK360 Month ago

    Great video! We love the comments. It is great to see people's impressions of our tech. We're also glad you didn't drop it!

  • Hossam Saad
    Hossam Saad Month ago

    Brought to you by ThermalFake

  • ShamblerDK
    ShamblerDK Month ago

    ... why do you have a video studio setup in a bedroom?

  • 0003emanresu
    0003emanresu Month ago

    This technology is quite old news, those who works in construction survey or similar field knows what I mean. Of course, they used Leica's technology as primary scanner system, but Topcon, Trimble, GeoMax and so on, doing it too. Cool stuff. Had some luck to work with Trimble SX10 and it was super awesome.

  • tohtorigyro
    tohtorigyro Month ago

    remember euclideon? this is what they do these days.

  • Khaleb
    Khaleb Month ago


  • Huskyy
    Huskyy Month ago

    7:44 is this a Yoko body pillow from Gurren Lagann in the right corner?

  • Speed Demo
    Speed Demo Month ago

    Linus plays with a giant penis

  • Mario Nieto
    Mario Nieto Month ago

    That much money and it can't do dark colors.... lmao sounds like when they bring out a new cell phone model and only update the camera.

  • Fabian Laibin
    Fabian Laibin Month ago

    I wonder if it gets an error if you put it into a room made out of mirrors.

  • Chris Graves
    Chris Graves Month ago

    Now thats some cool 3d scanning tech!

  • Mc
    Mc Month ago

    Somebody make a map for an FPS game out oft that

  • ramesh raja
    ramesh raja Month ago

    Awesome cool👏

  • Justin Doherty
    Justin Doherty Month ago +1

    With enough scans in one area could you then input it in to a VR scenario so people could use a VR headset to roam around the LMG office

  • chris thorney
    chris thorney Month ago

    lol, "could hit it with a potato cannon", hahaha

  • Cameleon Films
    Cameleon Films Month ago

    Materport camera is $1500-2000 per unit. Basically the same thing

  • Colin Richard
    Colin Richard Month ago

    30.000 Canadian Rupees? Sweet, Ill take one for 20USD and a sandwich!

  • winners69
    winners69 Month ago

    Funny this should come up #linus Yesterday, was watching its big brother scanning a Fissure in Ethiopia that appeared overnight and the technology is been used by Geologists to measure it to gain valuable insight into how fast it is growing. Amazing Tech. Now, Linus, this is fantastic content for your channel. Will link the video as soon as I find it!

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson Month ago

    $18k room scanner, not even a link in the description, unsubscribe!!!

  • Sagar Ramsaransing
    Sagar Ramsaransing Month ago

    It's a shame you didn't make laser James do this video :(

  • Live Bush Broadcasting

    7:44 is that a fucking Yoko Dakimakura?

  • miguel alatorre calleja

    mmmm can you take this scans to unity to create maps inside of it D: ?

  • louie000007
    louie000007 Month ago

    0:40 = Area 51 video game

  • iZeL Industry
    iZeL Industry Month ago

    Better game maps ???

  • Tapaleurre
    Tapaleurre Month ago

    That daki still in linus office

  • awgoodrich8
    awgoodrich8 Month ago

    This would be a perfect tool for a crime scene investigation.

  • Rigknot
    Rigknot Month ago

    Is it just me or do I see a traverse on that screen?
    Gotta get em known points!

  • Decard Cain
    Decard Cain Month ago

    Rockstar should buy this and use this to scan a city and that would make GTA 6 or future GTA game more super crazy realistic.... 😲

  • Michael O'Leary
    Michael O'Leary Month ago

    Your phone can do the same it's all in the software

  • dika handika16
    dika handika16 Month ago

    just using euclideon ud solidscan homie to fill the spot in between point cloud yeahhhhhhhhhh

  • David Howes
    David Howes Month ago

    Wow that is awesome

  • GMMilambar
    GMMilambar Month ago

    Isn't this just a repackaging of the already existing LIDAR technology?

  • Crunchy Maggots
    Crunchy Maggots Month ago

    Okay, so how long until we get that 3ds Max file of the office converted into cs_linusmedia ?

  • LordOfMalice
    LordOfMalice Month ago

    Damn... That was cool! Imagine future AR/VR-Tech Games... Like *live* surrounding imagery snap shots with mobile VR/AR platforms... What about making the rooms in your house into a dungeon? Or back yard to a jungle where you watch a future remake of the "Predator" so fucking bad ass*

  • Robert Tinsey
    Robert Tinsey Month ago

    Should have had a fake unit to drop just to make people panic

  • Lauwer
    Lauwer Month ago

    7:35 the little steam popup

  • Alien
    Alien Month ago

    What a Bag of Freaking crap, I thought he was going to showcase 3D Scanners for 3D printing objects you've scanned, ... not freaking Commercial rubbish None of us could ever buy,... Looks like more Clickbait for Ad-Revenue, what a Scam!

    FZEHN Month ago

    i wish i will be delivered with Home Made High Fps RARE CPU in my house :( i wish i could have the blue and white PC SET UP :( :O its my Bday ( may 15 ) im begging : even if i lived from PHILIPINES
    1031 Labrea Subd. Commonwealth Quezon City

  • Muhammad Naufal Alauddin

    Does GTA V made the same way like this?

  • I Love Japan
    I Love Japan Month ago

    Is it possible to 3d print a realistic sex doll with a working front and back entry way for sexual purposes?

  • JellyPenguin
    JellyPenguin Month ago

    7:45 is that a body pillow I see?!