Mom tries to save son from falling then..

  • Mom tries to save son from falling then..
    In this ItsOwen video we look at crazy roller coaster ride fails compilation. She's slingshot / slingshot rides went very wrong ( gone wrong )
    #ride #slingshot #fail
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    Dad tries to save son from falling then.. ItsOwen
    i can break glass with my voice.. ItsOwen
    the glass wasn't strong enough.. ItsOwen
    kid throws up after her first kiss.. ItsOwen
    lady tries to fight him then.. (MUST WATCH!) ItsOwen
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  • ItsOwen
    ItsOwen  2 months ago +861


  • Esaak Khan
    Esaak Khan 2 days ago


  • Grain Cash gang Cash Cash Paper

    U said u he would fall off I am unsubscribing this channel

  • Grain Cash gang Cash Cash Paper

    You a liar

  • Linda Hadnott
    Linda Hadnott 3 days ago


  • Antwon Lembrick
    Antwon Lembrick 3 days ago

    Why can't I see the tities?!?!?!?

  • WolfPlays 589
    WolfPlays 589 3 days ago

    The girl :Yelling:JESUS

  • Monique waston
    Monique waston 3 days ago

    Can you please stop saying spider crying your air like that’s so old

  • Tatum Sneed
    Tatum Sneed 6 days ago

    he didn't even fall

  • Patricia Estrada
    Patricia Estrada 7 days ago

    Thats just a lie ther Will not be a spider on ther mouth or bed👿

  • Patricia Estrada
    Patricia Estrada 7 days ago

    It dose not sho the kid foling off😡

  • Ava J
    Ava J 10 days ago

    If you say that there is gonna be a spider in your ear while you're sleeping then you'll have a spider in your ear soon...

  • Galaxy grace
    Galaxy grace 17 days ago

    Someone fell on number 2

  • Tigerfamkaiden Wolf
    Tigerfamkaiden Wolf 20 days ago

    No where in this video do I see a kid fall of the ride

  • Valeria Castellanos
    Valeria Castellanos 24 days ago

    I hope that ok💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔😭💔😭💔

  • thunder in ohio
    thunder in ohio 25 days ago

    Lady:Oh Chase look
    She's blocking his face for real

  • Random Stuff
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  • Kacper Adamczewski
    Kacper Adamczewski 26 days ago

    Hello so we have this women who literally pukes every where😒😒😒

  • Me Alex
    Me Alex 28 days ago

    You know what your doing

  • Shinne Lotino
    Shinne Lotino 28 days ago

    Your fucking fake because its not falling just spliting dislike you booooooooo fake youtuber

  • Kordell The King
    Kordell The King Month ago

    He didn’t slip off the ride. This is a rip off

  • Enzo gaming trainspotter. Blackwood

    Ikr but Owen it's funny when they scream funny in the 5 th one

  • Xx Smol_Potato_xX :3


  • Fakhrullah 29
    Fakhrullah 29 Month ago

    Then this happens u say this thousand times but nothing fell of

  • GG Donuts
    GG Donuts Month ago

    omg the mom isint saving the kid shes puting her arm on him to comfort him cuz he's scared this is click bait😠😠

  • I F
    I F Month ago

    It's own Can you tell these people stop saying bad words

  • Blaire Angeles
    Blaire Angeles Month ago

    Damn THATS bad

  • Haylee and Toys
    Haylee and Toys Month ago

    can you do more of these

  • Sam Sung A Song !
    Sam Sung A Song ! Month ago

    4:33 i found the actual vid with no blur and block

  • LegendsGnereral
    LegendsGnereral Month ago

    what the fuck am i seeing

  • Cynthie Jessop
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  • Quinton Hill
    Quinton Hill Month ago

    Why did that happen

  • Ana Melgoza
    Ana Melgoza Month ago

    Umm... question for Owen when exactly did the kid even slip...don't even know I watch this guy

  • Query Damge
    Query Damge Month ago

    10:45 I give up for seeing the
    left side

  • Grayson Wynn
    Grayson Wynn Month ago

    You suck for not showing it

  • Gilbert Ndangam
    Gilbert Ndangam Month ago

    Who on God's earth would want to see a woman's middle paets

  • Brittany Carr
    Brittany Carr Month ago add me

  • Haylee Burch
    Haylee Burch Month ago

    Hey I'm on my sisters account and I'm 19 and that was hot when the girls pants was off dont plus plz

  • LAMA [SAN]
    LAMA [SAN] Month ago

    WTF 4:16

  • Nayan Kienno
    Nayan Kienno Month ago +1

    Uno reverse card

  • Jayme Moss
    Jayme Moss Month ago

    I don’t 😒🤢🤮

    IM MIKAYA Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 dis 😆 funny

  • Ellie Mathias
    Ellie Mathias Month ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so did you

  • Bieber Kid
    Bieber Kid Month ago

    Shut up with the spider crap

  • Diego Coronado Gaming Chanel

    I dare you to stop bluring the videos

  • Lea Palmer
    Lea Palmer Month ago

    Me:so nasty

  • Dylan Ferreira
    Dylan Ferreira Month ago

    Reporter: 2 dead and several injured
    Owen:I hope there all alright
    Me an intellectual: SOME OF THEM ARE DEAD BOOMER

  • Bella Sisk
    Bella Sisk Month ago

    Grab my people that I am with and LEAVE RIGHT THEN

  • Kodaksans
    Kodaksans Month ago

    To the people who liked the girls thing they creepy and gay

  • BurnedMcNugget
    BurnedMcNugget Month ago


  • Ellis D
    Ellis D Month ago

    I threw up to im scared to watch this now again

  • Brian Retriss
    Brian Retriss Month ago


  • Ligia Pillacela
    Ligia Pillacela Month ago

    Everyone go watch skydiverge. He doesn’t clickbait anything

  • Mylie The art student

    SLIP!? Literally I have watched a lot of your videos and nobody has actually fallen!

  • justin_2timezz god
    justin_2timezz god Month ago


  • justin_2timezz god
    justin_2timezz god Month ago

    i saw some

  • justin_2timezz god
    justin_2timezz god Month ago

    oh no

  • Naomi Powell
    Naomi Powell Month ago


  • Alfie John Leighton’s channel 2345

    I actually believed that he would fall of

  • Xantiago Gist
    Xantiago Gist Month ago

    Im done owen you better show a real fall!

  • Monce77 delgado
    Monce77 delgado Month ago +1

    1like=1iphone for the kid

  • Monce77 delgado
    Monce77 delgado Month ago

    Rip iphone

  • Aubrey Jane
    Aubrey Jane Month ago

    this is how you clike bate

  • Haiden Yoder
    Haiden Yoder Month ago

    you suck because you lied

  • Uma Larsson
    Uma Larsson Month ago

    "Sorry I had to block it I know you really wanna see it"
    Me: urrr no I do not wanna see it😂

  • Gangster Boy
    Gangster Boy 2 months ago

    Here tit was fliying

  • FaZe RK506_BUSTER
    FaZe RK506_BUSTER 2 months ago

    Must protect kids!

  • Taylor Couture
    Taylor Couture 2 months ago

    Stop with the clickbait plz

  • ragini jori
    ragini jori 2 months ago

    I am from India

  • Itz Messy Jessy
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  • Ryan Olson
    Ryan Olson 2 months ago +7

    I feel so bad for the girl how her pants fell down

  • g00py Le GrAnDe ?
    g00py Le GrAnDe ? 2 months ago

    Who was the TVclipr who was recording that women with the boyfriend

  • Luke Straight
    Luke Straight 2 months ago

    When you say are spiders gonna crawl in your ear while you’re sleeping I didn’t subscribe to you and a spider didn’t crawl in my ear and you just want people to subscribe to you so you can say is Spiderman crawl in your ear that really doesn’t happen you just say that so you people can subscribe to you

  • Single ladies
    Single ladies 2 months ago

    Video hot

  • Patpotato Patricia
    Patpotato Patricia 2 months ago

    Okay why does dis child ride da "slingshot" IS THIS ALLOWED?!! IS THIS ALLOWED!!

  • Lps Splash
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  • Cohen_dagamer
    Cohen_dagamer 2 months ago

    That kid should shut his mouth he screaming about his legs we she can’t do anything but is still mean

  • {wormy boi owo }
    {wormy boi owo } 2 months ago

    Spider: hmmmmmmm yeah great day to go in a roller coaster
    Roller coaster: humans ear
    Spider: hmmmm let’s look at my fastpass ear land a.k.a Disney land in the ear of the human
    Owen: * sleeps *
    Spider: great Owens ear yay
    Roller coaster: spider try’s not to throw up at the roller coaster
    Spider: * throws up *
    Spider: this was cool * throws up again * yay… yeah…hehe…yeah…bye
    Just a joke no offende ; - ;