The Best Starting 5 From Every Draft Class

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Which Draft Class is the Best?
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  • Harsh Realities
    Harsh Realities 18 minutes ago

    This dude is such an Embiid hater. Always finds some dumb excuse to rank Jokic higher even though biid is one of the most unstoppable forces in the paint when on offense and is an absolute MONSTER on defense.

  • abram gernale
    abram gernale 8 hours ago

    Drose is mvp

  • __DrJay__
    __DrJay__ 15 hours ago

    How u going to leave out cj McCollom like that??? Slide him or victor Olidipo and take out Dennis? The disrespect to cj honestly. Dude should be an all star

  • Zachary Gaming
    Zachary Gaming 17 hours ago +1


  • patrik32
    patrik32 Day ago

    Monta on his peak was much better than Lou Will and there is Granger over Miles anytime

  • Ya_boi_69
    Ya_boi_69 Day ago +1

    Oladipo- PG CJ- SG Giannis- SF Otto- PF Gobert- C (2013)

  • Felipe Godoi
    Felipe Godoi Day ago

    Where's embiid????

  • Tunners
    Tunners Day ago

    Holy shit your brain dead carrol is no where near demar

  • Garebearcards
    Garebearcards Day ago

    Drummond is an All-Star😂

  • Tyler Francescone

    I thought Kuzma is a Power Forward? But they even got Tatum and Lonzo off the bench that’s a good young 5

  • zain vidal
    zain vidal Day ago

    U think jokic is better than Embiid. Funny

  • Jerielle Balmores
    Jerielle Balmores 2 days ago

    Hello DeMar derozon

  • Truly 4
    Truly 4 2 days ago

    10:32 whatever kuzma has going on with his hair does not make a team look better

  • BrianThaGoat 27
    BrianThaGoat 27 2 days ago

    Do he not know who Lauri Markkanen is?

  • Sulo Daniel
    Sulo Daniel 2 days ago

    Derozan should play SF

  • Zoom Gaming
    Zoom Gaming 2 days ago

    he really said that kawhi is the best SF!?!??!! LeBron and KD?

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 3 days ago

    2017 draft class is really special
    Kyle Kuzma (Gonna be a Superstar)
    Donovan Mitchell (Gonna be a Superstar)
    Jayson Tatum (Gonna be a Superstar)
    Lonzo Ball (Gonna be a star or all star calibre)
    John Collins (Gonna be all star calibre)
    De'Aaron Fox (Gonna be a Border line Superstar)
    Bam Adebayo (not as good as everyone else but still could be very good)
    Most of these names will be rememberd for their greatness.

  • harish kumar
    harish kumar 3 days ago

    2011 is the best draft class. Hands down

  • Domenico Novella
    Domenico Novella 3 days ago +1

    Drummond over Draymond Green? Are you mad?

  • Oliver Rhodes
    Oliver Rhodes 3 days ago

    Embiid is better than Jokic. He is at least a little bit athletic.

  • Trevor Redford
    Trevor Redford 4 days ago

    McCollum> Oladipo

  • Elite_Potato
    Elite_Potato 5 days ago

    Um convington on the 3013 draft

  • Andre perez
    Andre perez 6 days ago

    2010 demarcus cousins how do you miss that

  • Andre perez
    Andre perez 6 days ago

    why dont you just start demar sf

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 6 days ago

    Kyrie is not the 3rd best pg

  • SunnyCombo 000
    SunnyCombo 000 7 days ago

    Jaren Jackson is better than Bagley

  • Joel Pushpa
    Joel Pushpa 8 days ago

    1.2015 2.2009 3.2014 4.2001 5.2010 my fav is 2015.

  • zeedagamer Ps4
    zeedagamer Ps4 9 days ago +1


  • Stl Dmacc
    Stl Dmacc 9 days ago

    The top 3 class is 2011, 2012, & 2017...The real deal best class ever in NBA History is 2003 NoCap

  • Fredd K .
    Fredd K . 13 days ago +1

    Bro y tf would exclude demar DeRozan nmmz bruh cuz he is a small forward in 2020🤦‍♂

  • Lito Ompad
    Lito Ompad 13 days ago

    I rather have D Rose than Gordon and DeRozan instead of Caroll

  • Terrence Jackson
    Terrence Jackson 13 days ago

    Aldridge natural position is PF tho

  • elfas rustusis
    elfas rustusis 13 days ago

    do players from team lebron who beats carmelo anthony ream

  • Neutral Genius
    Neutral Genius 13 days ago

    No Jaren Jackson Jr on the 2018 team? The hell was you watching last year?

  • Neutral Genius
    Neutral Genius 13 days ago

    This video wont age well

  • Gj Lipana
    Gj Lipana 13 days ago

    Wait hold up. Youll be bashed with that remark of kawhi being the best SF. I mean ur not wrong cause i have LBJ kawhi and KD being number 1 together

  • Fresh_doggo
    Fresh_doggo 14 days ago

    Andre Drummond has made the all star game twice 6:30

  • Kayse Ibrahim
    Kayse Ibrahim 14 days ago

    2009/10 u didn't mention demar derozan and Demarcus Cousin man u fucked up this video

  • Ron Edry
    Ron Edry 14 days ago

    Tatum over kuz

  • PerplexedMexican
    PerplexedMexican 14 days ago

    Kyrie is the 2nd best PG in the league years he had a bad year but he is still better than every other point guard other than Steph all because of shooting

  • Mikhail Sevillano
    Mikhail Sevillano 14 days ago

    I'd take Andrew Bynum over Andrew Bogut

  • Broken Glass
    Broken Glass 14 days ago

    Jaren Jackson JR > Marvin Bag...You tweaking hard af 🤦‍♂️

  • yeetus yeetus commit self deletus

    Wait im so late Lou joined in 2005?!

  • Bryl Dagalea
    Bryl Dagalea 15 days ago

    Drummond already has all star appearances though?

  • True Horizon
    True Horizon 16 days ago

    2009 draft class
    PG Stephen Curry
    SG James Harden
    SF DeMar DeRozan
    PF DeMarre Carroll
    C Blake Griffin
    You messed it up💀💀
    2011 messed up also
    PG Kyrie Irving
    SG Klay Thompson
    SF Jimmy Butler
    PF Kawhi Leonard
    C Nikola Vučević

  • Okmes Succc
    Okmes Succc 16 days ago

    Need one for every other draft

  • Aanik Bachhal
    Aanik Bachhal 16 days ago

    Did you just say Kylie is the 3rd best point guard. He is 2nd. He’s better then lillard

  • Fliptop TV
    Fliptop TV 16 days ago


    FORTNITE FEVER 16 days ago +1

    Why would you ever skip Joel embiid I can’t believe this guy

      FORTNITE FEVER 13 days ago

      Hahaha so true go sixers

    • Neutral Genius
      Neutral Genius 13 days ago

      Thats why he used 3 pt %. He knew not to compare the other half of basketball (Defense)

  • Yohann Ebah
    Yohann Ebah 17 days ago

    Ohhhhh D will
    D Rose
    D Derozan

  • MAGAS 23670
    MAGAS 23670 18 days ago

    Drummond is a all star

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 18 days ago

    Demar derozan at sf

  • VG Rankings
    VG Rankings 18 days ago

    2011 vs 2012.......I'M CONFUSED!

  • Timothy Sichone
    Timothy Sichone 18 days ago

    Whiteside over Cousins? Really?

  • Mdogplays
    Mdogplays 19 days ago +1


  • Mdogplays
    Mdogplays 19 days ago +1

    Derozan over Caroll

  • Mdogplays
    Mdogplays 19 days ago +1

    Derrick rose over eric gordon

  • Mdogplays
    Mdogplays 19 days ago +1

    Greg Oden in 07

  • Twice Sana
    Twice Sana 19 days ago

    03 wade melo bron bosh kaman 🔥👌
    No one can beat that !

  • Matteus Viitanen
    Matteus Viitanen 20 days ago

    Wtf this channel trash no mention of Lauri Markkanen bruh u dont know bout basketball