Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • Quavo, the brashest third of Migos, shows off his jewelry, from his busted-down glasses to his bold Crash Bandicoot piece, proving that no one can compete with the Atlanta rapper’s collection.
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    Quavo Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ
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  • Mzomba Dladla
    Mzomba Dladla Day ago

    Quavo:look at me spending
    Me:yeah.. Look at me saving for my future plans

  • Yeet Machine
    Yeet Machine Day ago

    D.A. babay

  • Carla Stevens
    Carla Stevens 5 days ago

    he so cute

  • Leo McGrail
    Leo McGrail 5 days ago

    He knows a lot about jewelry

  • Phong Trần
    Phong Trần 8 days ago

    The huncho rings look like OHO on his left arm. Should have used black diamond on the lettering or different color gold.

  • Rupert Scott
    Rupert Scott 9 days ago

    Get takeoff in this bih

  • Sophy kasingo
    Sophy kasingo 9 days ago

    and cardio

  • Ryan Lehmpuhl
    Ryan Lehmpuhl 12 days ago

    Has Yoda pendant.
    -you a big Star wars fan.

  • L. Drip
    L. Drip 12 days ago

    Fine ahh😍

    KING TUBE 13 days ago

    Do lil wayne

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus 14 days ago

    Make lil wyane

  • official lorenge
    official lorenge 19 days ago +1

    Are you a big star wars fan ? No 😂😂😂

  • Shauun Laberth
    Shauun Laberth 23 days ago

    I have more championship rings I have 9000 I have more than Honcho

  • Reyes
    Reyes 25 days ago

    Parece un tema

  • Kobi Korata
    Kobi Korata 27 days ago

    GQ come up with Takeoff

  • ClasiX Stars
    ClasiX Stars 27 days ago

    Just sitting here with monopoly money and plastic chains

  • Haks 1
    Haks 1 28 days ago

    Why does his voice sound auto tuned

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 28 days ago

    Sad KSI has a more expensive chain than most rapper 500k

  • carthonny .mega
    carthonny .mega 28 days ago


  • slaay Queen 199
    slaay Queen 199 28 days ago

    quavo chains are so icy and Fuego so is CJ so cool so is Rich the kids so is Travis Scott and Travis Scott in my name is Tavaris

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 29 days ago

    This whole video just called me poor

  • Tamika Crayton
    Tamika Crayton Month ago

    Am I the only one who didn't notice that quavo didn't have is Ratatouille chain

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima Month ago

    Takeoff solar system is on a league of it’s own

  • Tre_jamaican_gal Maxwell

    Ynw melly plz

  • Ehren Kellerwärter

    Please boonk Gang or blue face

  • Tabeeb Hossain
    Tabeeb Hossain Month ago

    What’s up it’s this dude and the word huncho

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    So much ice my feet got cold ❄️

  • Kai Gaming
    Kai Gaming Month ago

    Aye I knew that crash bandicoot Aku Aku mask was familiar

  • technology review
    technology review Month ago

    ‏حمل جود أم جود أم
    رئاسته سني اسري هيرتاستاتس اتيت عشرات

  • Jayson Garza
    Jayson Garza Month ago

    Quavo is my favorite out of all the migos

  • AraCeLy ConTrerAs
    AraCeLy ConTrerAs Month ago +1

    Bring take off

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK ! Month ago +1

    Let's see how big his book collection is! Oops he doesn't have one.🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Raymond Nieves
    Raymond Nieves Month ago

    Do fat joe

  • Gabriel Tocki
    Gabriel Tocki Month ago

    Guy : "Quavo what time is it?"
    Quavo :"Yessssirrr"

  • Sway Ssh
    Sway Ssh Month ago

    Like if quavo got the best jewelry in the game

  • R. Hunzala
    R. Hunzala Month ago

    Do Take off

  • Amine Belcaid
    Amine Belcaid Month ago


    JOHN DOE Month ago +1

    Iv never seen so much waste of money in 1 video! Jewelry loses so much value 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • kmoney moneyman
    kmoney moneyman Month ago


  • Khulan Ganbaatar
    Khulan Ganbaatar Month ago

    Who is he?

  • wally dre
    wally dre Month ago


  • Anyiah Brown
    Anyiah Brown Month ago

    He in the thousands I’m still in the ones place

  • Vadaski
    Vadaski Month ago +1

    My diamonds fight at night trynna get light so they shine real Bright..OOOOO

    ALTIN DÜNYASI Month ago


  • Justin Rowslerr
    Justin Rowslerr Month ago


  • Cesar Lucero
    Cesar Lucero Month ago

    You sound like lil pump

  • GödŠöñ ZaSkiWan

    Good bro

  • Loc Harris
    Loc Harris Month ago

    We need to do better stop being so dumb and spending your money on stuff they don't have no value did you see Steve Jobs with all that b******* on

  • Abdullah Abusham
    Abdullah Abusham Month ago +4

    Quavo: You caught me on my weak day

  • Un Drena Cromer
    Un Drena Cromer Month ago

    I like your jewelry it’s iceeeeeeeeeee !!!!

  • A&A Crew
    A&A Crew Month ago

    They should let nicki minaj& card I b do there ice

  • Trusoulja Tothend
    Trusoulja Tothend Month ago +4

    I want a dollar for every time he rubbed his hands together....

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago +9

    i love the way he talks i could listen to him talk all day

  • fran mellor
    fran mellor Month ago

    No class just vulgar

  • Straight Circle
    Straight Circle Month ago

    not even going to lie I was so happy when he said slick rick cause he is my cousin and no one really mentions him when I ever go to family parties. It's ind of sad cause I never get to see him either:/

    WOSOH RECORDS Month ago


  • Nuno Fernandes
    Nuno Fernandes Month ago


  • sanitymusic
    sanitymusic Month ago +1

    Floyd Mayweather Jewelry

  • Duraz Prod
    Duraz Prod Month ago

    Why does it sound like he’s inhaling when he’s speaking?

  • DD and V TV
    DD and V TV Month ago

    That lul orange rat looking thing

  • DD and V TV
    DD and V TV Month ago

    I remember that crash game too!!

  • Meme Paradise
    Meme Paradise Month ago +9

    This video called me broke in 74 languages 😂🤣

  • Metro Boomin
    Metro Boomin Month ago +2

    That was so much Money
    I wouldn't get so much money in my whole life that's so sad

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  • DM network
    DM network Month ago

    Chief keef like this one up

  • Morgan Walters
    Morgan Walters Month ago

    Black youngsters and yachts interviews made every body else look broke ...smh

  • Sydney R. Becker
    Sydney R. Becker Month ago

    Do Takeoff

  • GeT LikE ME
    GeT LikE ME Month ago

    MIGOS SUCK! #bringrapback

  • bajan girl
    bajan girl Month ago

    Does his mouth close? Or does he do that so people can see this teeth? To me that looks so stupid

  • scumbag supreme
    scumbag supreme Month ago +2

    Doctor told me I can’t wear my ice, might get that frostbite

  • joyal david
    joyal david Month ago

    any indians??

  • Delta Xerx
    Delta Xerx Month ago +1

    4:18 Are you a Big Star Wars fan?
    Quavo: humm...No

  • Tajay
    Tajay Month ago

    Takeoff next?!

  • I Channel
    I Channel Month ago

    tvclip.biz/video/TlL4orDlX80/video.html perfect Designing

  • Icygirlkava
    Icygirlkava Month ago

    Cuz my wrist so icy haha