Meryl Streep on The Post & Trump

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Meryl talks about her new movie The Post, and the relevance it has coming out during the Trump administration.
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    Meryl Streep on The Post & Trump
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Comments • 137

  • Morgoth from Angband

    She looks as if she really did drink that magic potion.

  • MarkR. Katzman
    MarkR. Katzman 2 months ago

    The egotists of Hollyweird just can't keep their ignorant mouths shut...she's an actress, that's all...and a fool to boot...people just don't get it - when they see her in a role they believe it and they believe that she's so's fantasy's called film...wake up...these elites live in the lap of luxury and then tell the rest of the country how we should live.

  • Colin Moore
    Colin Moore 4 months ago

    There Will Come A Time... They Won't Be Safe Walking Down The Street
    We have it all
    These people are stupid
    These people are sick
    These people are evil
    Patriots in control

  • C F
    C F 6 months ago

    Meryl Streep playing Meryl Streep....Again, and It`s also one of the most boring movies of all time but when entertainers think their so omnipotent that people should follow their political opinions and vote the way they tell them to then they truly are living in their own legends in their mind.... Ms Streep and Hanks de Niro etc can continue to live in the sun in their Palatial gated security controlled homes far away from the poverty stricken social housing of middle America yet they believe that these people living in poverty should listen to them preach to them about Trump !!!! these actors are delusional at best, middle America are not the deplorables of Hillary`s rhetoric she should have looked closer to home.

  • Travis S.
    Travis S. 6 months ago +2

    Is it me or does her character have a slightly toned down Miranda Priestley vibe to her? i MUST see this film!

  • MxrioArmando
    MxrioArmando 6 months ago

    The amazing thing is that the movie shows that the press didn't investigate in depth because they were friends with democrats, Nixon was an idiot but it was JFK and Johnson who lied and extended the war. That's what they movie shows, and the same thing happened with Obama and the media.
    They didn't cover as they were supposed to do, because they were all friends with them. Fast and furious one of the worst things Obama did, Scandal of the IRS, etc., and the press failed to give a honest objective investigation into it.

  • MagicalMusic34
    MagicalMusic34 7 months ago +2

    My Queen. Bloody hell, woman, you are mesmerising. 😍

  • Ravoniarisoa Norolalao Sidonie

    She is the best and funny actor

  • Tara Salehi
    Tara Salehi 11 months ago +5

    she is a literal goddess🦋

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby Year ago

    I always liked and respected Nixon and Thatcher. Two leaders that Meryl Streep has attacked.
    Meryl Streep has made it abundantly clear that she sides with the press. She thinks they inform people and are a force for good,
    but the truth is the press are poisonous biased manipulative liars and Meryl Streep is their biggest champion.

  • Alicia Parkhill
    Alicia Parkhill Year ago

    Meryl has had a public voice and platform for decades and choose to keep quite about abuse up until it served her to speak out. That fact is all I need to know about her character! Being a fan of Meryl for so many years, of her incredible acting talent I feel sad now because nothing goes untouched by the hypocrisy? We think we understand or know celebrities but we are in the dark about what's really going on and how deeply entertainment equates propaganda. It always has but this intensity on individual actors will destroy careers possibly lives. I feel Meryl will be the first of many to bear the fallout of over politicized entertainment.

    • Alicia Parkhill
      Alicia Parkhill 10 months ago

      Eva when she raced to give Roman Polanski a standing ovation, was it public knowledge he had raped a 14 year old girl? When she called Harvey Weinstein" god" at an award ceremony do you think it was because she didn't know anything about his nature and was pandering to his ego out of ignorance? Do you think her zip code keeping her from L A "gossip"negates her ability to judge a persons character after decades in the business? If you really believe she knew nothing you give her no credit as to being an intelligent person which I believe she is incredibly intelligent, and was complicit in best interest of her career.

    • EvaSofie
      EvaSofie 10 months ago +1

      Because you know for a fact she knew? Do you know she’s been vocal about women’s rights throughout most of her career? Probably not, because when she did speak out, although it would get some attention, it wouldn’t last long and would soon be forgotten. She is the type of woman Harvey Weinstein is afraid of. But he needed her for credibility, more than she ever needed him. So he had to prevent her from knowing anything. The fact that she doesn’t live in Hollywood, but all the way across the country, helped him too, since that meant she isn’t in many circles and doesn’t pay attention to gossip. Do you really think the woman who went up against the most powerful man in the world would keep quiet about the abuse of women? Come on.

  • Aly Nicoco
    Aly Nicoco Year ago

    This trash supports a child molester! Child molesters and the people that support them should disappear

  • Paula Luis
    Paula Luis Year ago

    Exelente filme.
    Este filme leva-nos a pensar se atualmente temos ou nao liberdade de expresao; se algumas noticias importantes sao filtradas ou nao...

  • Dave Tyler
    Dave Tyler Year ago

    I like how people can't see that the press lies and manipulates truth XD

  • धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर

    Trump just had to waste time defending himself from a fictional book pushed by media , and media crying they have problems in publishing against president in 2017?

  • Johnny Ripple
    Johnny Ripple Year ago

    Make millions more off of sex offenders while saying nothing. Typical hypocrite.
    This movie looks good though.

  • Mataniu Toomalatai
    Mataniu Toomalatai Year ago +2

    I love this woman ❤️😍

  • The Modern Dictator
    The Modern Dictator Year ago +1

    When will Meryl ever get old?

  • Mike Porter
    Mike Porter Year ago +1

    One of the best actress ever. But... SHE KNEW

  • Zoe Kulick Norrgard
    Zoe Kulick Norrgard Year ago +2

    Actually, it's not hard to believe that a paper wouldn't print something at the request of the White House. During the Bush Administration, James Risen, who wrote for the New York Times, tried to warn America about the illegal surveillance of American citizens. The New York Times did not allow his articles to be published at the request of the White House! He later came out with a book detailing many of the unlawful practices of that administration and won a Pulitzer Prize for it.

    • Dave Tyler
      Dave Tyler Year ago

      Zoe Kulick Norrgard u mean just like Obama did?

  • Andrea Lugo
    Andrea Lugo Year ago +5

    Meryl is so lovely 😍💕💐

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S Year ago +6

    And, Emily.... *looks down to check on her shoes*
    That's all! 🌚

    • BG
      BG 2 months ago

      😂😂😂💯💯💯 movie

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson Year ago +27

    I'm just a bewildered Canadian here. Isn't the government attacking the press supposed to be, oh, I don't know, UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?!?!?!?!? Wait...hold on...The GOP and the festering sack of sewage haven't actually read the Constitution. My bad. Carry on.

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago

      Dave Tyler That's ridiculous.

    • Dave Tyler
      Dave Tyler Year ago

      girlzeyeview if the truth wins then the media will die lol.

    • girlzeyeview
      girlzeyeview Year ago +1

      Yes, it's supposed to be. But we've got this wacko in the White House right now who seems to think he can do and say whatever he wants. And sadly, there are also too many people in this country that don't know the US Constitution nor their history and only blindly follow the blathering blowhard. The fact that we have a sitting president who calls hard working journalists "fake news" is nothing short of disgraceful. But I have a sneaking suspicion that truth will win in the long run.

    • Dave Tyler
      Dave Tyler Year ago

      Sandra Nelson I like how you think mega corporate news doesn't lie lol

    • Brendan Day
      Brendan Day Year ago

      Typical Canuck

  • koth
    koth Year ago +3

    Jimmy was baiting her to go in more on Trump

    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien Year ago

      koth Yes, it's a shame she didn't, although she has already made her perspective on his degeneracy clear.

  • E L
    E L Year ago


  • E L
    E L Year ago


  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper Year ago

    I'm so over Meryl's whole "fake humility" thing. It was cute for the first 40 years of her career, by now everyone lauds her sufficiently and it is clear that she is pretty much the top in her field, I don't need her to go "Ow.. dear... no nono teehee. the... the... b- ... b-b-b-be-.... bes... t??! WHAAAT? no no no never me ... so good... no..." meanwhile raking in and demanding several million a movie or something, you know damn well you are the best. So over the fakeness. Find a different "charismatic" way to deal with the compliments, this one is old.

  • lucas M
    lucas M Year ago

    She knew

  • arman gabrielian
    arman gabrielian Year ago +9

    I wonder if people would still be saying "she knew" Meryl if she were a conservative.

    • Dave Tyler
      Dave Tyler Year ago

      arman gabrielian yes and get career would be over

    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien Year ago +2

      I can't wait until these so-called "conservatives" try and start a film industry, because they hate Meryl Streep.

    • Serai3
      Serai3 Year ago +2

      Of course not. Wingnut hypocrisy can never recognize itself.

    • jack brandt
      jack brandt Year ago

      +arman gabrielian Well, if she was a conservative, she wouldn't have been hanging around with a leftist degenerate Jew like Weinstein, and if she was a conservative, Hollywood would have never cast her in anything, and she'd be long gone from the movie business and nobody would ever know who she was.

  • Harvey Mushman
    Harvey Mushman Year ago +1

    What an utterly vile hypocrite Meryl Streep is,in fact the whole room full of back slapping liberal Hollywood elite are,appauding Oprah and each other on #Metoo and #timesup etc now that the whole game has been exposed that they were complicit in staying silent about along with their dedicated press association that follow them around has been.
    They have to all join in with the act or they'll be tagged as involved and complicit though now,like they actually care about regular folk instead of their own success in their elite bubble
    Roman Polanski and Victor Salva are just the ones that got caught and convicted of raping children,but so many literally wined and dined with Weinstein,hopefully his outing will finally lift the lid of one of the world's worst kept secrets and many will face their consequences

  • SufamiDan
    SufamiDan Year ago

    Assault on the press? The press is mostly full of liars and bullshitters. Screw them.

  • margot denis
    margot denis Year ago +8

    Queen Meryl 😍😍

    • margot denis
      margot denis Year ago

      Serai3 huh ?

    • Serai3
      Serai3 Year ago

      And what wonders have you accomplished in life?

  • Illogical Immigrant


  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird Year ago +1

    people dont see the whole truth
    she is not talking about her own political beliefs, she is talking about political beliefs of her sponsors a.k.a. people, who want to seek control over the country to gain power and money

  • Sheila Dey
    Sheila Dey Year ago +20

    The greatest actress of all time Meryl Streep

  • evancortez2
    evancortez2 Year ago +6

    people are sick and tired of hollywood and it's hypocrisy and arrogance, the best way to punish these people is to hit them where it hurts them the most: their wallets! Don't go see their movies, don't watch their TV shows, don't buy their books, don't buy legitimate DVDs, don't buy legitimate CDs - don't give them any more of your hard earned money

    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien Year ago

      Enjoy your time on the desert island.

    • Ollie B
      Ollie B Year ago +4

      "People are sick and tired of hollywood"
      Speak for yourself.

    • nigel65deck
      nigel65deck Year ago +5

      More popcorn for us. have fun reading the comics in Breitbart

  • Louise Donna
    Louise Donna Year ago +70

    People, stop hating a woman and write disgusting comments. Begin to fight against those you really need, start fighting for women, not against one of them.
    Turn to the right problem, do not waste time on lies and rumors.

    • Nana Muskuri
      Nana Muskuri 2 months ago

      oh she fight for women my ass. all this celebrity they are out of touch with hard working Americans. this celebrity just say something sometimes, to show fake worry for ordinary people. they are all billionaires who dont care about simple man.

    • EvaSofie
      EvaSofie 10 months ago +1

      That, she never said, so you are spreading lies.

    • Aly Nicoco
      Aly Nicoco Year ago +2

      And it's not a lie or rumor she has said she admires, loves, and thinks Roman Polanski is a great man despite knowing he has molested multiple children!!!!!!

    • Aly Nicoco
      Aly Nicoco Year ago +1

      You know this trash supports a child molester?! There's nothing worse than that in my opinion

  • foxhound13
    foxhound13 Year ago

    I see comments on her about harvey. I may not know if that's true or not, but because of her a lot of good apple farmers in the 80s lost the farm because of her ignorance and her stupid mouth.

  • Oscar Ft
    Oscar Ft Year ago +1

    Hollywood is full of secrets, kiss asses and phonies, hard to watch these interviews and pretend they are good people while in fact they are just over-previliged

    • Tiffany Stevens
      Tiffany Stevens 6 months ago

      Oscar Ft So is the fact that ignorant Trump supporters like you still support a complete orange moron! #queenmeryl

  • Richard Wyant
    Richard Wyant Year ago +7

    She defended and applauded child molester Roman Polanski...she may be a good actress but she’s one lying hypocritical human being...she knew what Weinstein was doing and said nothing till it became a thing...

    • Notwen 97
      Notwen 97 Year ago +3

      Why on earth if you hate her but still watch her trailer and actually care so much about her that you need to comment on this video, what makes you so obsess with Meryl?

    • Paul Kamin
      Paul Kamin Year ago +21

      How do you know? Cause "there's no way she didn't know"? Get facts before slandering. Just cause she herself wasn't a silence breaker doesn't mean she was complicit in anyway. If we attack her, we might as well attack every other actress in Hollywood. And btw, you really gonna single her out for Polanksi? He's been working steadily since the charges, so you might as well attack every actor in all of his movies since, and the Academy for giving him best director for The Pianist

  • 7down bo
    7down bo Year ago +43

    she can act sooo gooood maaan

  • walter906_ffg
    walter906_ffg Year ago +2


    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien Year ago

      Serai3 which part? That Nixon's criminality was exposed by The Washington Post? Is that what's insufferable? You probably hate the Washington Post as much as Trump does, and as much as Nixon did. Hopefully, Trump won't be able to destroy the Free Press, although I'm sure you'd be delighted to help him.

    • Serai3
      Serai3 Year ago +1

      Jealous much?

  • Cesar Leto
    Cesar Leto Year ago +2

    Why people sending the hate to her?? Did she rape or sexually attacked women? NO! It's those men on power on Hollywood, they are the onces who ruined women's lives. Yet again people find away to turn the hate to women.

  • Dhm Dhm
    Dhm Dhm Year ago +41

    She is amazing just her acting is mesmerising goddess

  • Notwen 97
    Notwen 97 Year ago +62

    Her acting is god level in the post, she will win the forth one

    • Timothy O'Brien
      Timothy O'Brien Year ago

      Notwen 97 He's just commenting in the vein of his fearless leader... You know, the failing New York Times, etcetera. It doesn't have to resemble the truth.

    • Notwen 97
      Notwen 97 Year ago +1

      jack brandt what matters the most is not about the box office, its about popularity and respect, i am sure she got your attention, and you as her fan watch out her trailer, and you said no body care but you watch her trailer and you commented on it, wow, you re contradicting man, choose a side maybe?

    • Notwen 97
      Notwen 97 Year ago

      ruthiehensh what makes you so hate her and me that you come back 4hours later just to comment on my post?

    • ruthiehensh
      ruthiehensh Year ago +1

      hahahaha you are an idiot

    • jack brandt
      jack brandt Year ago +1

      +Notwen 97 What will it matter, nobody will go see this fossil in another bad movie, just like nobody saw all the box office bombs she's made in the last 10 years. Her and Hanks have been box office poison for a while.

  • MB3448
    MB3448 Year ago +47

    Oh that acting was amazing I am so mesmerized.

  • Tina Ho
    Tina Ho Year ago +1

    Big talk from a lady who supports men who rape children.

  • RAH !
    RAH ! Year ago

    I cringed when she started to praise SS. Hope he isn’t a metoo.

  • Whiplash95
    Whiplash95 Year ago +7

    Awesome let’s talk about how awesome Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski are Meryl. Anyways Three Billboards and Dunkirk are way better than this obvious Oscar bait movie anyhow.

  • Cen3bp
    Cen3bp Year ago +8

    She *knew!!

  • TwArDxL
    TwArDxL Year ago +14

    Can Meryl get it?

  • Two-Face
    Two-Face Year ago +8

    Great movie

    • sweet rocka
      sweet rocka Year ago +1

      From a woman who stayed silent on Weinstein

  • TheBrownLamb
    TheBrownLamb Year ago +6

    When it’s 2018 and you still support Trump after all his bullshit 💀💀💀

  • Two-Face
    Two-Face Year ago +7

    This will be a fun comment section

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Year ago +24

    Hey Meryl, is Harvey Weinstein still God? You paid off corporate liberal mouthpiece!

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 11 months ago

      I hear J Law's new movie is tanking big time. One more step toward being spit out of the entertainment business at the bottom of the porn industry.

    • andelwa mfeka
      andelwa mfeka 11 months ago

      Mike Hunt yes still god

    • Fire Blade
      Fire Blade Year ago +1

      Milly Borkovic Why are you defending Meryl? Everyone who is responsible in hiding it deserve hate and public boycott. Especially the so called fighters for women rights, who when had to go out of their own way and take a stand kept quiet.

  • New Message
    New Message Year ago +121

    "Is it a coincidence that this movie came out now...?"
    The answer is no.
    That should be read really, really loud.

    • Eduardo Nogueras
      Eduardo Nogueras Year ago +2

      Steven Spielberg, The Director, said than when production started, that was his intention all along. So to your point, yes it was on purpose.

    • Kamron Grant
      Kamron Grant Year ago +1

      ... Yes... ... and No. More no, but yes just a little some but a lot more no than yes. But yes is significant, however, no is still the majority. But in most cases like this... Yes wins.

  • Nicotine46
    Nicotine46 Year ago +41

    0:23 Did she look directly into the camera? That's weird..

    • Serai3
      Serai3 Year ago +2

      Get a life.

    • Matt D
      Matt D Year ago +4

      Nicotine46 Why does it have to be weird, it makes it more authentic seeing as how she was contemplating something. There doesn't need to be a fourth wall.

    • Laylla's Locker
      Laylla's Locker Year ago +4

      No, she did not.

    • Rachel Trainor
      Rachel Trainor Year ago +4

      Idk but it reminded me of house of cards

    • Sharlene Looker
      Sharlene Looker Year ago

      Nicotine46 yeah, what was that about?

  • Short Funny Vids
    Short Funny Vids Year ago +1

    Dilly dilly