Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:

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  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 43 minutes ago

    She's a liar. Or doesn't know truth, speaking false narratives that school teaches.

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 44 minutes ago

    Neurumberg killed nobodies,

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 45 minutes ago

    It's not illegal to carry a swastika that's just some gibberish of america talking about Germany. I'm Austrian in decent I know a part of Germaine business and special projects, and theirs plenty swastikas and tech of its form. Outlawed, ye from themouth of American English appointed priminister... theirs plenty good nazis, otherwise you'd all be Nazis right now, they gave the American branch the atom bomb. Not saying they were good, just some are, your indoctrinated into it through ability, not choice, choice is in what you do once in...sit out or apply. Great topic of conversation and thought. Evolve joe, nazis were scientists that worked outside of royal dictated scientific understandings. Different humans, one is born with emotional bodies the other without, and instead given higher logic.. in replacement of emotion, integration happens of both separations but not in all, always. like with the non Nazi factions.

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of 58 minutes ago

    No fucker outside the nazis inner circles know top nazis.... their as compartmentalised and devised, as the black ops of america, 2nd gen probably, tho separate from the Austrian and German branches.

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of Hour ago

    Dis info/counterintelligence opperative/agent? Paid journalists are hired help. Inside 'intelligence' system.

  • Ron Gavalik
    Ron Gavalik Hour ago

    There is ZERO evidence that the Soviets would have incorporated Nazis into their state programs, had the U.S. not thirsted for conquest. If anything, circumstantial evidence points toward the Soviets shooting each of them in their heads, despite their knowledge. This is a modern U.S. rationalization for forgiving past actors for immoral deeds. Furthermore, our scientists would have got there on our own. After the war, our universities skyrocketed with STEM research.
    The Soviets were a terrible, totalitarian regime. I'm not defending them. However, they fucking hated the Nazis. 27,000,000 of their citizens dead. Every family suffered. The communists were attacked twice by the Germans inside of 40 years. I just don't believe anyone in the Soviet power structure would have ever allowed a Nazi to live and profit from their collective society. It's just antithetical to who they were and what they wanted.

  • Bo Face Of
    Bo Face Of Hour ago

    The nazis are as spread as christians differentially, 70% of nazis hold, intelligence, 29% hold force or will, 1% racist. christians 90% are retards 5% intelligent and 5% pedo. Type thing. Germany wasn't even the centre of Nazi projects or systems of function and workable ideologies. I think the nazis used ancient principles to get off world and interdimensional beings.

  • The Sulking Primarch Morty

    They had bigass goggles.

  • MrVcherry72
    MrVcherry72 Hour ago

    I can't believe as smart as most of you claim to be you haven't figured this thing out yet. You have all the clues. Maybe you just don't want to hear the Truth. The cognitive dissonance is deep with you guys. Ok look at the evidence The Belfort agreement after WWII, Hitler and his closest cronies never found or captured. The German/Nazi descendants in Argentina. Operation paper clip. The top scientists came to America. And led various developments in this country from technology to biology to include VACCINATIONS. The current relationship with the US and Israel. The Jewish people controlling media, Hollywood i.e. propaganda. Like I said you should have been able to figure it out by now. You have all the clues. This should awake you to who you are, and who the US is. Simple question, Was Hitler attempting to conquer the world? I wonder who the man behind the curtain was to hitler. Hint they travel from Britain to Israel to America often. Next question, who has the most military bases on the planet? Wake up. There's levels to this people.

  • J. Weatherford
    J. Weatherford 2 hours ago

    That voice! I will pay a gold farthing and a fat goose if she will come and just read to me when I have insomnia. Makes me melt and second guess my life choices

  • makaylagirl808
    makaylagirl808 3 hours ago


  • Henry Ruiz
    Henry Ruiz 3 hours ago

    I just learned some years of knowledge with this podcast thanks joe rogan

  • René Larsen
    René Larsen 3 hours ago

    The catholic church helped nazies escape europe..

  • Food For All Worldwide

    Er, plenty of current American scientists making better weapons to kill people.

  • Nomad r.
    Nomad r. 4 hours ago

    We even cares about this if it wasn't for those those Germans coming to work for us we'd be speaking Japanese right now

  • Pedro Gordinho
    Pedro Gordinho 5 hours ago

    Thats a good question for the American military.

  • Cryptosilver Loverboy
    Cryptosilver Loverboy 5 hours ago +1

    this lady talks a lot of shit, first of all, both world wars had been international endeavors, the elite, globalists, deep state or whatever you want to call them and many zionists made sure that the USA entered the first world war because they wanted Israel thus the Balfour declaration from the Rothschilds and it was also a depopulation program as well. They never mention how much crueler the Japanese had been with studying people as the nazi Mengele did or the Chinese killing over 100 million of their own people, the fact that over 50 million Russian Christians and 14 Ukraine Christians had been killed by the lords of the soviets who are jews but NOBODY FUCKING TALKS about this. My grandmother was in Auschwitz and yes that was bad but what about the gulags that operated until the end of the soviet fall, over hundreds of camps, or what about in 1901 when the USA committed genocide on the Philippines peopüle, a fucking fact but no, oh the nazi this and that, fuck you. Or the 3 million civilian Bangladeshi people killed by the Pakistani Islamic army in 1971 and made them turn to be Muslim and that is why most are Muslim today, the stories are endless, not to mention the 500,000 thousand kids killed in Iraq by the USA and to find out that the war should have never happened just as Syria but Israel needed Syria out of the way because of the soon enough to come war with Iran. In Israel, the people are doing great that almost all have more than one computer and their population has increased but the Palestinians are less and less and they lose more land by the day and the world ignores the most powerful Jewish bankster mafiosos. I´m part Jewish but the fucking truth is the fucking truth, period, wake up people. there are bad apples everywhere and the Germans are by far not the worst. They enabled jews to flourish and the jews ended up buying up all judges and they only helped each other, they looked down at Christians as well and to top it off they fucked the germans royally by having the Americans come in and bomb the shit out of the germans in world war one and people do not forget this, the Germans are good people and do not have this greedy way of saying, oh we have to work against all, no, we help everyone and get fucked by minority groups that only care about themselves just as today with the Muslim Turks, they hate Christianity, they only help each other, in turkey they have destroyed almost all churches, maybe 2 or 3 left, but in Germany over 1000 but this will change, they are pushing the germans too far and a civil war will take care of it just like in the USA with the fucking leftist communist Antifa fuckers, they will be destroyed by the strong conservatives as soon as a civil war breaks out. these things will happen. Then atheist Rogan most likely is happy about Christians in Russia getting killed. He talks so bad about germans as if they are the evilest, fuck his ass as well, he is always kissing the leftists ass so he has no problems with youtube and to get a broader audience, such an ass kisser or just fucking ignorant. Hitler was funded by Jews and Americans as well. Henry Ford, Rockafellar, Rothchild, and friends who wanted nothing more than Israel, thank god more and more jews are turning to Jesus, there are over 300,000 thousand of them and they do not have it easy, in Jewish religious books okay, the Talmud, there are hundreds of very bad sayings of Jesus in it but do you think that they will tell you that, oh no just support Israel and send them money and let your kids die in their wars but they shit on JESUS OKAY! With the jews of Jesus and the gentile Christians moving forward, we will be fine as we are coming close to the end times, the signs are just everywhere.

    • Cryptosilver Loverboy
      Cryptosilver Loverboy 5 hours ago +1

      The USA is the leader in military weapons and medicine because of all the germans that they took from Germany, over 4000 by the way.

  • kai russell
    kai russell 6 hours ago

    10:06 " he was Nossa's "
    Nosa? Really? Its N.A.S.A. how does it become nosa

  • Dustin Luthro
    Dustin Luthro 7 hours ago

    Talking about evil shit, I want to hear about Japan in WW2.

  • SkyPatrick SS Apollo
    SkyPatrick SS Apollo 7 hours ago +1

    How did they allow Jewish criminals into America?

  • ienjoyblazing
    ienjoyblazing 7 hours ago

    I love how he connects it to Genghis because yes it all is very intriguing. but sad. you cannot reason wit a tiger when your head is in its mouth! haha noooo hitler was too small he was def a tigon. annoying little bastards.

  • Jay 1989
    Jay 1989 8 hours ago


  • Holzpfanne
    Holzpfanne 10 hours ago

    Joe should get Robert Clary on here. What a lifestory from Auschwitz to Hollywood.

  • Holzpfanne
    Holzpfanne 10 hours ago

    The scar (Schmiss) goes back before Nazis. 19th century fraternaties were doing it in elite circles. Probably goes back longer than that and still happens today in those fraternaties (schlagende Verbindungen). I havent seen people with such large scars as in those pictures, but shorter cuts on the cheek or forehead.

  • flclub54
    flclub54 10 hours ago

    Joe "I interrupt my guests" Rogan

  • Allen Yates
    Allen Yates 12 hours ago

    There was a guy that lived in my small town that had number from a concentration camp from ww2 I will never forget that that looked like on his forearm. Crazy crazy god rest his soul he was a really good man.

  • ArtisLife 242
    ArtisLife 242 14 hours ago

    Yo does she look like Lisa Ann to anyway else? 🤨

  • you2099
    you2099 16 hours ago

    23:00 - 23:19 They're doing, and have done, worse now. But you would never know, because they also control the means of dissemination.

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 16 hours ago +1

    They did not consider them people because they dehumanized them into objects and the enemy. This basic form of dehuminization is still used today. Just look at the media dehumizing everyone to progress the New World Order. It is not going to stop until they have control over the the entire Earth. Specifically it's the Hegelian Dialectic. Read Hegal. The truth will set you free and get me banned again.

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 16 hours ago

    The Nazi's did the same thing as the Bulshevic Revolution 1917 in Russia. National Socialist Workers Party = Nazi's. It's the same old play book.

    • Smoke.Jaguar
      Smoke.Jaguar 7 hours ago

      No they didn't - Nazis operated in their system and gave powerful capitalist backers like Krupp big fat government contracts. The Bolsheviks on the other hand overthrew the Tzarist autocracy, building a new system with the direct, enthusiastic participation and support from the people - and all this despite an attempted 14 nation foreign military intervention - getcho facts straight

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 16 hours ago*/

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 16 hours ago

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 16 hours ago

  • Christopher Elmer
    Christopher Elmer 17 hours ago +1

  • Don Cappo
    Don Cappo 18 hours ago

    Would fuck for that voice alone

  • Chaos Reigns
    Chaos Reigns 19 hours ago

    And the sad thing, most kids these days refuse to learn this stuff because the mere mention of Nazi's is offensive...
    As for them thinking about what they have done, they knew they had gotten away with their atrocities...

  • DelireWeb
    DelireWeb 19 hours ago

    2:30 Worst thing is that Von Brown wasn't even the best Rocket Scientist. Else USA would've successfully launched such rocket before USSR. They were still struggling with this while USSR was sending dogs and people into orbit.

  • joshua fiddy allen
    joshua fiddy allen 21 hour ago

    her voice is amaze i love it

  • K w
    K w Day ago

    At the end of the war the russians did the exact same thing, it was competition for the spoils of war but most people don't realise that the advances from this directly led to the cold War.

  • eddielee41
    eddielee41 Day ago

    I wonder if she has any information linking the Nazis from Paperclip to the Eugenics movement in America. I know that a guy on Margaret Sanger's board spoke to the Nazis. Plus we have information of how thousands of black women were sterilized from the 30s through the 60s.

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton Day ago +4

    This chic would make 20 times more money having a phone sex line. Than she will writing books.

  • michaeldublg
    michaeldublg Day ago

    I love you Joe, but von Braun was not a Nazi. It's a historical fact that he had no interest in the politics of Nazis. All he wanted to do was go to space. Helping the Nazis was a necessary evil which kept him alive while allowing him to indulge in his passion.

  • jesse caldwell
    jesse caldwell Day ago

    Sexy voice..

  • Zokes The Cat
    Zokes The Cat Day ago +1

    Any ladies want to give me head?

  • Eric Marley
    Eric Marley Day ago

    0:24 Wernher von Braun wasn't friends with Hitler. Hitler actually disliked Braun and considered him to be a childish eccentric who only joined the Nazi party to test his thoeries on rockets (the latter part is true). There is no evidence to suggest that Braun considered the Nazi party to be anything more than a means to an end and a tool for him to, as Hitler said, "play with rockets."

  • Noble Nemesis
    Noble Nemesis Day ago +1

    These guys were coveted by the top brass Nazis not quite necessarily because they were good Nazis, but rather because those top brass knew that they weren't going to get in the way of the ideology and they would serve a purpose and do as they were told- just as long as they could be left alone with a blank check. That blank check and their indifference is exactly why we got that boom in tech/knowledge. Mystifying and conflating oldschool German/European bourgeois culture with Nazi culture is a bit of a stretch, and kind of a silly thing to do on such a popular podcast. I suggest those of you who might read this look up the word "Schmiss" and how it was older than nazism

  • Fritz Leschenbranner

    So the Simon weisenthall center for lies said what about Werner Von Braunn?

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name 2 days ago +3

    I want that woman to whisper in my ear as i fall asleep

  • sammy hill
    sammy hill 2 days ago +1

    If you are talking about the agenda., and your not dead 💀.., you are a part of the agenda.........,

    • PaulUnit5000
      PaulUnit5000 5 hours ago

      Original matrix creator and former freemason tom althouse unveiled alota shit and hes not dead. However, he's been gangstalked, his 2 sons were murdered and his daughter was recruited by elite handlers at a young age, brainwashed into despising him. Tere joyce's channel he goes in depth with everything, including pat roberstons sex ring at disney along with michael eisner.

    • Miss Gail
      Miss Gail Day ago


  • PlanckOver2Pi
    PlanckOver2Pi 2 days ago +9

    The dueling scars are not a Nazi thing. The duels themselves are a very old tradition among university students. The students were organised in groups similar to fraternities and dueling is a part of that old tradition. In fact these traditions are still upheld today. The duels are not life threatening and follow very strict rules. Back in the day those scars were seen as a symbol of the academic elite, hence the horse hair. Today the injuries are treated properly and not as obvious.
    Very interesting story though.

    • Michael Fussell
      Michael Fussell 21 hour ago

      It wasn't exactly a Nazi thing I agree, but was definitely a German and Austrian badge of honor to have dueling scars.

  • Alexander Toenshoff
    Alexander Toenshoff 2 days ago

    dude.... her books ... are fucking terrible

    the most ridiculous combination of buzzfeed type paragraphs on people that even the most marginal role in anything

  • LD LD
    LD LD 2 days ago +2

    "dueling scars" cough satanic ritual scars cough

  • Vadim Boureanu
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  • andy marfo
    andy marfo 2 days ago

    Wow what a voice , holy shit !

  • yoyo proyo
    yoyo proyo 2 days ago

    whisper~~~hail hydra~~~

    JEFF RAD 2 days ago +14

    That voice got every one to spill all them top secret information.

  • Rev R
    Rev R 2 days ago

    seems like to me that ww2 was jus one big experiment ... and the jews were made out to be lower then low jus for the experiments... then when it was all done and over with... everyone collected the people with the information... ww2 was alot of things esp. a money pocket for military industrials...

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs 2 days ago

    Get david irving on then eh? Dare you.

  • spencer atkins
    spencer atkins 2 days ago +1

    wow, what an amazing person. please invite her back joe!

  • don't worry about it

    Yes the Nazi were really horrible people. But look at America’s history. It’s just as bad if not worse. You have people that were extreme racist (obviously against black people) who are still honored and celebrated by our society. If you were racist against Jews you are a horrible person if you are racist against black people then it’s “Did you say something or you need something”. Sick and twisted shit.