• Published on Jan 25, 2015
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Comments • 40 609

  • Dennis connell
    Dennis connell 2 days ago


  • playdoheater1
    playdoheater1 3 days ago

    bitch ass muslims cant even eat meat 😂

  • Pui Pui
    Pui Pui 3 days ago

    Plot Twist: *Its pork bacon from Turkey*

  • ImIk Fun Arts Productions


  • TechDiscovery
    TechDiscovery 6 days ago

    Eating pork is like finding out you got a sexyally transmitted disease ... i think they under reacted if anything 🤣

  • Anas Hussain
    Anas Hussain 7 days ago

    It’s turkey bacon but it’s not halal it doesn’t say halal on the package

  • sk sunil smith
    sk sunil smith 8 days ago

    Give it to Indian Muslim they eat like chiken kabab 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Box K1
    Box K1 8 days ago

    let the jihad begin

  • N M
    N M 8 days ago

    Im eating bacon rn 🐖🐷🥓

  • Niko
    Niko 9 days ago +1

    are these guys gay for each others?

  • Mr. Cookie Guy
    Mr. Cookie Guy 9 days ago

    Recommend on 911 🤷‍♂️

  • AeroFiles
    AeroFiles 9 days ago +2

    This is so fucked up it's wrong to eat bacon but completely ok to eat every other animals????? This society

    • AeroFiles
      AeroFiles 7 days ago

      @Kharlie [NAN1]constipation I'm not against their religion. It's not required t o eat meat as a Muslim. Allah is not like "oh you don't eat meat so you can't be muslim."

    • Kharlie [NAN1]constipation
      Kharlie [NAN1]constipation 7 days ago

      its apart of their religion

  • Kim jong-un
    Kim jong-un 10 days ago

    I thought they gonna blow themselves

  • U.S.A
    U.S.A 11 days ago

    Damn I was really hoping someone was gonna say "I dont give a fuck it's good"

  • DARK
    DARK 12 days ago

    3:52 lol lets go cook some more of this shit

  • Niko
    Niko 15 days ago +1

    As a Muslim I say we should all just eat bacon 👍🤠

    • Niko
      Niko 2 days ago

      @Veyross bacon

    • Niko
      Niko 3 days ago

      @Veyross you are boy who cried wolf

    • Veyross
      Veyross 3 days ago

      Niko this world better without you because you full of negativity and hate

    • Niko
      Niko 9 days ago

      @Veyross y u run?

    • Niko
      Niko 11 days ago

      @Veyross are you still salty like pork?

  • Niko
    Niko 15 days ago +1

    I am Muslim I eat bacon every week 🤤🤤🤤

    • Niko
      Niko 11 days ago

      @Marvel Maniac crispy bacon mmm

    • Marvel Maniac
      Marvel Maniac 14 days ago

      He’s an aytheist

  • Isaac the Msagent Maker

    an evil prank wtf

  • Bryan Topete
    Bryan Topete 16 days ago

    Dawg they all knew cmon

  • emoticon feliz
    emoticon feliz 16 days ago

    I remember my mom in a buffet restoran was eating meat and she gets like: Why this meat taste so strange?
    And we asked one of the cooks and he said it was pork and my mom face was like 1:18 😂😂 I died

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      She suck on my pork sausage every night and fuck the pork sausage and beg for mooooore

  • wafaa qatoosa
    wafaa qatoosa 18 days ago

    It's the worst prank ever.
    Don't try this with Muslim person.
    We feel disgusted of our bodies if we ate pork.
    I live in Europe for more than 2 years and I don't eat pork and once I ate pork by mistake, just a little bit of it and I was about to throw up.
    We take the instructions of our religion seriously.
    Believe me if these muslims are your friends they will never trust the food you cook.

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Mmmmmmm bacon yum

  • Mehmet Kayra Göksu
    Mehmet Kayra Göksu 18 days ago

    it’s not funny bro you shouldn’t make fun of someone’s religion

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Worship pedo but wont eat bacon

  • Rajib Ahmed
    Rajib Ahmed 18 days ago

    Pig is the worst animal ever existed in this entire planet...don't eat pork christian brother and sister..i'm Muslim..

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      MuHAMmad is worst animal to ever be on earth

  • xoBlake
    xoBlake 18 days ago

    Somebody explain to me what this means I’m confused

    • Holy Watr
      Holy Watr 13 days ago

      I don't think u understand what haram means why don't u stfu and stop calling us cowards when you don't know anything about us

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago

      Cowards are too scared and brainwashed to eat pork. They are fooled from the time they are children to think it is dirty. Then they grow up and have children and lie to their own children that pork is dirty and brainwash them and the cycle goes on

    • Holy Watr
      Holy Watr 18 days ago

      In islam.eating pork is Haram which means we can't eat it

  • Anupa Sharma
    Anupa Sharma 18 days ago

    Asalaamu Alaikum... This is honestly awful.

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago

      The terrible things Muhammad did to aisha is honestly awful

    FIFAHERO90 19 days ago +2

    I find their hatred of pork offensive I identify as a pig.

  • Owl Harris
    Owl Harris 20 days ago

    I’m christian and I felt bad for them. Religion is everything to a person.

  • Adam Clawzy
    Adam Clawzy 20 days ago +1

    Ya khanzir ya hmar 😂

  • Adam Clawzy
    Adam Clawzy 20 days ago

    Is the bacon halal cz it look like peppa

    • Niko
      Niko 13 days ago

      Evil raper killer muhammad

  • Rojan De Leon
    Rojan De Leon 20 days ago +1

    OMG i love bacon😍 🥓

  • Robert Lorenzo
    Robert Lorenzo 22 days ago

    Porks amazing

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      @Veyross Muhammad should ask forgiveness for raping small child aisha

    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago +1

      Robert Lorenzo go pray and ask god for forgiveness

  • Offxcial GloTv
    Offxcial GloTv 23 days ago +1

    So it’s fine to slap women, have relationships with minors huy can’t even eat pork 😐

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Worship pedophile Muhammad but cant eat bacon

    • Offxcial GloTv
      Offxcial GloTv 20 days ago

      Veyross stfu

    • Offxcial GloTv
      Offxcial GloTv 20 days ago

      the arabian falcon no duh stupid

    • the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
      the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ 20 days ago

      Offxcial GloTv
      Those aren’t Christians my friend

    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago +2

      Offxcial GloTv that isn’t allowed in Islam you fuckin stupid butt munching lookin ass weirdo

  • Mohammed shibil
    Mohammed shibil 26 days ago +1

    Pork is prohibited in all Abrahamic faiths,
    Bible bans it, quranbans it.
    Only Jews and Muslims follows it.

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Idiot child molesters

  • Rokas Jarosas
    Rokas Jarosas 26 days ago

    Hahaha fucking dumbasses

  • Ezhil Jayaseelan
    Ezhil Jayaseelan Month ago

    I know my some Muslim friends eat pork

  • RCMP
    RCMP Month ago

    You can tell the difference of bacon and turkey

  • JohnnyBGood11
    JohnnyBGood11 Month ago +1

    The Muslim religion is 100 times worse than the turkey bacon they sucked the guy just drank piss pool water these guys are not Muslim they are Pendejos

  • Winged Hussar
    Winged Hussar Month ago

    The last one was fucking serious... Be glad he didn't kill you right on the spot, that's an islamist.

  • kenneth goode
    kenneth goode Month ago +1

    It would of been funnier if heade them eat pork instead

  • Seb da web
    Seb da web Month ago


  • -oSad -
    -oSad - Month ago

    Almost the whole video was beeping😂😂

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ Month ago

    So ironic. First they love the taste and then, when they find out, they spit it out. Just proves how irrational islamic rules can be...
    Just think about it. There are literally thousands of animals to eat. Why pork, out of all of them? And see the reactions form these muslims?
    Dude, they get real angry, start swearing, shouting and even getting violent. Muslims are probably the most aggressive people of all, its so annying.
    Yeah, but in conclusion, islam makes no sense at all. I mean, as a vegan, I think its good that atleast one kind of meat isnt allowed in islam, but unfortunately all others are.
    But thats the one and only thing that I find good about Islam. As an atheist, the rest of islam is just ridiculous superstition, deeply immoral, hateful, unwise and just bs.

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Muslim worship pedophile and abuse woman but cant eat bacon

    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago

      ShadowZZZ so what if a Muslim enjoys turkey meat?

    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago

      ShadowZZZ as a Muslim I’m not supposed to swear but you are literally fucking stupid and I can’t help it

    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago +1

      ShadowZZZ we eat halal meat which is good enough for your stupid vegan bitch ass. Halal means asking god for pretty much permission to kill the animal for food.

    • the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
      the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ 28 days ago +1

      You comment shows how ignorant you are
      Will done you won the dumbfuck award 👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • Alpha Sesay
    Alpha Sesay Month ago +6

    Christian's are not supposed to eat pork either

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago

      I feed your mother my pork sausage and she beg me for moooooore

  • xvdmrecords
    xvdmrecords Month ago +1

    Bacon is haram clearly but oscar mayer turkey bacon is also haram as its not certified halal.

    • Holy Watr
      Holy Watr 18 days ago

      This is very much true

  • Karim Al Arifi
    Karim Al Arifi Month ago

    Stupid idiots.
    Halal? Saying Bad Words.
    Bunch of Pussies

  • shawn eldenson
    shawn eldenson Month ago +5

    “It’s not like your going to hell or anything” 🤣

  • 345 mp4
    345 mp4 Month ago

    Bacon smells scrumptious

  • DragonFire2042
    DragonFire2042 Month ago

    I don’t understand the prank..

  • Imphulz
    Imphulz Month ago

    Is qiasomar muslim

  • SpUdd
    SpUdd Month ago

    All of the sudden fam?

  • Gilbert Cheng
    Gilbert Cheng Month ago

    You don't get more racist than muslims. It's like they'll be hanging with Jews and Hindus being best of buddies, and then someone reminds them of what the Quran says and BAM!

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      @the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ you defend pedophile and abuse women Muhammad is evil send by satan to deceive poor low IQ middle east

    • the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
      the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ 28 days ago

      Gilbert Cheng
      Ammm we have Quran scholer here

      Please stfu you sound really dumb

  • kevin couture
    kevin couture Month ago

    stupid they dont eat pork for religion

    • Veyross
      Veyross 15 days ago

      Niko he just married a 9 year old because it was something normal in his days. Do research about pork dumbass please

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago


    • Veyross
      Veyross 20 days ago

      kevin couture disease carrying animal you dumb shit look it up

  • Adam Amato
    Adam Amato Month ago

    Poor guys but is pretty funny i admit

  • Ahmed Salah
    Ahmed Salah Month ago

    What is your problem with muslims , this is extremely recist

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Muslim is religion not race, idiot. Many different races practice Islam. DURRRRR

  • Snehden Cardoso
    Snehden Cardoso Month ago

    So they threw out the eatble meat and rinsed their tounge and mouth with pool water that touched many peoples assoholes which has 0.95 parts of piss and shit in every ppm of water

  • 친밀한적
    친밀한적 Month ago

    종교에 미쳐버린 병신새끼들ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 더불어 조개안처먹는 유대인새끼들도 진짜 이해불가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Taha, Nu
    Taha, Nu Month ago +4

    We don't eat pork because it's a dirty animal that eats its shit. ✌️

    • Niko
      Niko 9 days ago

      @Veyross eat bacon coward

    • Veyross
      Veyross 15 days ago +1

      Niko this world would have been better off without you because of your negativity and stupidity

    • Veyross
      Veyross 15 days ago +1

      Taha, Nu go to recent comments on this video watch this kid say he is Muslim and he eats bacon all the time? Like I'm so confused some people in this world are so fucking stupid

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      Do you eat poultry and fish and cow and sheep? Because they all inadvertently eat their own shit too. You are brainwashed to think bacon is bad but child molester Muhammad is good LOL

  • Cappa
    Cappa Month ago

    2:34 "what do you mean it's not my fault? Fuckin read" 😂

  • Señor Salvadank
    Señor Salvadank Month ago

    I don’t get it do muslims not like how bacon taste or did the founder of the religion eat some bad bacon and banned it I don’t get it cause I love bacon

    • Niko
      Niko 9 days ago

      @Veyross americans shoot schools

    • Veyross
      Veyross 13 days ago

      Niko brainwashed school shooting pig 🐷

    • Niko
      Niko 15 days ago +1

      @the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ lol brainwashed child molester lover

    • the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
      the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ 28 days ago

      Señor Salvadank
      For 3 reasons
      1 god ordered us not to it
      2 pig are naturally filthy animal who literally eat his own shit
      3 pig because it filthy animal it also fat really fat most of its body is fat and because he eat his shit most of time the pig had diseases and warms that leads to kill the person who eat the pig

  • Chucck Dos
    Chucck Dos Month ago +1

    Fuck Muslims Israelite gang

    • Veyross
      Veyross 13 days ago

      Chucck Dos fuck Israel