• Published on Oct 21, 2018
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Comments • 41 793

  • Yousrie Sanday
    Yousrie Sanday 16 hours ago

    that is tape=)hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Shubham Verma
    Shubham Verma 16 hours ago

    They are Eastern asian Chinese korean japnese

  • Rohani Siahaan
    Rohani Siahaan 19 hours ago

    Oh i know why that is her face look thinner that is a TAPE

  • Allie Playzxx
    Allie Playzxx 22 hours ago

    Nooo, that was tape not skin/alive flesh

  • Likhona Mivuyo Ntanga

    Can u please stop pausing the video

  • Gracee Collett
    Gracee Collett Day ago

    Don’t Get It

  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith Day ago

    Jokes on you, we have water proof makeup. :)

  • Angel Naing
    Angel Naing Day ago

    I don’t think 🤔 all of of them just a few

  • V .S
    V .S Day ago

    chinese- extreme makeup obsession
    koreans-plastic surgery obsession
    filipinos-caucasian obsession
    thai- transgender obsession
    india- bleaching skin obsession

  • Raisa Jabin
    Raisa Jabin Day ago

    Only Chinese Korean and Japanese girls put this kinda makeup not whole Asia 😑..

  • 四角和香菜
    四角和香菜 Day ago

    I’m a Japanese girl but I’ve never seen such a girl.I think many Japanese don’t like these girls.

  • Elektra Meligrigoris

    Why are their teeth like that

  • Mystique Beauty by XFQ

    I don't look the same without makeup too. And yes, I put too much makeup, why? 'Cause I need it to pass on society's standards. That sucks, but who cares? People only care about looks anyway.

  • Bundaberge is me
    Bundaberge is me Day ago +1

    That’s like me turning from this 😒 to this 🥳

  • Pooza Magar
    Pooza Magar Day ago

    Girlfriend to girlfriend's mother 😂😂😂

  • Pooza Magar
    Pooza Magar Day ago

    Put her in water 😂😂😅😅

  • Pooza Magar
    Pooza Magar Day ago

    You guys are awesome at reacting 😆😆

  • Shefali Chhaya
    Shefali Chhaya 2 days ago

    Both of u guys so cute

  • Damn Loretta
    Damn Loretta 2 days ago


  • Anamika Gurung
    Anamika Gurung 2 days ago

    08:0:0 min promise Tamang she is Nepalese

  • Hua Bai
    Hua Bai 2 days ago

    Perfect medicine for yellow fever.

  • Duygu Çınar
    Duygu Çınar 2 days ago

    Think it: You got married one of these girl, everything was fine at night, but after... You woke up and saw someone was sleeping next to you in your bed but not your wify... Yeah deal with it! 😂😂😂

  • Tamara Castillo
    Tamara Castillo 3 days ago

    They use tape

  • Melody Chen
    Melody Chen 3 days ago

    All these are Chinese

  • Ali Kasper
    Ali Kasper 3 days ago

    You guys look like twins lol 😂

  • Pomin Padu
    Pomin Padu 3 days ago

    I'm Asian girl....but I don't use such a horrible make up treanspromation 😲🤭🤭🤭😳😳😳😲😲😲
    Well I don't like make up much......😑😕😕🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro 3 days ago

    (4:47) ❤️❤️❤️
    (4:58) *W.T.F*

  • Preetam Deep
    Preetam Deep 3 days ago

    Plastic korean girls😂😂

  • Noimi Nami
    Noimi Nami 3 days ago

    That's tape from 5 minutes craft which came off her face

  • Aldrin Salandanan
    Aldrin Salandanan 3 days ago

    Too much talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SALLY White
    SALLY White 3 days ago

    There aren't so much people doing such make ups in Japan! I'm Japanese, and I live for 19 years, but I NEVER saw someone like them around me. My friends and I don't do that either. LOL😂

  • Sar Gam
    Sar Gam 3 days ago

    7:8 she is a makeup artist promise tamang one of the best make up artist she is nepali

  • Jeongguk Nochu
    Jeongguk Nochu 3 days ago

    Chinese make up is insane and it's a tape bruh

  • عصير ليمون ٠٠٠

    فيه عربي هنا🌚

  • Shifa Singh
    Shifa Singh 4 days ago

    She is chaines

  • Rafael Couto
    Rafael Couto 4 days ago

    Eu isso e magickiagem

  • Rafael Couto
    Rafael Couto 4 days ago

    Ei dois malucos a menina do 5.40 mm ala ela e bonita. Poha mano poe o video ao contrario que dai ver ela se makiar de montro e mais divertido .poha sw eu for na china nao vou querer pegar ninguem arrumado e makiado vai que penso que e uma gata e ela foi atropelada e fizeram makiagem nin um difunto .poha isso e os zumbi do walkinhdead.

  • Bineshwar Soren
    Bineshwar Soren 4 days ago +1

    Indian girl are do good and natural beauty

  • Elmont Ack
    Elmont Ack 5 days ago

    9:30 is that Johnny Bravo???!!

  • SamJambham jamieson
    SamJambham jamieson 5 days ago +1


  • ASMR For Fun
    ASMR For Fun 5 days ago

    Wait Reaction Time isn’t Infinite?????

  • Serwaa Menser
    Serwaa Menser 5 days ago

    That Waz tape

  • Lily Connolly
    Lily Connolly 5 days ago

    Why is there caution tape on the bookshelf 🤔

  • Ikram Saiyad
    Ikram Saiyad 5 days ago


    ZRULLEX 5 days ago +1

    You two are best when you make your reaction video together

  • ice bearr
    ice bearr 6 days ago

    That doesn't happen in japan. They hve natural beauty 😊

  • shinobi TFX2
    shinobi TFX2 6 days ago

    4:01 sadly already water proof makeup had

  • Rico Rijhen
    Rico Rijhen 6 days ago +1

    So dont date with asian girls becauase they always catfish

  • Helsa Novitasari
    Helsa Novitasari 6 days ago

    Cute 😻

  • Madeline P.
    Madeline P. 6 days ago +5

    Infinite: "I'm leaving this on forever!"
    2 seconds later: takes wig off

  • Pineapple pudding Gacha Love

    As azzy land says, all of them want dorito faces!

  • Muffin Men YouTube
    Muffin Men YouTube 7 days ago

    Some of these people had huge overbites with their teeth and went to good teeth like how?

  • Ben Slade
    Ben Slade 7 days ago

    You boys need to learn a trade. Stop worrying about your eyebrows.

  • Sophia Kung
    Sophia Kung 7 days ago

    I am Asian.. and..I can tell that.. literally no one does it in real life....

  • OwO Loife
    OwO Loife 7 days ago

    tHaT whIte kId thing in the begining infinite did tho.

  • Miobeauty 미오뷰티

    These are from China. Plus, Korean makeup is much more natural🤣 As a Korean, I’m also shocked by their makeup style.

  • Meriem Mimi
    Meriem Mimi 7 days ago

    Hhhh.hello from Algeria

  • fragolegirl2002
    fragolegirl2002 7 days ago

    A whole other level of catfish

  • Solo Indian Gamer
    Solo Indian Gamer 7 days ago


  • marcel yeoh
    marcel yeoh 7 days ago

    They are making themselves look like Maga girls! Those Japanese comic book girl characters.