Angela, Vanessa & JoJo Simmons On Childhood Beef, Love Life, Growing Up Hip-Hop + More.

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 3 067

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 8 hours ago

    Here go Angela...playing too much...talking bout maybe Romeo has a crush on Vanessa...but bring up #GucciMane...and she gets pissed!

  • Ms.4-given God's daughter

    Jojo is speaking right abt the disrespect but he too hve to notice that his likes when Romeo was chasing her, thats why she was taking him through all that Tom & Jerry stuff. Now he not doing it; he finally got her attention... 😳

  • Ms.4-given God's daughter

    It's always those PK's that get tired of hearing abt God😏😏 she know he was trying to find his wife & God said when a man finds a wife, he fines a good thing. He thought Angela was some good becuz of their chemistry, by sending those bible qoutes she was in a line up against somebody else and that person responded to him.

  • Ms.4-given God's daughter

    She lieing, she dating Lil Bow Wow again😏

  • Ms.4-given God's daughter

    Do yall notice how she smile when somebody talks abt her boo Rome- Rome🤔

  • Ms.4-given God's daughter

    Do anybody know Angela type of Men since she can't say how she really feel abt ROMEO!

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 2 days ago

    Angela simmons voice ugly af bruhh man sound like a man damn she so sexy tho

  • Lanee Occhipinti
    Lanee Occhipinti 4 days ago

    Angela wants Bow Wow end of story

  • WillySweet WonkaJoe
    WillySweet WonkaJoe 5 days ago

    What is "FEMALE EMPOWERMENT"?? Last time i checked females have the power to give life to ur seed or abort the mafuka...THAT IS POWER

  • Tall Black Indian
    Tall Black Indian 7 days ago

    The oldest didn’t take the bait

  • Tall Black Indian
    Tall Black Indian 7 days ago

    Kind of demonic that she won’t respond to the Bible verses just throwing that out there

  • Donald Trusclair II
    Donald Trusclair II 10 days ago

    Yes Angela is wrong but y'all act like Romeo wasn't wrong for the way he went about things ..he talked about her to everybody else instead of talking to her. He was wrong for that it was a bit messy and childish I AGREE 💯 PERCENT with JoJo. And then he acts holier than thou.

  • Lois Mack
    Lois Mack 11 days ago

    Come on. The cheetos pussy pick. You dont even sit that way. You did that on purpose 😐

  • C_L_ P
    C_L_ P 12 days ago

    I think Vanessa messing around with Romeo. Just saying.

  • La Faith
    La Faith 13 days ago

    Romeo can have any women in the world and he chasing after Angie deep voice ass

  • La Faith
    La Faith 13 days ago

    Vanessa so pretty to me

  • fahimah brown
    fahimah brown 13 days ago

    Y’all are corny! Y’all went to his party and tried to play him! Y’all are mad that y’all got played! Angela and JoeJoe looked super dumb, and Vanessa hyped it up!

  • K Mak
    K Mak 13 days ago

    Dj envy just say "it ain't dating if you don't kiss". My man's as dumb as Jojo's game face

  • David Clete
    David Clete 14 days ago

    Jojo you sound like a bith nigga

  • Mr. TakeyaB*tch
    Mr. TakeyaB*tch 16 days ago +8

    I get Jojo is protective over his sisters but he come off to me as a fake thug. Like chill out Nicca, you too emotional.

    • unknownpinkmeh
      unknownpinkmeh 8 days ago

      Mr. TakeyaB*tch how is he being emotional when he is protecting his sister maybe u just understand the loyalty of family cause u probably don’t have any

  • Q Money
    Q Money 16 days ago

    Angela plays the sympathy card too much Romeo got tired of u playing with em and split you act like you missed your BD when he died but he abused u rite so no u weren't grieving

  • Trina B
    Trina B 16 days ago +2

    He's just not that into you, lol. She's trying to make something out of nothing because she's pressed...him not so much.

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris 18 days ago

    Exodus 12:2 - English Standard Version
    “This month shall be for you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year for you.

  • David Head
    David Head 19 days ago +1

    Y'all are sitting there talking all that shit about Romeo !

    • David Head
      David Head 10 days ago

      JoJo is a little punk !! He's all talk and no action

  • Willie Hatcher
    Willie Hatcher 20 days ago

    Only real ones paused this to search the Cheeto pic

  • Deangelo Box
    Deangelo Box 20 days ago

    Romeo done he starting to know her true colors.... That's it nothing else....

  • Loyalty Is Rare
    Loyalty Is Rare 21 day ago

    Romeo lost respect for Angela... She didn't play her cards right... She's like the rest of them..

    UNIQUE MONIQUE 21 day ago

    That's good that he walked out to prevent his self from hitting his wife

    UNIQUE MONIQUE 21 day ago

    Im not throwing no shade or nothing I think Romeo is looking for a woman who doesnt have wondering eyes and is focus on her kids if she has any and her career and physical mental health Angela hads a beautiful body I know she loves her son but i dont know how she is personally as a mother but at the end of the day though I'm sorry for her situation with her sons father but they broke up a long time ago before he died and she was basically a single mother anyways maybe ita time to stop uaing that as an excuse and move forward with your life I think Romeo thinks that she ia focusing on the wrong things Maybe their friendship had ended on bad terms and at the end of the day he should of contribute a little bit to his promise to her but he is not obligated that is not his child and they are not together on the note I feel like hes tried of pretending and making seem like their relationship is more then what it actually is and yes they would make a cute couple but they are just two different people in two different worlds

  • Brianna Nelson
    Brianna Nelson 22 days ago

    I think Romeo is genuinely mad because she fucking wit bow wow making dumbass pacts and shit

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher 22 days ago +1

    Angela a thot, she was asked about 4-5 different dudes and had hearts in her eyes for everyone itself for Romeo smh but all the thug bad boys with 1000 woman, shes so broken and Vanessa looked embarrassed by her sister

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher 22 days ago

    Why angela seems like she cant keep her eyes open?? Is she okay

  • Isha Thompson
    Isha Thompson 22 days ago

    She’s a typical Virgo no matter what the situation is they have to make everything about them no one else... and of course her answers was long paragraph answer that’s how Virgos make a discussion about them

    • ladileelee1
      ladileelee1 20 days ago

      She's a horrible representation of a Virgo. I need a new sign

  • Jasmin Janay
    Jasmin Janay 23 days ago

    Angela be FRONTING HARD body!!! A real one can see right thru the BULLSHIT. She's the SAME girl tht lied for years and years abt being a virgin. Thn BOOM, ur pregnant w no husband in sight. Thn after, confessing she was in a abusive relationship. I've NEVER heard of a virgin getting beat up by a bf. Angela is caught up in upholding an "image". The incident w Romeo ignoring her is the most passion& & realness I've seen frm Angela in the ENTIRE time of her tv career. Which to me means they have ties. A history. NOBODY is pressed over someone U ain't even smash. NOBODY.
    I think shxt w her and Romeo went dwnhill whn she popped up pregnant by a random dude. He ain't never bounce back frm tht. It seems tht she gave vibes tht there could be a chance once her and her BD broke up. But she was still going out w other celebrity dudes & doing her... So Romeo got in his bag abt it. I feel like he puts on to portray to be this "ladies man" but he ain't really like tht. He seems like he's just tryna save face. He wants a family and wife, but most Hollywood bihhs want money & fame. Even I have been where Angela is... Running arnd doin U, thinkin "tht guy" will wait for U. Thn boom, he cuts U off or moves on, now ur pressed and hurt. It's very weird to see someone so bothered by a man tht U ain't really take seriously this whole damn time. Angela will never be content w the "goodie 2 shoes type of man". She acts super bougie but at heart likes the "street and drama" type of guy. CLEARLY. She doesn't even like Romeo like tht. It's the fact tht he ain't sweating her thts getting her bent outta shape. Soon as the street dude w money money & clout pull up... She won't even rmbr Romeo. Thts a FACT. If I was wrong her son wouldn't exist. 💯

  • Travis Douglas
    Travis Douglas 23 days ago

    I never liked the sound of Angela’s voice

  • Maggie Riga
    Maggie Riga 23 days ago

    I’m here for Vanessa

  • Virginia Mann
    Virginia Mann 23 days ago

    Angela seems really really bougie to me! Jojo n Vanessa seems real
    Angela wants a thug instead of a good guy .....girl bye 👋🏽

  • Queen Sagittarius86
    Queen Sagittarius86 24 days ago

    Normally I don’t watch any interviews without CTG but I gave it a try... ughh he should’ve been there to ask the real shyt lol

  • rgkd4e
    rgkd4e 24 days ago

    Angela is sooooo annoying lol

  • Sideshow Bob
    Sideshow Bob 24 days ago +1

    Angela lit up wen she heard bow wow name but wen mentioned romeo she like nah and yo gotti she like nah so bow wow can have her whenever he wants to

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 25 days ago

    End it looks and sounds so stupid but the fakes Romain storyline

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 25 days ago

    Angela plays too many games and he so childish

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 25 days ago

    Roman can do so much better than Angela and he’s over it with this fake story line

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 25 days ago

    Angela is a mess she’s fake

  • Kate Gainer
    Kate Gainer 25 days ago

    The Sims needs to stop putting a fake storyline between Angela in Romeo in a romantic story like

  • Bianca Glenn
    Bianca Glenn 25 days ago +1

    Overall I love them as a whole. Their bond is amazing.

    CALIMAN 26 days ago +1

    Angela is done , playing hard to get all that time, now romeo spat her out like the waste is, now she U BACKTRACKING

  • Pretty Lil humble girl
    Pretty Lil humble girl 26 days ago +2

    Angela is clearly jealous of Vanessa

  • Elliott Jackson
    Elliott Jackson 26 days ago

    Where’s diggy?

  • Tee Payton
    Tee Payton 26 days ago +1

    Romeo you dodged a bullet with this mess.

  • Sun Yaye
    Sun Yaye 27 days ago

    Angela is a bust down....

  • Sun Yaye
    Sun Yaye 27 days ago

    So y'all going on a bash Romeo run y'all ain't got nothing else going on ... Lame ... No Limit forever..

  • Shelly Daniels
    Shelly Daniels 27 days ago

    Angela is full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Kerry Goodas
    Kerry Goodas 28 days ago +2

    Romeo should have went after Vanessa instead of her sister,she’s the prettiest,smartest and seems more interesting him ,compatible !

  • Zusakhe Mtombeni
    Zusakhe Mtombeni 29 days ago +1

    Its funny how a girl with a good fathers relationship will turn this way,dating assholes and toxic man is her cup of tea,maybe she get everything she wanted.

  • kobpc1
    kobpc1 29 days ago +2

    Romeo knows his worth. And he knows he’s better than to play second to nobody ass niggaz and a female who’s full of herself and toxic.

  • Alexia McKay
    Alexia McKay 29 days ago

    One of my least favorite interviews 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Mike Kirkland
    Mike Kirkland 29 days ago

    I don't know about "that"

  • Dat Babii
    Dat Babii Month ago

    I don’t like that lying ass girl I’m glade Romeo ignoring the ignorant ass girl she want somebody to chase her Romeo like kiss my ass with that shit you mAde him look crazy you ignored him got a dude got pregnant had a baby on the boy started hanging with bow wow she knows what she did

  • Stella Dee Stylist
    Stella Dee Stylist Month ago

    Vanessa looks pregnant