Would You Eat Apple Pie with Bacon? | Real vs Soda Challenge #2

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • One person drinks a combo of two sodas, and the other person eats the same combo as real foods. This could get really gross or really good!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  6 months ago +571

    Some spins were worse than others! Which combo do you wish we would have had to eat and drink?
    To see some more crazy foods, try this: bit.ly/2EinbAH

  • Kirsten Fisher
    Kirsten Fisher Day ago

    2:59 how to drink whiskey and get away with it.

  • 10,000 subscribers with 10 videos

    2:22 what you came for

  • Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez 4 days ago

    at 1:58 make your lips tingle like if it does:)

    ANTHONY PHAM 4 days ago


    DK AND SS 5 days ago +1

    If not why not make cookie soda

  • Alyssa Jarrett
    Alyssa Jarrett 5 days ago

    Kara is so nice. She just like oh it’s ur birthday happy birthday

  • Mark The Shark
    Mark The Shark 7 days ago

    real or soda? coke

  • Clay cupcake Behind the scenes

    Eric :(

  • Aly Kat Waitman
    Aly Kat Waitman 9 days ago

    Him being disgusted of the dirt .me:stupppppppiiiiiiddddddoooooo god made e, de dirt dirt don't hurt nobody

  • Kimberly Duresky
    Kimberly Duresky 9 days ago

    I love bacon and apple pie like if you aree

  • Emma Potter
    Emma Potter 10 days ago +1

    Rip Eric

  • TSwany
    TSwany 10 days ago

    Next do Real or Meat Stick, and fill the meat sticks with soda/jellybean/crushed-up-candycane versions

  • ii ItsLunar
    ii ItsLunar 10 days ago

    Kara looks like Pam from the office

  • Jack Mullaney
    Jack Mullaney 11 days ago

    love that cards shirt

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567 11 days ago

    Cause the bacon soda’s pretty week?
    Subtitles why? He said weird!

  • jUdAs123 JuDaS321
    jUdAs123 JuDaS321 12 days ago

    Jamie should just fire him if he gets another bad combo

  • Josh Tremper
    Josh Tremper 12 days ago

    My birthday is today

    HeX CARNAGE 13 days ago

    I want to know what dirt is white

  • Patrick v
    Patrick v 13 days ago


  • Eli the one wheeler Yt

    *bone apple tea*

  • Zsuzsanna Varga
    Zsuzsanna Varga 13 days ago


  • Tap Water
    Tap Water 14 days ago +1

    4:45 That isn’t dirt. That’s dandruff.

  • Bryan villatoro santiago

    Birthday Cake is any flavor XD

  • LiyahK
    LiyahK 15 days ago +1

    If you are from the uk then 0:46 won’t sound right to u lol

  • Colton Eli
    Colton Eli 15 days ago

    Love your vids guys keep up the good work

  • dnp._. bakes
    dnp._. bakes 16 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with that dirt aha

  • Hawks-KILLZ
    Hawks-KILLZ 16 days ago

    Goodbye Eric

  • Heather Giger
    Heather Giger 17 days ago

    I like soda but not ranch soda

  • Rapid Buildz
    Rapid Buildz 17 days ago +2

    What if there was Coke for real and soda

    GALACTIK_ MONKEY 17 days ago +1

    I think we just made whisky
    FBI wants to know your location

  • Your future boyfriends

    Can stop on that fart mouth sound

  • Arlenne Manrique
    Arlenne Manrique 19 days ago

    omg this is so weird lmaoooo

  • The gaming Cook
    The gaming Cook 19 days ago +1

    I tried this with Dr Pepper

  • garlic69
    garlic69 20 days ago

    soda flavored soda?

  • Raja Prabowo
    Raja Prabowo 20 days ago

    where is john and kara

  • Tara’s Life
    Tara’s Life 20 days ago

    Rip Eric sad day

  • Ethan Wakula
    Ethan Wakula 20 days ago

    4:21 Jamie asks what did you get?
    Random dude who answers fast: dirt.

  • incellar chillin
    incellar chillin 20 days ago

    *birthday cake* :ohhh birthday cake! how did you know???? ~ :oh is it ur birthday??? (no) happy birthday :D (no I lied)

  • tee pose team
    tee pose team 21 day ago

    "White dirt" think about that

  • Sadd.Vivid
    Sadd.Vivid 21 day ago

    **Reads title** yes.
    **Sees** no.

  • Briana Sauceda
    Briana Sauceda 21 day ago

    I think we just made whiskey

  • Rohit Mit
    Rohit Mit 21 day ago

    Okay kids today we are learning about food.
    Good+good=BAD or GOOD
    Bad+good=okay or WORSE
    And bad+bad=horse poop

  • Lorus Gaming
    Lorus Gaming 22 days ago

    Bacon + soda = baking soda XD XD XD

  • Braydān
    Braydān 22 days ago

    BACON soda
    get it?
    ok I'll stop

  • Nick Emerick
    Nick Emerick 22 days ago

    nah bruh rach soda is not ok

  • C Tom
    C Tom 22 days ago +1

    " Would you eat Apple Pie with Bacon? "
    Me: course I would

  • Celyne Louize Gonzales
    Celyne Louize Gonzales 23 days ago +5

    Eric's face at 3:06.Eric:"I think we just made whiskey".lol

  • Alejandro Cerda Argueta

    I think that every time you get two things that are good it makes it bad

  • Hyp3d Legend
    Hyp3d Legend 25 days ago

    That’s cocaine not dirt

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard 25 days ago


  • Sans and Papyrus
    Sans and Papyrus 25 days ago

    I’d like to get Buffalo Wings and Butter so it would be like Frank’s buffalo sauce

  • Carey Connor
    Carey Connor 26 days ago +1

    I love butter

  • The actual bird that ate harry

    60's medicine in a nutshell.

  • Riley McCausland
    Riley McCausland 27 days ago

    Teach me your ways!!!🤯
    Snort it!😏

  • Joelle Tan
    Joelle Tan 27 days ago +4

    The bed/ couch/ bench/ floor is lava.
    Like if you don’t care

  • J Dawg Tyme 31
    J Dawg Tyme 31 27 days ago

    2:27 I see American breakfast

  • Cheezboi :
    Cheezboi : 28 days ago

    Wait eric came back

  • Aiden De Noronha
    Aiden De Noronha 28 days ago

    Can you make a candy soda and drink it to get more subscribers on your channel. If you drink the hole bottle of the candy soda. I will subscribe to your channel.

  • Brooke lynn Van Ochten

    When Erick says something is funky, you best believe him cuz he chewed gum then spit it out, then Jamie chewed it, then Erick chewed it again😲😲😲😲😲

  • cheesestix24 gaming
    cheesestix24 gaming 29 days ago

    I feel like if they melt the butter would probably taste better and anything

  • let it rip studio
    let it rip studio 29 days ago

    3:16 my birthday is tomorrow yay

  • pc baklengs
    pc baklengs Month ago

    Y you guys sayin that Eric left the team when hes often in the videos

  • reed animations
    reed animations Month ago

    More like Help vs died

  • PsychoticBrother
    PsychoticBrother Month ago +2

    Who else noticed the background music is WhatCulture's theme??

  • HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa

    You didn't even eat real dirt

  • TheBlackFox
    TheBlackFox Month ago

    i live in Serbia but im hungarian and we eat meat with Kompot(if you dont know what is Kompot search it up)

  • OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    Absolutely !

  • Sam Oliver
    Sam Oliver Month ago

    You guys should have used “the double dipper” from the strawz video

  • Emil Ranfors
    Emil Ranfors Month ago

    Whats the point of "spin again"

  • Cosmic Cyborg
    Cosmic Cyborg Month ago

    *Treyarch's getting creative with these perk a cola's*

  • Saima Khan
    Saima Khan Month ago

    The guy who got birthday cake and butter : y u bully me

  • Catherine Heggie
    Catherine Heggie Month ago +1

    you sir need to stop being a big fat dog shit all the things on the spinner were not his choseso shut yhe fuck up

  • Logan Padayao
    Logan Padayao Month ago

    Who else is watching this when Eric is done with vat19 and missies erin

  • Fox Gamer
    Fox Gamer Month ago


  • IWasCrafting
    IWasCrafting Month ago +1

    5:01 the confused face Jammie's making tho, while Adam is explaining ._.

  • Person A
    Person A Month ago

    When ever one person gets something sweet the other person gets something salty


    3:19 sounds familiar

  • Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    I was hoping someone would get Birthday Cake + Chocolate
    Hopefully next time :)

  • Mr. Spybot
    Mr. Spybot Month ago

    buffalo anything makes me want to barf, i gagged.

  • Luetzow1
    Luetzow1 Month ago

    Why, for the love of God, would someone want a soda flavoured in ranch dressing or fucking bacon?!

  • Karen Shipley
    Karen Shipley Month ago

    Ob )a
    Skqkns la jeje af ehedhaj ja

  • Puppets and plushies shorts

    Who said let’s make make a soda out of dirt and butter

  • Alina Parra
    Alina Parra Month ago

    soda or real

  • Tony Gulyash
    Tony Gulyash Month ago +1

    Call Adam Dirt Nowitzki

  • Cammilla Rose
    Cammilla Rose Month ago

    0:14 me in class when I thought the answer was Abraham Lincoln but it was actually 24

  • DD Biss
    DD Biss Month ago

    Here's a simple recipe for whisky 1. Bacon soda 2. Apple soda step 1 pour both of the sodas together and wala you have fresh whisky that's not alcoholic.

  • Louis Hammond
    Louis Hammond Month ago +2

    That dirt looks so weird 😂🤢🤮

  • CityOfWonder 12
    CityOfWonder 12 Month ago

    Honestly I wouldn't really care if I got the food all the time as I already eat really weird food combos : aka. Apples with chilli heatwave doritos,(it tastes like sweet chilli ramen)

  • Kevin NFS
    Kevin NFS Month ago

    Me when i ate something rotten 3:29

  • Rezhm
    Rezhm Month ago

    If kids wanted to drink whiskey... mix apple soda with bacon soda DUH

  • Leah Nessa
    Leah Nessa Month ago

    Who watched the life straw challenge athe ending Eric was foot bathing and took the water and said “alright the foot water is al ready, bottle it up and stick a ranch dressing soda label on it.” Wow Eric’s footpath water.... poor Kara

  • Owen Hammel
    Owen Hammel Month ago +2

    Vat 19s guide to making whisky

  • Luca Harris
    Luca Harris Month ago


  • toast boy
    toast boy Month ago

    Im hate apple pie

  • omar vlog
    omar vlog Month ago +1

    The thumb nail is.........

  • Zaid Rashaedeh
    Zaid Rashaedeh Month ago +10

    “Would you eat apple 🍏 pie 🥧 with bacon 🥓 ”
    Me: YAAA

  • Faizal Sohaimi
    Faizal Sohaimi Month ago +2

    If I had “choose”, and my friend had teriyaki beef, I would choose buffalo wings. What about you? What would you pick?

  • Amy Osorio
    Amy Osorio Month ago

    its my birthday on that date

  • rqt wqt
    rqt wqt Month ago +1

    Do the sodas expire? Bc i want to collect these. Or maybe jusy dump the soda out first.