Would You Eat Apple Pie with Bacon? | Real vs Soda Challenge #2

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • One person drinks a combo of two sodas, and the other person eats the same combo as real foods. This could get really gross or really good!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  3 months ago +455

    Some spins were worse than others! Which combo do you wish we would have had to eat and drink?

  • games,go,viral
    games,go,viral 40 minutes ago

    À ŵH¥ u €łIç

  • Kacper Sudol
    Kacper Sudol 15 hours ago +1

    Eric: it think we just made whiskey
    Joey: laughs uncontrollably

  • Mike Wertheimer
    Mike Wertheimer Day ago


  • John Golden
    John Golden 2 days ago

    There HQ is in St.Louis mo where in from

  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage 2 days ago

    Baked soda I got baked soda

  • Madden Palmer
    Madden Palmer 3 days ago

    Can I use bacon soda as a substitute for baking baking soda

  • Stop Looking
    Stop Looking 3 days ago

    What about real or poptart

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 4 days ago

    The white dirt looks like cocaine

  • Master Speller
    Master Speller 4 days ago

    Did Joey ever go get that colonoscopy? 🤣

  • Joshua Shepherd
    Joshua Shepherd 4 days ago

    I have watched a few vids of the new guy I hate him he just sounds sarcastic

  • Billy Cruchfield
    Billy Cruchfield 4 days ago

    Miss Erick

  • Gymnast Annie
    Gymnast Annie 4 days ago +1

    I’m watching this at a restaurant and the waiter said to me what kinda food is that!

  • Hades 567
    Hades 567 4 days ago

    just rewatching all of the real vs soda episodes

  • Done 4 Challenge
    Done 4 Challenge 4 days ago

    How does one make buffalo wings soda

  • Dark Forest
    Dark Forest 5 days ago


  • Ava Vlogs
    Ava Vlogs 6 days ago +1

    People always say

    Bacon is good with everything 👍

  • McKenzie Brown
    McKenzie Brown 6 days ago

    Jamie, why u bully Adam????

  • Pastel Wolfa
    Pastel Wolfa 7 days ago

    Where do they find all these sodas

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra 8 days ago

    When Eric made whiskey, he should’ve said “LETS DO ANOTHER!”

  • Shiny Spearow
    Shiny Spearow 9 days ago

    You should make gravy soda

  • 紫眼
    紫眼 9 days ago

    That's not a wing *THAT'S A DRUMSTICK*

  • Yoda Folders
    Yoda Folders 10 days ago

    2:47 applewood smoked bacon

  • Kailei Tsai
    Kailei Tsai 11 days ago

    I wnt more real or soda

  • Lanjun Zhang
    Lanjun Zhang 14 days ago

    I love you vat 19

  • The Vencia
    The Vencia 15 days ago

    I hate the woman

  • Keihze 25
    Keihze 25 18 days ago

    I wanna try the cake and butter combo with both real and fake.

  • Christian Cole
    Christian Cole 19 days ago


  • Exogaming
    Exogaming 22 days ago

    Chicken and waffles and poop

  • Amilcar Cuevas
    Amilcar Cuevas 24 days ago

    I love butter

  • Lloyd Algarme
    Lloyd Algarme 24 days ago

    Ranch Dressing & Butter,I thought.

  • Basically Skeptical
    Basically Skeptical 25 days ago

    I love that there honest when they don't like things they sell.

  • Mix Editor
    Mix Editor 26 days ago

    Bon appétit !

  • Lola Collinson
    Lola Collinson 26 days ago

    i feel sick watching this #relatable

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 26 days ago +1

    Did anyone catch at 4:45 his voice crack

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King 26 days ago +1

    Bacon Soda *more like baking soda*

  • TerraMerc 73
    TerraMerc 73 27 days ago

    Dunno why ppl create ranch
    They are disgusting like vegemite

  • Miriam Quina
    Miriam Quina 28 days ago

    Real or Soda 2 : The Unyielding of the Good and the Bad
    Coming next summer to a theater near you.

  • CrayZay Games
    CrayZay Games 29 days ago +2

    Wanna hear a joke ?

    I just wasted your time 🙃

  • Zahra Seif Mohammadi
    Zahra Seif Mohammadi 29 days ago



    3:06 when your kid self mixes soda

  • Dabbing Unicorn
    Dabbing Unicorn Month ago


    Do This!

    *Go To A Mirror*

    • Vaerixa
      Vaerixa 29 days ago

      Oh i just saw a tarantula on my door, i saw something scary- oh you probably mean something else, haha..ha- thats not allowed in our minecraft server ‘bro’

  • Harlie Reese
    Harlie Reese Month ago

    Eric+ Joey= awesome and funny!!🥳

  • Avery McInvale
    Avery McInvale Month ago

    4:40 um....I am pretty sure that is cocaine.....

  • Tiny Galaxy gamer
    Tiny Galaxy gamer Month ago +3

    0:46 if your English 🇬🇧 you probably know what I mean

  • Jolie Nguyen
    Jolie Nguyen Month ago

    Their is butter in cake

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Month ago +1

    Just imagine if the got the same thing and it was good XD

  • Ava's Amazing STUFF and hamsters


    • Poofy Puff
      Poofy Puff Month ago

      This video was made before he quit??

  • BootleggedBoba A
    BootleggedBoba A Month ago

    Its my birthday!!!♥️😂👻

  • Leng Teo
    Leng Teo Month ago +1

    Who else thought carrot cake was the hot savoury wight radish

  • Quantum Lethal1
    Quantum Lethal1 Month ago

    Ok teriyaki would have gone fantastic with chocolate

  • erish Guina
    erish Guina Month ago

    Eric is back yes yes

    • Chicken Nuggets
      Chicken Nuggets Month ago

      erish Guina sorry dude this was an old video when he was still with the company 😂😭😭

  • Christopher Everett


  • Ivania Rodriguez
    Ivania Rodriguez Month ago


  • Lunarshine gachalife

    Bacon soda
    Baking soda

  • Brooke Johnston
    Brooke Johnston Month ago

    My friends dogs name is Whiskey.

    UNICORN CAKE Month ago

    I just realised this is like a commercial but with much more fun things..

  • Vimlesh Prasad
    Vimlesh Prasad Month ago

    What’s you get?........

  • mathias vestergaard

    I have never tasted pb&j sandwich

  • meme lord meme lord

    Who da hell wants dirt soda

  • Alexplayzz
    Alexplayzz Month ago

    04:46 Didn’t think we would catch that one jamie

  • honestly same
    honestly same Month ago +2

    Apple pie and bacon sounds really good actually

    *oh yeah, yeah*

  • TM Creative Direction

    The P.B and J and dirt kinda looks like the sandwich in the little rascals 😁

  • DragonGamer Boy
    DragonGamer Boy Month ago

    4:43 is that coconut ???

  • Slippysquid
    Slippysquid Month ago

    4:41 wait a minute... that’s not dirt

  • Rafael Naranjo
    Rafael Naranjo Month ago

    Isn’t weird that all of the sodas that were mixed are only like a orange ish color🤨🧐🤔

  • CC Allen
    CC Allen Month ago

    The soda of apple and bacon I’m not gonna tell you what that looks like

  • Lauren Russo
    Lauren Russo Month ago

    Why is the dirt white?
    Like if you’re asking the same thing

  • ViperDragon 8080
    ViperDragon 8080 Month ago +2

    1:36 it will do a lot of damage

    Phil Swift: LOTS A LOTA DAMAGE

    • BLT Fireburst
      BLT Fireburst Month ago

      ViperDragon 8080 you didn’t write it properly, and I’m sad.

  • nicholas bullen wwe

    who came here because of Eric?

  • 连雪贞
    连雪贞 Month ago +1

    Peach and cream with bacon

  • Sadie Valencia
    Sadie Valencia Month ago

    3:05 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Comet Stumpf
    Comet Stumpf Month ago +3

    "I think we just made whisky!"

  • Finlay Fox
    Finlay Fox Month ago +9

    apple pie+bacon=bapple pie
    how to say it:

    • Isabella Morley
      Isabella Morley 11 days ago

      The Canadian version of this is probably maple syrup bacon maybe I'm Canadian I could say this

  • Mighty Macaroni
    Mighty Macaroni Month ago +2

    4:04 when you say frick on a minecraft server

    • Vaerixa
      Vaerixa 29 days ago

      Thats what is appropriate in a minecraft server instead of the sin word😔

      I dont care about your mans i dont give a frEAkK

  • Augustus Rowland
    Augustus Rowland Month ago

    white dirt aka cocaine

  • I'm scootin bootin
    I'm scootin bootin Month ago

    Pb&j and dirt? Gues they really made a SANDwich!
    I'll go home now..

  • soda36
    soda36 Month ago

    vat19 you juz drink my family

  • Mihnea DM
    Mihnea DM Month ago

    Always wanted to drink dirt

  • fpslen09 GT
    fpslen09 GT Month ago

    Vat ninteeeeeen.... Dot com

  • Yara Adel Fayek
    Yara Adel Fayek Month ago

    *sister translation* i like the girl with the brown hair thank me later.. ;)

    • M Ok
      M Ok Month ago

      That is Kara not trying to be mean

  • Yara Adel Fayek
    Yara Adel Fayek Month ago

    Me lik the gorl wid the broown haer

  • Xep Mayhugh
    Xep Mayhugh Month ago

    Bone apple-tea (bon appetit)

  • Sc call me puxmped
    Sc call me puxmped Month ago


  • Ariana Grande Fan
    Ariana Grande Fan Month ago

    Can u do Real vs Insects ( have fun eating. Cockroaches ;)

  • X59 Gaming
    X59 Gaming Month ago

    Strawberry & cream.and apple pie

  • provideogamer 13
    provideogamer 13 Month ago +1

    Bacon and apple pie. Welcome to the USA

  • Ashton Anderson
    Ashton Anderson Month ago


  • HUH????????
    HUH???????? Month ago

    I tasted fries with Apple slices idk how that feels

  • Trenton Poynter
    Trenton Poynter Month ago

    Put player cake to make it

  • MalixCrash
    MalixCrash Month ago

    *Why would anyone want to try a dirt soda...? Why would anyone MAKE that?!*

  • Addison
    Addison Month ago

    Why tf was the dirt white

  • Kawaii Love
    Kawaii Love Month ago

    “He’s gonna mess it up”
    “No I don’t think so”
    “What did you got ?”
    “You idiot :))”

  • Candy.Lillac
    Candy.Lillac Month ago +5

    Bone-Apple-Tea friends👌🏻

  • Jason Huffman
    Jason Huffman Month ago

    Pickle juice and Buffalo Wings

  • Thumbnail
    Thumbnail Month ago


  • AnonymouslySalty
    AnonymouslySalty Month ago

    Accidental whisky. Make it happen guys.

  • Gaming Thingz
    Gaming Thingz Month ago

    Watching the birthday cake one ON my birthday

  • Ethan Spencer
    Ethan Spencer Month ago

    4:28 They're literally eating a dirt sandwich. I'm dying.

  • Theotherguy
    Theotherguy Month ago

    That’s a lot of damage