NEVER Do These 10 Things in JAPAN!

  • Published on Jun 30, 2017
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    Ryo helps Kasia out with explaining all the behaviors you should avoid in Japan. An episode examining Japan's cultural no no's.

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  • Quya Luna
    Quya Luna 6 hours ago

    And on the hairrrr ... what if you're from the West? Is blonde acceptable then? I've got blonde hair, but it's naturally brown. Most people can't tell that it's a dye. What would you say to do then?

  • Quya Luna
    Quya Luna 6 hours ago

    LOL no dyed hair or piercings ahahaha!!! Tell that to all the self proclaimed OTAKU who think they know EVERYTHING about Japan. I've met very few without piercings or dyed hair.

  • Quya Luna
    Quya Luna 6 hours ago

    Can you blow your nose in a bathroom? Is that better? Or is it rude to the people in other stalls ... ?

  • Quya Luna
    Quya Luna 6 hours ago

    I was overwhelmed by both of y'all's cuteness. It was difficult to watch. XD

  • Sailor of the Internet
    Sailor of the Internet 11 hours ago

    In England, we also take our shoes off before going into the house. I thought it was a thing that everyone does. Americas weird...

  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 23 hours ago

    Take off yo shoes!!
    Dame Bakatare!

  • Strelok
    Strelok Day ago

    Alot of them seems to be done by the Japanese here in japan, like talking in the phone, hell, last month a bunch of old drunk middle aged women barged into the train I was in and started partying.

  • ht gar
    ht gar Day ago

    In some places in Australia if you leave your bin out too long after rubbish has been collected or put it out too early, the local council will fine you. This is done in order to keep the front of houses/apartments, referred to as nature strips (most have lawn and one tree) clean and orderly.

  • ht gar
    ht gar Day ago

    teeth, dental hygiene...

  • Carla Heimerl
    Carla Heimerl Day ago

    I think blowing your nose in public is just bad manners, and the most HORRIBLE thing you could ever do is blow your nose while you are eating. OMG, I went out with this guy and he blew his nose in the cloth dinner napkin, not once but 3 times! I almost passed out.

  • YeeHaw BeEch
    YeeHaw BeEch Day ago

    the thing about taking off your shoes is that its not a rule that exists only in japan, many other countries have it too. its just that america is weird af and wear their shoes inside their house.

  • Iman 0203
    Iman 0203 2 days ago

    Okay, i know this is not the point of the video, but why are they eating chocolate with chopsticks, like who the fuck does that😂

  • muurrarium
    muurrarium 2 days ago

    Isn't being noisy in public (esp in smaller, confined spaces like trains) extremely rude anywhere?

  • vian x
    vian x 2 days ago +1

    the guy kinda look like Taeyong🤔

  • Panzer Blitz
    Panzer Blitz 3 days ago

    Japanese do all kinds of disgusting things. Top of the list is poaching whales and killing dolphin families.

  • StraightOuttaJarhois

    I wish the taboo against blowing your nose in public applied here. It's absolutely disgusting to hear.

  • Ruby Saleh
    Ruby Saleh 3 days ago

    I was kinda crushing on this dude 09:53

  • Timothy Adams
    Timothy Adams 3 days ago

    Almost a full minute before even getting to the first item? And 13 minutes to tell 10 items?

  • Dean Yordanov
    Dean Yordanov 3 days ago

    Well... What is i have bad sinuses? I blow my knows all day everyday!

  • Veli-Pekka Kultanen
    Veli-Pekka Kultanen 3 days ago

    In Finland, take your plucking shoes off!!

  • Veli-Pekka Kultanen
    Veli-Pekka Kultanen 3 days ago

    Did that.

  • jason sloten
    jason sloten 3 days ago

    Whats with the hand movements.??
    Past millenium vlogcrap ...the first 10 seconds turned me off . Bye

  • Anna Yunnis
    Anna Yunnis 3 days ago

    Are there sounds from Naruto? ☺

  • soundxcrash
    soundxcrash 4 days ago

    i have to say i have to also disagree with the first one yes the noise may startling and it sounds gross but People should understand , especially here in the USA they understand its a human thing and Its the Way ur body reacts into fighting the pathogens. it is a way ur body is disposing the garbage it really needs out of the body. Of course there is a Correct way to blow as to not be very rude by turning ur head away from the person or taking a few steps back if u really need to or going to the farthest edge of the room to blow and if possible step out of the room. But some times u just cant and it needs to be there. just do it the polite way. ITs really bad to Keep it in u as it can go into ur lungs and cause u to clog up ur lungs and Build pressure in ur head that can really Mess with ur Brain and push the mucus upwards. personally this is one i would be against not doing as this Benefits my health and is not hurting anyone espeically when ur sick it is a must as it can block u from breathing and sorry i gotta stay alive. its like telling someone not to sneeze when they cant help but do it so they cant control it its a reaction the body simply does and sometimes the body asks u to clear it Now before its gonna drip out allergies are horrible lol. i do not think they are the same as farting farting u can hold it in most of the time *which is not good but ur body is able to cope most of the time unless ur seriously medically ill thats a different story * i would not compare blowing ur nose to farting as some people have serious allergies or may be super sick that its a necessary just like the instinct of sneezing.

  • bts loves army only!!


  • Stevie Havoksen
    Stevie Havoksen 4 days ago

    I never do any of these things anyway hehe time to move to Japan!

  • Melicia
    Melicia 4 days ago

    But if you travel long you must eat on the train or did you mean the metro

  • Bee
    Bee 4 days ago

    I'm English and I cannot bear it when people blow their nose in public! When you think about what it really is, it's massively disgusting, no better than farting or vomiting really loudly and openly in public like it's no big deal, ugh. I don't even like my husband blowing his nose when we're at home and he's in the same room as me. I bite my tongue about it because I realise I'm in the minority and it's not considered rude or gross by most people in the UK. But I'm dying inside every time! If your nose is running, quietly use a tissue. If you have a cold and have to blow your nose constantly, you and your germs should stay home! I guess people with allergies can't help it, but it still raises my hackles. I can't help but see it as horribly bad manners to do it around other people.

  • Fox sniffing flower
    Fox sniffing flower 4 days ago

    I'm caucasian and I want to visit japan but I dye my hair red. Will they see me as like a delinquent tourist?

  • aventura excellence
    aventura excellence 4 days ago

    The woman in the video is an idiot, she tried to be funny about 10 times in the video and failed each and every time.....she may as well not be there, she adds nothing with her commentary and makes the video unwatchable. For their next video they should tell her to stay home, Ryo can handle a topic like this on her own.

  • Max Capone
    Max Capone 5 days ago

    Why does Ryo always act like he’s agonizing over every affirmation?
    Just tell it like it is.
    We can take it, Bro.

  • Keyauna Ferguson
    Keyauna Ferguson 5 days ago +1

    When you literally learned so many of these rules from animes lol
    Example: when they finger point in anime it's always soooooooo dramatic lol (not meaning to be offensive)

  • Natalia Sieradzka
    Natalia Sieradzka 5 days ago

    Uwaga means danger in polish

  • Michael McBroom
    Michael McBroom 5 days ago

    Hang on, "no eating on a train?" So what are all those 'bento box' sales points for at the train stations. Are passengers just supposed to look at them? When I was in Japan, I never ate on the short lines, but when I took the Shinkansen between cities, I ate on the train. Heck, they even had the attendants with their carts that went up and down the aisles. So, I think it depends on the train.

  • MINE9
    MINE9 5 days ago

    it is ahall or hal

  • Rio Zou
    Rio Zou 5 days ago +1

    about these things, I think thats also rude for every country.

  • Matthew Keighran
    Matthew Keighran 5 days ago

    That is BS regarding hair colour and facial hair...most women have a brown rinse in their hair and beards are super common

  • Triped -TK
    Triped -TK 5 days ago +2

    *RIP Jiraya😢*

  • Izabelle bazi
    Izabelle bazi 6 days ago

    Well I am from mtl and we have very specific trash days too. I genuinely thought it was like that around the world.

  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 6 days ago

    Blow your nose? Blow the stuff out?? Into something; Anything!!?
    We don't even like seeing that in the USA!! Do it where nobody is around! Gross man!!

  • Neena En
    Neena En 6 days ago

    I’m American and I never wear my shoes in the house. I do however wear house slippers especially in the winter.
    I don’t think you should always believe things you watch in movies.
    I’m currently living in Australia, and the white people here wear the shoes in their house like it’s normal.. soo maybe its not an American thing.. it’s a white people thing? Lol jk. Don’t hate me people. :)

  • Nada Barakat
    Nada Barakat 6 days ago

    explains why Jotaro was pointing fingers

  • Sybe Made
    Sybe Made 6 days ago

    Could you please talk faster? First 40 seconds are boring and you explain too much.

  • Nej Tak
    Nej Tak 6 days ago +1

    Yeah I hate when people blow their noses in public like ew...
    Also taking off your shoes is so normal

  • TheReal RedWolfofDeath

    Just came back from Japan and can you that these weebs really have no clue what they are talking about. Got to number 3 before stopping from these lies. Can honestly say people don't have issues with you blowing your nose in public, nor talking on trains, nor having backpack on you in a "crowded" train.

  • Xandria Tyson
    Xandria Tyson 7 days ago

    He's cute 030

  • Lila Grace
    Lila Grace 7 days ago +2

    bruh ryo in 9:52 - 9:58 he's so freaking cute!

  • PatRNBSN
    PatRNBSN 7 days ago +1

    Here in Mexico we keep our shoes on because of scorpions, at least in the rural area in which I live. My sisters visited and kept walking around in bare feet. After they left, there was a scorpion on my bedroom floor. I took a photo and sent it to them, saying THIS is why I kept telling you to keep your shoes on.

  • Crazy Sven
    Crazy Sven 7 days ago

    Talking on the phone on the train is exceptionally rude in America as well, but many Americans are rude, so they ignore the etiquette and go for obnoxious as their go-to behavior. Same counts for on the subway. There is always someone blabbing loudly on their phone, so that everyone can hear. We call them "obnoxious assholes". The "no piercing" rule is great. When I see people with more metal in their face than a hardware store it is like looking at a pile of dung. Tattoos absolutely cover most men and women in America now, which makes the whole country look like an open-air prison. That's it. I'm moving to Japan. Case closed.

  • Seven
    Seven 7 days ago +1

    So as a foreigner with tattoo, hair color, piercings, would I have issues with service in Japan? Or because I am not Japanese would it be ignored?

  • Missy Rabbit
    Missy Rabbit 8 days ago +4

    no tattoos in many of the Japanese spas.
    with traditional floor toilets, do not flush with your foot.
    no tipping.
    no pictures of, or in someone's shop/place of business without permission.
    no pictures of someone without permission (especially monks).
    Learn to say "Please", "Thank you", and "Excuse me" or "I am sorry" in Japanese.
    People are more willing to help you if you are polite, and trying to speak language.

  • Eman Emanrus
    Eman Emanrus 8 days ago

    nose blowing is disgusting? Well, for sure if you blow your nose in a queue or in a movie theater, right in the neck of the people ahead... Or if you do it loudly. But here on the tube I saw a japanese tv show in which they hosted a professional burper from holland (yanagi19871 or something like: search on the tube) and while he was doing his stuff people was smiling and clapping hands... So I cannot blow my nose in japan while they allowed to this guy to perform brutal burps and belches like a dynosaur mating call??? 😁

  • Mr Popo
    Mr Popo 8 days ago

    so if you are an outsider you and have fe blonde hair you gotta dye it?

  • Melissa Breusch
    Melissa Breusch 9 days ago

    I can see the the nose one. Even in anime the sniffle alot.

  • Sakura Stardust
    Sakura Stardust 9 days ago +5

    Eating while you walk us also SUPER rude in Japan. It's okay to stop and eat while standing, but if you're walking with food it's possible to bump into someone and get food on them

    • Rollstuhl Adolf
      Rollstuhl Adolf 4 days ago

      Well, actually it more because of the fact that it is disrespectful for the cook/restaurant whatever since in Japan there are still a lot of places where the food is homemade. So if you walk while eating it means that you do not respect their effort etc. -.-

  • ShadowsFrost
    ShadowsFrost 9 days ago

    Fuck that, if I need to blow my nose, too fucking bad for them hahaha.

  • Flawless Ariana
    Flawless Ariana 9 days ago


  • Chihaya Komatsu
    Chihaya Komatsu 9 days ago


  • Galaxy Zebra
    Galaxy Zebra 9 days ago

    I went to Japan, 7 different cities with my tattoos visible before knowing this :(! I feel so bad because I wanted to be as respectful as possible 😂

  • Cynthia E
    Cynthia E 10 days ago

    Dude needs to brush his teeth eeeeesh

  • Kaikashii MntsZng
    Kaikashii MntsZng 10 days ago

    Man! Here in USA, talk in the phone is AAAANOOOOYIIIIINGGGG!!! And more cuz people are so disgusting when they talk, always cursing and swearing!!!

  • Kaikashii MntsZng
    Kaikashii MntsZng 10 days ago +1

    WOW he is so HOT!!!

  • xBelovedxMemoryx
    xBelovedxMemoryx 10 days ago

    On a normal commuter train, eating is a no-no. On the other hand, if you get to enjoy a long shinkansen ride, you can chow down all you want! Myself and the two Japanese businessmen in the seats beside me were all chowing down on our bento boxes on the way to Kyoto.

  • Donovan Kephart
    Donovan Kephart 10 days ago

    Ugh my short time in Japan and thinking back to all I did, in one rude person and i feel awful. But now I know, I'll be more considerate seeing as what I'm used to is considered rude there.

  • chocolat bonjour
    chocolat bonjour 10 days ago

    平気で人前で鼻かんでたわ。。。ズルズルやってるほうが汚いから・・・。(でも、ちゃんと顔隠す感じで (^^ゞ

  • Loh Diwei
    Loh Diwei 10 days ago +1

    You should not talk on the phone in public *anywhere*.
    People talking on their cell phones in public in the West are total assholes.

  • SilkyWolf
    SilkyWolf 10 days ago

    Aaaaand who wears shoes in a house...??....

  • Ian N
    Ian N 10 days ago

    I can understand the finger pointing thing. When I was in the army we were never allowed to point fingers. It was an open handed point. The reason? Because you'd poke holes in the air and the fairies would pour out.

    So, this probably explains why there aren't many fairies in Japan.

    • Caitlin Thompson
      Caitlin Thompson 9 days ago +1

      Do you not know about Chiitan? The rogue mascot of Susaki? He is a 0-year-old fairy baby! You, my friend, have been missing out on some serious things! :D

  • pj
    pj 11 days ago


  • geraldobsn
    geraldobsn 11 days ago

    Love the "source of credibility". :D

  • orangewedges
    orangewedges 11 days ago

    Why does she say his name like that when he doesn't even say his name that way?

  • Kpop Eve
    Kpop Eve 12 days ago

    So basically I got purple hair rn, septum piercing (but it can be pushed up my nose aka hidden), ear piercings and I'm about to get a tattoo on my wrist 🙃 also I carry a school bag lmao

  • Waterbuck71
    Waterbuck71 12 days ago

    Ryo: YEEAAAH....

  • Samsons Silvester
    Samsons Silvester 12 days ago +1

    Ryo can easily pass as a Korean, Japanese people tend to be much darker in skin complexion similar to mocha tone

  • Phexu
    Phexu 12 days ago

    Im going to japan soon and im gonna do everything wrong

  • faridah buang
    faridah buang 12 days ago

    Im not sure i could follow the donts in Japan, except for barefoot inside the house 😉

    • faridah buang
      faridah buang 9 days ago

      @Caitlin Thompson thanks for being with me,actually All Malaysians included me was barefoot inside our house 😊

    • Caitlin Thompson
      Caitlin Thompson 9 days ago +1

      Apparently, it's considered equally gross not to wear socks! Japanese people seem to have some real issues about being grossed out by feet. I've heard them say that it's because they're dirty, which I guess is true-ish depending on your hygiene! But I'm with you. Barefoot for life!!!

  • Mc Hobbit
    Mc Hobbit 12 days ago

    People wear shoes at home in German movies (and on TV), but I don't know any real life Germans that do. Guests yes, especially when they aren't staying long, but not the people who live there. I guess they got it from the American movies and TV?

  • ガクヤシロ
    ガクヤシロ 12 days ago

    I love how the guy looks at the girl when he talks and the girl just stares at the camera

    • Caitlin Thompson
      Caitlin Thompson 9 days ago

      I think she's probably shy to look at him because she'll fall in love and he's very probably out of her league. Although you're right: epic screen dynamic, AMIRIGHT!

  • Kami kaze
    Kami kaze 12 days ago

    What about coffee to go on the train?

  • Mr J
    Mr J 12 days ago

    Fuck me, that culture really does need to lighten up and let go.

  • Peter Yap
    Peter Yap 13 days ago

    Re backpack I've experienced that, so next time I put my backpack in front of me and at the floor specially at standing room only, I love Japan and the peaceful people, for me I would follow the flow they have, thanks for sharing

  • Vyara Gylsen
    Vyara Gylsen 13 days ago

    I respect peoples cultures but that is just Ott for me which is one of the reasons its' not suitable for me to live in Japan. It's just too rigid

  • viergenoire
    viergenoire 13 days ago +7

    OMG I LOOOOVE these rules. (No irony meant)

  • KonaSitkaRose
    KonaSitkaRose 13 days ago

    I went to visit my sister (she is 100% Japanese). We were in Tokyo train station by Shibuya. I was minding my own business as my eyes gazed around starting to read funny random English words on peoples clothing and accessories. I began to laugh. And laugh. And snort. And slap my thighs. And LAUGH, teeth showing laugh. The harder I tried not to laugh at the funny things people were wearing, the harder I laughed. My sister sat there as stone faced as she could so as not to fall into the dreaded "laugh with mouth open showing teeth" sin I was committing. Even now, when I remember what some of the clothes said (My favorite time of year is pink; I am a playboy; etc), and I bust up. Our mom (100% Japanese) used to remind me because of my not fitting into Japanese society that I was a bad Japanese. That's ok. I told her this girl was born in Kentucky!

  • Tebulotus
    Tebulotus 14 days ago +1

    The shoes rule is totally normal in Poland 😁

  • Taylor jones. Admin Jesse Male fangirl

    Don’t be a Logen paul

  • Marek Bortnowski
    Marek Bortnowski 14 days ago

    are you from poland

  • Ravina Pandey
    Ravina Pandey 14 days ago

    I have a question. When I was in train a Japanese men in suit was staring at me. When I looked at him he still was staring. Then I looked away after some time I looked at him he still staring at me. Then I gave an angry look he still stared for a while then looked down lol

    So my question is why staring me...

  • Another Channel
    Another Channel 15 days ago

    9:54 when I saw all his face... 😳 at least I find him attractive lol

  • Byrelle Brass
    Byrelle Brass 15 days ago +1

    Rrrrrrrrrrr ooooo
    Hi my name is Ro

  • AC
    AC 15 days ago

    lol cheeseburger omelette why not just say durian very pungent smell lol

  • Chris Sleeze
    Chris Sleeze 15 days ago

    I'm so hyped to go to Japan, to possibly live there I'm learning to be fluent in Japanese. But the whole tattoo and piercing rules is pretty lame, since I have tattoos and piercings lol. And natural blond hair ;-;

  • dayceem
    dayceem 15 days ago +1

    Not being able to blow my nose kinda blows my mind.

  • Kileen Martz
    Kileen Martz 16 days ago +1

    Welp...I'm a much goes for me moving to Japan and getting a successful job :')

  • Pack Trouble
    Pack Trouble 16 days ago

    With the trash schedules in japan. We have something similar here in the states. You need to take the trash out on trash day but, if its out past a certain time you can get fined.

  • Lipy
    Lipy 16 days ago

    Wait, hold on, don't train conductors point on the train?

  • Cathy Brocki
    Cathy Brocki 17 days ago

    But... I'm Nordic af

  • Andrea Henry
    Andrea Henry 17 days ago

    Wearing backpacks on a busy train is just rude in general. I agree with that one. Even on an emptier train or bus, when someone is turned sideways with a full backpack, it can still be annoying to try and squeeze by them.
    And shoes in the house is weird. Maybe it's common in the US, but I've always taken my shoes off before walking around anyone's house in Canada. And no one has tried to wear their shoes in my house either, excluding the delivery guys who were carrying my new couch inside. Luckily I have all hardwood.

  • Elijah Ritenour
    Elijah Ritenour 17 days ago


  • echt114
    echt114 17 days ago

    Wow... these comments. It's sad how judgmental people everywhere can get about the arbitrary norms and customs they've gotten used to. To deviate from them is "disgusting" or "revolting." Would it hurt to be a little more objective and lessen your condemnations a bit?