Punishment and Politics | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 87

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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    Running on fumes, the Mighty Nein face down the new form of their old threat, but it is diplomacy that proves to be an even greater challenge...
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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian Month ago +1815

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    0:30 The mainframe jacks into BlackWillow73
    3:25 This bit has as much lore as Travis Willingham’s Yeehaw Game Ranch
    5:50 Laura’s merch corner
    7:25 Intro cinematic
    9:05 Episode Starts
    11:15 Recap Ends
    12:30 Battle begins
    23:45 Beau as a 90’s cartoon
    35:10 Nott has her priorities
    39:40 Watch him Num-Num
    40:15 The Inevitable Friend
    42:20 Nott’s mini is stealthy
    45:15 Caleb the monkey nut
    55:00 Goblin radar
    1:00:40 Apeduceus
    1:07:30 Sam reminds us that Pumat is dying
    1:13:00 Beau the Cowardly
    1:14:05 EAT ME
    1:18:10 HDIWTDT (SAY IT)
    1:21:10 Not a hugger
    1:24:40 Capeleb
    1:25:40 We’re all very proud of you Matt, Oban was great
    1:33:25 Woundmat Sol
    1:35:15 Pumuscles
    1:44:05 Fjord blesses the Hand
    1:48:10 Boop = Guidance
    1:49:35 Does anyone hear look like they’re carrying?
    1:53:15 Break Starts
    2:03:20 Art Montage
    2:17:20 Break Ends
    2:27:30 Getting the story straight
    2:36:05 The origin of Fjord’s accent
    2:38:30 Caleb holds a fart
    2:42:25 Beau’s fists are registered deadly weapons
    2:44:05 Jester is not deweaseled
    2:46:00 Taliesin has leftover owl puns
    2:51:45 The deliberation
    3:05:00 Who exactly is on the council?
    3:07:30 Caduceus is excellent cover
    3:17:40 Trent knows
    3:21:00 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 13th of Thunsheer 836. Sam’s flask says “You’re Pretty” on a picture of Liam. This is both how Sam truly feels, and a reference to Buddy, Liam’s character from the Darrington Brigade One-Shot
    The Critical Role Rap Gods have smiled on us once again and released the next great battle: Beau vs. Yasha. Seriously, these raps are actually pretty good and well produced. You can find the battle at tvclip.biz/video/uTyNWV6TFaU/video.html
    Also, they leveled up off camera after the game. No big surprises. Fjord took level 2 of paladin, so warlock smites are coming soon.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    • Skeptical Caveman
      Skeptical Caveman 14 days ago

      Jester is like Elmyra, from Animaniacs.

    • James Evans
      James Evans 17 days ago


    • ophionavernus
      ophionavernus Month ago

      @Ranger N and seconds later Morse code pleas.

    • Gyrre
      Gyrre Month ago

      1:41:26 An unexpected ChiaPets endorsement.

    • Erik Emerson
      Erik Emerson Month ago

      Thank you for posting these links.

  • Delderi
    Delderi 11 minutes ago

    Shouldnt eldritch blast do 3d10 by now?

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 14 hours ago

    This is getting really good. I can't stop watching

  • Jacob Gomes
    Jacob Gomes 21 hour ago

    Beau takes an oath for the wild mother and gains Fist of the Forest prestige class, just to gain sent!

  • Kayla Walsh
    Kayla Walsh Day ago

    i love the matching sweatshirts!

  • Samantha Williams

    The entire ad with Sam- I mean, Black_Willow73 you can just see Tallisen visibly age and cry out for help. Help him, he hasn't spent eternity to deal with this suffering.

  • Storm 1455
    Storm 1455 2 days ago

    Shouldn't Jester have automatically died when she hit zero from necrotic damage?

  • Luke Evans
    Luke Evans 2 days ago

    Dice superstition at it's finest, we love you Laura Bailey

  • ZeroCool
    ZeroCool 2 days ago

    I keep wanting Ashley to use her bonus action to activate the Skin Gorger, it has never been used since she got it lol.

  • Filip Ferenčak
    Filip Ferenčak 2 days ago +1

    Tailesin: "I'll cast vampiric touch"
    Me: "You or Caduceus?"

  • 92 Explorer
    92 Explorer 3 days ago

    I come back to the throne room scene where the king learns about the withdrawal of the attack on behalf of M9 because the music is so hauntingly tense it gets my heart rate going

  • kelnhide
    kelnhide 3 days ago

    Transformed Oban reminds me of Corrupted Arkham when he tried to use Sparda’s sword near the end of Devil May Cry 3

  • SingleMaltMac
    SingleMaltMac 4 days ago

    Talisen with the S.O.S. made me laugh so hard!

  • Urban Ninja
    Urban Ninja 5 days ago

    can someone explain how caleb made a 28 int check at around minute 45? an int check is a D20 + Int mod which should be 25 at the highest even if he rolled a nat 20. im confused???

  • Mariel Lopez
    Mariel Lopez 5 days ago

    I've been binge watching since September, and I'm kinda scared that I'm just three episodes away from catching up. Now I'll have to wait every week. How do you guys do it?! Best thing ever on the internet.

  • Shawn Boudreau
    Shawn Boudreau 5 days ago

    Taliesin Jaffe for the "They might be Giant" reference

  • Errol F. O'Foor
    Errol F. O'Foor 5 days ago

    5 1/2 Floppy!?! You mad man!

  • Halfblood Pheonixfire

    Good for you Matt!! You finally got to kill your own Boss!! That was awesome!!

  • Paul A DAigle
    Paul A DAigle 6 days ago

    How the hell can you get disadvantage on a spell attack while engulfed within it? It's a touch attack!

  • pieownisback
    pieownisback 6 days ago

    Does anyone happen to know what music is playing at the end of this episode when Trent goes and talks to the M9?

  • waylon needs
    waylon needs 7 days ago

    Doesn’t necrotic kill you if you go unconscious??

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike 7 days ago

    I'd totally watch the cartoon "Beauregard 'Captain Planet' Lionette'"

  • Adrienne Hagen
    Adrienne Hagen 8 days ago

    I'm behind but no one can convince me that the king isn't 100% behind this chained oblivion nonsense and doesn't want this war/the dynasty itself. Something is so fucked up with that bastard. Everything about him gives me the creeps

  • 00Fiddlesticks00
    00Fiddlesticks00 8 days ago

    I watched the "got kicked in the head by a donkey" 20 times and it still doesnt get old

  • Claw Glade Entertainment

    Pumat Sol = MVP

  • Sarah Crouse
    Sarah Crouse 9 days ago

    Tal tapping out SOS turning Sam’s ad read 😂😂😂

  • Rubén Cepedello
    Rubén Cepedello 9 days ago

    1:00 Taliesin typing S. O. S. in Morse

  • Nebulous
    Nebulous 9 days ago

    Does anyone else love Matt’s “You Sufffffeeeeerrrr” when he’s rolling for damage it’s pretty cute lmao.

  • Trayton Davis
    Trayton Davis 10 days ago

    Sentinel Sisters!

  • Benedict Roberts
    Benedict Roberts 10 days ago

    The Mighty Nien fight the Marmite blob.

  • Lou Ngoko
    Lou Ngoko 10 days ago

    Sam just nails the hidden behind seven proxies look.

  • ohitsjust someguy
    ohitsjust someguy 10 days ago

    Best NordVPN infomerical hands down.

  • Gaspar Díaz
    Gaspar Díaz 10 days ago

    3:25 This AD will continue...

  • Hendry Wa
    Hendry Wa 11 days ago

    How do i want to do this? new phrase

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett 11 days ago

    When the King called Cadueses uneducated looking , uh , it just broke me lil heart

  • ChromeTeck
    ChromeTeck 12 days ago

    1:18:20 Matt in his head:"I don wanna, i don wanna i don wanna!"

  • lngbrdninjamasta
    lngbrdninjamasta 12 days ago

    "How do I want to do this!" -best line I've ever heard in this!

  • Ashtarte
    Ashtarte 12 days ago

    I have waited over 200 episodes to hear those hilarious words: "How do I want to do this...?"

  • John Unterzuber
    John Unterzuber 12 days ago

    Always the guests that kill the bosses

  • Johanán Andrés
    Johanán Andrés 13 days ago +1

    This is what Ellie do when not killing clickers heheeh

  • Zelas
    Zelas 14 days ago

    Taliesin tapping SOS and pulling those faces ... I can't! XD Someone safe him! XDD

  • Tyler Dolezal
    Tyler Dolezal 14 days ago

    Agender npc's. Still using HIS-story checks. Shame.

  • InsanePower1 Wes
    InsanePower1 Wes 15 days ago

    Good lord, the M9 are going to come back to the dynasty with another freaking beacon after being asked month(s) ago to see if they could maybe find its location.

  • ShadowDrakken
    ShadowDrakken 15 days ago

    The Mighty Nein... 7, plus one for all those they've lost whose spirit lingers in their hearts, and another for the friends and allies who strengthen them each time their paths cross. 9 ;)

  • bucksbox
    bucksbox 15 days ago +1

    Taliesin's 'cultist next door' look @ 1:49:30

  • mrjoni54
    mrjoni54 15 days ago

    It's been really fun seeing Marisha/Beau growing throughout the campaign. It feels like she knows better what to do with her character, what to say and how to act, the relationship with the others etc. The promotion to Expositor feels well deserved both for Beau and Marisha.

  • bigcas78
    bigcas78 16 days ago

    The saga of Blackwillow73 continues

  • Effendi Tan
    Effendi Tan 16 days ago

    An honest question, at 45:45 how did Caleb get a 28 on his intelligence check? is it also plus proficiency?

  • Scott Humphreys
    Scott Humphreys 16 days ago

    I imagine that Laura's natural 1 failed Dex save was her miscalculating and diving directly under the pillar which originally wouldn't have hit her.

  • Tom B
    Tom B 16 days ago +12

    "You're not a normal Goblin?"
    "No, I'm Nott"
    Favourite line of the episode, beautiful moment

  • Sinan
    Sinan 17 days ago

    Is that the first "How do I want to do this" ever ?

  • Hari
    Hari 18 days ago +1


  • Austin Crain
    Austin Crain 18 days ago

    Can they finesse this? Can they actually do it?????

  • Ryan Logan
    Ryan Logan 18 days ago

    3:21:13, Fjord should have hit twice. Even if he rolled a 1, Nott hit at 15. He rolled a 14 without advantage on his second attack and then rolled advantage and still claimed a miss. Can't be a thing, right? Is not impossible to miss? I don't play DnD, I just watch this series when I'm smoking alone. I actually do need clarification here. There is no possible way he could have missed, right? Or am I too stoned/inexperienced to understand this moment?

  • Bridgepins
    Bridgepins 18 days ago

    2:59:30 - "No, I'm Nott."

  • Ishidalover
    Ishidalover 19 days ago

    Don't EVER say "that could've been worse" in front of your DM. You're just asking for it! 😂

  • Abi yo
    Abi yo 20 days ago

    1:15:13 Laura is a mood

  • Survival Veteran
    Survival Veteran 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants a small HP and spell slot counter in the corner for each character on their turn?

  • ChickenWing1800
    ChickenWing1800 20 days ago

    i didnt think about it until Jester tried to convince Dwendel to count Sprinkle. But where is Willy?

  • Mischa
    Mischa 20 days ago

    As someone who has recently been fighting with a big fuck-all sword I am so here for the thumbnail