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  • David Hoke
    David Hoke 18 hours ago

    While I can agree that the product placement - Facebook, apple, TVclip, Skype, etc. - looks tiresome I can’t help but to realize that these devices/social media have become ingrained in today’s society and thus make more sense for the film than I’d want to believe. I’ll give it a try

  • VK Productions
    VK Productions 2 days ago

    The movie is excellent, watched the premier, the director also had a good attitude

  • Rali272
    Rali272 2 days ago

    Don’t watch this. Harold didn’t go to White Castle not even one time.

  • angellovesBTS
    angellovesBTS 3 days ago

    I'm here from Instagram hahahaha it's meme material

  • Mudassir M
    Mudassir M 3 days ago

    Director: Aneesh from Hyderabad 😊!! All d best broooo

  • Animation Lover
    Animation Lover 3 days ago

    Now i know why that guy looks so familiar. He played Andy Brooks in Sleepy Hollow

  • so so
    so so 4 days ago

    This reminds me of a novel that I read. A bit different though!

  • SubroYoshep
    SubroYoshep 4 days ago

    This looks interesting

  • Jul
    Jul 5 days ago

    Is it 15+?

  • TVLouie
    TVLouie 5 days ago

    I don't know but it think this movie is about his daughter...

  • BigSalProductions
    BigSalProductions 6 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for almost the entire summer for this to come out!!!

  • R4nCorE
    R4nCorE 6 days ago

    Chino culiao feo por la cresta, liberenlo de su miseria... con una operacion facial

  • candyemoji
    candyemoji 7 days ago

    Who else came because of Instagram?

  • Jean Cho
    Jean Cho 8 days ago

    Kinda look .ike taken

  • Gavin Turpin
    Gavin Turpin 9 days ago

    This movie is the next Unfriended.

  • Jenna Sadsad
    Jenna Sadsad 10 days ago

    NEED to see this!!!!

  • creepydakotaz
    creepydakotaz 11 days ago

    This movie is for Chinese unfriended

  • ThetaRex227 Productions

    The internet is being threatened... No...

  • Daphna Lavi
    Daphna Lavi 12 days ago

    Does this have a good ending?

  • Gab Gon
    Gab Gon 13 days ago

    Went to see Hereditary. Saw this movie's preview. Can't wait to see it. 😣😦😐

  • The Derpy GalacticLLama


  • BullseyeFire
    BullseyeFire 14 days ago

    This looks super intriguing

  • verawhispers
    verawhispers 14 days ago

    Is this going to theaters?

  • jay Pazare
    jay Pazare 15 days ago

    "I didn't k ow her,I didn't know my daughter" ....well you won't be the first.

  • Kixxry
    Kixxry 15 days ago

    He probably forgot to turn off his camera lol

  • Margaretha Claresta
    Margaretha Claresta 15 days ago

    ok but honestly, movies like this make me want to watch it on my laptop and not at the cinemas

  • L. Crayton
    L. Crayton 16 days ago

    Why does the actress from Will & Grace sound like a robot? Is this LOOSELY based on the true story of the Asian girl who's parents were really strict immigrants so when she started college she met a guy, dropped out of school, moved in w/dude & kept it from her parents for FOUR years? She was busted when her parents wanted to attend her graduation so she killed them. I think it was on Dateline or 20/20 & this trailer feels very familiar to that episode.

  • 3C Films
    3C Films 16 days ago +10

    THIS MOVIE WAS INTENSE!!! Got An Advance Screening!
    Review On My Channel !
    If You're Curious To Hear More.

    • Aharonm Richardson
      Aharonm Richardson 10 days ago

      3C Films Oh really? I'm goin to one in a couple weeks. How was it?

  • Sour Lemon
    Sour Lemon 17 days ago

    Anyone have any links?

  • kimmyfreak200
    kimmyfreak200 17 days ago

    well we need the exorcist back cuz he probably killed her?!

  • Jerry Nguyen
    Jerry Nguyen 18 days ago

    This is special movie because it is one of a kind because everything takes place behind a computer screen and the plot is insane

  • Haydo Mo106
    Haydo Mo106 18 days ago

    I really want to see this! No it is not like unfriended! This has an actually serious plot. Which makes me intrigued and interested!

  • Connor Mayo
    Connor Mayo 18 days ago

    Ayee Grace from Will and Grace is in this lol I’m automatically sold

  • dalena nguyen
    dalena nguyen 18 days ago

    At 1:00 John Cho's character types in Evercreek High School in San Jose, this a lowkey shoutout to San Jose high schools Evergreen Valley and Silver Creek? If so, I am super here for it.

  • Aaron Enerio
    Aaron Enerio 18 days ago

    She’s with Kumar chilll

  • The Government
    The Government 20 days ago

    Kumar 👀

  • Neha Tandon
    Neha Tandon 20 days ago

    Will scare the beejeesus outta ya!

  • Bryson Blackwell
    Bryson Blackwell 20 days ago +1

    Saw this for a pre-screening. Movie was unbelievably good, tons of twists and amazing detail throughout the whole movie. 10/10 recommended

  • Victor Walston
    Victor Walston 20 days ago

    I’m guessing that the dad had something to do with her being missing

  • Swordchicken
    Swordchicken 20 days ago


  • Shanes Piggies
    Shanes Piggies 20 days ago

    When does it come out?

  • Leroy Stevens
    Leroy Stevens 20 days ago

    I like this

  • S A D - E G G
    S A D - E G G 20 days ago

    So Taken but on a Mac

  • The Distant Misfit
    The Distant Misfit 20 days ago

    Anybody getting a Sarah is Missing type vibe?

  • LoveFood Gourmet
    LoveFood Gourmet 21 day ago

    Creepy weird and why oh why make something mind numbing like this - why can’t we all just live in peace instead of allowing people to cause such heartache to us - when we don’t speak up but suffer in silence we allow evil to breed and authorities allow it to breed - inhuman society inhuman world - reject all evil influences and people accept yourself and embrace your true self and purpose

  • Mr B
    Mr B 21 day ago

    This guy is truly awful with kids lool he couldn't even handel them in the exorcist tv show

  • Robis Murgis Vlogs
    Robis Murgis Vlogs 21 day ago

    Unfriended but with daddy issues.

    Oh god no.

  • Bambi
    Bambi 21 day ago

    Does anyone have his daughter on social media 👀😫

  • Sapphire The Youtuber

    So this is like the movie version of Sara is missing, SIMULACRA, and Her story....

  • tara thelen
    tara thelen 21 day ago +1

    Let me guess he kill his daughter or is going to be fram by the real killer or is going to be kill trying to find her.

  • Nai Nai
    Nai Nai 21 day ago

    I'll watch anything that stars John Cho. I'm in.

  • Reyna Ortiz
    Reyna Ortiz 21 day ago


  • dahlia beauty
    dahlia beauty 21 day ago

    This is actually scary, the internet is a dark & dangerous place. You always gotta check up on what your children or even siblings are doing on social media

  • Panda Face
    Panda Face 21 day ago

    I bet you 10000000000000000000000000.0 that this is sponsored by apple

  • Josh DeRoche
    Josh DeRoche 22 days ago +1

    Kind of reminds me of the 2013 movie “Prisoners” which is easily top 5 maybe even top 3 favorite movies of all time

  • Crisol Zuniga
    Crisol Zuniga 22 days ago

    I don’t even get what it’s about

  • Rose K
    Rose K 22 days ago

    Bruh i thought the title meant somone was searching up official trailers

  • britt dino
    britt dino 22 days ago

    This looks
    pretty good

  • kitsune da o
    kitsune da o 22 days ago

    Love John Cho!! Movie looks great! Oscar Nom for John???

  • Ava Graves
    Ava Graves 22 days ago

    where can I watch this??

  • jzgaming Jz
    jzgaming Jz 22 days ago

    The ending is just that Margot left to her mother

    3.7M likes 22 days ago

    WAS gonna buy a macbook but...nvm

  • Goon Tunes
    Goon Tunes 22 days ago

    .....why is that youtube layout from 2007?

  • Ronald Dominguez
    Ronald Dominguez 22 days ago

    His funny

  • Ly Yang
    Ly Yang 22 days ago

    Not to be a party pooper but in reality the first place cops would probably look after questioning friends and family is the laptop/phone history. 😅 But it is a movie so..

  • So Ni
    So Ni 22 days ago +1

    I think this film really has it's finger on the pulse of adolescence in America. This looks like an important wake up call.

  • Its Red Sky
    Its Red Sky 22 days ago

    Is it bad... that this doesn’t look bad?

  • SomethingSomething Dark Side 94

    It’s like they watched the movie Friend Request and were like “ok let’s do that but make it GOOD”

  • a e t h i o s
    a e t h i o s 22 days ago

    Yep i'm seeing this just for that apple computer

  • Delita Pvk2
    Delita Pvk2 22 days ago

    spoiler he ate her with some beans and ciante

  • pizza
    pizza 22 days ago

    welcome to the movie world, where linux and windows are unheard of
    also nice random switch to ubuntu at 0:19

  • Gerald S.
    Gerald S. 23 days ago

    Plot Twist: She didn't want to go to UC Berkley, she wanted to go to Harvard.

  • Bameron Bakes
    Bameron Bakes 23 days ago

    I already seen this movie its actually really good

  • just yassu
    just yassu 23 days ago

    *takes a shot everytime he says my daughter*

  • Ahsbdbs Dhebsbs
    Ahsbdbs Dhebsbs 23 days ago

    Lmao... I keep trying to tell the movie people that casting this guy or his white burger counterpart in ANY movie except Harold and Kumar will not work out...

  • R Y
    R Y 23 days ago

    this looks horrible

  • Thomas Dunn
    Thomas Dunn 23 days ago

    Spoiler:In the end of the movie it turns out she was withdrawing all the funds to buy her dad a life supply of White Castle as a surprise for her Dad she made a fake I.D. cause she wasn’t old enough to buy all the burgers the nearest White Castle was really far so she had to get leave at night

  • Jeff Hutchings
    Jeff Hutchings 23 days ago

    reminds me of Maura Murray

  • JamesOfFlies.
    JamesOfFlies. 23 days ago

    This looks awesome

  • I am the Ghost
    I am the Ghost 23 days ago

    I'm gonna go see this movie

  • Secretly Strange
    Secretly Strange 23 days ago +3

    *She probably got lost in IKEA*

  • Adrian Andrade
    Adrian Andrade 23 days ago

    She ran away with kumar!

  • Pankaj Bhadoria
    Pankaj Bhadoria 23 days ago

    Gone Girl - Father edition.

  • My phone won't let me Have a profile picture

    Lol I saw this trailer at the hereditary movie 🎥

  • 4of92000
    4of92000 23 days ago

    Who's using Ubuntu to check TVclip at 0:19, when the rest of the trailer is done in macOS?
    Also _in a world... where Microsoft products don't exist..._

  • Tyson Boynton
    Tyson Boynton 23 days ago

    who came from snapchat

  • kayl0l
    kayl0l 23 days ago


  • Fry Day
    Fry Day 23 days ago

    Margot Kim goes to White Castle

  • Fry Day
    Fry Day 23 days ago

    Anyone remember that Asian stoner from Harold and Kumar... this is him now. You feel old yet?

  • Unicorn Workhorse
    Unicorn Workhorse 23 days ago

    When ytp becomes viable for film

  • King Zahari
    King Zahari 23 days ago

    So unfriended but with Asians

  • Natalia Vostriakova
    Natalia Vostriakova 23 days ago

    Chill she’s just trying to tell pizza hut she wants her pizza 🅱️oneless

  • Siddhant Patil
    Siddhant Patil 23 days ago

    Checked at kumkars house?

  • SMjr
    SMjr 23 days ago

    Is this an unfriended spin off?

  • elmor rivera
    elmor rivera 23 days ago

    Just imagine the movie is from the daughters pov and that daughter hacked her dads laptop since the day she was missing all to find out he was looking for her and that there’s this huge hunt for her

  • LokoThunDer451
    LokoThunDer451 23 days ago

    where the he'll has this guy been I hope this guy bees in more

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 23 days ago

    This is kinda of sad

  • victorvien
    victorvien 23 days ago

    How come everyone is mentioning Harold n Kumar? what about Star Trek etc.?

  • scaho
    scaho 24 days ago

    Plot twist It's Harold's daughter few years after the last H&K movie but it turns out Kumar is the one abducting her to make her learn to smoke pot

  • scaho
    scaho 24 days ago

    I love you Harold, please don't let this be another UNFRIENDED