How does an Electric Car work ? | Tesla Model S

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • Electric cars are making big waves in the automobile world. These noise-free, pollution-free and high-performance vehicles are expected to make their I.C. engine counterparts obsolete by 2025. This video will unveil the hidden technologies behind the Tesla Model S, which recently became the world’s fastest accelerating car. We will see how electric cars have achieved superior performance by analyzing the technology behind the induction motor, inverter, lithium ion battery power source, regenerative braking and above all, the synchronized vehicle mechanism, in a logical, step-by-step manner. The working and features of Tesla car is explained here with help of animation.
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  • Learn Engineering
    Learn Engineering  Year ago +189

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  • 1bottlefed
    1bottlefed 18 hours ago

    Thanks for the advertisement and limited actual information.....

  • BudKnight
    BudKnight Day ago

    This makes me sad because I wanted to build a car and now there’s no point

  • Jon Minnella
    Jon Minnella 2 days ago

    grate vehicle only problem is range how ever if some one could make a portable gas charger to help with range that would be grate

  • Massimo Blasi
    Massimo Blasi 2 days ago


  • Mr gm
    Mr gm 2 days ago

    6:28 if im a mechanical engineer. i want to convert that big gear into planetary gear.

  • Wycliffe Kivumbi
    Wycliffe Kivumbi 2 days ago

    It's a great work but their something missing

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King 2 days ago

    If we all had electric cars there’s would be no reason for western governments to go into other peoples countries and slaughter innocent people. Soldiers could be used to defend countries rather than commit cold blooded murder but the US will always seek reasons to invade other countries- they would just change the commodity to Diamonds or Gold I suppose.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 Day ago

      +Jonathan King There will always be something to have a war for.

    • Jonathan King
      Jonathan King Day ago +1

      +đeri662 Agreed. Or maybe they would just find another commodity to kill for such as diamonds, gold or platinum.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 2 days ago

      Well lithium reserves aren't exactly equal by country too (most of them in Chile, China, Argentina and Australia). And basically the whole market for rare-earth materials (neodymium, samarium), used for electric motors is in China. Maybe there wouldn't be any wars or maybe, they would just relocate.

  • Llenn
    Llenn 3 days ago

    0:05 Pollution Free c:

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Still i dont get it why Hypercars & Supercars still uses IC engine

  • AimColin
    AimColin 5 days ago

    leute deutscher Titel und englisches Video. echt nicht geil.

  • #TecheyGuys
    #TecheyGuys 5 days ago

    can we other battery link 12v or bigger than that

  • Dirk Goettsche
    Dirk Goettsche 7 days ago

    Good video .. but the narration is horrible, irritating, and grinds on my last nerve with the stupid up down inflection in each sentence.

  • Andrea Arecco - Headway

    Ciao a tutti! Sto facendo una ricerca sul settore automobilistico e il green. Potreste dedicare qualche minuto a rispondere al questionario? Vorrei capire attraverso le domande del questionario quanto diversi brand automobilistici vengano percepiti attenti all'ambiente

  • DJ - W0LFB3AT5
    DJ - W0LFB3AT5 7 days ago +1

    I’ll be 33 in 2025
    Can’t wait to test drive these...

  • Ahmad Miftahudin
    Ahmad Miftahudin 8 days ago

    Kirain pake bahasa indonesia..... 😔

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall 8 days ago

    You buy one then the battery needs replacing the imeiv with a poxy 16Kw battery costs 19000 euro in France ,24Kw leafs were doing 36000 then loosing 2 bars couple that with only charging up to the recomended 80% of charge and your range has gone down to 20 something miles , sometimes they get a glitch and its back to the expensive diagnostic again then they modual problems , use the heater and the range drops use the air con and the range drops ,fast charge to much it fks the battery if the battery is in a hot environent it needs a Lizard if its in the winter the battery needs a heater they cost tens of thoudands of $$$$$$$$$$
    are expensive to insure you need a home charger as the new trend is bigger batteries more range they are just to much fking around and they are to heavy in the snow with their skiny tyres fkem im staying with my little Renault its petrol i dont get any range problems and can use the aircon and heater any time with no drain on the mileage /range plus i can fix my car my self the parts are very cheap compared to EVs i get 31 around town and 47 + on a run
    If the petrol dries up tomorrow i can go LPG !

    My new contract forom the energy company came so this year im paying #178 more this year for exactly the same energy i used last year ,
    And when the power cuts come my car will start up and go and the EVs wont !

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      well the model 3 is making its way to Europe, it cost $53,000 with a 75kwh battery that gets 500km range at a weight of 3,900lbs , it only looses 20% of its capacity after 500,000 km driven, it looses 7 miles an hour with he heater, fast charging it multiple times wont fuck the battery but will degrade it a bit faster,
      the battery has liquid cooling it can handle hot environments, the benifit of EVS is lower maintenance and cheaper cost to fuel up.

  • Jose Rosa Collazo
    Jose Rosa Collazo 9 days ago

    Is aire pollution free but not 100% pollution free

  • DrD0000M
    DrD0000M 9 days ago

    Nikola Tesla didn't invent THE induction motor, he patented A motor design. Walter Baily made the first induction motor in 1879 based off Francois Arago's 1824 work. Tesla's motor was demonstrated two years AFTER Galileo Ferraris' similar 3-phase commutatorless AC induction motor was demonstrated in 1885. Westinghouse paid Ferraris in addition to Tesla for their patents when developing his AC power system.

  • Dessalegn Belay
    Dessalegn Belay 11 days ago


  • Кирилл Кириллов

    Can't agree with low response to fuel cut in combustion engines. Well, if you mean just just smaller fuel/air ratio - yes, it won't work fast. But changing ignition moment is very effective - most cars use this method to avoid wheels slip.

  • yu zhang
    yu zhang 12 days ago

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  • Jim Martin
    Jim Martin 12 days ago

    Why not use a stirling cold gas V-6 engine being fueled by a helium cryogenic piston that produces liquid Argon gas that supplies the cold temperatures for the stirling cold gas engine and has a cooling system for the electric motor's and for the use of superconductor's with the stirling cold gas engine's fly wheel's spining two drum motor high frequency electrical power generator's passed through the superconductor's that intern power the electric motor? This could also be used in aircraft and helicopters which would give them unlimited range by not having to recharge batteries? 😟😕

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      here read this

  • Ciel Udbjørg
    Ciel Udbjørg 13 days ago

    Nice cars, but still cars. Too many cars in one place (such as cities) doesent work. Los Angeles scrapped its huge streetcar system and replaced it with highways. Now, if all those cars on those highways became Teslas (or similar) by a stroke of magic tomorrow, it would not help the underlying problem: Cars cannot solve the transportation needs of a city. For that, you need public transport.
    Otherwise, nice & well made video. :)

  • Colonel1954Dz
    Colonel1954Dz 13 days ago

    Man just looking at the efficiency graph by RPM is almost enough. This is the future (not necessarily Tesla, electric vehicles in general).
    I find it perplexing that many companies (and politicians) are opposing this to keep their short-term gains although we all know what happens to those who try to swim against the flow of time...

  • Colonel1954Dz
    Colonel1954Dz 13 days ago

    The power house of the Tesla car is the mitochondria

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington 13 days ago

    7000 thousand cells doesn't make since to me. Why not make a larger cell?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      its easier to cool and manufacture cylindrical cells, and if something fails its easier to isolate it from the system (short circuits, over voltage, fire)

  • John Dean
    John Dean 14 days ago

    Irritating commentary.

  • Christ Primus 1790
    Christ Primus 1790 14 days ago +1

    The IGBT VFDs are also made gear change noises

    • đeri662
      đeri662 14 days ago

      +Christ Primus 1790 That's also true, EVs are so quiet there is a need for PWS.

    • Christ Primus 1790
      Christ Primus 1790 14 days ago

      +đeri662, but still, I saw there is a Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-sound coming from Renault's ZOE electric car when it's moving, the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-sound is coming from a speaker on High volumes to warn the pedestrians to the danger of high speeds, the in the Renault ZOE car, the Induction motor is at the front wheels, because all the renault cars are front wheel driven, but back before Ford's T-model a lot of Electric car are driven by brushed DC motors, the reason is why DC motors, because the brushed DC motor is the only one motor wich is spinning directly from te battery without any digital controller, in today's Ekectric cars when the driver switch to shunt mode, the PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) creates Beep-Beep-Beep-sound, otherwise the PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) creates Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-sound

    • đeri662
      đeri662 14 days ago

      I think that's what you hear when you are listening to EV accelerating, not the motor. It's still a lot quieter than an IC motor

  • tholeetruck
    tholeetruck 14 days ago

    I wouldn't recommend buying an electric vehicles. The battery pack is too expensive. The battery pack alone costs just as an average used vehicle which is around $5,000 depending on models. If nothing happens to the battery pack, then it would be a great vehicle, but if the battery pack dose goes bad, 90% of the average citizens can't afford it.

  • Papa Squatch
    Papa Squatch 15 days ago

    I can’t believe how simple this is compared to an IC engine... why can’t they build these for under 25k more readily?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      because to give it decent range requires a big expensive battery.

  • Catalin-Viorel Frent
    Catalin-Viorel Frent 16 days ago say Nikola Tesla was Greek. Wasn't, was Serbian (of course Austrian citizen because the Austrian-Hungarian empire dominated the region).

  • Dark Shelter
    Dark Shelter 16 days ago

    Nice explained

  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 16 days ago

    so how does the induction motor transfer its rotation into spinning wheels any different from the gasoline engine i didnt gather that? they are both using transmissions

    • MrWalker1000
      MrWalker1000 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez i heard it should be good for 12 years

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      +MrWalker1000 depending if no defect accrues or pre mature failure the battery should theoretically be good for 500k miles before degradation brings it below 70% original capacity but thats being optimistic.

    • MrWalker1000
      MrWalker1000 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez well battery is always getting better and better. And electric cars should also last way longer than gas cars fight. Will the battery last a long time?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      +MrWalker1000 yep, the only thing that holds an electric motor back is cooling and battery.

    • MrWalker1000
      MrWalker1000 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez I see. They seem superior In almost every way

  • Aristowi
    Aristowi 17 days ago

    Single speed transmission? Sounds cool, but it makes me sad that I won't be listening my car changing gears when accelerating or even doing it myself manually :(

  • Ritschye
    Ritschye 17 days ago

    boring future is coming :(

  • Evalistu
    Evalistu 17 days ago

    What happens to the current that the motor(generator) produces when accelerator is released?
    How is it diminished

  • Samprit Walvekar
    Samprit Walvekar 17 days ago

    A car which should run on magnetic

  • Dheeraj P
    Dheeraj P 17 days ago

    Correct and clear explanation video
    I liked it and or helped me lot....

  • starfield2
    starfield2 17 days ago

    Problem is that it is still too expensive to most people and the lack of infrastructure to recharge the car if living in an apartment block.

  • Viky Singh
    Viky Singh 17 days ago


  • Lesseirg Papers
    Lesseirg Papers 18 days ago

    China has no oil and the oil industry has no grip on China. China still uses IC cars. The scooters are all electric , which means coal fired scooters. China would love more EV cars. Now they have 2% of PEVs. Actually the Diesel has overall the lowest CO2 and NOX emissions if compared with the embodied energy of EVs and the grid is 80% renewable. Also China has a quasi monopoly on Lithium. One could argue China is pushing this.

  • BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers 18 days ago

    What can be done about the tires?? It takes fossil fuel to make the tires and other parts on the car

    • BKD Vickers
      BKD Vickers 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez Over time more people will have at least one electric vehicle. I would love to have one in the future, but not to replace my 426 dodge Hemi or my work vehicles that carry heavy loads. Electric vehicles have a purpose, but their use is limited to what they can do. I'm all for conserving energy where it's feasible and economical to do so. More power to people who can can get by with just using electric vehicles, but I can't. I would still like to have one though and I will one day. I've been doing a lot of research on them

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      its better to use fosil fuels for producing material and electricity then to stick it in a small inefficient engine.

  • BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers 18 days ago

    Has it been dirt road tested??? Let me test one on the roads I live on for 6 months and I will report how well it held up.

    • BKD Vickers
      BKD Vickers 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez Sure wish they could get those prices down. The cars can only be bought by the upper middle class and the rich.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      +BKD Vickers i assume so, its not much different then regular road ICE beside the power train and torque output. the mode x would fair better in off terrain since its an SUV but that car runs over $80,000

    • BKD Vickers
      BKD Vickers 6 days ago

      +Miguel lopez What about the suspension? Is it like regular vehicles???

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      they have titanium under plating and use a sturdy drive train to handle the 700ftlbs of torque it can output.

  • BKD Vickers
    BKD Vickers 18 days ago

    How are the parts made??? Using fossil fuels of course.

  • BC Swope
    BC Swope 18 days ago


    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 6 days ago

      modle 3 uses 5000 to output 75kwh tesla batteries are around 130$ per Kwh so it cost $9750, these batteries have an estimated life span of 20 years, then they can be recycled, also when is the last time you hear of a lithium ion on spill in the gulf of mexico....

    • đeri662
      đeri662 17 days ago

      It's easier to recycle old battery materials than pollutants and CO2 from the air. I'm sure we are going to recycle batteries when EVs really take over.

  • BC Swope
    BC Swope 18 days ago


  • Dipjeet Majumder
    Dipjeet Majumder 18 days ago

    Single speed transmission isnt always an advantage....

  • Kenneth Namalomba
    Kenneth Namalomba 19 days ago

    Basically its like a toy car. Batteries underneath and a motor at the back.

  • Tuấn Cường
    Tuấn Cường 19 days ago

    Whether we equip a solar cell charge for this car along with traditional charge by cable?

    SAVANT FEVER 19 days ago

    Why people DISLIKE these such informative video

  • Rajat Raina
    Rajat Raina 20 days ago

    For more car reviews, please visit our website:

  • jack larkson
    jack larkson 21 day ago

    you forgot to say tesla is second place in world selling electric cars compare to BYD.
    i hate what diesel and petrol do to environment but we not advance enough to fully 100% change to electric yet,so stop insulting people:they afraid to change or they dont know how to drive electric cars i always want it to try new things so in past 10 years i had:
    diesel car-petrol with manual and automatic transmission-CNG car-hybrid and finally electric car and petrol with manual transmission was my all time favorite in joy of driving and the rest and i dont care what you think about me.

  • Aysar Aburrub
    Aysar Aburrub 21 day ago

    and all this goodness can be yours TODAY at the very affordable price of $45,000 ... and then you can go buy yourself a vanity plate that says "GASFREE" as if it's not enough of a showoff that you're driving a Tesla

  • Muhammad Zubair Qadri

    Thank YOU

  • craig mcleland
    craig mcleland 22 days ago

    Oh well we can all look forward to more power cuts in the future then as they can't keep up with demand in winter as it is let alone we all plug our cars in electric companys have us by the balls

  • Custom Hockey Design
    Custom Hockey Design 22 days ago

    The disadvantages will be overcome in the near future.

  • S S
    S S 22 days ago

    Pollution free? Where does the battery go when it's finished. Where is the power coming from? Not wind

  • Marmocet
    Marmocet 23 days ago

    The technology behind electric vehicles' drivetrains has been around for over a century. What has made BEVs uncompetitive with ICEVs has always fundamentally been the batteries. They've always been too expensive, stored too little energy, been too large and heavy, taken too long to recharge and delivered performance that varies too much depending on temperature to compete with ICEVs. This is slowly beginning to change thanks to the advent of lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, which have higher specific energies and energy densities than other types of batteries. The reason we're not all driving BEVs right now isn't because of some conspiracy by fossil fuel companies, it's because of the state of battery technology, and fossil fuel companies simply don't have the power and influence to stop battery technology from progressing. Batteries have the potential to be useful in too many applications that have little to nothing to do with fossil fuels for the fossil fuel company to thwart their development.

  • Mike Flores
    Mike Flores 24 days ago

    Nikolas Tesla was a genious now gravity can be used to travel the Galaxy faster! It's an idea I've imagine happening pretty soon

  • Victor Morais
    Victor Morais 24 days ago

    This is art! Thanks.

  • anak labil
    anak labil 24 days ago

    Electric car has no pollution. But its charged by electricity that, mostly, come from power plant which produces high pollution. Its not the best solution for pollution issue
    Use public transportation, and the pollution will decrease

    • Red Baron
      Red Baron 17 days ago

      +đeri662 OK, thanks. If you have something interesting, feel free to share it. It is always good to have more data and more perspectives.
      Your English is fine, no problems there.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 18 days ago

      +Red Baron An interesting article which shows we (or at least the USA) are heading in the right direction. With mass adoption of renewables, there will also be other sources of pollution, energy losses and additional costs like batteries or pumped hydro dams which we would need to account for in the calculation. With dispersed generation and EVs we would need to account for the smart grid implementation (voltage regulating devices, meters, communications...). There are a lot of factors included, that may be the reason you couldn't find any studies about this.

      Well it would be difficult to get to almost exact numbers, but maybe we could get at least to some approximations just so we can see where we are at the moment. I will try and find some studies being made in this fashion myself and share them with you when I will find some time to do that.

      I usually think twice before I post numbers, but this time I just went for it and was clearly wrong, thanks for you correction. Nice talking to an educated person.

      PS: Sorry for my limited English vocabulary, it's not my first language.

    • Red Baron
      Red Baron 20 days ago

      +đeri662 You bring up some pretty interesting points. The energy and pollution costs of wells and mines to energy are obviously complicated. The closest scientific studies I have found that try to incorporate this are here:
      Those studies incorporate the power mix in each region to try to get actual equivalent emissions depending on how much coal and gas is in use vs hydro, nuclear, wind, etc. The good news at least shows that there are real improvements being seen, and in a relatively short period of time.
      These are also of course moving targets. Not only is the energy mix changing, but battery density is improving, and ICE engine efficiency is also improving.
      I think the key is though to try to understand and try to incorporate as accurate information as we can, so we can do these comparisons as accurately as possible.
      But I do appreciate your feedback and correction. I have a lot of respect for people that can admit they have the numbers off, or simply misunderstood them, and are willing to correct them.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 20 days ago

      ​+Red Baron Sorry, I was looking at some modern diesels. The average efficiency of all internal combustion vehicles is probably around 20 %, like you said. Well if you have coal or gas power plants, it's a similar thing with losses from fuel mining, transportation etc., but if you use renewables it's probably a lot more efficient then gasoline (with just energy losses with parts manufacturing and building dams or turbines etc. There are also some costs of mining materials (for solar panels, rare-earth materials for rotors of wind turbines...), drilling a hole in the ground...). It would be interesting to see some studies which include all of the losses and average overall efficiencies. Maybe even all the costs and how each one impacts the price of oil or electricity. What will happen to electricity prices when most transportation will shift to electricity and all duties and taxes shift to electricity? In my country, 2 thirds of oil prices are some kind of taxes.
      I know it's a mater of time to phase out fossil fuels, but right now, there are a lot of open questions and technical problems with renewables, mainly energy storage. I hope we can get past them and not make electricity 200 % more expensive.

    • Red Baron
      Red Baron 20 days ago

      +đeri662 Actually, internal combustion engines are about 20% efficient average as seen here:
      "Most internal combustion engines are incredibly inefficient at turning fuel burned into usable energy. The efficiency by which they do so is measured in terms of "thermal efficiency", and most gasoline combustion engines average around 20 percent thermal efficiency. Apr 14, 2014.
      They are about 35% peak efficiency, if they are kept at the same ideal RPM all the time, and do no idling at all.
      Also, internal combustion engines don't factor in losses in the fuel supply chain. The fact that it takes around 6kWh to refine a single gallon of gas. The oil has to be carried through pipelines and tankers, it has to be pumped into storage tanks, it then has to be refined, transported again through pipelines and storage tanks, then pumped into a tanker truck, and that tanker truck has to transport the fuel while getting 5MPG and pump it into the gas station storage tanks, the fuel then has to be pumped yet again into a internal combustion engine fuel tank, which has to drive to and from the gas station to get it.
      And we haven't talked about the losses in exploration, and the natural gas flaring at the oil wells, the fuel the military spends annually patrolling the gulf and other oil regions, etc. And we haven't addressed the production and disposal of the 4 plus billion gallons of motor oil that internal combustion engines require annually, and since most of that is sold in 1 quart containers, the plastic required to produce billions of quarts of motor oil, the transportation, production and eventual disposal of that motor oil and packaging.
      No matter how you slice it, an electric car can be charged using 100% renewable hydro, wind, solar, tidal, etc. A gas or diesel car will require gas or diesel from the day it was produced, until the day it is scrapped.
      Phasing out fossil fuels is only a question of time. Besides of tolerance for the planet of burning hundreds of billions of gallons of fuel annually, oil is a finite resource. It is not a question of IF we need to phase it out, it is literally only a question of time.
      So, we may as well start on that process now.

  • CARL WongTW
    CARL WongTW 25 days ago

    Hybrid technology is the best of both worlds for now, I always go for hybrids

  • Sasi Kala
    Sasi Kala 26 days ago

    Still not Low emission and pollution free. Generation of electric current to charge the car itself need some gasoline or nuclear ppwer, apparently waste and if they really want to low the pollution, must find a way to replace battery cells with high power capacitors. Or else battery will definitely run out and all their waste will be thrown of into soil, chemical waste a lot more worse than gasoline

  • Jason Ingram
    Jason Ingram 27 days ago

    TESLA MODEL 3 cost=35K
    Sub Oregon rebate $ 12.5K
    New MODEL 3 cost=22.5K
    Oregon has no sales tax 0%
    Charging = 3.4¢ per mile.

  • Indústria e comercio Eliol

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  • Attila Székely
    Attila Székely 28 days ago

    Yeah, it's great but... do not forget to install the alternator in electric cars... while the machine is running the battery is charging... and you do not have to waste the time to charge the batteries... because time is money in the same time.

  • 庄rongzhong
    庄rongzhong 29 days ago

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 29 days ago

    Awesome, thx for making these educational vids!👍👍👍

  • Hugo Uribe
    Hugo Uribe 29 days ago

    Great video, high quality content, well illustrated production thank you very mutch!

  • maddkraut03
    maddkraut03 Month ago

    doesn't the voltage have to change with the frequency???

    • đeri662
      đeri662 24 days ago

      To have constant max. torque, yes. This happens until voltage reaches the nominal value, then only frequency is rising and torque is falling slightly.

  • eruwhitehawk
    eruwhitehawk Month ago

    So it has only one gear? What if you add a gearbox to have 1 to 6 gears to enhance induction motor performance? Will it make the battery last longer?

  • travis moore
    travis moore Month ago

    Lithium ceramic batteries are safer.

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    I came across some videos on a hydrogen based breakthrough technology by the energy company H2IL I recon some multi-billionaire needs to snatch it up and solve hydrogen supply problems. I have viewed their P.O.C demo videos and it looks legit. If the hydrogen supply issues could be solved then it is the most obvious transition from petrol and diesel.

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    Great explanation. Thanks.

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    An excellent explanation for the masses.
    Thank You.

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    Millions of less parts means millions of less jobs.

  • Deniz1923
    Deniz1923 Month ago +2

    This makes petrol cars completely obsolete in every way.. Maybe bar one; having to wait for refueling (charging). This can be greatly mitigated by changeable batteries.

  • Raul Dominguez
    Raul Dominguez Month ago +1

    Polthion free? The batteries in their production have already contaminated the soil and deteriorated the environment before they are being used.

  • Angel Rocha
    Angel Rocha Month ago

    Freaking cool it's just like a brushless RC car it litteraly works in a very similar way to today's RC electric cars plus allot of new gadgets to operate as a full size road vehicle.

  • Quinn Smith
    Quinn Smith Month ago

    Why can Tesla put one of these thing in the car, then the car will have infinite amount of range

  • TheHawkeye79
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    will never get a electric car... Can a Electric handle -30 to -45C? Will there be trucks? No... Remember wind and solar companies are lobbying for themselves to increase business... If you want power and less pollution. I put my money on natural gas trucks... Oil will alway be around. Remember Crude oil saved the whales!!!

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    speaker's voice is annoying as hell. el. motor concept explained too hastily. But the overall concept (diff, kinetic energy etc) are quite good.

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    i bought a f350 7.3 litre diesel powerstroke

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    Good, except for narrator's slightly whiny up-note at the end of each sentence,

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    May anybody comment on difference between DC hub motor or Conventional AC induction motor for automobile application... Looking forward your kind comments

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    Shitty way to talk

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    Exhaust-free would be more correct. Electricity is not made from air, unless it is made with wind mills, or ocean wave force. Is this how the Tesla Model S generates electricity?

  • Tu Padre
    Tu Padre Month ago +13

    I have a solution to slow charging electric cars... Simply rent the Batteries. Like a service provider. You pull up to the "gas station" swap a universal fit battery for a fully charged one and you are done. Some bigger cars might need 2 or 4 batteries. The "gas station" will charge the batteries and keep them in top condition. None of the batteries are yours, they all belong to the "gas station" - You simply pay a membership for the amount of battery swaps you use. You are welcome

    • John Rambo
      John Rambo 2 days ago

      The problem is that electric car batteries aren't the size of a normal car battery and are usually placed in the floor of the car.

    • athew Luk Heap
      athew Luk Heap 7 days ago

      To Tu Padre. The swapping battery system already exists in China The brand name is Nio.

    • Henry Washington
      Henry Washington 10 days ago

      I like your way of thinking, but some of draw back. Like each station needs to have hundreds, if not thousands of charged batteries daily. Also what happens when they give you a deffective battery that only got half a charge or things like that. Also batteries will be big and heavy and usually burried beneath a lot of stuff in electrical car's. I can see all the complaints of damage to car because guy changing battery out.

    • Brokade
      Brokade 14 days ago

      +mike widget You must be part of 0.08% that actually need over 300 miles in one commute. Majority of people around industrialized nations dont need to travel more than 50 miles a day. Every single EV car out there can handle that distance. I personally only travel 17 miles round trip between work, picking up kids and running various chores. You're part of the problem, who expect 600 miles out of a charge when your own ICE vehicle doesnt even make it past 400 miles tops with a tank that costs $50+ to fill up.

    • mike widget
      mike widget 28 days ago +1

      and how much will the rent be? My Int Comb car costs 24.00 to travel 300 mi (approx distance before renting another charged battery) Do you honestly think you'll get that deal from stations charging and installing a charged cell? EVs are a great idea but they're not there yet. Make an EV with a 600 mile range and I'll consider it. BTW, range will have to include cabin heat headlights and all the other electric amenities I've gotten used to

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    dang combustion engines look ridiculous compared to an electric motor. just comes down to storing that energy in a small package