Miles Sanders & Jordan Howard Preseason Week 2 Highlights | 08.15.2019

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard look to be a very good running back tandem.
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Comments • 75

  • Mike F.
    Mike F. 4 months ago

    that chop block thoooo👀☠️#83

  • Spartacus 20
    Spartacus 20 4 months ago +2

    Nothing special

  • Paco JuanRico
    Paco JuanRico 4 months ago

    Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard are damn near the same type of RB... These hype trains are crazy lol

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago +5

    Miles Sanders looks really good. Great Vision and Agility

  • RealClutch
    RealClutch 4 months ago

    David Montgomery going to be better calling it

    • Ryan Hess
      Ryan Hess 4 months ago

      Judge Dredd yeah he’s fire nonones talking about him I’m impressed how he runs so quick

    • Judge Dredd
      Judge Dredd 4 months ago

      Ryan Hess Justice will be better

    • Ryan Hess
      Ryan Hess 4 months ago +1

      RealClutch what about justice hill I think that dude is super explosive

  • Carlton Roberts Jr
    Carlton Roberts Jr 4 months ago +1

    Sanders/Howard gonna eat this season

  • Josue Rivera
    Josue Rivera 5 months ago

    No starters played for the Jags defense. Playing against 2s and 3s.

  • Issachar
    Issachar 5 months ago +16

    So Jordan Howard decides to be quicker and cut more now that he leaves the bears

    • HonestReviews
      HonestReviews 4 months ago

      SmithN' Wesson you dont get the joke

    • SmithN' Wesson
      SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago

      Because now hes competing with Miles whonis clearly talented. Howard wants a new contract

    • HonestReviews
      HonestReviews 4 months ago

      lmao dont all our players become better after departure? feelsbad

    • fuck off
      fuck off 4 months ago

      @Luis Decas eagles ass your QBs a bigger problem than ours at least ours stays on The field and y'all really let the cowboys run your division what a bunch of losers one a flukey ass SB with Foles and then just dipped right back to behind the cowbitches good job philly and its fans suck ass

    • Luis Decas
      Luis Decas 4 months ago

      Yeah I notice that too the eagles were worth him doing all that lol birdgang shit that's all we motivate

  • Sebastian Tapia
    Sebastian Tapia 5 months ago

    Howard is bringing ryan mathews swag back

  • Al Depantchu
    Al Depantchu 5 months ago +1

    If the Jags D linemen were lumps of coal, there would have been diamonds all over the field that day.

  • FILAY Bull
    FILAY Bull 5 months ago +3

    They calling a 4 year back a veteran?

    • Yougotit Boss
      Yougotit Boss 4 months ago

      NFL bruh. “ Not For Long.”

    • Cambo Rambo
      Cambo Rambo 4 months ago +4

      This ain't madden

    • FILAY Bull
      FILAY Bull 4 months ago

      Jay Els it goes rookie pro vet

    • Jay Els
      Jay Els 4 months ago +5

      What is he then

    • K stacks
      K stacks 5 months ago +3

      Average career is 3.5 years so yeah he kinda is I guess

  • mballa101
    mballa101 5 months ago +2

    Howard looked good

  • David Janssen
    David Janssen 5 months ago +1

    It's unfortunate that Jordan Howard run was 3rd and 17. Hard to judge it

  • RiverwoodHood
    RiverwoodHood 5 months ago +9

    I thought Howard looked better here

  • Hazelhurst
    Hazelhurst 5 months ago +2

    Not impressed

  • Vinnie Hugo
    Vinnie Hugo 5 months ago +23

    Raider fan here, Miles Sanders is clearly the better back. 🍺 to a healthy season for the Eagles!

    • Darryl Brooks
      Darryl Brooks 4 months ago

      Glad Brown is gone?

    • Dannybobby33 Maverick
      Dannybobby33 Maverick 4 months ago

      @Paco JuanRico Don't bring that punkass shit at me just because I disagree with you about your guy...Grow up...we ca reconvene here midway through the season and see who knows their shit...I played the game and have studied the game since I was a kid ... no one is always right when it comes to this we'll see how all this turns out...enjoy your season

    • Paco JuanRico
      Paco JuanRico 4 months ago

      @Dannybobby33 Maverick I agree he's a stud. Maybe its just our preference in RB that forms our perception of level of skill/talent. Any player who just all out dominates and makes it look easy is always gonna get my nod first tho. Good talkin with ya DB

    • Paco JuanRico
      Paco JuanRico 4 months ago

      @Dannybobby33 Maverick Armstead isnt on "your" radar because you go off of someone else's radar... You most likely dont even have a "radar". You just go of what ESPN and other "pros" recommend. It is beyond boring after sometime... Dexter Williams, Josh Jacobs, Devine Ogzibo, Ryquell Armstead, Jordan Scarlett, Ryan Anderson, Travis Homer, David Montgomery and Damien Harris are the best rookie backs. Sanders, Pollard, Snell, Mattison, and Hill are in great positions to be fantasy relevant but arent that talented or are talented, but need a few years as a pro to be consistently effective on that level imo. Snell is straight dookie tbh and Mattison is about to lose his spot on depth chart to Ameer Abdullah

    • Dannybobby33 Maverick
      Dannybobby33 Maverick 4 months ago +1

      @Paco JuanRico I feel like I covered the fantasy thing already...I'm not saying a player is good based on that...I'm saying David Montgomery is good because he is...Also I wasn't high on any of those players last yr except for barkley of course...Montgomery is no nonsense...can catch out of the backfield ... patient runner...great vision...only falls forward...very elusive...he's not a blazer but he's fast enough...the bears love this kid and I can see why...speaking of a player being traded...the bears traded jordan howard because montgomery is gonna fill his role and he's a more talented back than jordan...jacobs and montgomery top my list man

  • shmoneygang 01
    shmoneygang 01 5 months ago +11

    Bruh that jags dline was getting clapped 😂😂

  • Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cowboys 5 months ago +10

    Miles Sanders runs a lot like Saquan

    • Evan H.
      Evan H. 4 months ago +1

      @TK the 7th lmfao you put the image in my head

    • TK the 7th
      TK the 7th 5 months ago +7

      @Dizzy Nasty Saquon looks like the Hulk from the movie in 2003 when he runs lol. If anyone remembers that scene when the hulk was running in the desert before he jumps.

    • Dizzy Nasty
      Dizzy Nasty 5 months ago

      Stylistically, he’s just like saquon. Probably learned a ton by practicing with him for 2 years. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same burst. Feet look a little heavy

    • TK the 7th
      TK the 7th 5 months ago +1

      @Vincent Salamatino Shady had a lot of burst and speed 8 years ago

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 5 months ago +2

      @Louie Rastelli
      To be fair Saquon runs like Shady too except Saquon has more burst n speed then Miles and Shady.

  • Xavier Cornish
    Xavier Cornish 5 months ago +4

    I think we should let Howard go after this season great back but with him top 3 rushing in his last couple years he’s expecting big back money. I wouldn’t pay him that much rather go after Dandre Swift or somebody in this next year draft.

    • rskrilly
      rskrilly 5 months ago

      I agree. Trade Howard and keep Sanders for many years. Hopefully Clement can get and stay healthy then that would be a great backfield.

    • Xavier Cornish
      Xavier Cornish 5 months ago

      Wilson this draft class is stacked wit elite backs we’ll find somebody that can do it

    • Wilson
      Wilson 5 months ago

      Xavier Cornish u think we’ll be in a positive to draft him next year? I hope so

    KINGinaNORTH 5 months ago +8

    Sanders will be the teams bell cow before the end of the season.

  • Jay JMB
    Jay JMB 5 months ago +6

    If we can resign Howard. I think we should. Miles and Howard complement each other very well

    • you still dem boys??
      you still dem boys?? 4 months ago

      @Dyroes tube we dont need him

    • Dyroes tube
      Dyroes tube 5 months ago

      We should resign ajayi as well.

    • J Will
      J Will 5 months ago +3

      @Xavier Cornish why waste another high pick on another RB? We drafted Sanders to be the guy. Swift is a 1st-2nd rd pick

    • Xavier Cornish
      Xavier Cornish 5 months ago +4

      Jay JMB Dandre swift to us next draft let Howard go

  • you still dem boys??
    you still dem boys?? 5 months ago +8

    Great vid😊 miles is very good

  • Eagles champs 1
    Eagles champs 1 5 months ago +2

    Let's go