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  • James Charles
    James Charles  5 months ago +18485

    hi sisters i really hope u like this video!!! we filmed for 3 days and had such an amazing time with all of the artists. it was such a disaster filming & uploading and i'm sorry the video is so late. regardless, i'm really proud of it and think ur gonna love it. i love u

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    • Traveonna Williams
      Traveonna Williams 2 months ago +1

      1. You don't need to say sorry and 2. we can wait we will just watch your other vid LOVE U SISTER

    • Morgan Eddy
      Morgan Eddy 3 months ago

      Please collab with Eros again I love you guys

    • Alissa Rose
      Alissa Rose 4 months ago

      Monica is there some kind of accomplishment I don’t fucking know about?

    • BingBing BongBong
      BingBing BongBong 4 months ago

      I’m really enjoying your vids! You’re very entertaining and can’t wait to see your channel grow and your career!
      Much love ❤️✌🏼

  • Holly Fauth
    Holly Fauth 10 hours ago

    Patrick Ta’s was my favorite. I think it looked perfect from every angle!

  • Deyana Trifoniyadis
    Deyana Trifoniyadis 11 hours ago

    Sister James I’m shook u look amazing with all three u are fabulous in makeup keep it up and never give up love u from sister deni

  • sydney stanio
    sydney stanio 13 hours ago

    I liked James’s usual look better than all of them

  • Alysia Says Hss
    Alysia Says Hss 18 hours ago

    i ship them james get a bf

  • Florence Caraway
    Florence Caraway 22 hours ago

    Dude...please slow down 😂😂 take a breath.

  • teamcrumb
    teamcrumb Day ago

    the most expensive one was the best but it's so gross to just work for the richest vainest people in the world. why not share your skills with more people? exclusivity is a really dumb thing.

  • Emily lol
    Emily lol Day ago

    0:04 "happy Friday"
    Don't you mean " it's Friday and you know what that means" lol if you are a true sister you know what I'm talking about

  • Roman Niko Zolanski

    My favorite look was #3! And it looks the most like your more natural looks you've done.

  • Laurie 3
    Laurie 3 2 days ago

    Ulta was my fav tbh

  • Mario Dorado
    Mario Dorado 2 days ago

    I loved a the 3 end 2 the 1 wan to bates I love more the 3 and 2

  • Jailene
    Jailene 2 days ago

    omg, the last artist! You gotta tell us what lip product he used!!!!

  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin 2 days ago

    you look so beautiful no matter what I have no idea how u do it!

  • L Dyer
    L Dyer 2 days ago


  • _. AlienaTAEd ._
    _. AlienaTAEd ._ 2 days ago

    Honeeeeey those dimples thooooo😍😍😍😍💜

  • Layali A
    Layali A 2 days ago

    Omg this video was posted on my 18th Birthday!!! Thank you sister James!!!😘😘

  • Soph the minion
    Soph the minion 3 days ago

    8:59 is it me or does James look like an oompa loompa

  • Chopper 101
    Chopper 101 3 days ago

    Omg I love ulta beauty soo much I do swatchez

  • p baker900
    p baker900 3 days ago

    I’ve been going on a James Charles marathon all day!! I love you James you’re so awesome!!

  • Timothy Write
    Timothy Write 3 days ago

    Omg sis you literally look beautiful in anything I can't even!!!

  • Hannah Badolato
    Hannah Badolato 3 days ago

    james with blue contacts is a little spooky ooky cooky

  • Liya Moore
    Liya Moore 4 days ago

    The first makeover, the lady( I’m not good with names sry ) got some foundation in ur hair. I hope u know that

  • Rojan Teymoorvand
    Rojan Teymoorvand 4 days ago

    10:24 did he just, pluck his nose hairs lmao

  • D Breezy
    D Breezy 4 days ago

    I liked the foundation skills of the Ulta lady. The eye look and the bronzing and highlight from the house call and the lips from Patrickta

  • Kaitlyn Cox
    Kaitlyn Cox 4 days ago

    I love that lol. I recently became a fan and I’m really enjoying your videos. ❤️

  • I'm a barbie girl
    I'm a barbie girl 5 days ago

    Patricks job is amazing shit i wanna know what kit hes using

  • Cynthia Valenciano
    Cynthia Valenciano 5 days ago


  • Pieter
    Pieter 5 days ago

    Loved the second look!

  • Katerina Gundar
    Katerina Gundar 5 days ago

    Omg on the last one you look SISTER STUNNING!!!!!

  • HellYeBebe
    HellYeBebe 6 days ago

    I love James being orange

  • Ceci A
    Ceci A 6 days ago


  • Jinhopekook Bias
    Jinhopekook Bias 6 days ago

    I am a new sister

  • Annikka Nordby
    Annikka Nordby 6 days ago

    what I loved about Patrick's work the most was honestly just how clean he was and tried his absolute best to not touch James' face

  • Jena Shepherd
    Jena Shepherd 6 days ago

    And I forgot to mention you are so right about you don’t need a paper to say your are an artist! No matter what anyone says your artistic in so many beautiful ways! Keep being a mentor for so many people out there I know that I Have only been watching for about a week and already love you!!!!!

  • Jena Shepherd
    Jena Shepherd 6 days ago

    Sister James you are so amazing! I love how you are just having all the makeup artists talking about them and their experiences instead of trying to only talk about you! You are awesome! And ps I love how beautiful your eye color is! You keep being beautiful and being the person you are!

  • vanessa music
    vanessa music 6 days ago


  • vanessa music
    vanessa music 6 days ago

    this was amazing

  • De monkey Family
    De monkey Family 6 days ago +1

    r u part of the chrystingle gang?

  • saçma işler
    saçma işler 6 days ago

    20.20 James's bread😅😂

  • Marina Jefimovica
    Marina Jefimovica 6 days ago

    why did his eyes change colour after the first makeover man? 😂💕

    SISTER MADDI 7 days ago

    Hi Sister James!! Overall all 3 of the makeovers were amazing but the $120 was my favourite !!!!!!! xx

  • Shelby Jene
    Shelby Jene 7 days ago

    Wow they all did so amazing! Such talented artists.

  • Joshua ტwტ
    Joshua ტwტ 7 days ago

    The guy in the second one kept looking at himself

    STURM 7 days ago


  • Nathalia
    Nathalia 7 days ago

    omg patrick’s-

  • Kaysey _04
    Kaysey _04 7 days ago

    A quote for james:
    Win or lose because at the end of the day I still have this face so whose the real winner

  • karen warren
    karen warren 7 days ago +1

    Another amazing video. You're the best example of quality videos x

  • Nashally Rojas
    Nashally Rojas 8 days ago

    During the video my phone litterally froze like 3 times and all three times you were smiling JESUS CHRIST YOUR TEETH ARE WHITE AS A PEARL!!!

  • smol_ chimchim
    smol_ chimchim 8 days ago

    When u so rich that u tip an extra $100 when the total was $60 😂

  • Veronica
    Veronica 8 days ago

    In the second makeover james looked uncomfortable

  • mary ann fatigate
    mary ann fatigate 8 days ago

    Hi Sister James I loved all 3 looks !!!! You are so freaking beautiful! My question for you is what makeup tips do you have for mature skin, ya know women in there 50's? I recently started working from home for a vegan/animal cruelty free beauty company and would like to know how to look my best , I am trying to build my confidence for live videos. Any tips or suggestions would be amazing. Love ya

  • Darien Webb
    Darien Webb 8 days ago

    love your videos I can't wait to start filming my makeup ones ah

  • gabi windred
    gabi windred 8 days ago


  • Hipsie
    Hipsie 8 days ago

    You’re such a great interviewer! You ask all the right questions and are so thorough!

  • Salida Hotel
    Salida Hotel 8 days ago

    I would go with the 60$ one because honestly she did just as good as the overpriced ones. she actually matched your foundation correctly and the other artists didn't.

  • Ricky Hughart
    Ricky Hughart 9 days ago


  • Claire Lalonde
    Claire Lalonde 9 days ago

    is it just me after the first makeover his eye are brighter...

  • Leah Gallagher
    Leah Gallagher 9 days ago

    i dont like ulta anymore because in one of their commercials they used the song scars to your beautiful wich is a song about not needing make up or anything else to look beautiful

  • Lacey Munn
    Lacey Munn 9 days ago


  • YamahaPianoGirl
    YamahaPianoGirl 9 days ago

    "i wEnT aHeAd aNd tIpPeD hEr aN eXtRa hUnDrEd" Dude whenever I go to a vending machine, that one dollar bill leaves my fingers with extreme slowness and reluctance

  • Abigail Trachtenberg


  • Magdiel Mendoza
    Magdiel Mendoza 9 days ago

    I loved this video!!! Very talented and creative artists!!!

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 9 days ago

    James your the best makeup artist ever!!!!❤️💋😍💜💙

  • Katey B
    Katey B 9 days ago

    Went from beautiful, to absolutely beautiful, to gorgeous! Thees and ulta down the street from me n imma try one of those makeovers. If i was insecure n jealous id send all the hate comments n critisizim in the world. Since im mature and honest ill say this James is f*ckin awsome. I appreciate him. The fact im learning things thru his videos will keep me subscribed

  • Erin Sparks
    Erin Sparks 10 days ago

    Do a full face of makeup using makeup from dollar tree

  • ja'ki bolden
    ja'ki bolden 10 days ago

    I’m a brother but the makeup dope af

  • vanesssa licea
    vanesssa licea 10 days ago

    James the best look in my opinion is the last one for $3000. Clearly you got what you paid for. The look was amazing unlike the others.

  • Lostinadaydream
    Lostinadaydream 10 days ago

    Patrick is hottt you should date him James 😉😏

  • Mirren Mcreynolds
    Mirren Mcreynolds 10 days ago

    Your so beautiful

  • John Nathan
    John Nathan 10 days ago

    i find myself smiling through this whole thing. i adore you

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H 10 days ago

    Don’t judge me you’re the best at makeup 😻

  • Niencke Bloem
    Niencke Bloem 11 days ago

    James is referring to himself as a celeb

  • Lolo Meuse
    Lolo Meuse 11 days ago

    Anyone else notice how James has BOOTYFUL hands? His hands are like not fatty fingers. I'm saying this bc I have fatty fingers. So this compliment really isn't much coming from fatty-fingered me, but it's the thought that counts. To everyone reading this: have a wonderful day and also don't pay attention to ppl who call u brace face bc I got called a brace face and I have braces so ya totally random bye

  • Denise Martinez
    Denise Martinez 11 days ago

    The third is the best and he got your foundation right.

  • Maddie Maddie
    Maddie Maddie 11 days ago

    hey does james wear contacts?? they look good if so, but if not, i’m totally jealous 😂

  • Anon you cannot miss
    Anon you cannot miss 11 days ago


  • pandalover 101
    pandalover 101 11 days ago

    Omg sister James you look so good

  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 11 days ago

    Eros is so cute :D

  • Nisha Mirchandani
    Nisha Mirchandani 12 days ago

    would pay $3000 for a James makeover dont @ me

  • Dorota Szafran
    Dorota Szafran 12 days ago

    You don't need to apologise

  • alia canari
    alia canari 12 days ago

    I just started watching James Bc I’m not into makeup too much, but I have to say I have gained so much respect for him. He is so humble and respectful to everyone.

  • kickassusernamehere
    kickassusernamehere 12 days ago

    The eros one had a weird moment in the beginning lol, the camera was so close they were both a little shy lol. Zoom out a smidge sooty, no shade lil. He just looks a tiny bit uncomfortable 😊

  • Cori Stewart
    Cori Stewart 12 days ago

    they all did great but you can beat a face to the gods sister!!!!

  • Sadie Williams
    Sadie Williams 12 days ago

    u can tell, james was checking patrick out lmaoooooo

  • Olivia Buppert
    Olivia Buppert 12 days ago

    he chose the worst oneee

  • megan lohrfink
    megan lohrfink 12 days ago

    Some one please give this first male makeup artist a degree

  • Amanda Edler
    Amanda Edler 12 days ago

    I love you

  • Arakquin H
    Arakquin H 12 days ago


  • Neil Ehrlich
    Neil Ehrlich 12 days ago

    nobody likes buzzfeed

  • Jewel Wilder
    Jewel Wilder 12 days ago

    I love the way u tlk James ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • keto cat
    keto cat 12 days ago

    I love EROS's makeup

  • Simona Dragusin
    Simona Dragusin 12 days ago

    Is only me that i like more the second makeup ? i mean nothing so special for 3000 $ is not like a surgery makeover 😁

  • Amanda Palermo
    Amanda Palermo 12 days ago

    I loved Patrick and the Ulta makeup SO MUch!! I felt like Eros makeup was a bit too intense but he is doing amazing for how recent he has been doing this. I feel like Patrick’s was the best... it was flawless

  • Kaleigh Peach
    Kaleigh Peach 12 days ago

    9:09 James looks yellow

  • birdwithabrokenwing
    birdwithabrokenwing 12 days ago

    They are all so different but all beautiful- the first one was natural and soft and perfect for every day, the second was great for a prom, the 3rd one is what you’d want for your wedding day or when you’re winning your first Oscar on the red carpet. 😘 All different, all lovely, great video James 👍

  • Trixsha Nicole
    Trixsha Nicole 13 days ago

    i was kinda surprised that patrick uses drug store products too because the mascara was maybelline total temptation and my holy grail honestly. like oh my god i'm living

  • Tamara pollock
    Tamara pollock 13 days ago

    Do you need to stop putting your make up looks on the cover of every video because then we don’t need to watch it because we already know what it’s gonna look like so stop it

  • Alexis Boblick
    Alexis Boblick 13 days ago

    The first foundation matches your skin amazing and it turned out amazing I wish I could do that

  • Christy cornett
    Christy cornett 13 days ago

    My favorite was #2

  • Katt Allen
    Katt Allen 13 days ago

    Very talented artist. Anyway I’m binge watching, and decided to welcome myself to the Sisterhood💋