Are You Struggling To Paint Anything? 6 Things That're Holding You Back

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • Hey! Do you find yourself just staring at your white paper or canvas. You're unable to think or to come up with a new idea on what you should draw or paint. You simply don't know what to draw or paint anymore because you just feel stuck on a blank page? Then you might be suffering from a blank page syndrome or an art block. But don't worry, I'm here to help! Watch this video & download my free e-book where I go into everything in more detail! I really hope it will be super helpful for you and that you can always go back to the book whenever you feel down, to give yourself some creative boost! Click here to download:
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  • makoccino
    makoccino  2 months ago +79

    Happy Saturday! I'm back with another video where I wanted to talk about something we all sometimes go through! Art block or the BLANK PAGE SYNDROME! Don't worry, I'm here to help! Make sure to download my *free* little e-book ( ) where I talk about all that in more detail, share more personal stories and give you the opportunity to submit any struggles you might have so I can help you out!

    • Sunil Sawant
      Sunil Sawant Month ago +1

      Can u do video like drawings with indian cheap drawing supplies vs costly drawing supplies

    • Luciana Gonzales
      Luciana Gonzales 2 months ago

      Muchísimas gracias por este video y por ese libro en serio has dicho muchas cosas con las que me identificó porque recien estoy empezando y aveces siento que no mejoró pero de verdad te agradezco saludos desde Perú!! Thanks a lot have a nice day!! Love your art and videos!!

    • moomal rauf
      moomal rauf 2 months ago +1

      Gorgeous, excited for your new video.

    • jenny annie
      jenny annie 2 months ago +2

      I don't know y .. I just simply love you and everything u do

    • Aditya Musical Zone
      Aditya Musical Zone 2 months ago +1

      That's great 👌

  • Patty Arenson
    Patty Arenson 12 days ago

    Great video Mako! I can definitely relate to all of this.

  • Lamees Mazen
    Lamees Mazen 25 days ago

    I screamed when she said bts

  • Hina Khan
    Hina Khan Month ago

    Hi can you do series of small landscape watercolor paintings.. thanks

  • R Brunet
    R Brunet Month ago

    Every word wise. Every word helpful. Thank you.

  • Ally Stanza
    Ally Stanza Month ago

    Very good advice! Thank you.

  • A r i
    A r i Month ago

    I thought these were hacks your just talking

  • Dwayne Myah Mix Jr
    Dwayne Myah Mix Jr Month ago

    So glad I ran across this. I’m going through this right now 😢

  • Pouletchat
    Pouletchat Month ago

    ♥ Thank you thank you thank you ♥

  • Riya Liya
    Riya Liya Month ago

    U are my role model in art love you Mako

  • Ayesha Sikander
    Ayesha Sikander Month ago

    You talk too much which make your video boaring

    INA VERBINA Month ago

    Your videos are just so nice, a relaxing optimistic voice, lot of encouragement and support. Lovely!

  • zainab madi
    zainab madi Month ago

    thank you mako i print your book

  • Regina Escalona
    Regina Escalona Month ago

    Lol the part of "you don't know how to draw handa" that was sooo relatable😂😂

  • ForestOokami
    ForestOokami Month ago

    I've been fighting with this kind of on and off art block for a couple years because of how high stress and high expectation college was on me. It's stifled my output, almost entirely killed my creative drive, and honestly? I needed to hear someone else talk about it. Having someone else discuss it, and somehow pull the thoughts out of my head, smooth them out, and reassure me that I'm still the same passionate person as before, really helped. I think I'm taking my night tonight to just make bad drawings and remember why I do what I do.

  • wordscrafter
    wordscrafter Month ago

    Lots of great advice. Thank you!

  • Gamur
    Gamur Month ago

    Paint a dog

  • piscean sadie
    piscean sadie Month ago

    Hi mako as a huge fan of your art I would really like you to try moroccan mosaic and canvas as it would also be a great help for us to see and learn new art styles

  • Rocking can
    Rocking can Month ago

    Does mean they like beyonce i mean idk but ok

  • Mohamed Ahuzam
    Mohamed Ahuzam Month ago +1

    Ppl usually think artists are MAD. But, all the best ppl are.

  • tired
    tired Month ago

    mako comin in with the real talk!

  • 1redclover
    1redclover Month ago

    Thank you for this, you really got me in this video. I attended a watercolor class and have had a few works done, also some inspired by yours. We are now in journaling class, and there were 2 sessions that I didn't go to class because I didn't know what to do. True! I stare at a blank paper for a long time and feel uncomfortable already in class.

  • Oloka Shushupti
    Oloka Shushupti Month ago

    Loved your video! ❤️😍Was having problems with art blockages but now it's all cleared. Also Mako could you please make a video where you draw the members of the K-pop group "BLACKPINK"?💕💕💕

  • Ayesha Imran
    Ayesha Imran Month ago

    I just love u mako😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Rucha Damle
    Rucha Damle Month ago

    Beautiful video mako... You're soo relatable and good hearted!

  • Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers Month ago

    Thank you so much for making this video it’s helped me a lot! 😊

  • Namit Sethi
    Namit Sethi Month ago

    A really great video. Really needed it. Thank you.

  • Aminath Jameel
    Aminath Jameel Month ago +1

    Can you make Disney themed paintings

  • Luvia Rosé
    Luvia Rosé Month ago +40

    I've had a block for almost 3 years now due to depression, high expectations and being a perfectionist. And when I actually find the motivation to draw again, I'd end up being disappointed and frustrated because it wouldn't turn out how I wanted it to and that gives me the feeling of getting worse and worse the more I distance myself from drawing/painting etc.

    • ARMY_cafe8latte
      ARMY_cafe8latte Month ago +1

      This is the same what happened to me. I also have had depression for 3 to 4 years, and every time I try to sit down and start a painting, I just can't...
      And the longer I wait, the more I forget how to paint.
      But let's not lose hope, some day we'll both be able to paint again or do art again without feeling that way. We just need to tale baby steps.
      Have a wonderful day!!

  • No: Six
    No: Six Month ago

    So many happy things to think about, in this pretty world! That thought, alone, motivates us, doesn't it!?!

  • Shivani Sharma
    Shivani Sharma Month ago +1

    you are looking very pretty

  • Greys Emmie
    Greys Emmie Month ago

    aww, thanks for this mako! 😊 this is very helpful!

  • Jaroslava Pleiše
    Jaroslava Pleiše 2 months ago

    Just read your ebook. Thank you for all the valuable advices for breaking art block! Actually I think I should re-read this book once in a while

    • makoccino
      makoccino  Month ago

      Aww I made it so you can always go back to it to give an extra boost whenever you need it! ❤

  • Suma MB
    Suma MB 2 months ago

    You are the one who is made to share your talent with us......

  • Selen Yoldeviren
    Selen Yoldeviren 2 months ago

    Hello! I need help. I want to make a illustration with watercolor but i can't skin colour.Can you help me? and I love your art

  • Daksha Giri
    Daksha Giri 2 months ago

    Super helpful 😄😄😄😄

  • Aaminah Qamar
    Aaminah Qamar 2 months ago

    thankyou for this video, i felt like this was exactly what i needed as I am currently in this state and this gave me a little hope of getting out of this rut

  • jokes creater
    jokes creater 2 months ago

    Hi I am from Pakistan I'm having trouble finding good quality art supplies plz tell me what to buy

  • Mothe Charles
    Mothe Charles 2 months ago

    ok let me say, you are SUPER RIGHT!

  • Art and Books Lover Riya

    This one is what I need right now and excited for the next video.

  • Bea K.
    Bea K. 2 months ago

    Man I'm late for this video 😂 anyways, THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO MAKO ❤️ p.s: i love how the pattern of your blouse matches your hair ✨

  • Gaina
    Gaina 2 months ago

    I find switching to my colouring books helps. When you just have to make choices about pens/pecils and colour combinations, I find I'm not overwhelmed, it frees my brain up and eventually original ideas begin to pop up. 😊

  • Sharmila Nasnodkar
    Sharmila Nasnodkar 2 months ago

    Hi i am sana nasnodkar from India 😊 love your videos very useful and motivating thanks

  • Anna Glin
    Anna Glin 2 months ago

    I'm blocked for so long now, I even have ideas I just can't sit down to paint ... (I can do studies and all that but not my own stuff). this has been much more helpful though than all the other videos I've seen so far on this topic! thank you

  • Minahil Khan
    Minahil Khan 2 months ago +1

    You are such a good person mako and you have proved that u love your fans

  • Lauren Kongchan
    Lauren Kongchan 2 months ago

    :0 this is absolutely wonderful. I like how you're not just giving us ways to get inspired or whatever, but you're actually digging into WHY this is happening. It really let's the understanding of how to fix it really sink in. Thank you so much for this video and keep up your wonderful videos 😄

  • Black Demon heart
    Black Demon heart 2 months ago +2

    When I’m in an art block I like to do 4 things:
    - draw from life
    - Go over art basics (Color theory, perspective, composition, etc.)
    - learn how to draw other things
    - Use prompts or think of random simple things to draw

  • Mercurial Fox
    Mercurial Fox 2 months ago

    I dont get art block but this is a great video, I agree with your advice and are things Ive put into practise myself, Im sure this will help others ^^

  • Sudha Triyareddy
    Sudha Triyareddy 2 months ago

    Hi mam and make a review of giorgione water colour cakes set of 36. Please please please please please please

  • Lizard 503
    Lizard 503 2 months ago

    This is an honest look at artist's block . Thank you

  • Hoverpants z
    Hoverpants z 2 months ago

    Wise words much thanks.

  • nina
    nina 2 months ago

    I came here for help on how to get out of an art block but i left with some motivational life lessons as well. Thank you :) ❤

  • Jenn Glow
    Jenn Glow 2 months ago


  • DeathBright
    DeathBright 2 months ago

    Currently my core issue is that I am so early in my learning that I don't know what to work on. I know everything is not yet right, but how do I improve? Find a teacher.

  • Lizii Ramos
    Lizii Ramos 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video. 💕 this really help me to get back to creating art. 💕

  • Arigato Espacial :3
    Arigato Espacial :3 2 months ago +9

    Makoccino it's like a self improvement channel but with art, I like it :D

  • petsmart1000
    petsmart1000 2 months ago

    thank you so much for making this video because ugh I am so stuck. in February I got a Wreck This Journal, and I'm happy with what I did with it, you see I call myself a filler, I trace my hands or other things and then doodle within them, and I also love to collage, but recently I was gifted a Create This Book and I wanted to do more doodling and attempt drawing, which I'm not an artist, and I really really wish I could draw, but ya, so I've done a few pages and they're mainly the pages that allow you to add things to it, but I wanted to fill it with more of my doodles and not as much clippings or stickers and such, but....when I think of something and see it in my head, when I try to put it on paper, it looks nothing like what I had hoped and it ends up looking worse than I had expected and it discourages me sooooooooo much and then I get down on myself. so now I don't know what to do or where to start. ugh :(

    • makoccino
      makoccino  2 months ago +1

      You need to remember that the first idea people have in any field, isn't great! They imagine it super amazing but in reality it doesn't work out as they wanted it! I would rather use your initial idea as a guidance and allow yourself to play with it, adjust it along the way. You are not a projector after all! You only have an idea in your head, something that you could create, it's like having tools that you can work with!

  • Poorwa Sawant
    Poorwa Sawant 2 months ago


  • Haruki Kino
    Haruki Kino 2 months ago

    I don't like Beyonce because her music and video styles aren't my cup of tea, but that is okay since everyone is different and have different likes and dislikes :)

  • Andrada-Maria Pricop
    Andrada-Maria Pricop 2 months ago

    Very useful video. I still struggle with focusing on making the perfect piece of art sometimes. I would also like to figure out the direction I want to take my art in, what I want to express or convey. But right now I am focusing on practicing a lot, mainly with watercolors, and my goal by the end of this year is to take a look at my 2019 art and select those paintings I like best. I am hopeful that they will have common elements and that will help me figure out my art style and also different elements that I can combine and create a style. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about these aspects of being an artist!

    • makoccino
      makoccino  2 months ago +1

      That's such a great idea! Sometimes it's not obvious if you look at one painting at a time. Having a huge selection helps to see a pattern!