WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!! FUNKY FOODS!! Alisha Marie

  • Published on Apr 16, 2017
  • So I found these super weird food combinations that people love and I'm going to be testing them out for you guys..some are great..and some are not so great haha!! Enjoy!! xo -Alisha Marie
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    Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about weird food combinations people love!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!
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  • AlishaMarie
    AlishaMarie  Year ago +38750

    OMG!!!! Marshmallow Nachos 3x hahaha oops!! Editing fails happen hahaha

    • PinkBeauty
      PinkBeauty 2 months ago


    • Nicole D'Cruz
      Nicole D'Cruz 3 months ago

      AlishaMarie haha I realized

    • Aaizah. R
      Aaizah. R 3 months ago

      I was just gonna say

    • Tara Anderson
      Tara Anderson 4 months ago +1

      I was just about to say.... What

    • erum abrar
      erum abrar 5 months ago +1

      Awe its okay we still love you I ain't care bout the edits +good job on your weird food combination video I have tried nachos with nutella it was yummy AF

  • Jade linder
    Jade linder 31 minute ago

    You said nachos and marshmallows 3 times

  • Jade linder
    Jade linder 38 minutes ago

    Fries with any thing 😋❤❤❤

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Hour ago

    After this video it made me hungry.

  • juliana hilton
    juliana hilton 2 hours ago

    why does it say marshmallow nachos more than twice!?!?!

  • Kristen Noble
    Kristen Noble 3 hours ago

    Bacon with wiped cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke Hazel
    Brooke Hazel 3 hours ago

    I love wine you pot pie and ice cream to gether and I love wine you pot spicehot Cheetos and ice cream to gether.

  • eva’s vlog life
    eva’s vlog life 4 hours ago

    tangerine (cutie) and peanut butter

  • Sami Puga
    Sami Puga 4 hours ago

    in the last two she messed up and put marshmallow nachos

  • SweetCupcake
    SweetCupcake 5 hours ago

    I really wanna try the Nutella on pizza one

  • Martha Noble
    Martha Noble 5 hours ago

    Fries 🍟 dipped in milkshake 🥛!! Sooo good! I would recommend vanilla milkshake! X

  • naturegirl 21
    naturegirl 21 8 hours ago +1

    Smooth peanut butter and honey on toast. Don’t butter the bread before.

  • Six Yellow Zebras
    Six Yellow Zebras 8 hours ago

    Who is here cause they like watching people torture themselves by eating strange/gross food combos???

  • Morgan Cruze
    Morgan Cruze 10 hours ago

    French fries and a frosty :)

  • Morgan Cruze
    Morgan Cruze 10 hours ago

    Cheetos and ranch

  • Disney DeLara
    Disney DeLara 11 hours ago

    Oh Alisha u should try a BAGEL with CREAM CHEESE and COOL RANCH DORITOS or what ever Doritos u prefer but I recommend cool ranch Doritos

  • berenice de garcia
    berenice de garcia 11 hours ago


  • jumpsplitz22
    jumpsplitz22 12 hours ago

    Crunchy Cheetos and miracle whip

  • Iram abbas Abbas
    Iram abbas Abbas 13 hours ago

    Melt ice cream with wafers😍

  • Yebin Kim
    Yebin Kim Day ago

    And cheese

  • Yebin Kim
    Yebin Kim Day ago

    Pizza with marshmallow

  • Rayley B
    Rayley B Day ago


  • Grapes Is Me Yeah!

    Pork chops and strawberry apple sauce
    Chili with a peanut butter honey

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann Day ago

    Honey and fench fries

  • emily claire
    emily claire Day ago

    try goldfish and nutella!

  • Star_ Seeker
    Star_ Seeker Day ago

    Eat a chicken nugget and Pepsi max at the same time

  • Millie Ann
    Millie Ann Day ago

    Nachos and ice cream

  • Jane Marko
    Jane Marko Day ago

    You are making me SOOOO HUNGRYY rn! 💛🍔🥞🍿

  • Sarah Flett
    Sarah Flett Day ago

    Cheese and onion in a sandwich with crisp

  • Rachel Arora
    Rachel Arora Day ago

    Do a Pringles with Nutella

  • gacha SHANE
    gacha SHANE Day ago +1

    Love ya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • gacha SHANE
    gacha SHANE Day ago +1

    I love pickles and frosting i combined them it taste soooo come other people say it taste bad😂😂😂

  • gacha SHANE
    gacha SHANE Day ago +1


  • valencia cristina

    Try carrot and nuttella

  • Hillana's Vlogs
    Hillana's Vlogs Day ago

    Margarine with sugar like literally its so tasty

  • Cassandra Linville

    Hash browns and Ranch

  • Isabella Cabral
    Isabella Cabral Day ago

    Picked and peanut butter

  • Isabella Tolento
    Isabella Tolento 2 days ago

    A peanut butter and mayo pickle sandwich

  • Veselina Smilkova
    Veselina Smilkova 2 days ago

    hotdog with chokolade chips

  • andicarden
    andicarden 2 days ago

    Chips and frosting

  • World of Art
    World of Art 2 days ago

    Pizza and marshmallows are so good

  • Emily Vance
    Emily Vance 2 days ago

    I like peanut butter and pickles. But I’m a sandwich.

  • Sara Millien
    Sara Millien 2 days ago

    Raisins with cheddar cheese

  • tea loverrr
    tea loverrr 2 days ago

    I ALWAYS am the person who opens cereal boxes bad !!🤣

  • Taran Sjøberg
    Taran Sjøberg 2 days ago

    I like watermelon with salt 😂

  • btsbear1
    btsbear1 2 days ago

    Grilled cheses+ Nutella

  • HeyItsMak !
    HeyItsMak ! 2 days ago

    ok alisha this is great but i hate the chewing sounds sm😂 please lower the audio or something for those parts

  • Connor Mackie
    Connor Mackie 2 days ago

    Omg it's ok if you make a mistake you learn from them

  • Aja Cheyenne
    Aja Cheyenne 3 days ago

    Sliced cucumbers with Italian dressing

  • athenas backing
    athenas backing 3 days ago

    Try a tostada with nutella

  • Natalie gail
    Natalie gail 3 days ago +2

    lol yesterday i my moms friend came in with goldfish with M&M's on it and it tasted like a pretzel if you put an M&M on the goldfish 😮im shocked

  • Emma Barr
    Emma Barr 3 days ago

    5:10 \_(0.0)_/

  • Makayla Garcia smith

    Can you do chicken nuggets with a vanilla shake from macdonalds because I swear it’s so good

  • Meral Şimsek
    Meral Şimsek 3 days ago +1

    Fries with nutella! 😍👌

  • Christine Tsimidis
    Christine Tsimidis 3 days ago

    You should try cheese with watermelon it’s soooooo good

  • Nergis Ghulam
    Nergis Ghulam 3 days ago

    Im only watching this rn bcs im craving some junkfood

  • Kennedy Barber
    Kennedy Barber 3 days ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Jacqueline Deleoncottom

    I tried Nutella with pizza it’s soooooo good OMG why is it good 😂😂

  • Mermaid Alexa
    Mermaid Alexa 3 days ago

    Chicken nuggets with ice creams

  • Mermaid Alexa
    Mermaid Alexa 3 days ago

    Captain Crunch Cereal with Vanilla ice cream 👌❤️😤

  • Chocolate Dribbles
    Chocolate Dribbles 3 days ago

    Milk and coke!!! Plsss

  • Michelle Willson
    Michelle Willson 3 days ago

    Salt and vinger chips and chocolate its so good

  • Castafierce
    Castafierce 3 days ago

    5:10 marshmallow nachos?? But it’s pickles and icing again 6:05

  • bluish
    bluish 3 days ago

    5:21 *girl I know how you feel*

  • Alexandra Shultz
    Alexandra Shultz 3 days ago

    Goldfish and Nutella

  • Bella Zabalza
    Bella Zabalza 3 days ago

    Hi I am a big fan of you and I love your videos and when I am sad I watch your videos and it makes me happy

  • Hannah Lorusso
    Hannah Lorusso 4 days ago

    rice and mayo

  • karma thomas
    karma thomas 4 days ago

    I like mac and cheese and ketchup mixed together and I like french fries and milkshakes mixed together and I like putting Oreos and orange juice I also like to break up Oreos and stick them in milk and just drink it that way and it's really yummy you should try them

  • Becir Markic
    Becir Markic 4 days ago

    Salmon and Nutella

  • Aliya Hernandez
    Aliya Hernandez 4 days ago

    Sushi & BBQ sauce

  • Daniela Collazo
    Daniela Collazo 4 days ago

    Pickles with hot cheetos😋

  • Maddie Ryan
    Maddie Ryan 4 days ago +1

    Am I wrong or does 6:00 say marshmallow nachos but it’s cheese and cookies

  • Void Stilinski
    Void Stilinski 4 days ago

    Why does the food look so much bigger in America?

  • Ava Wickmeyer
    Ava Wickmeyer 4 days ago

    Literally, strawberry banana and avocado smoothies are EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Krazy Kai vLoGs
    Krazy Kai vLoGs 4 days ago

    No matter how bad it seems, I would eat

  • Emme and Mackenna and

    Bed at opening Cereal boxes to

  • Neo Summer
    Neo Summer 4 days ago

    I’m so the same that I open a box of cereal so bad.

  • g-nov
    g-nov 4 days ago

    this is a great vid!! u should do more of this, Alisha 😁

  • Leah brookover
    Leah brookover 4 days ago

    Me and my friend swear by pickles a ketchup it’s so good because they are both I wouldn’t say sour but like tangy and it so good u should try it!

  • Kayla Pelton
    Kayla Pelton 5 days ago +1

    My fav was the chocolate pizza

  • Ella Mitchell
    Ella Mitchell 5 days ago

    this is a rly late comment but hotdogs and mayonnaise are rly good! sometimes i put cheese in it too jus bc i get a hotdog mayo and cheese vibe idk

  • •Mathea• LOL
    •Mathea• LOL 5 days ago


  • Bracha Rutner
    Bracha Rutner 5 days ago

    The marshmallow nachos looks so good

  • Novi Slagtand
    Novi Slagtand 5 days ago


  • unicornlovlove
    unicornlovlove 5 days ago

    Cheese and Apple sauce is good like sweet Apple sauce and brick cheese like marble and medium.

  • Jades Gaming 34098
    Jades Gaming 34098 5 days ago +1

    Do Nutella and Philadelphia cream cheese in bread

  • Scream Time
    Scream Time 5 days ago

    Starting from 7:58 or sth it’s ALAWAYS NACHOS AND MARSHMALLOWS 😂

  • Sibila Komac
    Sibila Komac 5 days ago

    Did you see that she has for the pickles and marshellows and the cookies and chees she writed for both marsmellow nachos jtlyk💞

  • Joy Hornbacher
    Joy Hornbacher 5 days ago

    2021 anyone???

  • ilovepizzasomuch_Yt _
    ilovepizzasomuch_Yt _ 5 days ago +1

    I like the griled chocolate with chips and its like griled cheese but instead of cheese u put chocolate and chips it is SUPER DELECIOUS😋😋😋🍔🍕🍞

  • D de Dudinha
    D de Dudinha 5 days ago

    Pizza with ketchup

  • Addie E
    Addie E 5 days ago

    Pizza and applesauce! ❤️😍

  • Elle Sewell
    Elle Sewell 5 days ago

    I swear that chicken nuggets with apple sauce is the best

  • McKenzi King
    McKenzi King 5 days ago


  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor 5 days ago

    And my brother likes spaghetti and ranch and I like ice cream and French fries

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor 5 days ago

    I like garlic bread and BBQ

  • Catherine Carrington

    Strawberry&doritos its good

  • Ava Volk
    Ava Volk 5 days ago

    ketchup and doritos

  • Nadiya Hornbeck
    Nadiya Hornbeck 5 days ago

    Peach rounds with Hershey kisses😍😍

  • mariea&michael Krebs

    You should try ice cream and fries so good Can you give my a shot out