The Reparations Debate: Should America Compensate the Descendants of Slaves? | The Daily Show

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls talk reparations, while Fox News pundits look to poke holes in the logistics and timing of compensating descendants of slaves.
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Comments • 10 216

  • Dare Jones
    Dare Jones 4 hours ago

    10 generations seems far but the black people haven't healed

  • Trevor Singh
    Trevor Singh 7 hours ago

    Based on crazy apple's comment the descendants of slaves and native Americans should get reparations. I agree that if these two (2) sets of people were wronged they should get compensation. I agree with Kena Morgan as well.

  • IzanagiXZ
    IzanagiXZ 12 hours ago

    Noah hiding behind lame jokes and not actually making any points, how very Democratic. Reparations is a dumb idea that won't solve any problems, the blacks should shut the hell up and actually get shit done with their lives, all the bitching and complaining for free money does nothing but reinforce stereotypes that blacks are lazy, stop making yourselves look like fools and actually ascend your community ffs.

  • Artsy_Judoka
    Artsy_Judoka 13 hours ago

    Honestly I think just paying off people who directly descend from those who suffered under slavery is an inefficient way to address the deep rooted inequalities leaft in our society. Wouldn't it be more effective to directly address things that are disproportionately hurting people of color such as shitty schools, poverty, mass incarceration, and "bad parts of town?"

  • my mother was a ninja
    my mother was a ninja 15 hours ago

    The US ended slavery in 1976? WTF?

  • Andrew Koziol
    Andrew Koziol 18 hours ago

    ....Reparations are stupidist thing. I'm left and I know its dumb AF. I'm a korean, should I be getting reparations for what the mongolians and chinese and japanese have done to my ancestors? no. What about the Native Americans here? What about the japanese who were put in internment camps here? Its a stupid argument by the African American community that can't stop playing the victim. Sure theres plenty of real racism that goes on, but you shoot yourself in the foot by getting behind things like reparations.

  • Greatest Shopper
    Greatest Shopper 22 hours ago

    I am one of thirty odd grandchildren of a slave. And I’m only in my fifties. My brother is the youngest grandson of Papa Coleman❣️

  • Dylan Larson
    Dylan Larson Day ago

    Did you know that the civil war was about states rights and not just exclusively about owning slaves? Has anyone ever heard about indentured servants? Or serfdom? Did anyone know that Britain's government paid slaveowners nice buyout packages to surrender their slaves? Why didn't Americans learn about this in school? I think its crazy how much history is not covered in the education system.

  • Sameeh Daniels
    Sameeh Daniels 2 days ago +1

    Who's idea was it to hava a South African host an American daily show😐

    • negra lopez
      negra lopez Day ago

      Sameeh Daniels why

    • Sameeh Daniels
      Sameeh Daniels Day ago

      +negra lopez I am south african, and it just doesnt make sense

    • negra lopez
      negra lopez Day ago

      If you don’t appreciate it gtfoh

  • James MH
    James MH 2 days ago +2

    I think there are some serious questions to be discussed:
    Who deserves reparation?
    How do we calculate the damage?
    Who must make the reparations?
    Will reparations solve the problem of racial socioeconomic inequity?
    Will reparations contribute to healing the racial divide, or will it deepen it?
    Do other groups deserve reparations as well and why?
    Do non-racialized individuals living in poor socioeconomic conditions “deserve” to be in their position, since they don’t have a historical justification for their situation?

  • Kaye Wilde
    Kaye Wilde 2 days ago

    Oh my goodness, how is he so smart. He's so sexy!

  • cookies4present
    cookies4present 2 days ago +1

    What about the native Americans?
    Or the descendants of ppl forced in concentration camps.

  • D.Cherie Buck
    D.Cherie Buck 2 days ago

    I remember payments for this going out in the 80's. Is it the next generation who are getting paid only, versus those who have already been paid in the 80's? 🤔

  • 林鼎鈞
    林鼎鈞 3 days ago

    Watching Fox is like watching people who never learned anything talking

  • JK
    JK 3 days ago

    I am for reparations, as long as the money only goes to compensate ACTUAL SLAVES. Not their descendants. Perhaps reparations for descendants should be in the form of free education for their children, for those who are struggling. So if there aren't alot of slaves left. Then it doesn't cost much.

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 4 days ago +2

    Mexico is one of those nations that outlawed Slavery before The USA

  • Jim Miranda
    Jim Miranda 4 days ago

    Who’s the chick at 3:09 she’s hot!!! I really need to know

  • MrBoliao98
    MrBoliao98 4 days ago

    Nope, not reparations, there ought to just be more empowerment. I find it perplexing, despite the same heavy discriminatory laws imposed on Asians; Asians are doing better than white people. At the end of anti-chinese laws, many Asians did not own property. In spite of the harsh environment, education is prioritise, assets are accumulated.
    The black people, while having only been truly freed since the 1960s, why isn't the community climbing out? You had 50 years, a generation of people and time. While some do, the community as a whole has yet to. Perhaps a lack of emphasis on education. May the Lord's power work through all of you.

    • 5%LowBattery
      5%LowBattery 4 days ago

      MrBoliao98 I think you do see the difference. It just goes against your bias. So you’ll pretend not to know the difference.
      Andrew Sullivan said: “Asian-Americans, like Jews, are indeed a problem for the “social-justice” brigade...How have bigoted white people allowed these minorities to do so well - even to the point of earning more, on average, than whites?
      The model minority myth has always been used as *propaganda.* It’s purpose is to denigrate other racial minorities by saying “if Asians can do this, it means there’s no racial discrimination, and disparities don’t count”.
      It’s a thinly veiled attack on African Americans who continue to face systemic injustice they’ve consistently faced even after the civil rights era.
      The problem is the truth is lost in the numbers, compare the net worth of the Japanese ($592,200) and the Chinese ($408,200) to that of Asian Indians ($260,000), Filipinos ($243,000) and Koreans ($23,400) there’s a stark difference. 1/5 of Vietnamese-Americans don’t have a high school diploma and end up in low paying jobs. 40% if the Hmong Community have less than a high school degree.
      Despite the fact that some Asian groups have higher levels of wealth and education, and represented in higher numbers than other minority group in the fields of tech and medicine it doesn’t mean things are necessarily better.
      Asian Americans are heavy under represented in business, media, sports and government (bamboo ceiling). Only 3% of the board seats in Fortune 500 businesses are Asian and Pacific Islander. Top level positions in businesses are overwhelmingly filled by white people.
      For all that higher level of education, Asians realize lower returns than white people, this means Asians need more years of schooling to earn the same amount of money as their white counterparts.

    • MrBoliao98
      MrBoliao98 4 days ago

      +5%LowBattery I really don't see much difference in the Asian experience. Many were brought in as indentured labor, marked with an immeasurable level of racism as the yellow peril. The situation is similar, what difference is there at the point when the blacks got the free vote, compared to Asians who built the railways, and died in indentured labor.

    • 5%LowBattery
      5%LowBattery 4 days ago

      MrBoliao98 Martin Luther King said:
      White America must see, that no other ethnic group has been a slave on American soil. That is one thing that other immigrant groups haven’t had to face.
      The other thing is that the color, became a stigma. American society made the Negroes color a stigma. America freed the slaves in 1863, through the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln, but gave the slaves no land, and nothing in reality. And as a matter of fact, to get started on.
      At the same time, America was giving away, millions of acres of land in the west and the Midwest. Which meant that there was a willingness to give the white peasants from Europe an economic base, and yet it refused to give its black peasants from Africa, who came here involuntarily in chains and had worked free for two hundred and forty-four years, any kind of economic base.
      And so emancipation for the Negro was really freedom to hunger. It was freedom to the winds and rains of Heaven. It was freedom without food to eat or land to cultivate and therefore was freedom and famine at the same time.
      And when white Americans tell the Negro to “lift himself by his own bootstraps”, they don’t oh, they don’t look over the legacy of slavery and segregation. I believe we ought to do all we can and seek to lift ourselves by our own boot straps, but it’s a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.
      And many Negroes by the thousands and millions have been left bootless as a result of all of these years of Oppression and as a result of a society that deliberately made his color a stigma and something worthless and degrading.

  • Jeevan Sharma
    Jeevan Sharma 4 days ago

    No dead slave in America is going to get justice by reparations from Americans who didn't own slaves. Domination over another group has been happening from ancient times. Slavery is still rampant in Africa and MiddleEast. When Obama was elected it became apparent that a black person could do anything in USA. I think reparations is nothing but only a vote bait.

  • Mariano
    Mariano 4 days ago

    Reparations For Who? African Americans? I Think Is A Good Idea. Maybe I Can Get Double Reparations Cause I'm Puerto Rican And A Descendant Of Slaves. See What Spain Can Do About That. By The Way, What Do You Think About France And Haiti? Portugal And Brazil?😁😁👍

  • xlukas
    xlukas 6 days ago

    If they dont win with this, what are they going to promise next? Social benefits higher than salaries? Just fix public education, make universal healthcare system and stop treating black people like idiots or second class citizens, just stop ruining their confidence.

  • Viser Excizer
    Viser Excizer 6 days ago

    Best way for reparation is to vote Republican. Remember, DemoKKKrats are the party of slavery and socialism.

  • K3iona Floyd
    K3iona Floyd 6 days ago

    Is Fox news real

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza

    My friend is the descendant of one of the Enola Gay crewmen. When Hiroshima survivors came to our school, he made it his obligation to apologize on his behalf. As for the survivors, they were quick to forgive. Given that Japan is a global superpower, Hiroshima is rebuilt, and anime, Toyotas and electronics dominate the market, reparations would only open old wounds that already healed. Just move forward and focus on the task at hand...Mexicans and Muslims.

  • Quirky Bou
    Quirky Bou 6 days ago

    Wow I can't believe how most white people think .. they really sound dumb like "movie - blonde - dumb"
    Just fix things that are wrong and then .. move on!! 😩 it's exhausting and am not even in the same continent (thank God for that)

    • Xx042xX
      Xx042xX 4 days ago

      Wow, a very intelligent statement. You must be one of the smartest black people on Earth.

  • A Swaney
    A Swaney 6 days ago

    I love how these dumb right-wingers think reparations means the government has to cut a check for every black individual. Such tiny brains.

  • Phil Thayer
    Phil Thayer 6 days ago

    Call it what it is...buying black votes with money from those not involved.

  • Marv44 4
    Marv44 4 6 days ago

    And yet blacks pay for jews and Indians reparations which we had nothing to do with. But that's ok. Huh

  • Victor
    Victor 6 days ago +1

    Reperations should be due until all victims of a crime and their children are dead... in the case of slavery no, but in workd war 2 I think it is very arguable that some nations deserve reperations

  • Rob Hurst
    Rob Hurst 6 days ago

    Most ridiculous conversation ever. Yeah, that’s a great idea, let’s give every black person a lot of money to make up for the sins of the past. Unbelievable

  • justmeandshit
    justmeandshit 7 days ago


  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 7 days ago

    Native Americans does. not mean, the indigenous people of the Americans. Three types of Black people in the Americans: indigenous people of America, Europe and Africa. ( All Black people within the Americans did not arrive directly from Africa). But ,their identity and culture were destroyed. United States of America is a Corporation.(Business). Who are the stakeholders? Who controlled Dutch India trading Company? Who was Cromwell employed for? What people were expelled from Britain for 350 years? Those stakeholders are the primary parties, who need to pay reparations. Please, stop calling Blacks within the United States......African Americans

  • lukeirot
    lukeirot 7 days ago

    Im in the hellll no category.

  • Short Stuff
    Short Stuff 7 days ago

    Honestly, even more recent hurt is segregation, which has effected people of our time.

  • Noneof Yourbusiness
    Noneof Yourbusiness 7 days ago

    I don’t think poor white people should pay rich black people reparations

  • Mike Aldila
    Mike Aldila 8 days ago +1

    GGRREEAATT IDEA - *Pay the reparations and send them back to any Central African country of their choice.* Simple as that...and everybody is happy....not so???

  • E S
    E S 8 days ago +1

    Who are they expecting to pay for it? My ancestry and I had absolutely no part in any slavery, as a matter of fact, my ancestry has a bigger chance of BEING an owned slave, rather than OWNING a slave. So I shouldnt have to pay for any of it. I should be a beneficiary if I can prove my Irish ancestral line had slaves in it.
    I say, if you can track down ancestors of slaves and the slave owners, you should take thier money and leave the innocent parties (people like me) out of it. I dont want to be forced to pay for something I had nothing to do with.

  • Nariz Grande
    Nariz Grande 8 days ago

    I wonder what they would do with the money?

  • Kayla McClain
    Kayla McClain 8 days ago

    Serious question; is the fear/anger everyone has twoard white people because how much power gets handed to them? Why choose something so ignorant as a whole color to harass over power inequality. Why not leave all us angry below poverty equal rights dumbass white folks outcha damn argument unless you're tryna help us too. Acting like poor white people don't exist type ass bullshit

  • Razzz zaidi
    Razzz zaidi 8 days ago

    With grandparents as slaves meaning you yourself wasn’t a slave

  • Terry Jfk
    Terry Jfk 8 days ago

    It's all just talking points
    shit will Never happen ..

  • Gregarrington5887 Arrington

    Your sarcasm comedy is weak no disrespect back to the study stooge

    • Nathaniel Yee
      Nathaniel Yee 7 days ago

      Learn to type coherent sentences before commenting.

  • Gregarrington5887 Arrington

    No disrespect you are very very corny you are not funny dude wow back to the study

  • Matt Bell
    Matt Bell 8 days ago

    Was it just me, or did every clip against Reparations make a clear and solid point? Unlike Trevor who just made terrible jokes with zero plans on how to solve the issue. How did this guy take Jon Sterwarts chair?

    • Nathaniel Yee
      Nathaniel Yee 7 days ago

      Why are you here? Go back to the alt right channels.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly 9 days ago

    And the simple insanity of claiming that a generation is still like 15 or 20 years. Or that institutional racism post abolition doesn’t still affect people today when they try to get a loan. Or that the whole institution of predatory lending and credit in general is just a stopgap to keep capitalism working a little bit longer. This country is so fucked up we don’t know which way is forward. The Conservative agenda seems to just be obfuscation and propaganda driven lies to uphold the insanity. And all we can do is talk about which side of the isle were on? If we could just get past the good versus evil dualism we may find some sense.

  • Karl Axel
    Karl Axel 9 days ago


  • SoufianeK
    SoufianeK 9 days ago +1

    *Reparations: the perfect example of politicians coming up with new ways to divide the poor and play them off against each other, while the rich are getting richer.*

  • Not Urbusiness
    Not Urbusiness 9 days ago

    Americans got a gift in how both republikans and democrats can unite in their hate for trump, and then you guys do Something like this to divide the country even more ?

  • Savanah Gray
    Savanah Gray 9 days ago

    There's only one truly important issue to arise in this video. Why do ALL (yes, ALL) conservative males have that whiny micropenis voice? Like, all conservative men aren't really men or something. Just weaklings. Pass repartions. My taxes will pay for it. Don't rely on our males though. Have yu heard them whining? Lmao. They're all so useless.

  • Albus Arthur Hollington

    Holy fuck... We're at this point already!? This is fucking scary!!!

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 9 days ago

    Should you pay descendants of Slave owners? rape?
    Should some that weren't slaves? get some?
    Do indentured servants count?
    Some slaves got "Land and a donkey"?

  • Hannah Strickland
    Hannah Strickland 9 days ago

    Looking for yet another way to get free shit

  • Deep Dish
    Deep Dish 9 days ago


  • R-TEX
    R-TEX 9 days ago

    If not slavery then,not McDonalds,not Nike today.

    NARKOHAMPON TV 9 days ago +3

    We must overthrow White Supremacy Out Of this country send them back to Europe Time is up ⏰ is ticking

  • Love RuthLess
    Love RuthLess 9 days ago

    What about the Native American People don't we owe them something first.

    • Indya Willis
      Indya Willis 9 days ago

      They've already received money and land. Blacks have received nothing, not even a fucking apology.

  • Mac Loud
    Mac Loud 9 days ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 9 days ago

    I used to be a Democrat.... Now I consider my self a conservative independent.... And I do not like it lol.

  • TheGrays
    TheGrays 10 days ago

    Those free loading black people will not get a single dime

  • Music Man
    Music Man 10 days ago

    People need to stop asking for freebies. Reparations? How about the fact that 360,000 union soldiers died to free slaves? Hell, my ancestors moved to America in the 1890's from Italy and Hungary...AFTER the civil war and slavery. I am not paying reparations. And most Americans won't do this either. Get off your ass and work hard to achieve something. The whole point of America is that if you put forth EFFORT you can achieve great things. Stop playing the victim card. Besides...the democratic party just uses black people as puppets anyway...they just want their vote. Look at AOC...mocking them by using a fake black accent. C'mon people think for yourselves...that's what real freedom is all about.

  • Kirsh Keener
    Kirsh Keener 10 days ago

    with that kind of ridiculous and absurd thinking Donald Trump will be re-elected guaranteed...

  • Pamela Milner
    Pamela Milner 10 days ago

    Can we start reparations for Native Americans and all are stolen land that you're living on Miss Elizabeth Warren?

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens 11 days ago +2

    You think White(entitled) folks hate us now........wait until they know Black folks all get big checks!?😡🤬👹

    • Peter Kazavis
      Peter Kazavis 4 days ago

      It's adorable that you think whites are the entitled ones.

  • JaY Dell
    JaY Dell 11 days ago

    Aww the victims that want paid for something they never went through😒😂😂

    • Indya Willis
      Indya Willis 9 days ago

      You're fucking dumb. You know nothing about the history of the U.S. or how blacks have been targeted since they arrived. FOH

  • William Patton
    William Patton 11 days ago +1

    this will cause a civil war
    oh well

  • William Patton
    William Patton 11 days ago +1

    lol I want free sh.t for something that didn't happen to me

  • MsAppleofhiseye
    MsAppleofhiseye 11 days ago

    Uh, keep ya programs etc and give me ALL MY MONEY. Period! do we calculate?
    All of a sudden they're dumb.
    Easy calculate ALL the wealth of America since slavery then calculate the missed financial opportunities since slavery, then calculate land and the missed revenue/resources from that land and multiply it WITH INTEREST by the x amounts of Blacks today. Hello,
    And while you're at it, you can use the quantum computer technology to find out how much that'll be.

  • Marshall Kinnaird
    Marshall Kinnaird 11 days ago

    Republicans give them 40 acres and a mule but you Democrats killed Abraham Lincoln and then decide to take the free black men off the 40 acres and give it back to the plantation owners. The only people that need to be paying are Democrats!

  • Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess

    The REALITY to it is unless white people can also benefit from reparations, they are against it. Those white politicians that are asking for it are doing so only for the black vote so we also know they are lying.
    And reparations doesnt have to actually be monetary, they can excuse ALL debts, allow free housing for one year/approve home loans to those that qualify with one year break from paying (0% apr wont hurt either) basically allowing us to become middle class which would end white supremacy (ofcourse unless black people fuck their credit up and spend all their money)

  • Peculiarist
    Peculiarist 12 days ago

    "Ten generations after slavery's end"? That was 150 years ago, do all people in the US have kids at 15?

  • Chrisϯiaη
    Chrisϯiaη 12 days ago

    People who never had slaves will be enforced to pay repairs for slavery to people that have never been slaves👍🏼

    • Chrisϯiaη
      Chrisϯiaη 5 days ago

      Although that would be great, it won’t work in reality. Who would receive compensation? Jay-Z? Tiger Woods? The Wu tang clan?
      Who would pay? The taxpayers(also colored)? Only whites?
      Should Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Rome, The British and The Ottomans also pay for their oppression?

    • Indya Willis
      Indya Willis 9 days ago

      There's something called generational wealth. Blacks weren't able to accumulate any wealth due to Jim Crow, Redlining, mass incarceration, etc. That's what those seeking reparations are hoping to correct.

  • Clem Cornpone
    Clem Cornpone 12 days ago

    Every American child is born innocent. He is not born with blood curse arising from what his great-great grandfather did. By all means, do whatever we can to ensure every living American has the opportunity to fully participate in and benefit from American society, but if you want to take money out of my pocket to put in some other American's pocket because of something done before I was born, you don't understand the first thing about America. Unlike in Russia, where the people serve the state, here in America the sovereignty to be found is found in individual Americans. The government is our tool. It is created by use and limited by us through the American Constitution, which limits all government from treating individual Americans except on the basis of equal protection before the law. Any law that classifies Americans based on what their great-great-grandfathers did or did not due and then treats them disparity violates the principles of equal protection before the law and that the individuals (not groups) are what is important in America.

  • Scotty Logan
    Scotty Logan 12 days ago +1

    Dems use reparations to try and win over the black vote and guilt white people into feeling responsible for what their ancestors did 400 years ago, truly evil.

  • Marie Jones
    Marie Jones 12 days ago

    He is South African and we all know what's going on in South Africa.

  • AcquaPlumbingLLC
    AcquaPlumbingLLC 12 days ago

    OK who should pay for this cause i'm from ITALY and my family was not even in America until 1912, I have the labor pay scale that my GRANDPA gave me, IN 1912 the NEW YORK TIMES READS, PAY SCALE for LABORS was WHITES 20 cents, COLORS, 15 cents BLACKS 13 cents and ITALIANS 10 damn cents a hr , WE were the lowest paid labors in AMERICA @ that TIME, What about the Natives? I due understand slavery was BS, BUT how can you make people in America pay for this today? must people living here now had nothing to due with it. I guess you can go back through history and if your family owned slaves back in that time, then make them PAY out their ASS.... JUST A THOUGHT....

  • Ryan Polak
    Ryan Polak 12 days ago

    What are community centers? What are YMCA programs? What is a college scholarship for Sports? What is Millions of dollars for Pro Sports? What is Welfare? What is Section 8? What is Foodstamps? What is meals on wheels? What is...... Anyone who hates america shits on it and its flag everyday why should you get anything? And if Americas so bad go to africa. Oh no not to africa its much worse government and the highest black on black crime ever! Africa shipped slaves to south america First! South America was the largest Slave owner, trader amd killing but everyone blames America. Go protest in south america. And black people, realize we are rooting for you to live the american dream but for some reason you continue to kill each other and ruin every city you live in. Thats not america thats shity choices and dumb decisions. Whites try to understand and see it the black way but its always crakers wont understand or them wack wanna bes is annoying. Instead of opening your eyes and minds that whites are trying to see and understand. Yet its always oh whites, and the government. Instead of hey whites are lending helping hands chances and opportunities and we as a people keep spitting in their face. But thats a conversation for never hear cause blacks dont want whites to understand. They just want what they feel entitlted to.

  • Scooby MiKE
    Scooby MiKE 13 days ago

    "Nigerians don't need reparations. They've already been paid by Jussie Smollett" 😂😂😂

  • Inflammatory Talk
    Inflammatory Talk 13 days ago

    Are black folks in Brazil asking for reparations

  • Donovan Stone
    Donovan Stone 13 days ago

    Trying to get anyone to support paying for anything they were not directly responsible for in their lifetime is a fruitless endeavor. How many lottery winners or billionaires gave it all up to the poor? For any motivation whatsoever? Human nature, in it's less Noble aspects, will never allow it.

  • ecosby100
    ecosby100 13 days ago

    Democratics are just trying to buy votes, won’t Surprise if Burni and Pocahontas show up to the debates wearing a Due rag a bucket of kfc and a 2 liter of grape soda.

  • Jacko Dees
    Jacko Dees 13 days ago

    One of the biggest problems is: Who qualifies for this compensation? If one of your great great grandfathers was a slave, do you get the same amount of compensation as somebody whose grandparents were all slaves? Do you have to prove your ancestors were slaves? And how would that work? Because I'm not sure about the documentation in that time and age, but I think it may not be as good as you would want it, and it could be quite harsh to deny somebody this compensation purely based on a lack of evidence. And one more thing: Does it only apply to people from African-American descent, or also for native americans and people from other ancestry whose ancestors were slaves?

    The second question: Who will pay for this? The ancestors of the owners of the slaves? All white people? All people? The government? In account to fairness it's hard to make somebody who moved to the USA in 2010 pay for slavery occuring there 150 or more years ago. And it's quite harsh on the descendants of slaves to pay for their own compensations through taxes. And there are many more questions. Like: Do only people have to pay, or companies and other countries as well? And it's also quite an important factor that for example Spain, the UK, France and the Netherlands, and many more European countries, got rich of this slave trade. Are they supposed to compesate? And how would that work?
    It's one thing to say people should be compensated, but it will take a long time and much consideration before anything will actually happen.

  • Ghostman Invisible
    Ghostman Invisible 13 days ago

    It would never work you can't make . People do have to pay for the familys past .

  • Joe Silva
    Joe Silva 14 days ago

    Yes don't forget us. Our lands oil gas all resources how do you live here. Its stupid always with hands out Wanting. Blacks get over it. You dont see us crying. Warriors living in a white mans world. While they poison the earth. And all of us. Word from native with his eyes wide open. Word from a Geronimo. Pray. Black politicians dems have. The devil on there side evil killing babys. Wanting. Killed us for thete illegals

  • earnestine jones
    earnestine jones 14 days ago

    They took us from Africa, no they stole us from Africa, we did not migrate here, then sold us into slavery, committed all types of atrocities against our forefathers, we were branded like cattle and remained property until we was killed and rapped by murdering slave masters, They also worked us to death sun up to sun down for over 300 hundred years with free labor. You may not want to pay us for our Labor, but The Most High YeVHeH (GOD) will make you. There is a GREAT JUDGEMENT set for this nation and other nations that had a hand in cattle slavery, because that is what it was and still pushing it through the criminal system.

    Warning to Rich Oppressors
    James 5
    1Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you

    • Reece Hickman
      Reece Hickman 8 days ago

      earnestine jones “They” also ended slavery for the first time in history. Who do you think fought to end slavery in the civil war? A lot of white people. No credit given there though. Fuck those people who gave their lives so that no one would ever have to be a slave, right? Since they were white, just fuck em huh? What a small worldview you have

  • Lucky Vanderwagon
    Lucky Vanderwagon 14 days ago

    3% of the country owned slaves hundreds of years ago. Why make everybody now days pay taxes to go toward that... Nah. Fuck that. My family came in 1990 from Norway. I'm not down with that bullshit

  • Dogwood
    Dogwood 15 days ago +1

    Reparations are already in place. Look up PROGRESSIVE BENEFIT FORMULA for black Americans. Social Security pays blacks a higher rate than whites in low and median income categories. Blacks benefit from government programs not offered to whites. Remember Affirmative Action? There are too many examples to mention but if you are in favor of reparations you won't bother looking for them. There are too many successful black Americans who don't have the slave mentality. Where is black pride? What you are admitting to is you can't take care of yourselves without the whites helping you.

  • MeanKno
    MeanKno 15 days ago

    One reply to people against reparations: compensation for the systematic denial of generational wealth by the government.

  • Member_TaunTauns?
    Member_TaunTauns? 15 days ago

    omg i hate how liberal this show is

  • A Z
    A Z 15 days ago +1

    My family arrived in Kentucky in the 1850s from Switzerland and then fought and died for the North to free slaves just to have their descendants ask me for more.

    • earnestine jones
      earnestine jones 14 days ago +1

      A Z Europeans was not the aboriginal of Switzerland, so that make you a hypocrite. So your ancestors was thieves like the rest of you murders. If they died it was not to benefit us, Get out of here with that nonsense

  • Tobias Hørsted
    Tobias Hørsted 15 days ago

    Why should any black person get any kind of money from slavery? Slavery ended over 100 years ago. No one who lives today had anything to do with slavery

  • Hi It's just me
    Hi It's just me 15 days ago

    White people want reparations too? I do believe that you guys were the only ones to be compensated when slavery was abolished. This country is full of stupid ass "humans".

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon 15 days ago +4

    My grandmothers grandma was a slave. Not that many generations.

  • Travis Negrete
    Travis Negrete 15 days ago +3

    No amount of money can erase hate. Reparations are bs

    • King Daey
      King Daey 3 days ago

      🤦🏿‍♂️Who cares about hate? You love bugs are starting to piss me off.

  • TheNoirMirror
    TheNoirMirror 15 days ago

    Hell no. Instead of demanding an imaginary sum of money to fix all of your problems with the ghettos, or the schools, how about voting out the democrats that made those things happen in the first place? Getting involved with politics on a basic level?
    I'm not letting my tax dollars pay for something that didn't exist during my generation to appease the .01% of black people who still think they were besmirched by slavery two hundred fucking years ago.

  • Carmelo Quijano
    Carmelo Quijano 15 days ago

    Great logic bomb, Noah.

  • d00vinator
    d00vinator 16 days ago

    Sure. After reparations for welfare.

  • imy-tar
    imy-tar 16 days ago

    They can start the reparations by getting getting rid of Trump

  • Ricardo Azabache
    Ricardo Azabache 16 days ago

    Black slavery reparations yes why not but also How about Chinese slavery reparations and also Spanish slavery reparations, l hope all the states agreed and pay more taxes to cover all these reparations, so black and white and Spanish and Chinese pay more taxes to cover all This reparations
    I will be happy if they do that because l need some free money

  • Keaira Hall
    Keaira Hall 16 days ago

    One of craziest things said here was that slavery was 10 generations ago when it was maybe like six

  • James Pouncey
    James Pouncey 16 days ago

    I was born in 1964 and didn’t have a thing to do with slavery that was years and years before my time and black people for years have had just as much opportunity as anybody else has to succeed...look at Trevor he’s black he being held down,, no because he chose to make something of himself instead of hanging out on a corner somewhere selling drugs and blaming the white man because that’s how he makes his living..a person has a mind to choose his/her destination in life and when someone doesn’t want to choose it’s blamed on the white man. Pull your sagging pants up and be somebody and quit killing each other. I wouldn’t own a black person in the first place cause i can do my own damn work. I don’t owe black people any kind of reparations because to me that’s a bullshit copout.