The Reparations Debate: Should America Compensate the Descendants of Slaves? | The Daily Show

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls talk reparations, while Fox News pundits look to poke holes in the logistics and timing of compensating descendants of slaves.
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Comments • 11 630

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

    the United States deserve more than any credit from any other Nation we ended slavery and gave every American equal rights we deserve a lot of credit for that

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

    they've been overcompensated they're not wearing leopard skins or eating tarantulas and this modern-day they just got to stop killing each other they haven't seen to break the Habit slavery did not build America they slow down industry the South had slaves and they were dying of poverty because of slavery

  • Tarbaby
    Tarbaby 7 hours ago +1

    do you know who started all this reparation talk the republicans and the dems swallowed it hook line and sinker divided and conquer and the Daily Show is the boat where the floundering fish are gasping for breath in. So easily baited, has trump move written all over it.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 8 hours ago

    A person that's never owned slaves paying money to a person who was never a slave?
    You better check your mother fucking head

  • Recusant BilE
    Recusant BilE 8 hours ago

    Yea, because slavery and hitchhiking are the same. HOW DARE HE COMPARE THE TWO!!!

    • Robert balibrera
      Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

      Recusant BilE the real winners are the black people that are not slaves today and if their ancestors did not come to America then they would still be in Africa this is a much better place than Africa they should be thankful for their ancestors and thankful to the Lord to be here in a civilized Nation

  • Keeping Shit Real
    Keeping Shit Real 13 hours ago +1

    I can't believe people actually fell into this reparations trap.Checks in the mail as soon as we get your vote.

  • idnintel
    idnintel 16 hours ago

    For those of you that don't know the following facts, prepare to have your intelligence go way up and be red pilled.

    We need reparations for white people that were denied hundreds of thousands of jobs and college admissions due to the much lower standard for blacks to get in. Actually, Asians are suing harvard over such a reparation at the moment. It is a matter of IQ and not prejudice preventing blacks from succeeding, remember than next time Tyrone takes Sallys place at college you white monster! Watch the entertaining adam carolla speech in front of congress where he details his humorous frustration at trying to get a firefighting job while competing with blacks and how unfair it is to white people. Don't tell me we need affirmative action for blacks now as blacks are now the darling and favorite pet of the elites (which is why mainstream everything puts them on a pedestal, in the end using them of course for various nefarious goals) and most white people love blacks way more than themselves, they have been mentally damaged.

    This is in spite of the awesome culture the whites have (which they are convinced is no culture because they are now too stupid to read Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, or amazing works of fiction written by whites etc), of classical music (by far the most genius), renaissance europe with all its amazing philosophers and scientists, all inventions were created by almost all whites, folk music dances and dress, architecture that will take your breath away (cathedrals, castles, etc). By design white people have been turned to stupid cattle and it is so sad because the potential is astronomical if they weren't so infused with hatred for themselves. Since whites invented everything, perhaps if blacks get reparations whites will also get a "privilege to use our technology tax" or they can go without using their computer, smart phone, video games, TV, stereo, car, airplane - you get the drift.

    Also, if blacks care about slaves they can go to africa starting with libya to stop slavery and move on from there. Of course Mauritania, a country in Africa was the last country to officially abolish slavery in 1980 because black heathens are no where near as self reflective, guilt ridden as christian whites and so don't expect them to be moral unless forced into it. In other words america had slavery but the solution to slavery was the religious and constitutional under girding of our country which abolished slavery pretty quickly, relatively speaking especially when compared to the previous Mauritania or even more extreme example of blacks selling slaves to this day in various parts of Africa.

    Lastly, blacks per capita murder and commit burglary 7-8 times more than whites and you have much higher chance (about 10 times) to be attacked by black if you are white than vice versa so take all your black lives matter and shove it. If things were fair blacks would be shot at least twice as much as they are now by the police if they followed rules of logic and statistics and cops did not suffer the ferguson effect but we live in such a complete brainwashed, dumbed down mainstream culture this true information is suppressed and one must seek it out from free and independent intellectuals.

    If you read all this your mind has been filled with truth and the truth shall set you free brother - and blacks reading this, well this should make you more realistic about what you deserve and hopefully make some of you act less crazy.

  • emma levicky
    emma levicky 17 hours ago +1

    If blacks care about slavery, they can start by stopping slavery in Africa starting with Libya and then moving on to other countries.

  • Mac Dice
    Mac Dice 17 hours ago

    My Grandfather has a Grandparent was a slave, he’s still alive.

  • KFTGF Keep Fighting the Good Fight


  • Mr. Roombastic
    Mr. Roombastic 19 hours ago

    I only see white people agsinst this lmao

    • Mr. Roombastic
      Mr. Roombastic 5 hours ago

      @Robert balibrera i dont want to give someone else a history lesson on why giving us reparations isnt just, "paying for past mistakes." We are still severely effected by the historym not even to slavery but from the 1900s

    • Robert balibrera
      Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

      Mr. Roombastic idling see dummies with their hands out believing they're going to get reparations this is an old Democrat trick they've been using it for 75 years hello

  • Blaise Akenji
    Blaise Akenji 22 hours ago

    Pander, pander, pander, pander....

  • Damien Luedtke
    Damien Luedtke 22 hours ago

    Why should we be responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago? Like I flatly refuse, I would rather be homeless and unemployed than paying for something that I never was responsible for. Doesn't matter though daddy Trump will shut these losers up

  • Micheal Okpara
    Micheal Okpara 23 hours ago

    please reparation is bullshit.... get your ass off the ground young man and work for your money... democrats are fooling blacks all day long.

  • Penny Sturgill
    Penny Sturgill Day ago

    Slavery isnt a gene it's a action you dont penalize a man or woman for what there parents did.

  • Joseph Long
    Joseph Long Day ago +1

    Keep on the watch everyone we are bout to reach the end of this system dont fall asleep spiritually its time now to waken This system wont last that much longer

  • carlcovert7958
    carlcovert7958 Day ago

    There are more black pimps in the world today than there were white slave owners 300 years ago. Let's talk about blacks giving reparations to their sex slaves.

  • Byron Anderson
    Byron Anderson Day ago +1

    I'm not looking for Reparations, I'm not crying racism or calling white people "privileged". Why? because it makes me sound like a victim, I'm not a victim, what I need or what I want, I'll get it "by any means necessary", like they did when they arrived here in America. They know what they're doing and what they did, that's why so many of them are so fearful.

  • Dear Darlings
    Dear Darlings Day ago +1

    The reason it’s even still brought up as a topic in this day and age is because most white people refuse to address slavery. Some white people continue to support the views and values of their racist great grandparents that are no longer living, yet when black people bring it up in a discussions today the same white people are so quickly to dismiss it by saying its in the past. If that’s the case then there wouldn’t be such of a “ push back “ when it comes to riding America if these racist Monuments, flags,laws and ways. How do you say let Bygones be bygones when the same racist things are still practiced to this day???

    • Dear Darlings
      Dear Darlings Day ago +1

      The fact is racism will never die, We’ll always have the ignorant or the mentally disturbed or both in America and everywhere else. What can definitely change forever is black people’s response to racism. I can only control my own actions so personally I treat racist as sick, mentally disturbed and the less fortunate. I make sure that I’m respected by everyone that I allow in my personal circle and Vice a versa. Anyone that refuses are simply dismissed and avoided. In Some Circumstances such as in professional settings where i may not be able to completely avoid a racist person. In those circumstances I address the behavior, I let the person know I will not tolerate it at all and I will take legal action to sue their ass for everything they own. Peace love and light 💜

  • P.B. Zuijlekom, van

    My great great grandparents got paid below today's minimum wage. Do I get compensation too? or should we quit holding the past up to today's moral standards all of a sudden?

  • The Logical One The Logical One

    Force people whom never owned slaves to pay people whom themselves where never slaves, how does this solve anything? The time for reparations for slaves has long since past. Also, black people owned slaves in America as did Indians. This isn't something that white people did exclusively & that narrative needs to stop. Every race of people have been enslaved throughout human history as has every race been slave owners. I am white with ancestry of African & American Indian, so do I pay myself, seriously how does this work? It is a stupid pointless topic of discussion simple meant to divide people more.

  • Dallas Dunston
    Dallas Dunston Day ago

    Who needs to pay ? Me ? Fuck you. Who do I owe ? You ? Fuck you.

  • V J
    V J Day ago

    Ben Shapiro actually speaks very intelligently on the issue of reparations.

  • V J
    V J Day ago

    How about the other Africans who actually captured and sold black slaves for the Arab and North Atlantic slave trade pay reparations?

  • Jerold Jones BEY II


  • Ladarian Danner
    Ladarian Danner Day ago +1

    Slavery began in 1619 and ended in 1865...that’s 246 years...not to mention Jim Crow 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Robert balibrera
      Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

      there are 50 million slaves as we speak and the world right now after America ended slavery we went to Africa and condemn them and told them to stop selling their countrymen this is real history the real heroes are the ones who suffered and now their descendants live in America and are Americans not African Americans they are American

    • carlcovert7958
      carlcovert7958 Day ago

      Can you name 1 civilization in the history of the world that didnt have slavery?There are slave owners operating today in the U.S. They are called pimps.

    • The Logical One The Logical One
      The Logical One The Logical One Day ago

      Good job with the tine line. However, you are leaving a few key points of monumental importance out. Like, who started the slave tried, who ended it. Who participated. Who were enslaved & who owned slaves. These are important points in this discussion & when you learn the answers to these questions, you'll see the blacks & Indians are just as guilty as white people. In fact more so considering that it was a White man that ended it.

    • Tina Severinovna Me
      Tina Severinovna Me Day ago

      Exactly! Slavery too far in the past? Maybe. But what about Jim Crow? The inequality in regards to vets after ww2? Or how the war against drugs was basically a stick to hit black people with? These things were a *bit* more recent.

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules Day ago +2

    Why do people who never owned slaves have to pay reparations to people who were never slaves?

    • Robert balibrera
      Robert balibrera 6 hours ago

      we don't what they will do if it passes is order a studying investigation that'll go on for years and then the lawyers pocket all the money and the actual so-called victim will end up with nothing it's nothing but a method of operation they've been doing for 60 years

    • Keeping Shit Real
      Keeping Shit Real 13 hours ago

      Blacks have no shame in the handout game.

    • The Logical One The Logical One
      The Logical One The Logical One Day ago +1

      Why do you try to make logical points to illogical people.

  • shutupsucka
    shutupsucka Day ago +2

    Lol Democrats snatching up black voters with lies like usual and using puppets like trevor Noah to get them on board.

  • Bryan Dalton dalton
    Bryan Dalton dalton 2 days ago

    Wow an idiot leftist shares his views. Wish john Stewart was back

    • Bryan Dalton dalton
      Bryan Dalton dalton Day ago

      @wr4 maybe because i cannot spew the bullshit that they do. I would present facts and they would come with feelings. Would be hard when they are crying and trying to call me nazi misogynist homophobic and whatever else. Old chap

    • wr4
      wr4 Day ago

      I don't think you'd fair well in a conversation with Jon Stewart nor Trevor Noah, old chap.

  • Bely Gorod
    Bely Gorod 2 days ago

    You know the Democrats are desperate when they are basically offering free money to 15% of your population.

  • rodericb305
    rodericb305 2 days ago +13

    Those Democrats are clearly using reparations as a way to sneak the black vote away from Bernie Sanders. You can’t believe anything else they say why would we believe that they would push for reparations. In fact they all only said they’d “look at” or have a “conversation”. Political speak for it ain’t happening!!!!

    • Sharon Popolow
      Sharon Popolow 20 hours ago +1

      I didn't think of it as a "get votes from Bernie" conspiracy until you mentioned it. Pretty on point.
      I always supported Bernie's egalitarian approach of helping the working and lower middle classes get above their station, in which Blacks make up a relatively sizable percentage (sorry, don't have the actual numbers in front of me). I would make a million dollar bet that if you visited poor white towns or trailer parks, you'll find people just as unlikely to rise above as historically targeted minorities in urban centers. All of the country's poor need to be lifted, not just one group. Specifically, Blacks in the lower economic classes would be helped by default with Bernie's policies, along with anyone else who needs a push.

    • mrdrprofessorpatrick4984
      mrdrprofessorpatrick4984 Day ago

      Glad I'm not the only one seeing it. Literally every candidate but him is bought. They may say different things but so did trump. Also headlines are skipping Bernie's name to favor Biden, Harris and Warren.

  • Philip Monroe
    Philip Monroe 2 days ago

    Fuck that. The Japanese got reparations. The Jews got reparations. Why can't Black Americans.

  • Desahn Welch
    Desahn Welch 2 days ago +1

    Who’s gonna pay for it though? 🤔 Are white people in general gonna pay or are we really gonna sift through everyone’s ancestry to see who owned slaves? I’m Native American and lived on a poor reserve most of my childhood where almost everyone I knew had a drug problem, where’s my reparations?
    This idea of reparations just sounds retarded 🙄

  • Indio Hatuey
    Indio Hatuey 2 days ago

    Answer this. Do you think reparations are going to make disappear how do you feel? Going to make you feel better getting pay for something that you didn't went through? How much going to make you happy and aloud you to move on? Are you sure as black that free money are not going to become a curse to your race? I was talking to a black friend about what he thinks about reparations. His answer was." I wasn't slave so nobody owns me nothing. Beside if you get reparations lets say 400 dls a week for 15 years. Most of black people are going to quit thier job and barely live with that money for 15 years. When the 15 years are over you will find yourself in the same spot even worst cuz now you have being out of work for 15 years so you never ever going to feel good again in a job. Like a people that spent 15 years or more in prison".
    By the way America was not the only place with slavery. Have you ever heard of a cuban, Haitian, Brazilians, Africans requesting reparations for slavery? No!.
    Then here we are in the top of the world black community,with better life standards than most of the black people in this world, and still they are complaining. Nonsense.
    Take a trip to Haiti and you will find out how much better you are to be crying about how unfair this world is with you.
    Also this world suffered slavery for2 thousands years(white, black,Asians) all were slaves at some point. Remember the social-economic systems in this world. Primitive community, SLAVERY, feudalism, capitalism.

  • Dua Balihoo
    Dua Balihoo 3 days ago

    Not a single black person was enslaved by a white person in America. Black people enslaved them in Africa in barbaric raids on communities for global sale for thousands of years. This is common knowledge. What most are never told is that the first legal slaveholder in the American colonies was a black man named Anthony Johnson who refused to free John Casor, a black indentured servant. Although Johnson also owned white indentured servants as well. Over 4,000 freed blacks (a low #) were officially documented as slaveholders of more than 20,000 black slaves. Black slaveholders of Louisiana swore their allegiance to the Confederacy in the fear they'd lose their slaves and plantations, threatening to "fight for Louisiana as we did in 1814-1815". Many even made the majority of their income selling runaway slaves back to the original farms or depending on the profit to other plantations. They owned as few as one to nearly 300 as documented in census records of homesteads and plantations as large as 1,000 acres. Native Americans as well owned enough blacks as to be accompanied on the Trail of Tears by nearly 2,000 blacks. To trace modern blacks to these black slaveholders for reparations may be time consuming as only an estimated 5% of modern whites in USA are descendants of white slaveholders. Due diligence will require a whole new industry of DNA tracing to ensure fairness for current generations of Whites being targeted by blacks.

  • Lycer Ngirengkoi
    Lycer Ngirengkoi 3 days ago +1

    Trevor Noah -your from South Africa. Why are you so critical with our politicians and media. Stop using your platform to divide a country that has given you a job and a home. Be grateful and just entertain the people.

    • Robert balibrera
      Robert balibrera 5 hours ago +1

      Lycer Ngirengkoi very well said I agree 100% we see a lot of this lately people that should be unbelievably grateful with great opportunities and use it to slander the very country and people who put them there

  • mike becker
    mike becker 3 days ago

    5% of the population back then owed slaves. No reparations.. too bad for you Race baiting asshole

  • mike becker
    mike becker 3 days ago

    End it around the world

  • Jvq
    Jvq 3 days ago +1

    bulkshit. noone should any reparations for anything. it is what it. white people should get reparations for having to hear about it all our lives.

  • Rev. J. Roger Allen
    Rev. J. Roger Allen 3 days ago +1

    That idiot is a liar
    We were the 2nd country in human history to outlaw slavery!

  • Rev. J. Roger Allen
    Rev. J. Roger Allen 3 days ago +2

    Reparations were paid. It's called the Civil War! We paid in BLOOD!!!

  • Amdrew Moore
    Amdrew Moore 3 days ago +1

    These white people tryna what blacks out so they can say it's been to long well we never stop asking

  • firejaws777
    firejaws777 3 days ago

    What the native Americans (who got casinos and sovereign land), or Jews (Who got it twice from a country who did not offend them BTW) is none of black Americans business.........And vice versa. This is between us and the U.S.

  • FlightSchool 101
    FlightSchool 101 3 days ago

    Im against reparations, i dont think alot of my people are ready for something like that. Majority of us make terrible financial decisions. I would be happier if they used the money to renovate our schools in the neighborhood (building, books, more field trips..etc) and got rid of abandoned house (used to sell drugs out of, girls are rapped in and just bring down the property value in our neighborhoods), and things that will make a difference in the long run. If all black families got 50,000 today, first thing they would do is move out the hood and into the suburbs (causing a housing crisis because of inflation), than they would all buy a benz or bmw (not realizing how expensive the maintenance would be). Before you know it all our money will be gone and all spent on selfish needs instead of community needs. Than the suburbs that they moved to would become the hood and all the white folks will move into the inner city and clean it up and bring the property value up. We need to have a plan for the money first, use it to clean the streets, start more black owned businesses, invest into our schools, start a scholarship program for black students. We cant be pro black just because of our skin, its about the black community as a whole.

    • mr.knowitall
      mr.knowitall 3 days ago

      Yes, and black people can only start businesses with interest bearing loans, apparently, instead of with their own heap of money. Is that what you're saying?

  • DeRien8
    DeRien8 3 days ago

    Start with free higher education and mortgage rate discounts, then go from there? Work on correcting the other systematic elements that have been instrumental in keeping people of color overall disadvantaged in the US.

    • DeRien8
      DeRien8 3 days ago

      @Amdrew Moore
      I'm aware that reparations discussed here are designed to address ados, but beyond that specific recompense some of the same systemic problems affecting them also apply to poc more broadly. Even in the first few comments I scrolled through there are people saying "what about the losses of natives" etc.

    • Amdrew Moore
      Amdrew Moore 3 days ago +1

      Not people of color ados

  • Stephanie Bozeman
    Stephanie Bozeman 3 days ago


  • Ora Smart
    Ora Smart 3 days ago

    The same way you calculate what you give the Jewish people now.

  • jordan mcgill
    jordan mcgill 3 days ago

    White folks just not trying to get taxed. Tax em all.

    • Damien Luedtke
      Damien Luedtke 22 hours ago

      Do you know how ignorant and overall unintelligible you sound? Clearly, your ancestors are in line for operation. Just please stop talking before I make you out to be the failure you are.

  • jordan mcgill
    jordan mcgill 3 days ago

    If the Jews got it, black folks deserve it 400x fold.

    TRUTH HUNTER 3 days ago

    When a people is WRONGED, you must pay. Thats Law and how balanced is exacted. Three ways i see things trying to be set on the right track. People that's from their country...should be given an inheritance or an allowance. Meaning, If whites are making money from the slave's country. A income should be given to the people that was made destitute, from the actions of the whites. Any black person with a European SURNAME, is qualified for reparations. A surname given, proves the descendants of the actual enslaved. Second, America can pay for the rest of black's lives, far as i care. Third, allow blacks to have whatever they need, to get their lives set. Like a Starbucks, bought for 20 dollars, lol. And we get all we need to stock, learn and run that company. The point is, righting blacks must be done. To make it absolutely clear who should be paid? People that suffered from these actions. If my father was the backbone of our family....and he was killed. The crime was committed against my FATHER, and HE died and can't get justice for himself. And his killer has lived and died naturally, no one killed the killer. Who suffers from the murdered father? His children! And we stand rightfully in Law to be compensated from the murder's resources. Like O.J Simpson had to pay that man's family for their son's death. Well, a Country caused all the problems we suffer from, even PTSD. They owe the descendants they wronged and the suffering it caused their descendants, throwing off and effecting their lives. Their descendants still endure the savage and Godless atrocities, TIL THIS DAY!!! Wikipedia: Category: Racially motivated violence against African Americans.

    • 216Numbskull
      216Numbskull Day ago

      @TRUTH HUNTER, Please, before you continue with any other suggestion in righting the WRONG. Or pay anybody let's start by backing up your name, and return to HUNT for the TRUTH. That would give you a better stance and credibility in your solutions. First, let's start with my brother. Why do you specifically insist on trying to make this only a black & white race matter? Dichotomous thinking like this is very naive, and a negative energy mindset in bringing any solution to this issue. What about the slavery of Native Americans, Asian Americans, Irish Americans, etc...? They don't count in this matter? How about the fact and issue of the slavery that still exist. Also, a couple examples in hopes to get you thinking outside the box. Take a look at William Ellison, the largest slaveholder in South Carolina. Or Anthony Johnson, a Virginia farmer who had to start 5 indentured servants (four white and one black). I do believe there is just cause and overdue on the issue. But, it's the complexity of it that needs to be attained. The who, when, why, & how? ++PEACE B.++ “I’ve had enough of someone else’s propaganda… I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”
      ― Malcolm X

  • Nobody Nobody
    Nobody Nobody 4 days ago

    At least 1/3rd of the country should be given to the descendants of slaves as reparations.

  • Zonun Ralte
    Zonun Ralte 4 days ago

    America fought Civil War trying to end slavery. The only country in human history to do so. Slavery is a widespread sin committed by people of all races across the globe. This is not to trivialize the painful history of the black slaves in America. But Trevor, ending slavery deserves credit and recognition. Remember the white men who died fighting to end slavery, who fought against what they thought was wrong and was an injustice to mankind. They paid with their own blood. That deserves recognition Trevor. Abraham Lincoln and his men deserve a lot of appreciation especially by the descendants of slaves, eventhough change came about quite slowly in the US.

    • S Morgan
      S Morgan 3 days ago

      Zonun Ralte hmm....appreciation and acknowledgment happens every Memorial Day...which was started in the south by freed slaves in commemoration of union soldiers buried at Andersonville prison.... DACS folks provided proper burials for soldiers in the mass grave there and held a yearly celebration and on Juneteenth which black folks all over the country commemorate their freedom from the last slave holding state Texas June 19th who doesn’t acknowledge what?

    • Zonun Ralte
      Zonun Ralte 3 days ago

      @S Morgan Well, like I said, things were pretty dark for the slaves. That doesn't take away the fact that Americans fought Civil War to end slavery.

    • S Morgan
      S Morgan 3 days ago

      Zonun Ralte um....and slave owners were paid compensation for the loss of their property at the end of that war....slaves however faced another 150 years of discrimination and now any gains from the 1964 civil rights act are being rolled back by the current perhaps reparations would go a long way to insure DACS people a way to be economically independent before all civil rights are done away with🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Relax Music
    Relax Music 4 days ago

    reparations for slaves only $60 billion
    reparations for all black people that lived through US history $560 billion
    Yang2020 Freedom Dividend of $1000 per month

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 days ago

    The Democrats are the Party that had slaves. If they feel so strongly about this.... Why don't they pay for it?

  • Jettabusy jackson
    Jettabusy jackson 4 days ago +2

    Decendants of Non Immigrant Slaves are Natives of America and they still haven't proved all those slave ships they been talking about because they know most of us were already here

  • Byrd Fornino
    Byrd Fornino 4 days ago

    Yeah good luck with that numb nuts ...

  • George Reb
    George Reb 4 days ago

    Apparently neutrality means nothing in today's media...

    Btw are you an actual idiot?

  • cocoa
    cocoa 5 days ago

    fuck slavery pay my dad for jim crow and segregation

  • DirtyHairy Callahan
    DirtyHairy Callahan 5 days ago +1

    Freaking clown world.

  • YahNappyKing
    YahNappyKing 5 days ago +2

    Regardless of how anyone may feel this Nation will Pay for Slavery. Revelation chapter 18. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

    • YahNappyKing
      YahNappyKing 3 days ago

      @Rev. J. Roger Allen
      You say I don't know scriptures well I expect a white man will say that. James chapter 5. Your time is up Father Yah Judgement is coming upon this Nation. You Reap what you Sow. This Nation has planted a lot of evil seeds.

    • Rev. J. Roger Allen
      Rev. J. Roger Allen 3 days ago +1

      YahNappyKing you do not understand the scriptures!

  • Thug Love
    Thug Love 5 days ago

    I’m a descendant if many people who fought for the north, white people who were part of the Underground Railroad and have multiple family members who fought in world wars...
    Don’t worry black people... you don’t owe my family shit..
    Weird how chill white ppl can be huh. 😂

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 5 days ago

    I got a penny..dose a nigga need it..

    • Myron Martin
      Myron Martin 5 days ago +2

      I got 99 pennies to go with that take your 1 and my 99 stick em up that ass and make it rain on your father the next time he sodomizes you

  • toptalent 14
    toptalent 14 5 days ago

    But black people living today wasn't slaves?? This makes no sense

    • Thug Love
      Thug Love 5 days ago

      toptalent 14 smfh... and we really didn’t have a system of documenting who was a slave or not in that Time... as there were no fucking computers.

  • toptalent 14
    toptalent 14 5 days ago

    But black people living today wasn't slaves?? This makes no sense

  • sigmaphidelta8
    sigmaphidelta8 5 days ago


    KING RAMZEE 5 days ago

    What gos around comes around

  • SGTSayz
    SGTSayz 5 days ago +5

    And let’s not pretend like the Civil War was fought to “free slaves” 🙄

  • Gameg Marcu
    Gameg Marcu 5 days ago

    This is the dumbest idea to pay people who don't know and haven't even gone through slavery

  • Murkery Salmonza
    Murkery Salmonza 6 days ago +1

    Ok well stop n take back all money everyone else gotten?
    My dad grew up in the Alabama cotton fields
    And Trevor noah is another form of Obama

  • Murkery Salmonza
    Murkery Salmonza 6 days ago

    Who cares
    You aint question japan or isreal
    Or the 5$ indians