The Vector W8 Is the Craziest Supercar Ever Made

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
    The Vector W8 is the craziest supercar in history. Today I'm reviewing the Vector W8 to show you why it's so insane, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the crazy Vector W8.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  Month ago +4660

    Merry DougCember from the Vector W8!

    • Quinton Reed
      Quinton Reed 6 days ago

      Doug DeMuro The Gear lever was put there to resemble the throttle of a fighter jet, this car seems to be based on an F-14 tomcat, and the shifter looks strikingly similar and is in a strikingly similar location

    • Douglas Francher
      Douglas Francher 6 days ago

      Why not Doug DeCember

    • John Lord
      John Lord 8 days ago

      The Lamborghini's engine was not a V-8 though. It did not need to rev as fast to get the same horsepower.

    • v8 iroc z camaro
      v8 iroc z camaro 17 days ago

      What upset me is you not driving this beast, seeing the performance is what i was waiting for and it didnt happen😥

    • Biking with JP
      Biking with JP 17 days ago +1

      Thanks so much for taking the time to review this car in such detail... and not drive it. Seriously, I'm glad you took another video to drive the car and I'm going to watch that one next :) A testament to how truly unique this car is :)

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B Hour ago


  • 707stonah
    707stonah 3 hours ago

    3:58 says hes going to drive it..... 37:52 doesn't drive it.......

    AYUSH BHATNAGAR 4 hours ago

    Does this guy hate fighter planes or what? Every statement sounds like mockery. Doesn’t realise he is just a TVclipr, thinks he is the father of supercar industry 😐

  • Simple Gunpla Customs
    Simple Gunpla Customs 4 hours ago

    This car looks like an old game console and also a VHS rewinder.

  • Dave Oz
    Dave Oz 6 hours ago

    It's just another car with more power and four wheels...zzzzzzzz

  • Raymond Sumpter
    Raymond Sumpter 7 hours ago

    I'm very disappointed. I grew up loving this car. I had an 89 Oldsmobile Toronado with a touch screen monitor and CD player. A 5.7 bored to 6.0 sounds retarded. 540 HP? You could have gotten that out of a Taurus SHO from 89. The Jaguar XJ220 was a better version of this car. A $280,000 Corvette Caviler is all this car is. If I was to pay $280,000 for a Corvette back in the 80's, it'd be the Corvette Callaway Sledgehammer. That car would blow this car off the road with the A/C on. The windshield wipers look like a fly's front arms. This car is SO dumb. My life's a lie with this car...

    AB7R ESCO 8 hours ago

    Your like the pedophile version of dexter😂

  • mike taylor
    mike taylor 9 hours ago

    I ban,kno

  • Jay Berg
    Jay Berg 10 hours ago

    This guy can talk 😪😪😪

  • Dan enarc
    Dan enarc 12 hours ago

    I saw one at the US festival, somewhen around 1980. Love that I can see it again.

  • Rich Bryant
    Rich Bryant 13 hours ago

    Reminds me a lot of the Lamborghini Countach

  • Luke Angello
    Luke Angello 14 hours ago

    Car is literally an airplane lol!

  • the netrunner
    the netrunner 15 hours ago

    straight outta cyberpunk

  • Tom Ickes
    Tom Ickes 15 hours ago

    I think the fuse are not buttons ... you push and pull them and there is a glass fuse in there.... I think ....

  • berryhudhini 254
    berryhudhini 254 17 hours ago

    looks like something out of gta

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr 17 hours ago

    Ya, kind of not impressed. Styling doesn't seem unique to me at all. Basically looks like a 80's lambo and I would guess most that see on the street would think that is what it is. Or some kind of kit car. Looks like it was kind of poorly designed, rushed and cobbled together. Like "what kind of parts can we find and throw in this thing and make them work". That brake handle, wipers and front hatch are just horrible lol. The person that did those wipers should be punched in my opinion. I was a fighter jet mechanic in the Air Force around that time. None of that really reminded me of a fighter jet. Most of that stuff looked more like it was out of a nice General Aircraft plane. lIke a more expensive turbo prop or small jet. And yes, the circuit breaker panel is right out of an airplane. It was one of the few things I liked lol. Honestly you know what it reminds me of? A scaled up Fiero kit car. I think for that time frame I would have rather had a Pantera. It was kind of the same concept but done better in my opinion. And less money I would assume. I am more interested in its performance and handling. I will watch that video next. If it was insanely fast and handled fantastic I guess you could overlook a lot of the other stuff. I will admit it looks well put together though. The fit and finnish looked really good. Design wise kind of goofy, but whoever actually put them together did a really nice job.

  • Bradley Burdett
    Bradley Burdett 18 hours ago

    I like where the plate is very track star

  • Beast_ 24-7
    Beast_ 24-7 20 hours ago

    countach rip off

  • Abdelfettah ayadi
    Abdelfettah ayadi 21 hour ago

    Well wasted my time waiting on him to drive it.

  • Wegadesk Gorup-Paule
    Wegadesk Gorup-Paule 22 hours ago

    Very cool and well made video!

  • Daniel Gwozdz
    Daniel Gwozdz 22 hours ago

    3 ads in 13 minutes is a bit crazy.

  • Lee
    Lee 23 hours ago

    1:17 Well in fairness it does look like a depressed lower-end variety of carpet shark.

  • Ryknfjor
    Ryknfjor 23 hours ago

    I had the "metallic lavender" version hot wheels.
    It was my favorite along with a Porsche 917

  • 8alot4t
    8alot4t 23 hours ago

    Why could we not at least hear the car?

  • Ramcur Flickr
    Ramcur Flickr Day ago


  • John Padera
    John Padera Day ago

    Less talking more driving.....rev that engine

  • cygnus1965
    cygnus1965 Day ago

    No mention of the chain drive? My brother and I were almost investors in Vector motors back then were were very close to the 5000.00 minimum when we started a different business of our own with that money. The return on the vector stock was a bust. Our little adult film company was about the same but damn I was a star for a few days.

  • rzomg
    rzomg Day ago

    If airwolf and knight rider had kids it would be this car.

  • james musisca
    james musisca Day ago

    does it have an ejector seat

  • Ben Brines
    Ben Brines Day ago

    Hell yeah. I want a HUD my car.

  • james musisca
    james musisca Day ago

    rather have the music then the air bag

  • james musisca
    james musisca Day ago

    very strange

  • james musisca
    james musisca Day ago

    that's what it means to climb in

  • james musisca
    james musisca Day ago

    you call that a car it's so crazy like spaceship

  • KRAZ inabox
    KRAZ inabox Day ago

    What's my Vector Victor

  • mangaas
    mangaas Day ago

    Reminds me of a car from Top Gear for SNES.

  • D Ferrari
    D Ferrari Day ago

    Rising Sun anyone?

  • kith
    kith Day ago

    The broken off button on the steering column is hazard lights. That entire column is GM, same as blazer/jimmy/s-10.

  • siglost
    siglost Day ago

    I listened right up to :49-:57 because its a complete visual ripoff of the Lamborghini Countach.

  • In the kitchen with a redneck

    Who else just kept fast-forwarding until you we're disappointed to find that he doesn't even fire it up!

  • jesuswouldkillhimself

    The car is different but not that crazy. Think it bbn looks better than a TON of the new supercars.nmost new ferraris are hideous. Lamborghini kinda boring the looking. The chiron is decent but I hate the veyron. Pagani's are pretty. Koenigsegg are a little boring looking like the McLarens. Meh but that's just me.

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe Day ago

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    GBODY RUSH Day ago

  • Dead Hand
    Dead Hand Day ago

    U know wat else has engine hrs? The crappy toyota forklift at work

  • Skunkman001
    Skunkman001 Day ago

    Ok...First Off! I use to work for Vector...The transmission is a modified Turbo 425. It came from the front wheel drive Caddy's. Most of the parts for the doors, latch handles, steering column and parking brake are from GM cars, The engine is a Chevy engine built by Shaver's Motors (Torrance,CA). It did come with a driver's side airbag (that was mandatory), passenger airbags didn't exist at that time. The gas cap is for fuel cells and this car has a fuel cell in it...just make sure that the foam inside isn't breaking down. The steering wheel is a modified Fitipazzi (spelling? and at the time a $200 for the wheel) to hold the airbag. The seats are also Fitipazzi (I think?)...The power windows used a universal kit, the name maybe on the motor. As for the company itself...the Investors were trying (at the time) to oust the owner because of mismanagement of the company and owing money to the investors. And last the M12 was originally called the W12 and that was suppose to have a 1000hp twin turbo-DOHC V8 in it.

  • Crashburn 32
    Crashburn 32 Day ago

    You spelled "ugliest" wrong.

  • Gordin Warner
    Gordin Warner Day ago

    Nice of you to totally dish the owners car. I’m surprised his cousin Vince hasn’t whacked you..

  • AyyoPiña
    AyyoPiña Day ago

    Power window buttons look like the e30 bmw window buttons

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Day ago

    Looks like a shark

  • John Huxley
    John Huxley Day ago

    Sweet Jesus..this guy is dull.

  • Leon Van der deure

    Cyberpunk 2077 anyone? Kind of looks like the car in the full gameplay video

  • John Molineaux
    John Molineaux Day ago

    nice review

  • Day ago

    Still looks better than the Tesla truck.

  • Masowskyy
    Masowskyy Day ago

    lol granturismo 2

  • Eman Abela
    Eman Abela 2 days ago +1

    Who loved this on Gran Turismo??

  • Lorenzo Benci
    Lorenzo Benci 2 days ago

    lights are just like in the Jaguar XJ220

  • John p Joe
    John p Joe 2 days ago

    This cars body design is sharp, I personally prefer this car over a lambo

  • Al Truist
    Al Truist 2 days ago

    Disney's Flight of the Crapigator

  • Al Truist
    Al Truist 2 days ago

    If "Take On Me" by A-ha was a car