10 ways Android is just better

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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  • Tod Gallagher
    Tod Gallagher 33 minutes ago

    I have used both. The need for using iTunes always annoyed me. I use split screen a lot as well. I can keep on texting someone while watching videos.

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha 2 hours ago

    There are reasons to buy an iPhone;
    1. Being Stupid
    2. Being an Idiot
    3. Having money to waste
    4. Likes to be scammed and rip-offed
    5. Brainwashed to follow the apple religion.
    6. Being a kid who can't understand the value of money.
    7. Should I even continue more?
    8. Yeah I'll leave it at that.
    9. Seriously, why are you still reading.
    10. I'm done ok.

  • Jaysann22
    Jaysann22 2 hours ago +1

    I love how people say "I always just Jailbreak my iPhone. " ..... 😕
    🙄🤔 why not just get an Android and you can do that out the box and more?
    😒 I dont get it.... ??

  • Vinod Meel
    Vinod Meel 4 hours ago

    On iOS you are just a user but on android you are the admin..using iOS now but used android for many years and did all the root & flashing rom stuff.

  • ury is not that happy
    ury is not that happy 9 hours ago

    I want some of those dongle recipes right fricking now

  • R D O the alien
    R D O the alien 11 hours ago

    This intro man 😂🤣

  • Andrew
    Andrew 13 hours ago

    Linus. Google offers password save NATIVE thru chrome. Last pass is just more 3rd party junk. Just sign into chrome on your phone and computer and BAM. Last pass without 3rd party BS. Best part is that is automatically signs you in to even your apps when you get a new phone. So as long as your Google account is secured. Your life is secured.

  • Tactical Ninja
    Tactical Ninja 15 hours ago

    Apple took inspiration from word because any time I try to change where an app is, everything else gets messed up too

  • PlukkieTDI
    PlukkieTDI 15 hours ago

    I don't care which one is better. I like both. They are both awesome. I would never judge someone for liking Android or iPhone. iSheep and Fandroids are equally annoying. I love my iPhone Xs. Before this phone, I loved my Galaxy s7 edge (in my opinion better than the s8 and 9, but that may be biased).

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis 16 hours ago

    okay okay you sold me im switching to Android..... pffff just kidding,

  • Jim Yeetast
    Jim Yeetast 16 hours ago

    Android is lit dog

  • Avi Kavi
    Avi Kavi 17 hours ago

    F*ck Apple and their overpriced shitty products.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 10 hours ago

      Avi Kavi oh look another broke person hating on apple because they have no money to buy their products.

  • Castor castillo
    Castor castillo 17 hours ago

    Until now, Galaxy S10

  • Alvi Ahmed
    Alvi Ahmed 18 hours ago +2

    5:43 what does he mean before the files app you couldn't download things from the internet ?

    • Alvi Ahmed
      Alvi Ahmed 7 hours ago

      +Everest so if i wanted to download a PDF from the internet i couldn't have done that with ios 9/10 ?

    • Everest
      Everest 10 hours ago

      Exactly that.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 19 hours ago

    If you love iOS, too bad for you: you always need to spend big bucks when you buy a phone. With Android, when the bills are piling up you have a choice to buy cheaper phones.

  • TimmyNeutron 57
    TimmyNeutron 57 19 hours ago

    That intro tho.....

  • Nicky Arsnow
    Nicky Arsnow 20 hours ago +1

    I do agree with a lot of things Linus my boy said, but some of his reasons involved hardware instead of just android in particular. And as you can see from my profile picture, I am biased, so please don’t egg my house and write harsh comments if your a diehard android fan. If so, I will find you and kick your butt.

  • Lord Slayer
    Lord Slayer Day ago

    Fml that intro ruled xD

  • jpusar
    jpusar Day ago

    12:03 Stop culturally appropriating us New Yorkers, ya blimey Canadian

  • spamtelevision
    spamtelevision Day ago +2

    On the iPhone you can swipe left or right from the side of the screen ! I don't know why he's not mentioned it ⚠️

    LOOΠΔ Day ago

    The Microsoft Launcher is amazing and basically perfect imo pls don't bully it

  • Anthony Silva
    Anthony Silva Day ago

    you have to put widgets in

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith Day ago

    People actually hold their phones in their right hand! Why? When your left hand should be more than capable.

    • Cha Cha
      Cha Cha 2 hours ago

      Brett Smith We only use the left hand when the right hand is occupied...**wink** **wink**

  • Adem Aljović
    Adem Aljović Day ago

    You legend, you set the aspect ratio to 21:9 or, you know, the aspect ratio of the full screen on, let's say the s9+



  • Brian Kang
    Brian Kang Day ago

    Linus just nicely summed up what makes apple different from the rest of the competition and always has made them different since the beginning of their history. Technologies are popping up in every corner of the industry constantly, but to reach the average consumer you need to package it nicely into a simple and intuitive product that works well and reduces stress and complexity for the average consumer. People want to just buy a product that they can effortlessly learn to use, and make work with their other devices and seamlessly integrate into their lives without having to educate themselves on how it works. Android users love to claim superiority becuase of the customizability of the hardware and software, which makes tech geeks excited. But surprise surprise, 95% or more of people are not tech geeks, and they want to be able to use their tech as simply as a microwave or a toaster-as Steve Jobs put it, the product should feel like "an appliance". This is an incredibly complicated challenge that android manufacturers lack the sense or balls to do. Fandroids love calling apple users uneducated "sheeple" who don't understand technology, but who the fuck cares about how enlightened you think you tech geeks are? Without apple, tech would still be a niche plaything of the tech-educated but Steve Jobs made tech approachable for the average human, which is what has always and always will make Apple much better loved by the majority of people.

  • WeShouldHaveNukedJapanAThirdTime

    This would be great if rooting some of the latest android wasn't a b*tch

  • yoltmb
    yoltmb Day ago

    The headphone jack alone is more than enough to make me say F Apple.

  • Vulchrys
    Vulchrys Day ago

    So much bullshit in both videos

  • anonymous Omg
    anonymous Omg Day ago

    Send out your fortnote apk pls

  • Jan93Banan
    Jan93Banan Day ago

    Not a butthurt apple user or anything but I gotta give the jailbreaking comunity some cred. I remember back in 2010 I had a iPhone 3gs where I overclocked the cpu and could install custom apps from the "jailbreak appstore" or even from piratebay.
    And also change the color the notification light flashes? Thats stock on oneplus for years back.
    All and all I prefer android in todays with the more or less perfect oneplus 6.

  • Griftercash
    Griftercash 2 days ago

    I like this kind of segments.

  • Dino Jayven
    Dino Jayven 2 days ago

    iPad Pro has USB C charging cable

  • Tristan
    Tristan 2 days ago

    I love your Carl Sagan look

  • SANE Kakuja
    SANE Kakuja 2 days ago

    Watching on iOS and rooting for android

  • CumminsPowered
    CumminsPowered 2 days ago

    That didn't clarify much...

  • Darius Burinskis
    Darius Burinskis 2 days ago +4

    me (a guy who never touched an apple)
    me: hears that apple doesn't allow basic customization
    also me: *gasps* _collapses_

  • Nate Bott
    Nate Bott 2 days ago

    4:21 Linus visibly spits

  • Haruka Nanase
    Haruka Nanase 2 days ago

    While Isheeps waiting for ivibrator

  • Dani D
    Dani D 3 days ago +5

    10 Reasons Apple phones are better :

    1. be unique, like everyone else
    9. Interface hasn't changed in 10 years, easy to use.
    10. Facetime

    That is all.

    • Sammy Smith
      Sammy Smith 2 days ago

      1. Oprah approval. AAPPLLLEEE!!

    • Posty Maloney
      Posty Maloney 2 days ago

      Dani D iMessage and Apple Music. Wi fi calling if you have no service. A smoother, more secure, better made software. Should I go on?

  • Roland Jensen
    Roland Jensen 3 days ago

    My android work phone is in daily peril of getting thrown into a wall. I hate it!

  • Jottrato
    Jottrato 3 days ago

    Omg all white people are so whiny 💀💀

    • Jottrato
      Jottrato 3 days ago


  • Wednesday
    Wednesday 3 days ago

    1. Customization was fun at first but it died pretty quickly. Also, Customization on Android is not giving you that much freedom. And these customization are mainly messing up the stock UI even more makes it looks and works worse than ever. FYI I've been messing around with Android (root, custom roms, modifying UI elements and all that shit) since my first eclair phone back in 2011, so get this fact right before you accidentally embarrass yourself by saying I know nothing about tech. No matter how hard I try to make the UI looks and works exactly as I want, it just failed me all the time. The only way I'm able to customize it the way I want it is editing the internal code itself which is too risky and difficult.

    2. Side loading apps and OEM markets are cool, useful for some occasion. But I don't think it's important at all. Besides, when all the OEMs started to put their own market on the phones, which are showing apps that is already exist in the PlayStore, you know how sucks it is right? Oh, you actually have a similar way to side loading app to your iPhones through iTunes. But Apple killed the feature last year.

    3. iTunes and how iOS works is pretty much one of the strongest reason what made me stays on iPhone. Just drop anything into the iTunes and let the software sort the files for you. Drag and drop might sounds more simple to you but wait until you see those files you dropped to your Android phones messing all over the place. Even if you managed to sort them out folders by folders (by spending maybe half or an hour), you mostly can't do anything abut the file naming system, tags and everything. Some of my CD-ripped or illegal downloaded mp3s are missing some tags on Android even if I already set all the variables. On iPhones? I just need to put them all on iTunes, rename some shit (probably took few minutes), sync, and it's all sorted automatically on your phone the way you sort your media on the iTunes. And this not only works with musics but also for videos and movies, all sorted on their own categories, with the actual name/titles and all the extra details as tidy as you want

    4. Split screen is great, but I almost never using it after trying it few times when it was still new. Unless you have a longer screen like the new Xperia, you might use this split screen multitasking pretty often

    5. Apple definitely put the USB-C to newer iPhones

    6. Why would I need a back button showing all the time in the far bottom side of the display (which very hard to reach, and also eat some screen area) when I can just swipe anywhere from the left side of the screen to go back? Nothing is more ergonomic than this. Or do you actually mean you don't know this feature exists for years????? damn tech enthusiasts

    My current complain with iPhone is that Apple need to let the Control Center toggles turns the bluetooth and wifi off again, and they also need to make it easier to send/receive pictures with PC because I threw my Macs away for a Windows computer due how sucks their computers are. And my biggest complaints about Android that the whole system itself suits better for an actual desktop computer than a handheld devices. Some other tiny cherry picking things are the UI became much more inconsistent compared to 8.0 Oreo, and they added too much unnecessary apps and features that is useless unable to delete completely, thank God I can uninstall most stocks apps I don't use on my iPhones

  • Shahrul Omakai
    Shahrul Omakai 3 days ago +1

    i did not like apple but its not fair for apple fight with android device. apple only 1 company and android has several type of interface and company that using android.

  • Schwarzie x
    Schwarzie x 3 days ago

    And to this day Google hasnt managed to give a decent Backup Option directly to my PC. And in fact there is not even a third party tool that can do this. Only crap directly into clouds (aka giving your data away) or something like Titantium Backup that only backs up onto your phone (and therefore forces you to have double the space on your phone then you actually need and then clsumsily copy it over to a PC.
    Even an iPhone can do this. Whats so hard with the implementation fo such a BASIC function?

  • Xegoti - Roblox
    Xegoti - Roblox 3 days ago

    yes but Apple does not record everything you say

  • Lyle Benzo
    Lyle Benzo 3 days ago

    I need help bad. I deleted a text message that I shouldn't of and really need it recovered. I didn't have it backed up and I know AT&T says they don't retain data but I refuse to believe that. I've used some free software and recovered some deleted texts but not the one I need. I'm willing to pay can somebody tell me the best sms recovery software available? I'd even send it in to a lab if cost wasn't too bad. I know the police can do it but I can't just have them do me a favor, nothing illegal involved which is why I'd even send it to a forensic lab but I can't spend more than about $500

  • technological reinovations

    arrg speaking of VCR please stop with the exercise clown from the VCR voice and stop shoving your deal-a-meal sponcer thing at viewers hahaha

  • technological reinovations

    where u get the VCR instructional sounding music at the beginning

  • Tron Destiny
    Tron Destiny 3 days ago +2

    Hey what's wrong with the Microsoft launcher?

    • misterx zxc
      misterx zxc 2 days ago

      It sucks unfortunately I tried it and it's really not practical don't even try it

  • Devan Vieira
    Devan Vieira 3 days ago

    I bet apple fan boys googled "apk files" after this video

  • Mustafa Fasil
    Mustafa Fasil 4 days ago

    I have a Huawei and i have a bunch of useless apps + a dying battery. Hope to change it soon to an iPhone

    • Captain Magma
      Captain Magma Day ago

      Try cheaper phones. They tend to have less bloatware

  • Kayla
    Kayla 4 days ago

    For me Samsung will allways be the best of mine in my opinyon

  • The Fridge
    The Fridge 4 days ago

    Id buy an android anyday just because the position of the "back" button is the worst on ios

  • Fitty Six
    Fitty Six 4 days ago

    5.1k apple fanboys Are triggered

  • Kisaragi
    Kisaragi 4 days ago

    Whatever the phone in your hand right now, be grateful bc not everyone can afford to buy smartphone

  • sidra habib
    sidra habib 4 days ago


  • help me change my profile pic ,

    Those 5.1 dislikes are Apple users

  • EpicDGaming 123
    EpicDGaming 123 4 days ago +1

    I have android devices in my house

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown 5 days ago

    So hold up. Does last pass need a password?

  • darko pašalić
    darko pašalić 5 days ago

    apple is most customer unfrendly firm

  • Vandy 004
    Vandy 004 5 days ago

    4:21 That quick spit though...

  • Curt Williams
    Curt Williams 5 days ago


  • kronos
    kronos 6 days ago

    COMPANY: Apple
    Apple hardware: iphone, ipad, MacBooks, and many other products
    Apple Software: iOS, MacOS...
    Apple web apps: ...

    COMPANY: Google
    Main hardware: Pixel, Chromebook, Chromecast, and not many others
    Google software: I mean, it's a long list, but the one of this subject: ANDROID that's very versatile
    Google web apps: Google, TVclip, Gmail... let's sum it up by the Google Alphabet Initiative

    My point is that at the end of the day, I am an apple hardware fan, and prefer it's infrastructure, however, I enjoy using all of google's applications because of it's versatility. Heck, I use google chrome on all my apple hardware even thought it's super heavy on it.
    I don't believe one is superior to another, it's just a phone, very expensive ones. As Middleware engineer at home, I have a 3 windows laptops, a Macbook for everyday use and Linux server. weirdly enough because it's cheaper to have them and build than a phone and I enjoy using all of em for all my home ecosystem.

    now let's discuss things that really matters: Cereal before or after pouring the milk?

  • Darken
    Darken 6 days ago +2

    All the reasons to buy an iphone are invalid

    • Cha Cha
      Cha Cha 2 hours ago

      Darken There are reasons to buy an iPhone;
      1. Being Stupid
      2. Being an Idiot
      3. Having money to waste
      4. Likes to be scammed
      5. Brainwashed to follow the apple religion.
      6. Being a kid who can't understand the value of money.
      7. Should I even continue more?
      8. Yeah I'll leave it at that.
      9. Seriously, why are you still reading.
      10. I'm done ok.

  • Trainz Geek
    Trainz Geek 6 days ago

    My a7 2018 costs £250 has not oled but Amoled display same amount of ram as base iPhone xs 4gb and a better camera

    Also iPhone xr users have to watch videos in 720p

  • Lukáš Provazník
    Lukáš Provazník 6 days ago

    What really pisses me off is that many of the apps that are free on android you have to buy on IOS Appstore. Play store is more user friendly...appstore just wants me to pay for every sh** I download. Also without USA market would be Apple totally screwed. In the US is not a lot of choices what phone to choose, like we have in Europe, so everybody sheepishly buys an Iphone. I kinda get it ...it is like common thing there to get an Iphone. Nobody thinks about the choice.

  • Luke Gecan
    Luke Gecan 6 days ago +1

    Android is so much better

  • Luke Gecan
    Luke Gecan 6 days ago +1

    Good job

  • GamingBox
    GamingBox 6 days ago

    in apple they also use android twitter via android☺️

  • random kid
    random kid 6 days ago

    I genuinely don't care if I have a useless folder on my phone.

  • youluvana
    youluvana 7 days ago

    I suspect random battery drain is caused by the location services. Ever since I started keeping it off when I don't need it, I haven't had unexpected drain.

  • jordan Balaam
    jordan Balaam 7 days ago

    my phone is an alcatel u5 and it has face id defently cheaper then the iphoneX

  • Bradly 105
    Bradly 105 7 days ago


  • Good Sloth
    Good Sloth 7 days ago +1

    Loved the BttF reference

  • Keith Kekezwa
    Keith Kekezwa 7 days ago

    I came back for the intro.😂

  • vlad1
    vlad1 7 days ago +17

    We make simple things... Harder...
    - Apple

    • Anthony Silva
      Anthony Silva Day ago +1

      Apple is known for being simple Android complicated

  • meme scams
    meme scams 7 days ago +1

    Do they really not have enough ideas to make fun of Iphone so they just make fun of "all the useless apps" Isn't more apps better?

    • Trainz Geek
      Trainz Geek 6 days ago

      He means how you can't get rid of the apps on the home screen and have them on an apps page

  • meme scams
    meme scams 7 days ago +1

    Is this guy so out of touch with reality that he thinks Android is better that Iphone.

  • kxvinruiz
    kxvinruiz 7 days ago +1

    Apple is not better than Android, it is better than at least 80% of all android phones, I don’t know about the others, but of course, as an IPhone user I can tell you, I’ve never experienced a single bug, and I’ve used android before and it’s completely different. iPhone is expensive as fuck, but to me, it’s worth it, plus people buy it because of the brand not because of the stats that nobody cares about, so what, it’s a clean phone, it’s worth it, never seen lag, never seen apps open in 20 seconds(cough cough, Snapchat had to make an android version of their app because it was slow on those devices)

  • W0Y4K
    W0Y4K 8 days ago +8

    Yeah, and Apple spies for the USA. What else is new?

  • Sting Cobra
    Sting Cobra 8 days ago +3

    *5.1K iPhone users spotted.* 😂

  • fatih nararya
    fatih nararya 8 days ago

    I would never believe an anarchist that uses apple product since they are hypocrites.

  • Dennis V
    Dennis V 8 days ago

    Don’t care honestly It just depends on which you prefer

  • Ryan Singrossi
    Ryan Singrossi 8 days ago +1

    We live in an Android world.

  • VirtualFunction
    VirtualFunction 8 days ago

    100 second advert.... fuck me...

  • Artzie Music
    Artzie Music 8 days ago +9

    freedom on how you use your device is everything

  • Bradley D Smeltzer
    Bradley D Smeltzer 9 days ago +1

    Every apple user would tell me "It's my first phone and I've gotten use to it". Same with me, and yet, without comparing it to other phones, I still took a hammer to it.

  • Dennis Vashkulat
    Dennis Vashkulat 9 days ago

    I've been using Android for my whole life, except for the time the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came out, the plus caught my attention and decided to give it a try. Three weeks later, I returned it and got a Pixel XL instead, and I still have it but upgraded to a Pixel 3 since. I couldn't use half the apps I use on Android, file managing DIDN'T EVEN EXIST on iOS 10, the iTunes stuff blew my mind on how stupid and useless it was, and just the inflexibility of it. My friends gave me a TON of crap when I returned it and got a Pixel XL, but I can't switch to iOS for all of those reasons I mentioned. If Apple adds a bunch of functionality to iOS soon I might consider getting another iPhone, but for now, my Pixel 3 is a gem and I don't see myself ever getting rid of the thing!

  • Ian Gillmore
    Ian Gillmore 9 days ago +4

    My 2012 Galaxy S3 has am OLED screen😂😂

  • MX5 Yee
    MX5 Yee 9 days ago +1

    Only electric device I use is my Samsung smart fridge

  • The USSR
    The USSR 9 days ago +1

    In iOS it's not called the launcher, its called the springboard

  • exo haxor
    exo haxor 9 days ago +3

    why apple is more secure?
    you cant even access your files or use the phone properly

    • lucky monitor
      lucky monitor 5 days ago

      They just don't have a antivirus so they lock you from doing anything

  • Nomarik Gaming /other

    11:10 that voice crack though

  • IMadeYouReadThis
    IMadeYouReadThis 10 days ago +1

    1. Specs
    2. Specs
    3. Specs
    5. Specs
    6. Specs
    7. Specs
    8. Specs
    9. Specs
    10. Specs

  • Sodoo Gadal
    Sodoo Gadal 10 days ago

    Grown man hits puberty twice while talking about android phones 11:10

  • Juan Melendez
    Juan Melendez 10 days ago

    4:21 he spit

  • SOHEIL raei
    SOHEIL raei 10 days ago


  • Tux
    Tux 10 days ago +1

    Thank you Linus, thank you for putting your vids in full screen! The Moto G6 gang thanks you.