10 ways Android is just better

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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  • Leo Svanbom
    Leo Svanbom 2 hours ago

    Am White you

  • Deadpool Profesor
    Deadpool Profesor 6 hours ago

    App aplications on Android
    You forgot Aptoide
    Its all free

  • bignatss
    bignatss 7 hours ago

    Samsung users: android better
    Apple users: BROKE NIGGA ALERRT!!

  • SquidCake
    SquidCake 16 hours ago +1

    Yeah all of this is true, but everyone knows that the only reason you get a 2000$ iPhone is so that you can flex on all of your friends

    • Jack Adam
      Jack Adam 10 hours ago

      SquidCake OR play some Apple exclusive games. P.S I like android and Apple

  • Commodore TV
    Commodore TV 18 hours ago

    Okay! Bye, everybody! I'm going to Windows 7 now! I'll see 'ya there!

  • Pascal MW
    Pascal MW Day ago

    3:16 is it really possible? I just see apps to increase the lower frequency (when you are using simple app or watching films or videos) and you just *CAN'T* increase the max frequency just decrease it.
    Or maybe i have a too old device i don't know if i'm wrong tell me please.

  • Eric Cholico
    Eric Cholico Day ago

    My first android phone cost $30.

  • Eric Cholico
    Eric Cholico Day ago +1

    On Android, you can use Gboard for an unlimited number of languages. On iOS, you can only choose 3.

  • rokoblox
    rokoblox Day ago

    me: o, a vid with an android phone and a man with a weird smile, let's watch

  • Billy BigRigger
    Billy BigRigger Day ago

    Anyone who knows anything about technology and electronics knows that Android is better.
    Keep wasting your money on the same phone ever year, Apple fgs.

  • JDizzle The Weirdo

    compare the like to dislike ratio to the apple one. Sniff sniff, I smell a bias here

  • Coby Wills
    Coby Wills Day ago +1

    A Little thing is that apple saves your passwords automatically so uh yeah ANDROID yeah LAST PASS.....

  • Varun
    Varun 2 days ago +1

    www.tinyurl.com/yybnsk24: An easy list to select a right budget android smartphone in 2019.

  • Julian Quinton
    Julian Quinton 2 days ago

    Apple was first a good company but now they just want money

    • Julian Quinton
      Julian Quinton Day ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez But now they are very money thirsty and put expensive price tags on their products.

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 2 days ago

      all companies want money

  • Layth
    Layth 2 days ago

    Android is easily the better phone

  • Jakub Prokopec
    Jakub Prokopec 2 days ago

    "Android has privacy issues"
    Uhhh.. i can download like 999999999 programs that can fix that.

    • leibakki
      leibakki 2 days ago

      Can you give the top 10

  • Vimal's Channel
    Vimal's Channel 3 days ago

    Only 3% of India users use iPhone... it's probably only the Celebrities

  • Matt Fancher
    Matt Fancher 3 days ago

    1. It's not an iPhone
    2. It's not an iPhone
    3. It's not an iPhone
    4. It's not an iPhone
    5. It's not an iPhone
    6. It's not an iPhone
    7. It's not an iPhone
    8. It's not an iPhone
    9. It's not an iPhone
    10. It's not an iPhone

    LUCY THICC 3 days ago

    This videos is recorded on an android clearly.

  • Obie Y
    Obie Y 3 days ago

    free market is a stupid idea

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 3 days ago

    My g flex 2 has o'led

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn 3 days ago

    Regarding the back button... on my IPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10+ I simply go back by swiping on the screen left-to-right.

  • Ayush Universe
    Ayush Universe 4 days ago

    So you cant put your apps anywhere on an iphone neither you have launchers nor you can change the icons bytheway these are the things i do literally everyday 😆

  • Chessguy
    Chessguy 4 days ago +1

    Ive had an android and an iPhone and I can tell you, android is god awful trash

  • Carlos Wilson
    Carlos Wilson 4 days ago +1

    Do we really even need proof that android is ten times better than apple?

    • Carlos Wilson
      Carlos Wilson 3 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez It's not just better, it's cheaper

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 3 days ago

      no because android isn't better.

  • justka rolisyt
    justka rolisyt 4 days ago +3

    That is not 100% true
    Rich people choose ios.
    Smart people choose android

    • justka rolisyt
      justka rolisyt 3 days ago

      I may be a samsung fanboy but when i search for a new phone and i type at least 1440p and at least 8gb of ram, only the samsung phones are showing.
      If iphones had better screens and more ram, you know damn well i would be buying an iphone.

    • justka rolisyt
      justka rolisyt 3 days ago

      1.app store have the same apps as google play store.
      2.My phone costs 250$ and its gonna get android Q update.
      3.i've seen toxic people both in android and in ios fanbase.
      4.There are real bad things about android companies but, (im not going to call you fanboys) people of ios community don't see these problems.

    • justka rolisyt
      justka rolisyt 3 days ago

      I dont know where to start. First, for 1300$ you can get iphone 10s max no dongle and no fast charging adapter and cable included(im talking about fast charging not 5w slow one).Or you can get samsung galaxy s10+ with
      Ceramic back, screen protector, 15w fast charging brick and cable,headphone jack hdr10+ and quad hd display, in display fingerprint censor, 12gb of ram compared to iphone xs max which has 4.and i have a personal question for you:do you ever used an android phone and if so, what phone it was.

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 3 days ago

      why do rich people choose ios when androids cost the same? plus I doubt smart people choose a phone that has lag problems, malware ridden apps , no software updates and why be part of the toxic and cancerous android fanbase.

  • Tanur Vijay
    Tanur Vijay 4 days ago +1

    Why you people dont know that the base model of iphones which is $999 in USA, is priced at $1500 in India, so apple fanboys mind this touch before splicing your words over India!

  • Paulo Pechula
    Paulo Pechula 4 days ago

    Best intro EVER!!! lol

  • Jesse Bogdonoff
    Jesse Bogdonoff 4 days ago

    I actually use the Microsoft Launcher lol

  • Ambur Williams
    Ambur Williams 4 days ago

    4:21 spit mode activated.

  • Daniel DeMayo
    Daniel DeMayo 5 days ago

    Funny the iPhone already does what last pass does ;)

    • Daniel DeMayo
      Daniel DeMayo 4 days ago

      Yes but it’s easy and synced across all my devices. Not special I just found it ironic bc it’s the first thing iOS will start nagging you about.

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      So does every single web browser. IOS isn't special.

  • Орлин Цолов


  • Jutsch80HD
    Jutsch80HD 5 days ago

    I actually prefer lightning over USB-C on the phone, simply because it's easier to clean from dust.

    • b0ks b0ks
      b0ks b0ks 3 days ago +1

      Sure pal whatever makes you feel better.

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks 6 days ago

    The cons are when you are on a job site and turn your phone on only to find it’s got a virus.. ah good ol android

  • AJ Earlywine
    AJ Earlywine 6 days ago

    Lol android has launchers for games when you could just get the app

  • Sean Schaller
    Sean Schaller 7 days ago

    8:57 you're saying lightning can handle more power than micro USB, but iPhones don't support fast charging out of the box, because you have to buy another cable and wall adapter. With my micro USB phone I can fast charge immediately.
    I don't understand what you're trying to say

  • Fica Pilipovic
    Fica Pilipovic 7 days ago

    4:19 the same fucking moment someone come into my room

    PAGANI KING GAMING 7 days ago

    6:20 nice noble chair

  • Damien Leggatt
    Damien Leggatt 7 days ago

    35 secs in and I’m laughing because since coming from an apple and buying a Samsung S9+ I’d say the s9 has more bloatware apps than apple. And the fact you cant delete fb annoys the fuck out of me.
    I’m actually now wanting to go back to over priced apple!

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      Yeah but thats just scummy Samsung. Not Android.

    • Fletcher Ricafrente
      Fletcher Ricafrente 7 days ago

      Linus isn't only talking about Samsung though. There are tons of UIs that have less/no bloatware

    HENG XD 8 days ago +1

    Apple Suck

    • What What
      What What 6 days ago

      Thank you someone who knows.

  • Arad Fathalian
    Arad Fathalian 8 days ago +1

    Literally everything in the intro technically applies to Android as well...

    Just saying

    • L3GITPLAYER101
      L3GITPLAYER101 6 days ago

      Yea but it's so much easier to get rid of the bloatware on Android...

      Just saying

  • YooteR
    YooteR 8 days ago

    People saying Linus is broke probably don't know He has a net worth of 15 million

  • paper tuxedo
    paper tuxedo 8 days ago

    I can not live without the back button.

  • TheOlibeezoo
    TheOlibeezoo 8 days ago

    I’m going to keep my SIM free 256GB iPhone 7+ (I paid $1,100 for it in 2017) until it breaks or Apple: 1. Gets rid of the notch, 2. adds a fingerprint under glass option, 3. moves to micro led display (everyone praises OLED as if screen burn in and color shift do not exist but since my home screen is displayed so often I don’t understand how this will not be an issue for long term ownership), 4. makes an optical image stabilization 4x telephoto rear camera (at concerts 2x telephoto lens is insufficient and shaky), 5. makes a better battery, 6. Includes 802.11 ax WiFi. If it breaks before that happens and a fix is not cost effective then I will go with the high end tricked out Android Samsung model.

  • GamerTops ,GT
    GamerTops ,GT 8 days ago

    Android doesn’t have half the apps apple has

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      Are you high? Just check out the playstore.

    • What What
      What What 6 days ago +1

      GamerTops does not know what an Android is.

    • Kizonn
      Kizonn 7 days ago +1

      Well that's just not true, when was the last time you checked the Play Store? 2013?

  • Shivraj Roy
    Shivraj Roy 8 days ago

    20points your windows phone is garbage

  • It’s my crazy family life Crazy life

    I phone has better screens you pervert

    • Kizonn
      Kizonn 7 days ago +1

      #1. I think you literally ignored what he said for like a quarter of the video. More Android phones have OLED and have had OLED sooner than iOS phones. (OLED is just better)
      #2. I don't know if you're old enough to know what context "pervert" should be used in.

  • Giorgos Papageorgopoulos

    When my iPhone 6S dies or becomes too slow I’ll move to android. It’s the last good iPhone, the last iPhone with AUDIO JACK.

  • Carishma Akhauri
    Carishma Akhauri 9 days ago

    I am 7 and I can hold my Android Phone with just one finger

  • Cobra Gaming
    Cobra Gaming 9 days ago

    Number 11 smart people use it

  • Odeo
    Odeo 9 days ago

    Its kinda funny all phones have battery issues but this phone for some damn reason fixes them. Its great my iphone 6s and 5c and 4 had shitty batteries and switching made life much easier

  • Odeo
    Odeo 9 days ago

    The back button makes me happy with mine

  • pranith
    pranith 10 days ago +1

    Oh look at that smug face on the thumbnail

  • Elijah Thompson
    Elijah Thompson 10 days ago +2

    Basically Apple is a shit company that locks it's users out of options they should have, for a bigger price.

  • pyro パイロ
    pyro パイロ 10 days ago

    He has Minecraft. A man with great taste

  • Higuma
    Higuma 10 days ago +1

    Stop calling it Android you loser. You're bunching flagship phones with lesser models of other companies. iOS is a renamed android OS. Apple is one company, Samsung another, and so on and so forth.

    • Kizonn
      Kizonn 7 days ago

      We all know this, but OnePlus, Pixel, and Samsung all use Android and in many ways are more customizable, has better camera quality, more or less. It's not worth the effort saying Samsung when the other phones I mentioned use Android as well, and all Apple fanboys know when they see the thumbnail is "Android = Samsung = Bad?".

    • Higuma
      Higuma 10 days ago +1

      Not to mention that apple only makes flagship models. Far fewer than any Samsung, LG, or similar companies phone.

  • Dr. 47
    Dr. 47 10 days ago

    No root no fun ✋

  • Drama The Good Boi
    Drama The Good Boi 10 days ago

    via twitter from iphone

  • Smog
    Smog 11 days ago

    4:21 dude u literally spit on air

  • Bobby
    Bobby 11 days ago

    Epic games cant compete with steam because alot of companies are on steam already.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 11 days ago +2

    Metro Exodus rating was good then it got low when it transferred to epic games

  • Missatry
    Missatry 11 days ago

    I use lastpass and google smart lock(and opera password save) and it works!!

  • TechTalk
    TechTalk 11 days ago +2

    Why argue???

    *Get a fucking Nokia*

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 11 days ago


  • Jensen Marshel
    Jensen Marshel 11 days ago

    the tone of his voice in the beginning was so funny. LOL

  • Ventus 123
    Ventus 123 11 days ago

    Razer phone 2 gang

  • Mr Mo
    Mr Mo 11 days ago

    Ios is Saver?

  • HyFox
    HyFox 12 days ago

    4:21 spit comes out his mouth 😂😂

  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank 12 days ago

    I recently purchased an Android tablet. It is now connected to my wifi network and the tablet itself tells me it is all working. Yet I cannot get the browser to turn on. How do you get the browser to come on after you connect the tablet to the wifi network? I clicked a link in the tablet and get an error message saying it cannot connect to the website. What am I doing wrong? If anyone knows the answer please do respond!

    • Frank Frank
      Frank Frank 4 days ago

      @DirtCrazykid TY for your help. I have since solved the problem, I reset Android back to factory settings and it is now working.

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      Its the web browser or the website you are trying to access.

  • Papepo Mamemo
    Papepo Mamemo 12 days ago +2

    1. Android OS spies on your emails.
    2. Android OS spies on your messages.
    3. Android OS spies on your contacts.
    4. Android OS spies on your calendar.
    5. Android OS spies on your locations.
    6. Android OS spies on your apps usage.
    7. Android OS spies on your voice.
    8. Android OS spies on your website access.
    9. Android OS spies on your photos.
    10. Google sells all your data to third party companies and make a tone of money.
    Keep using Android Spy OS Bozo.

    • What What
      What What 6 days ago +1

      11.Android fucking kills apple with a fucking stick.

    • Papepo Mamemo
      Papepo Mamemo 7 days ago

      Kizonn read the notes. thanks.

    • Kizonn
      Kizonn 7 days ago +1

      what a truly baseless argument, all you had going for you was i haven't heard someone use "bozo" unironically since like 2013.
      and google is just kinda universally sketchy when it comes to data, *including* on apple.

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 11 days ago

      lol Spydroid

    • Papepo Mamemo
      Papepo Mamemo 11 days ago

      JadonGamer no they don't because their revenue comes from selling devices and software while Google gives Android OS for free(that's why their smartphones are cheaper) and their income comes from selling your data. This is well known.

  • badgernikes
    badgernikes 12 days ago

    And it's not easy to use as many reviewers made it out to be it's backward as fuck

  • badgernikes
    badgernikes 12 days ago

    Android is just better period. . Try setting up an iPhone only thing you get us verification failed try again pain in the fucking ass. Takes hours if not days sometimes

    • Fletcher Ricafrente
      Fletcher Ricafrente 7 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez So iOS doesn't update their software and their pre-installed useless apps?

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 11 days ago

      my iphone was so simple to set up. all I had to do was sign in with my apple id. android on the other hand wants you to sign in with google, sign in with samsung (if you use a galaxy), updates all the bloatware apps and do an annoying software update. pain in the ass

  • SpongeBob The THOT Slayer

    Just came here to hate in Android fans, anyone else?
    Don't Hate.

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 12 days ago

    Not gonna lie. I actually like and use the Microsoft Launcher on my S8+, it's pretty slick.

    • The Exiled Nomad.
      The Exiled Nomad. 8 days ago

      oh and because Windows 10 is so prevalent now... *_SYNCING!_*

  • Muzok
    Muzok 12 days ago

    microsoft launcher is hella good, better than novo

  • The Furry Gamer
    The Furry Gamer 12 days ago

    Y'all's gay side was showing WAY too much in this video roflmao

  • Lance TacoMaster
    Lance TacoMaster 12 days ago +12

    Android gang where you at

  • safakytb
    safakytb 13 days ago

    I'm an iphone user. My last android phone was HTC One m7, used it 2 years. And I jumped ios in 2015 with 6s. 6s>6s plus>8.. And now i'm using iphone X from 15 months. But I'm bored. I love iOS but new android phones looks very good, not for software maybe but hardware. Many options available And next week i'll switch op7 pro. 3-4 years ago android wasn't fluid and laggy sometimes but software is also good nowadays. So I think both are very good and has pros and cons. Maybe
    I will buy an iphone again in the future. i think being a fanboy for a phone is bullshit. Lastly sorry for bad English :D

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief 13 days ago

    I cant think of one thing a apple product is good fore. the only apple that was ever good was the apple 2 line

  • Griffin
    Griffin 13 days ago +2

    So basically, Android is all about Freedom.

  • J-HopeIsMyHope
    J-HopeIsMyHope 13 days ago

    Team Android ✌️

  • Stätiic Soül
    Stätiic Soül 13 days ago

    People just buy iPhone just bc

  • Stätiic Soül
    Stätiic Soül 13 days ago

    Just saying that Android is way better than iPhone
    iPhone sucks

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez *Here we see an 8-year-old apple fanboy in the wild.*

    • What What
      What What 6 days ago

      Bruh all of you are broke.
      *Written by Samsung Refrigerator*

    • Fletcher Ricafrente
      Fletcher Ricafrente 7 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez You're goddamn everywhere in the reply section Lmao. Enjoy your $1500 phone that doesn't have half the features Android has

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 11 days ago

      just saying that you're broke lol

  • Lamars Smallwood
    Lamars Smallwood 14 days ago


  • Boz 2011
    Boz 2011 14 days ago +1

    I definately like android, but why complain about LCD on iphone, whats wrong with it? i like lcds

  • Arief Mulyana
    Arief Mulyana 14 days ago

    They : IOS!
    Also they : Android!

    Me : Windows Phone :)

    • franck0011
      franck0011 12 days ago

      me too :D BUT we are a small group freaking old and obsolete lollll

  • Jandell Ko
    Jandell Ko 14 days ago

    i pose a question to all Isheep: If Apple is one of the most richest companies in the world, why cant they make their own phone parts? Just wondering:)

  • Sterg Pik
    Sterg Pik 14 days ago


  • Tornadic84
    Tornadic84 14 days ago +1

    Android is superior to iOS in the smallest ways. iOS is faster, more secure, smoother, and gets more updates. “Ooh, android is customizable and you can get more apps, it’s so much better” just deal with it

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 3 days ago

      @JadonGamer android has never been faster and never will be. android is slower than my grandma

    • JadonGamer
      JadonGamer 11 days ago +1

      lol you clearly have not seen the new android phones that are as fast if not faster then IOS

  • Divyansh Raiswal
    Divyansh Raiswal 14 days ago +8

    fun fact
    Iphone prices are double in India than in USA

    • Nyogeize
      Nyogeize 11 days ago

      @Gamer Not only in India, here in Brazil it's the same shit

    • Gamer
      Gamer 11 days ago +1

      @SpongeBob The THOT Slayer Import and all other things, thats why. Its crazy we need to pay 2000 dollars for a 1000 dollar phone aprox

    • SpongeBob The THOT Slayer
      SpongeBob The THOT Slayer 12 days ago

      Really, why?

  • Karen Boag
    Karen Boag 15 days ago

    I use nova lunchbox I mean launcher sorry I’m hungry

  • John Wick
    John Wick 15 days ago

    May I ask for your phones that you don't use anymore just android

    • What What
      What What 6 days ago +1

      John, I thought you were rich?

  • EverydayCringe EverydayCringe

    The only problem with Android is that it’s owned by the biggest spyware company in the world

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 3 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez You are the one who made the claim. Why the hell would I need any evidence. If I write an essay, I'm the one that needs to find the research to back it up, not my teacher.

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 3 days ago

      @DirtCrazykid why do you need evidence? just do some research yourself. no need to be so damn lazy

    • DirtCrazykid
      DirtCrazykid 4 days ago

      Sigh. Here we go. Apple isnt any better. And also, just like every other apple fanboy, no evidence to back it up.

  • Toby Tyler
    Toby Tyler 15 days ago +1

    so you have a video of "10 ways Android is better" and "10 ways IOS is better",Make up your mind!

  • samantha
    samantha 16 days ago

    I was watching 10 reasons why iPhone is just better and i was like wow now i want an iPhone but after watching this i wanna keep my phone

  • Malexmil10
    Malexmil10 16 days ago +1

    Anyone else think he sounds like Bob the Tomato

  • Joseph Guasco
    Joseph Guasco 16 days ago +12

    iPhones are slowly becoming more like Androids now

    • Ron Samba
      Ron Samba 7 days ago +1

      Slowly turning into a peasant following the other lords of the SmartPhone race.
      Less of a trend setter, more of a trend follower.

  • Kris
    Kris 16 days ago

    Does Android finally have a seamless music playing app that rivals itunes and (not that I recommend everyone to do) is pretty safe to navigate songs while driving? I need something beyond drag and drop that organizes playlists cleanly, lists alphabetically by Artist or Song within your Playlists and has clear, easy to reach options for shuffling and queuing. If this could be done on lock screen that's a big bonus. Have brokenish versions of both phones but honestly my music is 90% of the use for my phone so i'd like to be able just to get a cheaper Android and avoid Apple. Appreciate any recommended apps.

  • The Real EmuGuy
    The Real EmuGuy 16 days ago

    How to make Android look good: Make fun of Apple

    Just a joke. I'm an Android and Apple user too.

  • You Know Who
    You Know Who 17 days ago +4

    Android User - We have so many cool features. Excellent value for money.
    iPhone User - Just stop being poor!