Camping in a Winter Storm - Stealth Overnight Adventure

  • Published on Jan 25, 2018
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    This is a Winter Storm Stealth Overnight Adventure which features 3 Guardians of the Forest! This happens to be one of my most memorable of trips...find out why now!
    Enjoy everyone!
    Gear List :
    Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor Backpack
    Mountain Laurel Designs Ground Sheet
    Golite Shangri 3 Tent
    Thermarest XTherm Sleeping Pad
    German Military Shooting Pad
    Swiss Military M71 Stove
    Golite Adrenaline 0F Quilt
    Mountain House Meal
    Toaks Titanium Spoon
    Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug
    Toaks Titanium Cup with Handle - 750ml
    Kifaru Ultralight Pullout Bas for Organizing
    Sunjack Light Stick
    Woolly Merino Wool Long Sleeve
    Scarpa Kailash GTX Boots
    Mammut Jacket - Very old. Not sure of the model.
    Fjallraven Barents Pro
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Comments • 529

  • mawmawvee
    mawmawvee Day ago

    Heeeeeeeere's JOHNNY!!! ROTF!!! Thanks for taking us camping with you, in the snow.

  • mawmawvee
    mawmawvee Day ago

    Psssst--Why are we sneaking around???

  • TheCessnaDriver
    TheCessnaDriver 6 days ago

    Leave it up to pussy Google employees to “crack down” on gun-related vids.
    Scumbags :(

  • Phiz
    Phiz 8 days ago

    To me, you are a modern day Les Stroud survivorman. Great video!

  • cole younger
    cole younger 9 days ago

    A floor is a must for my tents

  • Gary Randolph
    Gary Randolph 9 days ago

    Great video I learned a lot!

  • kristopher Carson
    kristopher Carson 9 days ago

    Good thing he doesnt believe in sasquatch lol

  • kristopher Carson
    kristopher Carson 9 days ago

    That's a long way in the dark.

  • Henrik Stenlund
    Henrik Stenlund 10 days ago

    Great campig in the darkness, thanks for this one. I have never done that. However, I often camp while hiking and the temperature falls during the night to -10 to -15C and one has to be prepared. I still use my 1979 vintage Tena Lompolo tent which is absolutely the best one person 4 season tent. They manufacturer does not exist anymore and when this one fails, I will probably make a copy of it as the model is perfect. Setting it up takes usually less than two minutes and it is very good for cold and windy conditions or rain. Keep them coming!

  • Dirt Fisher
    Dirt Fisher 10 days ago

    Guy in the truck was probably looking to poach deer so much easier to see them when it snows

  • katie vlogz
    katie vlogz 14 days ago

    this is such a cute camping channel and is very peaceful to watch. you seem like such a sweet person and you have a very bright personality.

  • Adam Ingram
    Adam Ingram 14 days ago

    I love these videos bother, perfect examples of what I each to do.

  • CHANCE Cayenne
    CHANCE Cayenne 15 days ago


  • Jason Dunham
    Jason Dunham 21 day ago +1

    My new favorite saying: "Just what the inner wolf needed." Great video, Luke. I love the idea of stealth camping. Gonna have to try it this winter I do believe.

  • kenny
    kenny 22 days ago

    Libbys are that's how you guys met?...but contrary to the media depiction...we are all Americans....and we must stand for America......point blank period

  • Night Reaper 2000
    Night Reaper 2000 23 days ago

    What is your flashlight

  • furkids4ever
    furkids4ever 25 days ago

    Another awesome video. I live how you share the surroundings! I do wish you could put the names of things you mention in description box. Understand your not doing it for $$$ - but as newbie I don't always catch the names bcs it's all new to me.

  • Julie Grace
    Julie Grace 26 days ago

    Some people just do not like saying no and maybe she felt intimidated. It sounds as if you talked her down and talked her into doing something she was clearly uncomfortable with. Confident, arrogant people often practice this passive aggressive behaviour because it is all about their beliefs and they find it very hard to listen to the other side and compromise! It seems as if you did not fully listen to her nor comprehend the message she was trying to convey. She had hindsight later on when your overpowering presence was no longer there. Feelings of anger and confusion often appear after the situation and she was clearly uncomfortable still.

    DARIN COX 26 days ago

    I geuss I'm really just jelous that I'm not out doing hiking and camping,i don't drive cuz I have no licesense...I live in a bad town (Petersburg,va) so camping on the river would be dangerous (crack heads) last yr I got bite on the knee by a copperhead and almost died.I grew up in mi. surrounded by a state park and 3 inland lakes.i was within walking distance of lake mi and all those wonderful dunes,,,so I feel trapped here in Petersburg...really the only thing I have is ur videos......

  • Pat Masherelli
    Pat Masherelli 26 days ago +1

    Google, youtube, silicon Valley is against anything patriotic. Please make more of videos mentioned.

  • chandler gallagher
    chandler gallagher 28 days ago +1

    what were those lights in the background?

  • Steve
    Steve 29 days ago +7

    That story is a true testimony of how Jesus can turn a bad situation into good if we are open to take the import step to remain calm and show sincerity in our beliefs.
    Sharing the Gospel with her could make the whole thing another precious soul. 😊❤️

  • edu eperso
    edu eperso 29 days ago

    No fire but why the headlamp

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 29 days ago

    I am thinking that in stealth camping you wouldn't set up your tent way out in the open like that. Yes? BTW, love your adventures! Love the Owl! Question: What do you use for Winter boots?

  • Sully Sullivan
    Sully Sullivan Month ago

    Your 'big kid' enthusiasm is awesome. You make camping out in weather most folk would stay home in look so much fun. Great videos my friend. Peace and love from the UK.

  • Heath Weaver
    Heath Weaver Month ago

    What flashlight did you use to hike in that was handheld?

  • Chris Kavanagh
    Chris Kavanagh Month ago

    With all the anti gun rhetoric and propaganda out there today, I'd like to remind people just how many Lives Guns save ever year. The LA Times ran a story recently with an article that said roughly 67,000 lives are saved in the U.S. with guns every year. Compare that to lives lost. Compare that to the number of lives lost by Doctors, Drugs (legal), Car wrecks, etc. No one's calling for a ban on Cars or Dr's.

  • Steve Jameson
    Steve Jameson Month ago

    Doesn't seem like a good choice for a tent in that weather. Was that just for weight savings?

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee Month ago

    I don't get it if it's not illegal, why are YOU acting like you are in Russia running from the KGB?

    • PS 400
      PS 400 Month ago

      He's a drama queen

  • kkingquad
    kkingquad Month ago

    You’re a Lucky man

  • John West
    John West Month ago

    Hey Luke, when you put your hand warmers in your socks do you out them in the bottom or the top?

  • R1scorpio
    R1scorpio Month ago +1

    Moose & Guns! Love how them trying to shut down differing opinions motivates you. Respect.

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Month ago

    I like luke 👍

  • Fjellgutten
    Fjellgutten Month ago +6

    6:07 who is filming you from the dark when you are walking on the road? Im CREEPED out! You have some magical spirit with a camcorder following you in the dark!?

    • William Cap
      William Cap 22 days ago +1

      If you have ever seen survivor man he sets up cams to capture himself walking towards the cam and away from it then comes back for the cam.

  • flintliddon
    flintliddon Month ago

    I knew I wasn’t the only person who loved inclement weather.

  • Absolute Veteran
    Absolute Veteran Month ago

    Good on you for keeping up the Merica videos!

  • Veronica Bolanos
    Veronica Bolanos Month ago

    I just started binge-watching these videos. This guy is not boring at all :) Looks amazing to be out there with nature.

  • ronny rocket
    ronny rocket Month ago

    To Native Americans the owl is a bad Omen a symbol of death

  • Robyn Doby
    Robyn Doby Month ago

    Hey Luke beautiful owl deer and landscape hope you are well have a wonderful evening

  • Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis Month ago

    Luke your my faviret you tuber thx you for great video

    JCHEN Month ago

    Luke, I thought you out doing stealth camping in the woods, where do you have access to a bathroom in the boonies?

  • L Ofaday
    L Ofaday Month ago +1

    Loving this channel but really not a fan of that intro "music" .. sounds like a building screaming whine. Just a little constructive criticism maybe? If no one else agrees, then ignore lil ol me :-)

  • Alicia Espinoza
    Alicia Espinoza Month ago

    Enjoy your videos but don't particularly enjoy your posts with your other half.

  • Chris The Canadian Camper

    P.S. A toboggan is a sled.. not a hat.

    • KJ
      KJ Month ago

      Chris The Canadian Camper depends on where you're at.

  • Chris The Canadian Camper

    "cracking down on conservative views somewhat"... Small understatement. Google, TVclip, and FB HATE Conservatives. They want us silenced.

  • Gina Whisnant
    Gina Whisnant 2 months ago

    I thought I knew what road you were on until you said 400 miles.

  • Massive Dynamic
    Massive Dynamic 2 months ago

    Why do you never cook regular food. To me that's one of the coolest parts of camping.

  • Jim Willson
    Jim Willson 2 months ago

    No fire but fine with bright ass light on head... genius. Get a red light.

    • War Monger
      War Monger Month ago

      Hey genius, the head light is for filming. I bet you would be upset to look at a black screen for half the video. So to convey how to stealth camp he wasn't able to actually stealth camp, just show how he would go about it if you took away the bright light and substitute a red light filter.

  • Manny A
    Manny A 2 months ago

    This is boring, sorry.

  • Thomas Sørensen
    Thomas Sørensen 2 months ago

    I really enjoy how positive you always are! Another great movie - thank you!

  • Chicago Mark
    Chicago Mark 2 months ago

    not having a bond fire : smart using a flight light with enough candle power that it can be used as a search light : not a good idea

  • Snorlax
    Snorlax 2 months ago

    No offence but your videos would be better if you weren’t constantly talking through them!...

  • David B
    David B 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the great Video.

  • Scott Rauber
    Scott Rauber 2 months ago

    Great vid/adventure!! What are you using for flashlights?

  • Jon Swift
    Jon Swift 2 months ago


  • RealtreeRebel Forever
    RealtreeRebel Forever 2 months ago

    New subscriber from having you recommended. Enjoying your videos a lot. Makes me want to improve my health and do some adventuring before it’s too late. This is the 1st video of yours I’ve seen where you didn’t say "Cheers, everybody. Cheers." Lol

  • Michael Gregorich
    Michael Gregorich 2 months ago

    Luke loved the video cool ass music but I gotta say ugly dog lol just kidding have a blessed day

  • Harry Clams
    Harry Clams 3 months ago +1

    I guess some people really get high from camping, and I thought I was the only one.

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero 3 months ago

    I love keeps they're awesome!!

  • david brinklow
    david brinklow 3 months ago +1

    at 12 minutes and 7 seconds in on your video when you got to the clearing i saw a shooting star fly across the screen while i was watching. I dont know if you spotted it at all