Giving Myself A Lash Perm

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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  • triciapooh09
    triciapooh09 Day ago

    Omg why am I just now finding you ?!?!?! Definitely subscribing after you said .... Duusty ass eyelid !! 😂😂

  • Carrie Coleman
    Carrie Coleman 2 days ago

    It makes me feel so freaking happy and endeared to Jenna when I think about the true fact that she sat down at her dinner table all by herself, did this perm all while talking herself through this whole process. Saying things such as, „get on up there, little babyyy.“ And honestly, I feel like this would go down this exact same way if there was absolutely no camera in front of her, except obviously the intro/outer bits, you can totally tell in this vid that she’s one of us who talk to ourselves. And honestly, I feel like something alarmingly similar would happen if this were me doing this tutorial. Except she completely left open the opportunity for all the jokes whenever „eye pads“ came up in the instructions. „I don’t have eye pads! Do you think i can use my iPhone?“ OR WHATEVER. IDK. SHUT UP. Ok, thanks for letting me talk to myself out loud by way of YT comments section. Oh jeez, maybe i probably need to think about where my life is headed, man. Still gonna post this comment tho beeeeeech hahahah

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie 4 days ago +1

    "Me time is stressful today" THAT'S A MOOD

  • Royal Entertainment
    Royal Entertainment 4 days ago

    She is my soulsista

  • Royal Entertainment
    Royal Entertainment 4 days ago


  • Danielle Andrade
    Danielle Andrade 6 days ago

    Jenna’s hilarious but this product is actually great just need to watch tutorials before hand and great results

  • Kaci Anjoli
    Kaci Anjoli 9 days ago

    I'm dying laughing

  • white salt
    white salt 9 days ago +1

    If Jenna Marbles can trust herself around her own eyeballs and that she's not going to go blind after this. I think I can do it too thank you for the confidence

  • N C
    N C 12 days ago

    This makes me panicky. I didn't know eyelash perms were a thing.

  • Mia The Creator
    Mia The Creator 13 days ago

    So right now there’s an ad playing and it’s 4 mins but I want Jenna to get dem coins (!!) so im jus gonna tell you bout my day😚😚
    So it’s Monday (fuck Monday’s) but my crush and I cuddled today, and he tried to kiss me when we were alone sooo.. that’s great! 🤪
    So after school I talked to my bestie a lot (love you Leni❣️) and I ordered my new IPad Pro and it’s being delivered in 6 daysss🥳🥳
    So the ads finishing soon, so thx for listening❤️ (even tho I’m prolly fucking annoying sorry not sorry😚❤️)

  • Heidi Jett
    Heidi Jett 14 days ago

    Oh my gosh you look like a muppet!!😂😂

    ANGELICA DELACRUZ 14 days ago

    do y’all have merch??? the link here doesn’t work

  • Kitty G
    Kitty G 14 days ago +1

    Magnet lashes

  • C G
    C G 21 day ago

    Is that a SRU shirt Jenna?!?

  • Maria del Pilar Udabe

    Why does Jenna at 06:02 looks like Cermet?

  • The Artoholic
    The Artoholic 22 days ago

    So like, Kermit?

  • hunnybee
    hunnybee 23 days ago

    Probably should've done them one at a time... atleast u can see with 1

  • Reagan Mitchell
    Reagan Mitchell 23 days ago

    Rose: I’ll never let go, I’ll never let go
    Jenna: Stay!
    Julien: I don’t wanna stay

  • Kallie Vessalius
    Kallie Vessalius 24 days ago

    The kid in my school did that to scare everyone

  • chlore
    chlore 27 days ago

    2:59 for dark jenna

  • Zoey D
    Zoey D 28 days ago

    I just realized how much she moves her eyebrows

  • beanbaguette
    beanbaguette Month ago +1

    2:58 you are welcome

  • Angel Kato
    Angel Kato Month ago +2

    her saying "im gon be beautiful" like an older woman gives me life

  • Shambling Abby
    Shambling Abby Month ago

    Wow the new Nier Automata game sure looks great 7:24

  • Charity R
    Charity R Month ago

    Jenna, there is a new robot planter that looks like an adorable spider. It chases the sunlight around and throws tantrums if you dont water it. It can climb stairs and play with you. Please please do a video with it!!!

  • Casually_Quirky
    Casually_Quirky Month ago +1

    im a fire baby (Aries) too and i love you jenna but Julien is right we da bestest

  • Amanda Jensen
    Amanda Jensen Month ago

    Lol she looks like the Host from Markiplier's channel

    • Amanda Jensen
      Amanda Jensen 12 days ago

      @Armored Wings no, the character named The Host wears a bloody bandage around his eyes, you should check out the video he's from

    • Armored Wings
      Armored Wings 12 days ago

      His name is Wilford Warfstache

  • Kobie Davis
    Kobie Davis Month ago

    The kid who flipped his lids up from my school is in jail now

  • Clara Bowman
    Clara Bowman Month ago

    you got got

  • aliaansari mohamed
    aliaansari mohamed Month ago

    I love her voice and she is so positive.. Love u girl..

  • Amanda
    Amanda Month ago

    This whole video is the epitome of struggling through esthetics school

  • Andrew Pena
    Andrew Pena Month ago

    That tongue roll at 12:44 freaked me out for a sec

  • Brooke Louise
    Brooke Louise Month ago

    I am the kid who flips their eyelids up 🙃👋🏼

  • Olivia !
    Olivia ! Month ago


  • Hannah Li
    Hannah Li Month ago

    i died when she wrapped the plastic wrap sooo tightly around her head

  • ashes
    ashes Month ago

    that looks terrifying i can't even put on fake eyelashes

  • Julie Kučerová
    Julie Kučerová Month ago

    just had a mental breakdown (again) and this is all i need to feel better. thanks so much jenna ❤

  • Bridget Gene
    Bridget Gene Month ago

    Am i the only one who thought she looked a little itty bit um... tipsy lmao 🥴

  • Chloë Albert
    Chloë Albert Month ago

    I was that kid

  • Begone, Thot
    Begone, Thot Month ago

    i think jenna lowkey has a sensory deprivation kink, y’all see when she was blindfolded and julien was fucking with her?

  • F E
    F E Month ago +1

    Jenna: *trying to get pretty curled and long lashes*
    Me: *laughing at her while I have lashes that naturally touch my eyebrow even when closed*

  • holejames
    holejames Month ago


  • Olivia Otty
    Olivia Otty Month ago

    Sorry not sorry but 9:30 is the most precious and wholesome thing I have seen in my life

  • idiotic.ferret
    idiotic.ferret Month ago

    You look more like Sophia the robot then ever👏👏👏

  • Savanna Cook
    Savanna Cook Month ago +2

    When you’re in Bird Box but you still want to show off your eyebrows

  • Jen W
    Jen W Month ago

    Omg😆😂🤣....So funny but super nervous about perm solution near your eyes!!!!🙈

  • Laynee Reed
    Laynee Reed Month ago

    there is a kid in my class that can fold his eyelids inside out

  • Storm Flash
    Storm Flash Month ago +1

    the kid who would flip his eyelids inside out was my best friend and he was a weird one, lol!

  • Eunice Lopez
    Eunice Lopez Month ago

    I was laughing all the video

  • rachel gray
    rachel gray Month ago

    I’m the kid who can flip my eyelids😔

  • star10351
    star10351 Month ago

    This made me l o l so hard

  • The Rajat Code
    The Rajat Code Month ago

    I wonder what camera does Jenna use? It's Crisp

  • alysa berry
    alysa berry Month ago +1

    Don’t act like you don’t know that the cardinal rule of perm maintenance is that you’re forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate

  • alysa berry
    alysa berry Month ago +2

    I admire your self control because I would have like 12 dogs by now if I were you

  • Fabiola Reveron
    Fabiola Reveron Month ago +1

    *My lashes are so long and my upper lashes would get stuck to my lower lashes it’s the worst!* 😅

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith 28 days ago

      My lashes are so long they go between my ass cheeks

  • prince ollie
    prince ollie Month ago

    I just had surgery and I've just been watching Jenna to help me feel better while I recover :") thanks aunt jenna

  • AtlasMoon
    AtlasMoon 2 months ago

    i fucking love jenna and juliens relationship so much

  • Best Experiments
    Best Experiments 2 months ago


  • knows
    knows 2 months ago +7

    So just a little advice - that lash lift kit does not only worked out for you! You have to glue the pads on your eyelid and glue your lashes on it. Use an other normal lashglue. That one who's in there is Bullshit. Only that is the reason why it didn't worked out.
    Love your Videos 💛 greetings from Germany

  • Madison Paige
    Madison Paige 2 months ago

    12:45 Jenna rolled her r lol

  • Teagan Ward
    Teagan Ward 2 months ago

    Jenna set off my Alexa because its trigger word is amazon

  • Madison Lively
    Madison Lively 2 months ago

    i think maybe you should try this again but curl your lashes with a curler then glue them to the pad thingsso you dont have to force your lashes up

  • The weird side of YouTube Hi

    I was that weird one that flipped their eyelids

  • Rebecca Barter
    Rebecca Barter 2 months ago +1

    Girll...Move back to Boston already. You'll only be five hours from Rochester 😂

  • Elizabeth Wright
    Elizabeth Wright 2 months ago

    This came out the day I hung out with my crush after school

  • Jess is a Mess
    Jess is a Mess 2 months ago

    This was so painful to watch.

  • Breanna Branson
    Breanna Branson 2 months ago

    I have this too and its Fucking hard to do and smells awful

  • Avery Swift
    Avery Swift 2 months ago +6

    Who doesn’t keep q-tips in their house?😂

  • Vanessa Frison
    Vanessa Frison 2 months ago

    8:54 Marbles goes in to defense mode.

  • Welcome to Amanda
    Welcome to Amanda 2 months ago +1

    At the end she looks like Kermit when he got bit by that spider

  • abzz
    abzz 2 months ago

    i was and still am that kid that flips there eyelids... it freaks all of my classmates out 😂😂

  • karlyn fox
    karlyn fox 2 months ago +9

    i'm jealous of her personality I WANT ITTTTT

  • Cl0udz
    Cl0udz 2 months ago

    I have naturally curly eyelashes so I always have the problem of my eyelashes curling inward and poking my eye

  • oscar star
    oscar star 2 months ago

    I feel that she's d human version of Dori from d movie finding nemo

  • Hannah Bobb
    Hannah Bobb 2 months ago

    When you had one of the like sticky things on your eyes you looked like micheal Myers without his mask

  • Amanda Walkup
    Amanda Walkup 2 months ago +6

    the way Julien hypes Jenna is like how my grandma wants to be hyped up

  • Screaminglemon631
    Screaminglemon631 2 months ago +2

    This looks uncomfortable and gives me anxiety

  • Straight Outta coffin
    Straight Outta coffin 2 months ago +3

    i feel like by plastic film they meant the things on ur eyelids but i might be wrong 😂💓

  • K
    K 2 months ago

    If this is what it’s like to be a 32 year old lady, I can’t wait

  • Lily Rivera
    Lily Rivera 2 months ago

    Dexter who?

  • Lily Rivera
    Lily Rivera 2 months ago

    Jenna did the bird box challenge before it was even a thing

  • Chance Black
    Chance Black 2 months ago +2

    I legit had to stop watching the video. I can’t breath. I made it to 5:57.

  • Galaxy Kat
    Galaxy Kat 2 months ago

    Jenna: He was a weird one
    Me: what if they were a girl? 😮

  • Wild Heart.
    Wild Heart. 2 months ago

    I'm perming my lashes right now and watching this vid inbetween setting times

  • haha haha
    haha haha 2 months ago

    7:00 min: birdbox

  • Noodilled Boi
    Noodilled Boi 2 months ago

    i realized i’m the kid that can flip their eyelids,,

  • emory lowe
    emory lowe 2 months ago +1

    i watch this every time i perm my lashes. i tend to feel better

  • Sophia Bojen
    Sophia Bojen 2 months ago +2

    1:19 yes I know that kid.... He's my older brother😑

  • R C
    R C 2 months ago +1

    Hahahaha breathe thru my eyes hahahaha holy shit marbles

  • caylin's vlogs
    caylin's vlogs 2 months ago +1


  • Beatrice Bianca
    Beatrice Bianca 2 months ago +1

    This was funny! Love it!

  • Shannon Howell
    Shannon Howell 2 months ago +1

    The original bird box 😹😹

  • Oakie Dokie
    Oakie Dokie 2 months ago +56

    jenna, are your eyelashes a winter olympic sport? because theyre curling.

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 2 months ago +1

    Julian legitimately reminds me of my husband. I love watching him make Jenna laugh. It’s so much like when my husband makes me laugh.

  • Olivia Dunham
    Olivia Dunham 2 months ago +5

    can you perm your lashes down wards now ? 😂

  • Tired.Child _
    Tired.Child _ 2 months ago

    Jenna: Eye pads.
    Me: iPads.

  • Samantha Silva
    Samantha Silva 2 months ago

    Do a video trying different wigs I just feel like I need that in my life.

  • jesskanicole1
    jesskanicole1 2 months ago +7

    I was actually doing my own lashes for the first time and came across this vid. The plastic wrap made me laugh so hard my lift pads came off with glue and perm stuff still attached to my lashes. Half are now straight, one curled and the rest I think are still on the pad 😂

  • Haidyn Hocklander
    Haidyn Hocklander 2 months ago

    Oh god, shit like this makes me so thankful my eyelashes are naturally curled. This is terrifying! And those eyelash curlers are also scary lol. I'm interested in tinting mine though, because they are blonde's annoying :P

  • Nikol Evgenieva
    Nikol Evgenieva 2 months ago

    0:00-0:06 🤣🤣 so cute