Gatti pazzi ✪ Gatti divertenti ✪ Prova a non ridere #61

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
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    Gustav Sting _ Kevin Macleod
    Hero Theme _ Kevin Macleod
    Sneaking Up _ Audionautix
    Rock_Intro_2 _ Audionautix
    Ukulele Beach _ Doug Maxwell
    Big Horns Intro _ Audionautix
    On My Way Home Sting _ The 126ers
    I Saw Three Ships _ Audionautix
    You So Zany _ Audionautix
    Glee Club Polka _ Kevin Macleod
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  • Funny Cats
    Funny Cats  Month ago +100

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  • Candace Fettes
    Candace Fettes Day ago

    that's not funny that cats arm could be broken

  • Kamal Maghara
    Kamal Maghara Day ago


  • asdweqd qweasdasd FUNNY AF

  • Yaneth Quenaya Quenta

    like si crees que los gatos son mejores que los gatos

  • Teah Price
    Teah Price Day ago

    Pore cat

  • Alara YILMAZ
    Alara YILMAZ Day ago


  • Евгений Ромашенко

    Это можно смотреть бесконечно!

  • Belinda beas
    Belinda beas Day ago

    That one who had to train that cat is not funny it's just made me cry😝😭😭😭😤😟

  • Anthea Mars
    Anthea Mars Day ago +1

    3:26 that is animal abuse

  • Gianna Colon (Student)

    3:08 is what my cat does,I live my precious cat whiskers

  • Erika Smith
    Erika Smith Day ago

    Wft fuck this is not funny poor animals😿freak shit humans stop hurt animals .

  • Khadi D
    Khadi D 2 days ago

    @1:07 The Cat Returns

  • Fiona Wu
    Fiona Wu 2 days ago


  • AlyviasMama1
    AlyviasMama1 2 days ago

    The cats r playing the girl isent beating the kitty she's playing with him/her

  • Jade Figueroa
    Jade Figueroa 2 days ago

    Más dan mucha ternurita 😄

  • Peter Packou
    Peter Packou 2 days ago +1

    This video is really stressful to watch it's just another example of Asian animal cruelty, that poor cat that is tied on a leash and being tormented with the hand vacuum, or the "tuff guy" yelling in the kittens face and slapping himself, distingusting! No compassion or intelligence yet evolved in that part of the world.

  • Ahmed Sufiyan
    Ahmed Sufiyan 2 days ago

    I hate that girl who hit the cat

  • iffat sadaf
    iffat sadaf 2 days ago +1

    😢😢😢3:40 my heart is broken

  • Chloe robinson
    Chloe robinson 2 days ago +1

    OK she almost killed it with a shoe and I think she grabbed its arm what is Wong with people dumb girl

  • Anas nour
    Anas nour 2 days ago

    The cat in the thumbnail is the same as mine 😅

  • boy Boy
    boy Boy 2 days ago +1

    Hai i'm from Indonesian

  • Aditya Dwivedi FITNESS
    Aditya Dwivedi FITNESS 2 days ago +1 CHECK THIS OUT FOR A GERMAN SHEPHERD style Comedy 🐶🐶🤗🤗

  • Scorpion Venom
    Scorpion Venom 2 days ago +1

    But how... 5:27

  • A tat
    A tat 2 days ago

    www goo-gl/jatqlg

  • String Singer
    String Singer 2 days ago

    1:00 poos in boots be like at home....😂

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    3:29 that’s going on my idiot list

  • Simmer Fanatic
    Simmer Fanatic 3 days ago


  • Veronica Quispemaylla


  • Veronica Quispemaylla


  • Robloxuploads
    Robloxuploads 3 days ago

    How do we report a video? I saw alot of animal abuse. Not funny or cute after seeing the shoe one.

  • Bazil Faulty Jnr.
    Bazil Faulty Jnr. 3 days ago

    This isn’t funny.

  • Anonymous Reviewer
    Anonymous Reviewer 3 days ago

    Do Asian people still eat cats?

  • syncere green
    syncere green 3 days ago +1

    I can't believe what I saw but I will always just funny videos like the song funny shows ever a cat funny and so cute so so so much

  • Smileypants Cuppycake

    I'd like to beat the girl's ass who smacked the cat with her shoe. Fuckin zipperhead.

  • Chaine bébés enfants

    السلام عليكم
    طلب بسيط من فضلكم :
    ديروا لايك و سوسكريب لقناة الاطفال
    Svp mettez j’aime et abonné à la chaine suivante

  • Chaine bébés enfants

    السلام عليكم
    طلب بسيط من فضلكم :
    ديروا لايك و سوسكريب لقناة الاطفال
    Svp mettez j’aime et abonné à la chaine suivante

  • Chaine bébés enfants

    السلام عليكم
    طلب بسيط من فضلكم :
    ديروا لايك و سوسكريب لقناة الاطفال
    Svp mettez j’aime et abonné à la chaine suivante

  • Chaine bébés enfants

    السلام عليكم
    طلب بسيط من فضلكم :
    ديروا لايك و سوسكريب لقناة الاطفال
    Svp mettez j’aime et abonné à la chaine suivante

  • jubberly
    jubberly 3 days ago

    check out this cute dog in Japan!

  • Suzy D
    Suzy D 3 days ago +1

    Is not funny

  • catia oliveira da silva

    love cats comentts
    Like cats comentts and like

  • Angelo Ramos
    Angelo Ramos 3 days ago

    Oh my god.
    So cute

  • Lady Noir
    Lady Noir 3 days ago

    7:04. No pacz kurwa jaki zapalony bokser!

  • Timothy O'Hara
    Timothy O'Hara 3 days ago

    There so cute

  • Timothy O'Hara
    Timothy O'Hara 3 days ago

    What the🛀🏿

  • Kate Davies
    Kate Davies 3 days ago

    Disgusting, abusing animals. Hitting cats with a shoe, letting kids hit a cat. Vile

  • Jackileen Sauler
    Jackileen Sauler 4 days ago

    I am leaving a dislike...people hitting, yelling and terrorizing their cats..and laughing about it. what the hell????? Stupid assholes.

  • ichbinsemych
    ichbinsemych 4 days ago

    Oh,so cute:D

  • James Espinosa
    James Espinosa 4 days ago

    9:11 is what my kitten does all the time!!

  • aliza rozima
    aliza rozima 4 days ago


  • Girlgamer_ Teemo
    Girlgamer_ Teemo 4 days ago

    Love for animals!! Thank you!

  • Girlgamer_ Teemo
    Girlgamer_ Teemo 4 days ago

    My kitties

  • Angel Elle
    Angel Elle 4 days ago +1

    Sup with the hitting ? Smh

  • Josephine George
    Josephine George 4 days ago

    Not funny.Cats being hit and shouted at and shouted at is disgusting.

  • Tatiana Safira
    Tatiana Safira 4 days ago

    Amazing cat

  • Ananda lala Amoyyardilla

    I like cat😘😘😘😘

  • RubyStarlight Writer

    A bunch of animal abuse in this video. Fucking neanderthals thinking that hitting animals or singing loudly in their face or letting their kids torment them. Absolutely revolting. I hope these cats all ripped their owners faces off.

  • moxxi811
    moxxi811 5 days ago +38

    I don’t find this funny at all .........especially the Chinese girl hitting the cat with the shoe!

  • Copperfield Academy
    Copperfield Academy 5 days ago +4

    Dose you're CAT nussel you?? WELL MY KITTEN DOSE !!😙😚😇❤💓💕💖

  • Charles Shields
    Charles Shields 5 days ago +2

    I'd understand the cat at 7:35 thinking '' This must be a lunatic asylum. Heeeeeeeeeeeelp ''.

  • Nozomi San
    Nozomi San 5 days ago +4

    0:21 AHHGHH My Heart 😂😭😍😍

  • Compassion Writer4God

    May I make a request? Do not show cats being hit, harmed or frightened by their owners for fun. Seeing cute cats purring and playing is what your viewers come to see. Do not show anything that harms a cat. You will not keep viewers if you continue to do this. That woman hitting that poor cat with blue slipper is where I STOPPED watching this video and will not watch the rest. Thank you

  • Deepa Pyla
    Deepa Pyla 5 days ago

    What are they licking?

  • Diyora Olimjonova
    Diyora Olimjonova 5 days ago

    Haha so funny and so cute!

  • bxd.gxxrgxnxx mxmybrunnette

    Beat a Cat its no funny

  • Amberpuppy 23
    Amberpuppy 23 6 days ago +1

    I have that fish game for my cat and she goes crazy over it she try’s to hide from them and then sneak attack.

  • Amberpuppy 23
    Amberpuppy 23 6 days ago +1

    I thought that cat had no arm how could it’s arm go that way

    • The Xester
      The Xester 5 days ago

      How human arm can go that way.

  • jada khlangsaeng
    jada khlangsaeng 6 days ago