Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

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    I was given the chance to interview TVclip Ceo Susan Wojcicki earlier this year. I was allowed to ask her ANY QUESTION I wanted and believe me I pulled no punches. I asked Susan all the things I've waited years to ask and today I wanted to share it with you. I am an advocate for Creators and our community, we deserve the answers to all the things going on the platform we all call home. Theorists, let's get into it!
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Comments • 80

  • tapewormrage
    tapewormrage 3 months ago +31933

    Takes notes 60-minutes, *THIS* is how you do an interview. Pat hit her hard with questions that were rough, but worded very fairly. He conducted himself with very friendly and inviting body language and didn't make her feel alienated. Fantastic work, Pat. Keep it up.

    • Almons Closet
      Almons Closet 17 days ago

      The skills of a killer

    • Idiotic Satxn
      Idiotic Satxn 28 days ago

      TayRae uh.. I think he pinned it for the support. Not to ‘brag’ about it.

    • Pranav
      Pranav Month ago


    • That Gal
      That Gal Month ago

      @TayRae believe it, sister :)

    • BornVolcano
      BornVolcano Month ago

      Ashley I mean there’s your typical MatPat flair. You can’t be Matt and not let a little of yourself show

  • joy freg
    joy freg 6 hours ago

    sounds like youtube likes to think it knows... but anyone who REALLY uses youtube knows who they are searching for. but I've also witnessed that the app can be altered directly removing videos from search and also forcing certain things to be recomended so i don't think there really is much of an algorithm.

  • Alexthefoodthief
    Alexthefoodthief 7 hours ago

    I don’t like Susan Wojcicki

  • joy freg
    joy freg 7 hours ago

    I've always asked myself that, if God doesn't like killing how does he view gamers?... but that ultimately leads into the structure of the mind and soul. most noticable as people act differently on the internet compared to other situations or real life.

  • joy freg
    joy freg 7 hours ago

    If they won't invite you back that makes you the golden boii. Big business only hurt them selves when they shut down the heavy hitters of research. If asking a question is wrong IT'S ONLY BECAUSE SOMEONE WANTS TOO MUCH CONTROL. Which is a permanent falacy; nothing truly controls anything.

  • Michael CHAN [07M2]

    love the fact that a minecraft cactus block is in the interview as a coffee table

  • _Big_Boi_Noah_
    _Big_Boi_Noah_ 2 days ago +1


  • Gabriel Rueda
    Gabriel Rueda 2 days ago


  • freight train
    freight train 6 days ago +1

    MatPat? Perfect interviewer. Susan? Horrible. She got asked a lot of questions and answered barely any of them. She seemed like the hard type of interviewee to interview. You did amazing MatPat.

  • GOD James
    GOD James 7 days ago +1

    #TVclipGaming ; #TVclipMusic ; #TVclipKids ; #BroadcastYourself ; @TVclip

  • I Sleep
    I Sleep 11 days ago +1

    The CEO is saying a lot of BS

  • cloudy_reaper126
    cloudy_reaper126 11 days ago +2

    i feel like even when being asked questions directly Susan is still very unresponsive and at times even pining the blame on things like coppa and demonetization on other people but a lot of those issues are a direct result of her carelessness towards the site as a whole.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Love the new haircut wish it was 2 inches longer thou

  • The Red Knight
    The Red Knight 12 days ago +1

    No one cares Susan

  • NickyDaCat
    NickyDaCat 12 days ago +1

    She was avoiding every question no matter how well Mat worded it

  • ProGamer
    ProGamer 13 days ago +1

    Mat is sitting in a seat that has the same color as the Demonization logo. It’s a sign

  • joyce Hansen
    joyce Hansen 13 days ago +1

    I hate susan

  • Blib Blob
    Blib Blob 14 days ago

    Matpat's face has become synonymous with sadness, problems, and tragicness that is unnatural that it's being used for something else.

  • toasteh
    toasteh 14 days ago

    Susan should become a dodgy politician. She'd be perfect.

  • Our Philosophy Is
    Our Philosophy Is 14 days ago

    “We don’t set the trends for what’s popular.”
    That’s such bull. They are the ones writing the algorithms. TVclip can randomly decide to start recommending something that no one asked for, like the “NO POMEGRANATES!” video. Oh, did pomegranates suddenly spike in popularity in 2020? Get outta here with that nonsense. Don’t tell me that you don’t have tangible control over classic games getting crushed. Defend yourself, fine. Don’t lie to us.
    Also, stop pretending that you were somehow obligated to be bullied by the advertisers. If you would have just stuck to your guns about allowing TVclip to be a popular and equal platform, then the advertisers would have had no choice but to take it or leave it. And they would have taken it. They always have before you guys sold out.

  • Jason Rose
    Jason Rose 14 days ago

    she isn't answering the questions!

  • Almons Closet
    Almons Closet 17 days ago

    0:22 looks like a picture you would see at the end of Danganronpa

  • GFL Tannar
    GFL Tannar 19 days ago

    and now if you play a game with bad words or violence (most of them) then you get demonetized

  • Corona Kitty
    Corona Kitty 20 days ago

    TVclip is done.Too many ads.Good riddance

  • notyours
    notyours 22 days ago

    It feels tense even though there's no reason for it to be tense

  • Universal Crew Productions

    Great Job Matt you asked amazing questions and you didn't pull any "punches" amazing job! Professional, friendly and inviting as the top comment has said. This was awesome

  • Harryquananh
    Harryquananh 23 days ago

    The only game Susan is playing here is dodging questions

  • Harryquananh
    Harryquananh 23 days ago +1

    “Gaming is an incredibly important part of our ecosystem”
    Then why did you make them so second-class and underrated lol.

  • Xp Level Googolplex
    Xp Level Googolplex 23 days ago +2

    MatPat:”how will article 17 affect TVclip?”
    Susan:*starts talking about paying creators back*

  • Oliverok Eight
    Oliverok Eight 23 days ago

    What you should ask if you Go again you should ask why are there no Memes in TVclip rewind

  • Retaliator Gaming
    Retaliator Gaming 23 days ago

    17:30 oowh.....that's hot

  • David Schilling
    David Schilling 26 days ago

    Hello susan, someone that works there is erasing my videos still, not once but several times, please monitere my account that I have my funny adult video called 'Keep it up" I'm David Schilling and you have to catch this person that's making TVclip look like their views system is fake. My keep it up video along with 3 others had their 400 some views tampered with, they went from about 400 to 276 to 226 to 176 to 126 and how come that video right now has only 46 views on it, that's impossible, youtube views are all fake until you CEO's find this person and fire them. Please help my videos have an honest view amount or else TVclip system is corrupted and fake.

  • BenNuttinYahoosreel
    BenNuttinYahoosreel 26 days ago +1

    She's just awful. Everything she does makes TVclip worse.

  • Fluffysheepbruh
    Fluffysheepbruh 27 days ago

    When they talk about there not being equity in the workplace
    *female CEO*

  • LaChandria Hunter
    LaChandria Hunter 27 days ago


  • Nicola Berry
    Nicola Berry 27 days ago

    Susan when she’s answering:

    *Yes. Good question. Allow me to take a very specific point that isn’t really about the question and go on a very long tangent then I’ll briefly give a vague answer that sounds like it’s answering the question when it isn’t.*

  • kangourouuu1
    kangourouuu1 Month ago

    In all fairness, for somebody that was heavily bound by the corporate mantle, preventing her from saying or approving bad stuff about her plateform, she was surprisingly low-corporate bullshit. I mean she was corporate bullshitting, but there was at least *substance* to what she was saying, a few pretty good arguments (based on evidence we still have to trust she has), actual clarification and information. And proof she had done her homework to at least be able to listen to the community and understand what said community had to say. A far cry from the usual silky smooth nothingness that comes from big gaming studios and such.

  • Meta
    Meta Month ago

    Maybe youtube is acquiring the wrong advertisers for video game content. Like movies they get money for production from people who believe in their project. She is bullshitting.

  • Meta
    Meta Month ago

    She said it, they act on behalf of their advertisers. So creatures are at the whim of these greedy scumbags.

  • Meta
    Meta Month ago

    Glad i came to this channel and subbed, great interview even though she dodged the hardball questions

  • oof
    oof Month ago

    "For the next 15 minutes video"

  • Rob Reese
    Rob Reese Month ago

    Tbh gamers are the problem. Demonetization is practically the biggest part of it. Pewds for example or Markiplier, or Jack. You can’t play games that KIDS watch and expect not to get hit with something while you’re cussing outrageously. They trying their best not promote violence where it’s not needed and let’s be honest...KIDS love gaming. Of course us as adults do but a lot of us weren’t playing a kid friendly game with mad cussing in the background. Don’t come to the big guys for a problem you created. Yes I’m sure they’d love to go to the Met Gala but being real again...most YT gamers would be utterly bored there. That’s not the cosplay they’re use to. YT gaming is like anything entertaining in life, either people gonna like you or they’re not and of course YT has some problems to fix but if YT gamers aren’t gonna fix anything then why should they? You gotta meet halfway if not then pick another source

  • Doloriferous
    Doloriferous Month ago

    I can't even finish this. It's so cringy to watch how well Mat conducts this. Thank goodness to whoever posted the questions in time stamps I can only listen to her for a few seconds without going.. "Yeah this is bullshit"

  • Inviso Ink
    Inviso Ink Month ago

    you know someone stressing out when they start cutting themselves off

  • Inviso Ink
    Inviso Ink Month ago

    Mat pat: I know that why I’m asking you the questions🤨

  • Newt0n_0
    Newt0n_0 Month ago +1

    Every single time MatPat talks = Charisma 100

  • Logan Allison
    Logan Allison Month ago

    Boy she really is running down the clock, ain’t she?
    Great work, MatPat. Wish she would’ve worked with you a bit more but you can tell your questions were planned and thought out

  • Belle French Gold
    Belle French Gold Month ago

    Me: *Watching the video.*
    Mat: *Asks question.*
    Susan: Um..
    *Loud blaring siren.*
    Me: Dammit, there goes my bullshit alarm again!

  • Belle French Gold
    Belle French Gold Month ago

    I wish that I had popcorn~

  • Snoop Droop
    Snoop Droop Month ago +1

    Susan Wabbajack

  • That Gal
    That Gal Month ago

    Sheesh. No wonder her name is Susan..

  • Rafiki
    Rafiki Month ago

    Hey shes the leader, not the organization

  • Water TIGER
    Water TIGER Month ago +1

    Mat: "can we get the rules for demonetization?"
    TVclip: "it's c o m p l i c a t e d"
    Mat: "but there's a list of rules, right?"
    TVclip: "yes, but it's c o m p l i c a t e d"
    Mat: "what about verification? is it fair?"
    TVclip: "yes, for specific people(tm)"

    gamers: GrEaT thanks So Much for this HANDY InFORMATION

  • A Fan :D
    A Fan :D Month ago

    *4:48* Doubt

  • LearnSomethingNew YT
    LearnSomethingNew YT Month ago +1

    Good to see all the comments are being unoriginal, stupid, and just plain out childish. Good ti see you are hopping on the band wagon and just saying what everyone else is syaing. Stop railing on susan for the facts she is dodging questions. If i was on that stage I wouldnt be able to answer any questions. I wouldn’t be able to stay up there.
    Now think of how hard her job is running a media site that has more viewers than any other news site. She is running a site with over 300 million users. Millions of videos a day are going up. She has to help with all that and you guys are mad because she cant stop the government from doing something. She isnt the government at all and cant just stop them from starting a war, or stopping a person from moving. What im saying is, her job is more difficult then you think and having someone who knows a lot of what they do, that talks and writes notes, studies, the hwole shabang comes on and asks questions she can’t answer . She isn’t a robot, she isn’t a superhuman, she cant just get the answer and answer in the most perfect way she wants.

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly Month ago

    Just shut up you stupid stupid lady

  • Lorenz Weber
    Lorenz Weber Month ago

    I'd like the freedom to decide wether I want translated video titles or not. TVclip keeps giving me terrible translations for video titles and I can't turn this "feature" off. The translations usually make no sense. The meaning is completely lost on the rare occasion that a coherent sentence is made. These horrible translations don't help at all. It just makes it harder to find what I'm looking for. How am I supposed to find a video about a game or movie which was published under it's english name in my country when TVclip will only give me some made up mistranslation?

  • Mikey o Ninja
    Mikey o Ninja Month ago

    Oi... br sou do Brasil. Aaa e nada tem br? Tchau aaaaa fim mor... esqueci a. Tchau seus lindos

  • chazz Andreas
    chazz Andreas Month ago

    Matpat da savage

  • WaVy Crockett #JizzBoss

    You can see her horns. Absolutely ruining TVclip. It's a politically correct s hithole.

  • Velislav Slavov
    Velislav Slavov Month ago

    "You don't get those numbers if you have a product that doesn't work" ... you do if you have a monopoly

  • UrBoiAdamm
    UrBoiAdamm Month ago

    When he said that first question I was like its bout to get real

  • Marina P
    Marina P Month ago +2

    Say whatever you want but Susan made an amazing pitch for TVclip. She used MatPat as source of data to back her up and put audience on her side. That was so well done and on the spot too! I'm taking notes.

  • Ethan Stotz
    Ethan Stotz Month ago

    Is it just me or does it kinda seem like she never directly addresses or looks at him for a few seconds when talking to him

  • Edward Bouchard
    Edward Bouchard Month ago +1

    Get JT up here

  • Z.L.Hendley
    Z.L.Hendley Month ago

    What happened to the side of his head?

  • Trang Nguyễn Sài Gòn

    I will try harder, to have more different and better videos to serve people. Please share and advertise your company to help me a lot, so I have more views and more subscribers. I sincerely thank the company very much and I wish the company more and more thriving and always happy health and peace.
    Vào Th 6, 13 thg 12, 2019 lúc 02:01 Trang Ngoc Nguyen đã viết:

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 Month ago

    He called her out

  • Rukesh Gurung
    Rukesh Gurung Month ago

    ever word pad say it like jab to her😂😂😂

  • Goldenpants 123
    Goldenpants 123 Month ago

    Matpat you are a brilliant man who knows how to conduct yourself. You're entertaining, interesting, and keep tricking me into learning things. You would be an excellent leader. I am so glad you were a major part of my childhood. First stop on a long nostalgia trip im sure is to come. Glad to see your videos are still fantastic. Now that im crying im sure a greenday song would be fit for my next stop.

  • Chikorita2Chante
    Chikorita2Chante Month ago

    The amount of "Um..." she adds unnecessarily... 🙄

  • EPIC Gamer
    EPIC Gamer Month ago

    When I saw this I was like oh oh OH BOY

  • Lord Zikfrit
    Lord Zikfrit 2 months ago


  • YordanJordan
    YordanJordan 2 months ago +1

    She sounds like an unprepared high school student,taking an exam and being questioned by the teacher. No clear answers, beating around the bush and repeating couple of words over and over. She didn't want to be there, that was obvious. She shouldn't be the CEO of TVclip, she has no idea what to do.

  • ꧁ C l 0 u d y G l 1 t c h__ ꧂

    Red couch= TVclip
    Cactus= Monetization and Money
    Yellow chair= dEmOn-itization

  • LeoKing1308
    LeoKing1308 2 months ago


  • Filip Krawczyk
    Filip Krawczyk 2 months ago +2

    1:20 Start of the interview
    1:54 Q: What's your history with gaming?
    2:51 Q: Gamers feel like a second-class citizen on TVclip. What are your thoughts on that?
    7:22 Q: Where do creators fit in the TVclip ecosystem?
    10:16 Q: How will Article 17 impact (formerly 13) affect the TVclip platform?
    16:20 Follow up: Is there anything else that we as creators can help?
    17:25 Where does virtual violence fall in TVclip's violence policy?
    22:10 Follow up: How can TVclip help creators understand the rules?
    23:28 Q: Why can't we just get the rules on demonetization?
    30:50 Q: Why create gaming content on TVclip?
    35:26 channel verification: celebrity vs regular person

  • ChillGuy49 Cole
    ChillGuy49 Cole 2 months ago

    Susan wabbajack is a liar. She needs to fix the wrongs in this community, so ya know. Content creators can eat

  • old cirger
    old cirger 2 months ago

    She changed the subject so many times

  • Crowve l
    Crowve l 2 months ago

    MatPat should be the creator's representative