HOW YOUTUBERS MAKE MONEY: Ads, Sponsorships, Networks, and more!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2017
  • ♡ I asked yall on Twitter if you wanted one 40 min long boy or two 20 min short boys and THIS IS WHAT U WANTED SO SORRY IT'S SO LONG LOL ♡
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    ♡ SOURCES:
    How TVcliprs get paid depending on which ad and how you interact with them:
    TVclip’s Community Guidelines that can get you demonetized if you break them:
    Ethan from H3H3 lamenting on the Adpocalypse:
    Philly D discusses the Adpocalypse and the Restricted Mode fiasco:
    Helpful article on deciding your rate for sponsored videos:
    Merch shop:

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    Thumbnails are made in Photoshop CS4.

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  • Pixielocks
    Pixielocks  Year ago +194

    ~~~TIME STAMPS~~~
    3:48 - How different ads work and how we get paid depending on how you click/view them
    11:12 - The adpocalypse and how it affected creators
    15:18 - TVclip Community Guidelines and demonetization
    23:04 - Sponsorships and how to calculate your fee for a sponsored video
    30:50 - Networks and why you should be very careful around them

    • Annika Victoria
      Annika Victoria Year ago +1

      Pixielocks owhhhhhh - you sweet human bean you ☺🌈💖

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +2

      +Annika Victoria Exactly!! I super admire you for working hard for yourself! I'm lucky in that I live in Atlantic Canada and it's super cheap to live here, I still live at home of course but now I'm looking at apartments and 2 bedroom apartments float around 700$-1200$ a month in the province I'm moving to.
      Sewing videos are so much more of an ordeal to plan and film too! You put so much thought and love into your videos and it totally shows, getting those 2-3 uploads a month is amazing girl especially with the chronic illness you deal with. I'm cheerin you on from Canada 💞🌈💖

    • Annika Victoria
      Annika Victoria Year ago +1

      Pixielocks also I've never heard of anyone having a good experience with a network omg 🙄 they just steal money from youtubers. 😑

    • Annika Victoria
      Annika Victoria Year ago +2

      Also to add to the topic you were talking about at ~29:00 - you gotta consider where that TVclipr lives, how much their rent would be, whether they live out of home or with their parents, whether they have children, an expensive medical condition.. etc. I've had comments before that go "omg you get $700+ per video on patreon, you must be swimming in cash dollars, you're just using people blah blah"... without considering that I live out of home & in one of the most expensive cities in the world & that my rent is $2600 a month, and with 2-3 uploads a month, patreon doesn't even cover my rent let alone food, medications, etc 😜 those comments drive me mad coz I'm like, I'm basically just scraping the minimum wage in australia bruh.

    • GucciGal2 MSP
      GucciGal2 MSP Year ago

      Guys guess what pixielocks is my auntie 😃😃😃❤💛💚💙💜💓

  • SimpLee Beth
    SimpLee Beth 3 months ago

    Great breakdown! Thanks!

  • altkovac
    altkovac 6 months ago

    Tbh I’m surprised at the amount of support of getting a sugar daddy and the amount of belittling by getting sponsors. It’s crazy.

  • The Wonder Luster
    The Wonder Luster 7 months ago

    Your lighting is always fabulous... I struggle with this HARDCORE even with a ring light and all that... I get heavy shadows and weirdness. So pretty!

  • Kindness Confetti
    Kindness Confetti 10 months ago

    I've gotta do my own research in a lot of this, but omg thank you so much for this video! That was all super helpful! 😀🦄💖

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth 11 months ago

    About to go watch all your videos! Rewatching this first for a refresher on what not to skip and blah blah blah ilysm ❤️❤️❤️

  • gothiclittlewitch
    gothiclittlewitch 11 months ago

    Did anyone else hear Kermit the frog (or Yoda) at 29:30? Lol luv ya pixie.

  • Darth Dezi
    Darth Dezi Year ago

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  • Kevin Gilgore
    Kevin Gilgore Year ago

    your honesty on how the youtube system works is admirable. i have more respect for the creators after this. its tough work..

  • Melanie Brock
    Melanie Brock Year ago

    this was so amazingly helpful!!!! The video I have seen explaining all this

  • Vanessa Bühlmann

    I love you so much 🐻🐻🐻 🐻🐻🐻
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    Amy Midori Year ago

    You can’t watch TVclip on a switch my friends pissed about it lol

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    Em H Year ago

    Loving your look in this video ♡ The makeup, the hair...! Your eyemakeup rock!

  • Izella
    Izella Year ago

    I'm never skipping another ad on ur channel 😘😘😘😘

  • GalladofBales
    GalladofBales Year ago

    This was super informative! Thanks for taking the time to research and debunk some of the rumors going around about the youtube algorithm. I'm not a content creator but as an avid consumer I like to know how to help out my faves.

  • Whitney Rebel
    Whitney Rebel Year ago

    I would love to see sewing tutorials from you! I am a self taught sewing novice. I have made Halloween costumes and dog clothes and bikinis. But I want to see how you made your cosplay dress and accessories, for instance.

  • Beeler 907
    Beeler 907 Year ago

    What kinda pc do you use to edit your videos, and what programs

  • Livingdeadgirll
    Livingdeadgirll Year ago

    oh man.... i've been doing this the WHOLE time with out knowing about midroll adds. THIS WAS SO HELPFUL. one on every video plz.

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    Does she like Japan?
    Tell me anyone!!!

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    Thanks for the info and where to look! So helpful and appreciated.

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    holy fuck are you serious wtffff lolita vids demonetized because of the book wtfffffff

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    Dear Pixie. New fan, you’re like the pink part of my soul talking. That’s weird, lol. If read. Let’s just leave it as a compliment 😋🦄

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    If you look at the magical girl wands in the right hand side, they spell “ lolit”

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    Ahh I love you !! I’m a struggling youtuber and this helped me a lot !!

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    1. you are beautiful
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    4. lastly PLEASEEEEEE tell me what peachy eyeshadow you have on the inner half of your eyelids!!!??

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    Hey, I was just wondering what type of camera do you have? Also, I love the way your room looks.

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    How do you monetize your videos in the first place? I've tried to look it up and ask other youtubers. (No one will tell me.)

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    pixie! sending you love all the way from Geneseo ny! 💞

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    Background music always gets stuck in my head. 😂

  • A Journey Through My Videos

    Thank you Pixie for covering a lot of this stuff and being open about it:) I've been wondering a lot about those types of topics

  • pool8party
    pool8party Year ago +3

    The people who have about 8 ads per 30 minute video, have ruined the youtube experience. The reason I started to watch youtube vs television was because of the lack of ads. I have stopped watching so many youtubers who have an overload of ads.

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    So when youtube picks the TYPE of ads that display, are those gonna be the same forever? Or is it done randomly and shuffles to something new every time you click the video? As in like, every time I watch this video will it ALWAYS be 3 skippable ads as midrolls or will it change next time? Hope I'm making sense

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    Sarah Bunny Year ago

    QUESTION, if I wanted to click the side bar ad a few times through out your video, would you get paid for each click or is it like a 'once per viewer' type or thing? I had another question but now I can't remember D:

  • Frosting R
    Frosting R Year ago

    This is the BEST video I’ve watch regarding how TVclip work! Thanks for explaining in detail. Cleared many things up.

  • Lollipop Princess

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  • Samantha Martin
    Samantha Martin Year ago

    Hey, I'm not trying to come for you or anything but I've meant to ask this before and since pewdiepie was brought up in this video I wanted to ask a question. I've noticed that you've kind of publicly wrote off Jeffree Star or stated that you do not support him or his company, which is fine, but I always asssumed it was because of his racist comments in the past, and I've been curious as to why you would follow pewdiepie on different platforms when he seems to make a joke out of his racist comments and racist issues and just be all around terrible about things like that? Again, no hate here, I'm just curious.

  • Ashley Marie Luna

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    I literally had no idea about the mid-roll ads... I've been doing TVclip all wrong! 😂 thank you for making this extremely educational video!


    i am so grateful u made this video i was so confused about the all the youtube issues and i truely repect anyone that works on youtube now i know how it all works i will do my best to watch evey add to the full to help any youtuber i can but im not sure about if it was 5 mins this is the first video ive ever seen of u and im already amazed thank u

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    Amber Angerer Year ago

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  • coffeegirl18
    coffeegirl18 Year ago

    Ugh I am super annoyed with my account being demonetized, I was actually going to have a possible second job here. Now you need 100 000 subscribers min in order to get any Adsense. Wow I wonder if book reviews are getting demonetized because of "bad" words. lol.

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      +coffeegirl18 It’s only 1,000 subs and 10,000 views I think!

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  • Alexandra Finkeldey

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  • Chloe Underhill
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    FYI for all of u using adblock you can whitelist channels so u can give them ad revenue but keep adblock on for other websites or other youtube channels (if ur watching videos from people you do not particularly want 2 support).

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    • Pixielocks
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      Just from TVclip 👀 Spreadshirt and YouNow are on top of that. You should give it a try it's an amazing job!!!

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    Wishing you the best of luck, ladyface.

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