Breath Powers & Demon Slayer Ranks Explained! - Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer Season 1 Explained!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • This is Part 1 of a 2 part series of videos! In part 1, we're going to talk about the Demon Slayers, who they work for, and how they have to train to unlock those sweet Breath Powers that we've seen the characters use in the opening! We'll go over the Demon Slayer's Ranks, and how just BREATHING a certain way allows them to create water dragons and stuff like that on screen!
    Part 2 will be available tomorrow, so make sure you're right back here to hear all about the demons!:
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Comments • 463

  • phyll
    phyll Day ago

    breathing techniques can increase the oxygen in one's blood therefore increasing their stats to supernatural level. i really thought their elements was just visual representation of their sword styles. take alook at inosukes style breath of the beast which is self taught btw he just fights like a wild animal and doesn't conjure like a boar or something . in my opinion those are just visual representations for us viewers

  • phyll
    phyll Day ago

    Pig assualt! Pig assault!!! can't wait for inosuke to come out 😁 hes so freaking awesome and funny character

  • Youssef
    Youssef 2 days ago

    Can't wait for Breath of the sun

  • Anak Agung Ngurah Keeyran Widana Sanjaya

    m a n u a l b r e a t h i n g

  • J Blagrove
    J Blagrove 3 days ago

    Yoooooo new to this channel but that intro was sssssuuuuuppppeeeeerrrrr Litty 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Vojin Milojkovic
    Vojin Milojkovic 4 days ago +1

    so far so good, i am having casual fun it and it promises a lot, enough for me

    p.s As techniques go , the water elements(for example in this case) are they just visual representation for us the viewer
    or the characters have the visuals of it as well?
    i like both ideas both visual for us to grasp the technique and to look like i dunno getsuga tenshou but water style

  • Alaerth Nyth
    Alaerth Nyth 4 days ago +3

    I thought it was pretty cool that they use "breath" to maximize their strengths.
    In reality, if you're into meditation or do breath exercises/techniques to improve your health, you'll understand why they choose breathing as a method of getting stronger. Breathing exercises is beneficial when it comes to stress management and anxiety.
    The anime is giving the manga justice imo. I'm glad it's getting 25 episodes.

  • John Herbert
    John Herbert 8 days ago

    What’s the deal with the scar on his head and how did it change after final selection if it was indeed a scar?

  • Trevor Vargas
    Trevor Vargas 9 days ago +2

    part of the breathing training is also maintaining enough oxygen to say the name of the technique immediately before using it...

    • Phil A
      Phil A 8 days ago

      they don't need to say the name of the technique. The just think of the name so while performing it.

  • JesseSound
    JesseSound 9 days ago +4

    So the water that envelopes his blade is actual water? it's not just an art choice?

  • kelnhide
    kelnhide 10 days ago

    They're not literal elements. Just think of the different kung fu styles, like crane, tiger, mantis etc. etc. You don't literally channel the strength of said animals, you just incorporarte their movements, same with the "breath" style.

  • Dan Ramirez
    Dan Ramirez 10 days ago

    Just like Hammon

  • Michael Mancuso
    Michael Mancuso 10 days ago +24

    I like how the main protagonist isn’t a nut job or stupid like naruto or Asta,it’s a nice change.

    • Euphorium
      Euphorium 2 days ago

      Michael Mancuso yeah, but he’s just as loud as they both are tho

  • Audrica Barnes
    Audrica Barnes 11 days ago

    Thank you I’ve been waiting on someone to explain this because I haven’t read the manga. Lucky me 🤗

  • reynante palma
    reynante palma 11 days ago

    one of the pillar's a jackass tho.

  • Abby
    Abby 11 days ago +4

    Waiting for our boy Rengoku. Not much screen time, but very beloved

  • Sean Maverick Ong
    Sean Maverick Ong 12 days ago

    The manga so far only shows their organization. The government knows their existence but they just let them operate. Maybe there are other villains aside from Muzan so that is why he is trying to conquer the sun.

  • GravityZero xhxhxhxh
    GravityZero xhxhxhxh 13 days ago

    Very nice analysis on every techniques and story

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 13 days ago +1

    I highkey want read the manga

  • Craig Plummer
    Craig Plummer 13 days ago +3

    I wish that it was going to be a longer anime

  • Rylan Herring
    Rylan Herring 13 days ago

    Can you explain every water breathing technique

  • Hannah Shulthiess
    Hannah Shulthiess 13 days ago +1

    I like it so far.

  • Hannah Shulthiess
    Hannah Shulthiess 13 days ago +1

    Demons Slow I’m on episode four

  • Hannah Shulthiess
    Hannah Shulthiess 13 days ago +4

    I watch five episode only on crunchy roll app
    on amazon fire sticks on Netflix demons slayer English sub on crunchyroll

  • Jasper Dahilan
    Jasper Dahilan 14 days ago +1

    read the manga please!

  • mouazam mungur
    mouazam mungur 14 days ago

    like the anime but the fighting is sub par and lacking. the animation is amazing but the actual fighting is slacking

  • Austin Tran
    Austin Tran 14 days ago +7

    You are pronouncing corps wrong, you’re saying corpse. Corps is pronounced core.

    • Ke'yani Chapman
      Ke'yani Chapman 11 hours ago

      Austin Tran reaaaallly? I didnt know that 🤔

  • Raymond Williams
    Raymond Williams 14 days ago

    What about the ranks?

    • Vocal Pineapple Academia
      Vocal Pineapple Academia  14 days ago

      The ranks (as mentioned in this video) are either you're a regular Demon Hunter, or you're a Pillar. Pillar's are the ones that are going to be busting out all sorts of powers and amazing techniques to fight upper level demons. Demon Hunters are just going around killing demons that are bothering a town. They know some techniques, but they aren't masters of their breath style.

  • TempleRxse
    TempleRxse 14 days ago

    can you imagine a breath of demon style.

  • Snuffy !
    Snuffy ! 14 days ago

    What is it to explain?

  • Zahab Khan
    Zahab Khan 15 days ago

    Nice thumbnail style

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 15 days ago +4

    Does *BAD BREATH* count?

    • Ice Bear
      Ice Bear 12 days ago

      +Youn Kim what if I breathe air from the guy sitting next to me? He has hell of a bad breath.

    • Youn Kim
      Youn Kim 12 days ago +1

      Ice Bear na. It’s about breathing oxygen in, so you’re safe. Keep breathing out stinky breath.

  • Anthony Woodhouse
    Anthony Woodhouse 15 days ago

    Hamon swords 🗡

  • Gabe Wilkins
    Gabe Wilkins 16 days ago

    did you mean 25 episodes in the series or in the season?

  • Tim Mcmasters
    Tim Mcmasters 16 days ago

    This could be a dope game concept

  • Random Trainer X.
    Random Trainer X. 17 days ago +1

    I'm glad this manga got an anime adaptation. Also you did a fine job with your explanation of the breathing techniques I your own way.

  • Gilbert Aquino
    Gilbert Aquino 17 days ago

    Can someone pls enlighten me. When Tanjiro uses his breath techniques, does he really create the water coming out of the blade or thats just a "metaphor" for the stroke and they dont really have control over the elements, thats just how we, the viewers, percieve the blade art. I would appreciate it if someone can clarify this for me.

    • Gilbert Aquino
      Gilbert Aquino 17 days ago

      +Go D. Ussop thats what i kind of figured because the art style of the "water" or "element" looks different from the animation of the characters and setting.

    • Go D. Ussop
      Go D. Ussop 17 days ago

      Just a metaphor this guy got it wrong too

  • Kryo
    Kryo 18 days ago

    Did you know when you cough it shoot air at 100 miles per hour

  • Daichi Zken'
    Daichi Zken' 18 days ago +12

    So what your saying, is that Aang would be the best demon slayer.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 19 days ago


  • Nado Salgado
    Nado Salgado 19 days ago +9

    Can you explain why he has a black sword and what the means! I know it’s special!

    • Abby
      Abby 11 days ago

      They’re pretty unknown since only a few have been seen with one. Definitely special but we don’t really know what it means as of now

    • Chuah Tiong Wei
      Chuah Tiong Wei 12 days ago

      +J Ros. Probably to coat with his sister flame to form the fiery blade he got using dance of fire god

    • J Ros.
      J Ros. 18 days ago +1

      Nothing really special about it as of now, as seen from the reactions from of those that have seen Tanjiro's blade. But let's just say another swordsman way back when also had a black blade

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 19 days ago +3

    Corps is pronounced "Core" just so you know.

  • Ben
    Ben 20 days ago +11

    Is the water on the blade visible to the characters in this anime or just for us viewers?

    • kelnhide
      kelnhide 10 days ago

      It's just metaphorical, just think of Kung Fu, you don't actually see the claws when someone does the tiger kung fu style, right?

    • Dante Avila
      Dante Avila 12 days ago

      It's for the viewers, it's meant to add flair to the swings and represent the sword style to character is using

    • Darius Popa
      Darius Popa 15 days ago +1

      Ben It Is Visible To The Characters,If It Would Not Be Visible Then The Fights Would Last Like 10 Seconds Because You Don’t Know What Type Of Attack Will Hit You

    • TheDrebanga1
      TheDrebanga1 18 days ago +1

      Ben viewers I believe

  • ALF4SamuRai
    ALF4SamuRai 20 days ago +1

    Just 25 or there are going to be like a season 2 3 etc

  • Just Some Guy With Half a Mustache

    **Breathe In**
    First Style
    HydroSlash Overdrive!!!

  • son sonku
    son sonku 20 days ago +1

    Wait this sounds like ki doesn't it ?

  • Peter
    Peter 21 day ago +1

    you got to make a video about colour changing swords and what does the different colours symbolise

  • Y.D.C label
    Y.D.C label 22 days ago +7

    The leader of the demons (Muzan or what ever) is Michel Jackson

  • Titus Thompson
    Titus Thompson 23 days ago

    What is that song in the intro

  • Victor Alonso
    Victor Alonso 23 days ago +1

    This anime is amazing

  • Miyu Shinohara
    Miyu Shinohara 23 days ago +6

    I already finished the manga to the latest chapter (156)
    I finished it in two nights.
    I really love both the Anime and manga. The story, artstyle, and Animation etc is almost the best I know so far.
    Looking forward for more♡

    • Ainz Ooal Gown
      Ainz Ooal Gown Day ago

      Actually no. Gonna finish it tomorrow

    • Ainz Ooal Gown
      Ainz Ooal Gown Day ago

      I'll probably read the manga this afternoon. Probably finishing it later at night

    • Shellterd
      Shellterd 20 days ago

      can you say the rank of Tanjirou

    • Y.D.C label
      Y.D.C label 22 days ago

      Miyu Shinohara I finished in 3

  • Mob_Abominator
    Mob_Abominator 24 days ago +2

    I'm glad ufotable studios has taken up this project.

  • Natsu Fired Up
    Natsu Fired Up 24 days ago +3

    Can you do some fire force content when the anime drops

  • Malcom Adams
    Malcom Adams 24 days ago +8

    The anime is really good, so far I'm enjoying it

    • 야SawYouDie
      야SawYouDie 18 days ago

      Malcom Adams yea me 2 started yesterday 🤦🏿‍♂️i wish there was more

  • Lost Comment
    Lost Comment 24 days ago +167

    I've got breath of asthma

    • Euphorium
      Euphorium 2 days ago +1

      Lost Comment LMAOooOoOoo Breath of Asthma is powerful enough to literally shoot out air by hacking hard

    • Fireyros
      Fireyros 3 days ago

      +wes woodards ok thx

    • wes woodards
      wes woodards 3 days ago

      +Fireyros try kenja no mago it's ongoing

    • Fireyros
      Fireyros 6 days ago

      +VROZONE I already caught up to jo jos

      VROZONE 6 days ago

      +Fireyros all I can say is JoJo

  • Weeb Pool
    Weeb Pool 24 days ago +6

    So it’s hamone

  • Alexis Roanoa
    Alexis Roanoa 25 days ago


  • jose Delgado
    jose Delgado 25 days ago +1

    I definitely want to see more shows of this

  • Arapi Guy
    Arapi Guy 25 days ago +106

    Using the power of breathing to defeat the this is hamon

    • Chuah Tiong Wei
      Chuah Tiong Wei 12 days ago +1

      And dance of fire good!!!!! Breath of sun!!!!!

    • Chuah Tiong Wei
      Chuah Tiong Wei 12 days ago +1

      Ya but this use sword..... So better?

    • Primordius Pendragon
      Primordius Pendragon 19 days ago +2

      ​+Season Leaves it's a normal goal for any powerful vampire in history of story writing to actually remove their weakness to sun so... Jojo just followed that cliche.

    • Shuri Gass
      Shuri Gass 19 days ago

      +Season LeavesI think if that happens, it's a serious problem. A demon is hard enough for people to live, now they want to be normal under the sun? Can't image what the disaster will be like. Yup, cannot happen, we all know it, because justice always wins xD

    • Preda 666
      Preda 666 23 days ago +5

      +Season Leaves Kars

  • jail outa free card
    jail outa free card 25 days ago +64

    Your incorrect about the breaths. Theyre just a method of breathing efficiently to maximize work output. The elements of the breath are metaphorical. Refering to how the swordsmanship looks.

    • jail outa free card
      jail outa free card 12 days ago

      +and so so far the anime is making their movements look alit more like standard anime. When i read it i picture their movements as super correct form

    • and so
      and so 12 days ago

      Yeah I had a feeling that this was the case. Thanks for making me feel like less of an idiot haha.

    • NTH THN
      NTH THN 16 days ago +1

      Agreed on this. This is something not common in western literature but it's suuuper common in Asia. I don't know about the situation in Japan but you'd come across the "breathing" a lot in Chinese martial art literature.

    • jail outa free card
      jail outa free card 19 days ago

      +Gary baldon if i had to guess the thubderclap sound he makes when he does that is the sound of his sword breaking the sound barrier. Which is feasible for someone at peak human potential

    • Gary baldon
      Gary baldon 19 days ago

      +jail outa free card sword techniques are inconsistent. For reason lightning sword techniques can cause a thunder clap. That be impossibe unless the user were moving at lightning speeds, which I doubt.

  • PhantomT
    PhantomT 25 days ago +1

    I love this anime soooo much

  • The Otaku Senpai
    The Otaku Senpai 25 days ago +4

    Dude episode 3 just released and were not even that far lol (anime only)

    • The Otaku Senpai
      The Otaku Senpai 19 days ago

      +just two dudes I normally read a manga if I end up liking the anime. I've already read up to the latest
      * edit since I last saw this video

    • just two dudes
      just two dudes 22 days ago

      Or read the manga :v

    • just two dudes
      just two dudes 22 days ago

      You should of waited then lol the title alone should clue you in

    • Stevon
      Stevon 24 days ago

      The Otaku Senpai seriously lol

    RIZEXX 26 days ago +2

    I put like 3 or 4 people on the manga that shits pretty fire

  • angelo lopez
    angelo lopez 26 days ago

    Do they breath in through the mouth or nose??

  • Papa Owl
    Papa Owl 26 days ago

    by the power of there breath is that (jojo's) references also there eps 4

  • JetStream Tae
    JetStream Tae 26 days ago

    That intro still 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ahmad Alaqib
    Ahmad Alaqib 26 days ago

    finaly somebody talking about this anime

    CPLAYS 26 days ago +2

    Hey Manga Readers

    He amazing he can control like multiple breathing technique

  • J H
    J H 27 days ago +2

    Hamon x Zanpakuto x Naruto

  • ReaperCussion
    ReaperCussion 27 days ago

    So this is basically Jojos bizarre adventure part 3 if Hirohiki araki continued the hamon idea?

    • Soru
      Soru 27 days ago

      You could say so

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu 27 days ago

    clearly they haven't met captain Levi yet :)

  • thisistheking Jay
    thisistheking Jay 27 days ago +1

    I told my friend to read kimetsu no yaiba but he didnt now he on me talking about it like a dont know

    • Tyler Kadle
      Tyler Kadle 27 days ago +1

      My friends do that shit. I'll refer them to something and theyll just ignore me, then when they eventually watch it theyll be like dude you gotta watch x. It's so annoying lol

  • Zigmaxis
    Zigmaxis 28 days ago


  • Saber Pendragon
    Saber Pendragon 28 days ago +109

    Did someone say... Pillars? Awaken my brothers

  • 水Ziis
    水Ziis 28 days ago +1

    this anime stole my breath lol + i love the guy with the pig head! because he uses 2 swords and he looks badass like Zoro

    • 水Ziis
      水Ziis 27 days ago

      +Escanor Kholin sorry, i meant to say " stole my breath " i edited my comment

    • Escanor Kholin
      Escanor Kholin 27 days ago +1

      Nah. The breath concept has been around for ages

  • urfriendlyneighbourweeb
    urfriendlyneighbourweeb 28 days ago +17

    Technically Tanjiros breath is breath of the sun ;)

    • kelnhide
      kelnhide Day ago

      +phyll breath of steam.

    • phyll
      phyll Day ago

      tanjiro. already stated that he can't fully master breath of water because something abt incompatibilty so he uses breath of sun but he can still use breath of water which means tanjiro can use two breath techniques. i hope he can combine the two styles that would be op 😁😂

    • RushD Yus
      RushD Yus 9 days ago

      Darius Popa In my own theory, he’s going to be the new pillar, whose using black swords, the pillars of the sun, he’s going to pass on his technique; the dance of the god to his pupils in the future

    • kelnhide
      kelnhide 10 days ago

      +Darius Popa or be the pillar of the sun.

    • Darius Popa
      Darius Popa 12 days ago +1

      Chuah Tiong Wei Not That Big Of A Deal,Are You Fucking Kidding Me Dude?Rengoku’s Death Affected Tanjiro In A Big Way And That Was What Made The Pillars Begin To Fight The Upper Moons Because Before Rengoku’s Death They Never Even Took Out One Upper Moon,They Only Took Out Lower Moons And The Upper Moons Killed A Lot Of Pillars During Their Life.Not A Big Deal,True.

  • Mitsu Yamazaki
    Mitsu Yamazaki 29 days ago +2

    I feel as though his scar is going to play a part to this. As well as his keen sense of smell.

    • Jon
      Jon 28 days ago

      Mitsu Yamazaki the scar does play a part

  • otaku maniac
    otaku maniac Month ago

    Is this anime gonna have Seoson or just ended in 1 Season????
    Someone!!! Answer me plisss..

    • otaku maniac
      otaku maniac 19 days ago

      +Shuri Gass ouhhh... I think so too ~ and I HOPE SO TOO!!! This anime amazing >>

    • Shuri Gass
      Shuri Gass 20 days ago

      If the anime is successful, it will have a season 2, every anime are just like that, the more famous, the more season an anime will have, just like OPM, MHA, AOT, SAO, DAL, Fate, etc...I think it's not a diffucult problem, the anime is interesting and it will become more popular in the future, hope so...

    • Tyler Kadle
      Tyler Kadle 27 days ago

      No one knows yet since were only at 4/26 episodes

  • antagonistic artichoke

    I really want to be an anime only but I think I might read the manga

    • 7evilarts
      7evilarts Day ago

      +Darius Popa what u mean??in giyuu and tanjirou vs akaza..tanjirou does 80% of the work ..giyuu done shit

    • Darius Popa
      Darius Popa Day ago

      7evilarts Read The Last Like 15 Chapters Again

    • 7evilarts
      7evilarts Day ago

      +Darius Popa giyuu is not even close to tanjirou level now

    • Darius Popa
      Darius Popa 15 days ago +1

      Jordan Brown I Would Recommend Him To Read The Manga So That He Will Find Out Himself How Big The Difference Between Tanjiro And Giyuu Is Right Now

    • Jordan Brown
      Jordan Brown 17 days ago

      I just caught up to the manga and I must say it’s lit! Ur choice tho. The show is really well adapted so far so if u want to stick with the anime for now is no problem. What I would do in ur case is watch the first season of the anime and then start the manga

  • Water Bias
    Water Bias Month ago


  • Area 11
    Area 11 Month ago

    This series has been boring to me so far. Going to give it two more episodes then dropping it

  • Cubono Hyena
    Cubono Hyena Month ago +42


  • lilheatstroke
    lilheatstroke Month ago

    Gotta slay those thots, not trying to die

  • Devin Tucker
    Devin Tucker Month ago +1

    Imagine if somebody had some HOT BREATH every demon would just drop from the sheer stench of it

  • Maximiliano Sanchez
    Maximiliano Sanchez Month ago +1

    So the power system is a variation of HAMON?

    • blksmagma
      blksmagma 29 days ago +1

      Its Jojo Part 1, but with swords.
      And I love it.

  • Ramona Dal Salan
    Ramona Dal Salan Month ago

    I live for the Giyu Tomioka manga

  • that one guy who killed a Mafia boss

    Can breathing make you stronger tho?

    • Deandre Alexander
      Deandre Alexander 19 days ago

      Wim hof method

    • A Salty Mochi
      A Salty Mochi 29 days ago

      I think it takes the idea of intaking huge oxygen to temporarily speed up the flow of blood, allowing the body to move slightly beyond its limit with some drawbacks.

  • Tomé Filho
    Tomé Filho Month ago +3

    25? That is good I was worried that the story would be rushed.

    • Heekie
      Heekie 23 days ago

      25 episodes arent enough to fit all of the chapters in the manga. it should have atleast 70+ episodes.

    • Konstantin Kachanovsky
      Konstantin Kachanovsky 29 days ago +2

      Actually 26, and now it has really good pacing. 1 episode - 2 chapters. However, the coolest part of the manga begins only with the second season (which is not a fact that will be done)

  • gerdan bombales
    gerdan bombales Month ago

    Jojo Fans be like: Breathing Techinique? HAMON no BEAT-O!

  • Chris Welch
    Chris Welch Month ago +1

    Breath style we takin John eggbert

  • Entropy Ink.
    Entropy Ink. Month ago +1

    Sorry guys. I've been away for a while. Been very busy working on some new material for you guys. But first things first. Were gonna start everything after my intro...: VOOOOOOOOOOOOOCAAAALLLLLLLLLLL

  • Venice Leggett
    Venice Leggett Month ago +10

    Soooo... like hamon from JoJo's Bizzare Adventures? Except more awesome?

    • A Salty Mochi
      A Salty Mochi 29 days ago +4

      Hamon is primarily used to augment both people and objects.
      There are more variations of Breaths, but Hamon can be used in a multitude of ways.
      But both requires you to Breathe lel.

  • Neptunite
    Neptunite Month ago +70

    my breath style is breath of the wild lol :p

  • Nick Strife
    Nick Strife Month ago +20

    So it's basically Hamon from Jojo..!

    • Afro Shinobi
      Afro Shinobi 3 days ago

      Not really no

    • Primordius Pendragon
      Primordius Pendragon 19 days ago +2

      +Nick Strife Nope, you anime-only shithead, Breaths are just literally superhuman fighting styles, the effects are just stylistic choice. The basic foundation that is full focus breathing is actually akin to how Luffy's 2nd gear, with how their body utilizes the oxygen in the body except by breathing and not pumping because they're not made of rubber like luffy, and the breath styles are like fighting styles only used while in 2nd gear. It doesn't do any energy manipulation unlike Hamon.
      And I'll pick, you're fucking stupid.

    • Nick Strife
      Nick Strife 25 days ago

      +jail outa free card If it's true they don't walk on water then sorry I am a victim of misinformation.. I swear though that I read somewhere that some of the demon slayers can walk on water...
      Although, the elemental attacks are still there.. They are either literally, elemental attacks so it equals magic or it is just as you said which is more than stupid...… Take your pick....

  • Dương Triệu
    Dương Triệu Month ago

    Can we breathe like that tho :v

  • NabilRider555
    NabilRider555 Month ago +1

    I have asthma. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Hah. Hah............. *Cries*

    MANUEL DELGADO Month ago

    Started watching the series Sunday... now I’m all caught up with the Manga. So goood

    WIZARD'S COLONY Month ago +2


  • dee washington
    dee washington Month ago +1

    Why do there eyes look so dead

    • glowmymind
      glowmymind Month ago +5

      because all of them already through some shit

  • MizuSauceMix
    MizuSauceMix Month ago +17

    zenitsu is best character

    • Internet Police
      Internet Police 8 days ago

      +Ayisha Slinger Wait a second,dont tell me your triggered because I just told the truth XD.
      Zenitsu is annoying and that is simply fact. I want you listen to me. Not once did I say that because I dont like Zenitsu means he is trash is a fact
      I said "Zenitsu being an annoying shithead is FACT". So Im sry Ayisha,you are the one wrong here. I said Zenitsu being ANNOYING is fact, Never did I say that because I dislike Zenitsu means he is the worst character.

    • Internet Police
      Internet Police 8 days ago

      +Ayisha Slinger if your younger cousin repeatedly hits you for no reason at all what do you call that?

      Being annoying is a bad side of a character my friend. Zenitsu being annoying is a fact,and lately in the manga I dont see his funny crybaby side and his character is getting worse by each hit he gives to Tanjiro.

      So do you think being annoying is shitty or do you think being annoying is a good thing. Tell me in your next reply
      But just let me say this,it is FACT that Zenitsu is annoying
      It is FACT that being annoying is shitty and a bad side of a character
      Zenitsu is no longer a crybaby(Tell me the last time you saw him cry in fear)
      Zenitsu is just being annoying to Tanjiro,the viewers and possibly even Nezuko

      His one trait is being annoying. Being annoying is a bad trait. Thus he has a bad character,thus he is a shitty character
      Your the type who seems to like childish anime like MHA so I dont think I can even reason with you that it's a fact Zenitsu is annoying.
      He is only cool when asleep and only managed to beat one demon so far in the series without being asleep

      However how many times is he asleep?
      Around only 10% of his screentime,right?
      The rest of his screentime is him being a bitch

      Sry dude he is rarely ever a cool guy in fights and mostly a douche who is annoying. My mouth frowns every time I see him shouting and hitting Tan

    • Ayisha Slinger
      Ayisha Slinger 8 days ago

      +Internet Police I think you are one of those people who can't tell the difference because, YOU have a personality preference for your fav character thus it is just YOUR personal preference because i prefer zenitsu to have that cry baby wimp part of him itsfunny looking at him freakin out but being a badass when he's asleep so its just YOUR opinion that you think he's a shitty character and apparently you think your opinion matters so much to say its a fact.

    • Internet Police
      Internet Police 17 days ago

      +Ayisha Slinger Nah it's fact. It seems to me people now a days tend to be not able to tell the difference. Just like I dislike MHA and you like it. Now THATS opinion. But Zenitsu being an annoying shithead is FACT

    • Ayisha Slinger
      Ayisha Slinger 18 days ago

      +Internet Police thats just YOUR opinion