The Ultimate Expensive Burger Tasting with Adam Richman | The Burger Show

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • In the series premiere of The Burger Show, host Alvin Cailan teams up with food-TV legend Adam Richman (Man v. Food, Secret Eats) to discuss a hot-button issue in the burger world: the rise of gourmet, expensive burgers. With bespoke beef blends and luxury toppings like truffles driving prices through the roof, are the upgrades really worth it? Find out as the duo tries premium patties ranging from $23 to $295.
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    First We Feast's "The Burger Show" is a new web series that explores everything about modern burger culture-from the rise of Instagram-bait stunt burgers, to the enduring influence of regional styles-through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan. Alvin's breakfast-sandwich empire in Los Angeles put him on the culinary map, but it's burgers that are his true passion. Now he's in NYC to understand what drives his obsession, and he's linking up with folks like Adam Richman, burger scholar George Motz, and Binging With Babish's Andrew Rea to help him along the way.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  7 months ago +888

    WELCOME TO THE BURGER SHOW! Hope you guys enjoy, lots of great episodes hitting in the coming weeks...

    • Jose Vega
      Jose Vega 2 months ago

      First we feast is taking over. You should take over the food channel with your shows. Real cast with real opinions. That first burger tho that looked BOMB!

    • Kelly Mcgrath
      Kelly Mcgrath 2 months ago

      first one almost looks worth it. but i could get 4x the burger cooked locally for $23.

    • OntarioStorms
      OntarioStorms 6 months ago

      Sorry you wasted your money on trash.

    • Johny Doe
      Johny Doe 7 months ago

      First We Feast Dude yer back I love it and you did a show with my boy Mikey Chang " Hot pot"..........👍🏻❤️🇺🇸

    • Dahlia Chavez
      Dahlia Chavez 7 months ago

      First We Feast i need more asapasapasap

  • The Phat Jesus
    The Phat Jesus Day ago

    A burger is a burger to me I couldnt care less where's it from. I have never been impressed by a burger

  • the cloud
    the cloud Day ago

    they forgot the fortnite burger

  • CloppyFeet
    CloppyFeet 3 days ago

    God, I could never live in NYC

  • Gerardo Camacho
    Gerardo Camacho 3 days ago

    Fat fuck pig nose 😂

  • NotSnarl
    NotSnarl 5 days ago +1

    What's really repulsive here is that I can tell that neither of these slobs have bathed in a very long time. Just disgusting and not what I want to see associated with food videos.

  • Verne's Final Moments

    Man Vs Diabetes

  • Try M
    Try M 6 days ago

    Adam is a fan of Park and Rec. That 'treat yo self' gave it away

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen 6 days ago

    I respect your authenticity in this. Thanks for not sucking up to the priciest the whole way.

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen 6 days ago

    God I want you on Buzzfeed's Worth It for a new burger episode.

  • poopsled
    poopsled 14 days ago

    You guys have an episode on butter burgers? If not come to milwaukee and punish your heart for letting blood through it.

  • Adolfo Pasten
    Adolfo Pasten 16 days ago

    So basically this fat ass is a fucking thief.

  • Nuck
    Nuck 18 days ago

    That’s one fat motherfucka.

  • Shaquon Stewart
    Shaquon Stewart 18 days ago

    I miss the old man vs food! Love Adam

  • ruben tinkel
    ruben tinkel 21 day ago

    a 3x3 animal style shits on any burger on earth. convince me otherwise

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker 21 day ago

    Is it a $300 burger, Or a $60 burger with a $240 toothpick?

  • Alkaris
    Alkaris 22 days ago

    $300 for that burger? Nah fuck that… lemme guess… it's the gold leaf that jack's it's price up by $230, when gold leaf sells for about $20 for 100 sheets.

  • David L. Nguyen
    David L. Nguyen 22 days ago

    alvin is uncomfortable to look at

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 22 days ago

    That fat dude is one bromide, annoying idiot. What a shitty, useless show.

  • aaron s
    aaron s 22 days ago

    the bash burger chef was a boss

  • Terry Qiu
    Terry Qiu 23 days ago

    I think whatalot of people don’t realize is that an expensive burger has a hella good pattie, if you have one with a good enough pattie it will blow your mind

  • QuockLobster
    QuockLobster 27 days ago

    It’s sad that Adam put all the weight back on

  • Daniel Cannon Cannon
    Daniel Cannon Cannon 28 days ago

    Burger was fkin raaaw, was pissing blood all over the bun.

  • George Zamudio
    George Zamudio 29 days ago

    On my first day of fasting

  • Sean Pflum
    Sean Pflum Month ago

    The result is NOT greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Deema Zoloto
    Deema Zoloto Month ago

    try black star burger, who do u like more bk, wendy ,inout or jack in the box?how about red lobster?

  • Deema Zoloto
    Deema Zoloto Month ago

    taste hard rock cafe, come to ukraine,

  • EltaMDMA
    EltaMDMA Month ago

    5:20 wtf did you just say?

  • Bboy235
    Bboy235 Month ago

    They are all clinically obese

  • Zachary Flores
    Zachary Flores Month ago


  • James Gatto
    James Gatto Month ago

    What's up with Adam's HAND!!!

  • I got ligma
    I got ligma Month ago

    I don’t understand why people like truffles. It taste like gasoline🤢🤢🤢

  • GWhoves
    GWhoves Month ago

    What about the 777 burger from Le Burger Brasserie in Las Vegas? The thing has a price tag of $777.00

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Month ago

    its a felnony to make food like this so fine dining and expesinve.. wtf is wrong with the community of food.. burgers r not a fashion trend. they r always ment to be thick snd wide.. seriously ten dollars for a lb were i can grab and bite into ot over evrythig else.. seriously

  • thejmeister
    thejmeister Month ago

    A bun that's all soggy from the bodily liquids of likely three or more different cows spilling out of the undercooked burger. Hmm. Gourmet indeed.

  • Trel Kel
    Trel Kel Month ago

    Would never eat cooked minced meat that had blood in it - food poisoning chances are super high.

  • Lisa Adams
    Lisa Adams Month ago

    thers also veggie Burger

  • John Chitty
    John Chitty Month ago

    Bruh why haven’t you made a video at whataburger? Lol

  • Ban
    Ban Month ago

    what is rare? in my country there is only cooked and raw. the first burger seemed raw to me

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki Month ago

    23$ is not too bad

  • Nick Mc'Dick
    Nick Mc'Dick Month ago

    if you use the keybind "2" and "3" they both say the same word and its s fucking funny omgg

  • Daathaan
    Daathaan Month ago

    It was pretentiousness each and every burger. I fucking hate NYC.

  • Choonah
    Choonah Month ago

    i think the fat guy tasting burgers is totally fucked up. its like showing to the world we are ok with obesity and overeating

  • Eric Spangenberg
    Eric Spangenberg Month ago

    Welcome to the show that's often only as good as its guests.

  • Horizon
    Horizon Month ago

    Umm..Are you going to finish that 5:21

  • Tiago Toledo
    Tiago Toledo Month ago

    "Aged", I think you meant "moldly.

  • foulpotato
    foulpotato Month ago

    Adam looks tired and unhealthy and unhappy 😥

  • SuperPussyFinger
    SuperPussyFinger Month ago +1

    Discovering this Web series is like the first time I discovered porn.

  • Fizzie213
    Fizzie213 Month ago +1

    There's this sports bar chain across Western Ohio, stretching from Cincinnati up to Toledo, and they have this one-pound burger that is under $7 but it tastes like it should be twice that. If you ever pass through and you're hungry, and there's a Fricker's close by, it's worth a stop, and the wait.

  • Kerman Guy
    Kerman Guy Month ago

    What song is the tune in the background from? The one that plays the loudest. I feel like I've heard it before.

  • Lance Tieger
    Lance Tieger Month ago

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Uria
    Uria Month ago

    295 is way too much lolk

  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott Month ago +1

    mmmm this raw burger is delicious!! Yuck

    • Tom Scott
      Tom Scott 23 days ago

      Fuck off lol idiot

    • Alexander Diaz Larsson
      Alexander Diaz Larsson 26 days ago

      Are you really that much of a pleb that you havent seen a medium rare burger before?

  • Golden Poubelle
    Golden Poubelle Month ago


  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Month ago

    My favorite burger place of all time, Phyllis's Giant Burger in San Rafael, sells their biggest burgers for like $10. But they use such good ingredients, like I remember getting a bacon burger and the layer of bacon just as thick as the burger (which was slightly less than an inch thick). Everytime I'm in San Rafael I try and stop there or at Sol Food.

  • Alberad08
    Alberad08 Month ago

    Can't agree more!

  • TsukiraAquarius
    TsukiraAquarius Month ago

    This is like Food Wars IRL: burger edition

  • Md Kashif
    Md Kashif Month ago +1

    Luv u richman bro..

  • lurk qween
    lurk qween Month ago

    eat the rich

  • Blake Killganon
    Blake Killganon Month ago +1

    The blood soaked bun is just gross...

  • Seamus Cannon
    Seamus Cannon Month ago

    Wagyu is so good for steaks because of the high amount of good fat marbling, if you’re making a ground beef burger you can put as much fat in as you want

  • Jian Li
    Jian Li Month ago

    Just like that one other buzz show, but with the experienced burger chef Alvin. Keep it up!

  • Noam Defacto
    Noam Defacto Month ago

    Adam's left hand is injured from literally jerking off since the retirement of MVF

  • Jake Live
    Jake Live Month ago

    This DUDE IS SO FAT, I'm getting diabetes just lookin at him.
    i would watch this, but his extreme unhealthiness makes me sick. STOP EATING BURGERS and get some exercise.
    'Merica is goin down....

  • kinley thessing
    kinley thessing Month ago

    a bacon and onion *jAaAaAaaAAAaaaAaAAaAm*

  • FAST Food Pit Stops

    Adam is the MvF O.G.

  • Declano
    Declano Month ago

    777 burger

  • Kemarin Khim
    Kemarin Khim 2 months ago

    Adam started the get fired cause of social media craze goin on now.

  • Vape Naysh
    Vape Naysh 2 months ago

    this is 1000 times better than buzzfeed because the people aren't empty attics and actually know their shit

  • The 23rd Horse
    The 23rd Horse 2 months ago

    People who use 24 carrot gold shavings on food need to be bashed. And it’s not about money or that I can’t afford it, it’s about principal.

  • Murff Jr
    Murff Jr 2 months ago

    The new host of man vs food seems like he was trying way to hard to be like Adam. His personality is forced.

  • Angelique Maye
    Angelique Maye 2 months ago

    For one second I thought the guy said Alan Rickman, but then I remembered that he's on second seat next to Big J

  • Sebbz
    Sebbz 2 months ago

    Secret sauce here in Utah is just called fry sauce😂

  • Duxie Doogie
    Duxie Doogie 2 months ago

    Maybe go on diet?

  • me myself and no one else

    When he bit the first burger i could feel his heart palpitate.

  • pro butt groper
    pro butt groper 2 months ago

    Who else didnt believe that “proceeds go to donation”

  • Conan 1812
    Conan 1812 2 months ago +1

    Buy a pair of sneakers!!!!!! Buy a gym membership you Ahab teasing Goodyear blimp, KFC FAT for blood mofo!!!!

  • Conan 1812
    Conan 1812 2 months ago

    Fat slob Asian dude is a walking heart attack. Adam is also back to his old size

  • OpusDraconisOfficial
    OpusDraconisOfficial 2 months ago

    best show ever made dudes!

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 2 months ago

    Man's not hot.

  • Stone Coggins
    Stone Coggins 2 months ago

    The best burger is a thin patty, potato roll, American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, special sauce. Anything fancier than that is just unnecessary

  • hari santosh Janjam
    hari santosh Janjam 2 months ago



  • OmnieStar
    OmnieStar 2 months ago

    Are you ever NOT hungry and have to do a episode?

  • JasonVoorhees10100
    JasonVoorhees10100 2 months ago

    i miss adams show. man vs food was amazing the og food show

  • Ray S
    Ray S 2 months ago

    Treat yo self

  • Logan Williams
    Logan Williams 2 months ago

    Adam is a stand up guy. I really enjoy listening to his passion not only for food but music and anything else he talks about

  • Dan Wasko
    Dan Wasko 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for the "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"-inspired beat behind the Mineta burger.

  • Todd Mick
    Todd Mick 2 months ago

    Everything food has gotten way out of hand.

  • Jon Scears
    Jon Scears 2 months ago

    The brisket burger was the best!

  • Whiskey tit
    Whiskey tit 2 months ago

    this was on the menu at mcdonalds not long ago

  • lamBETTERthanY0U
    lamBETTERthanY0U 2 months ago +1

    Just fatties being fat

  • L
    L 2 months ago

    We put gold leaf, and truffle, and caviar on your food... just trying to hard to jack the price up. Really good restaurants think about the whole balance of the dish. That just shows you're vulgar and have no taste.

  • L
    L 2 months ago

    So Adam's diet is doing well... cough.

  • The Monster
    The Monster 2 months ago

    This has to be one of the most underrated shows I've seen in awhile on YT.

  • José María
    José María 2 months ago

    Edible gold is one of the most stupids things on Earth. Doesnt have any flavour, is just an useless way of making your shit more expensive

  • Trust HD
    Trust HD 2 months ago

    Doing Burgers yourself is the best way, it's cheaper and fresher. All that gold bullshit cost's like 10$ if you buy it yourself and it does not make the burger tastier or anything, just makes it look weird and they charge a lot of money for that crap.

  • Kimathi Kevin
    Kimathi Kevin 2 months ago

    $300 nonsense

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen 2 months ago

    You should get Jeremy Clarkson, former top gear host here. I wonder what he will say?

  • TheCulinarian
    TheCulinarian 2 months ago

    Adam rich man is awesome off script.

  • Erika
    Erika 2 months ago

    I just realized that Adam is like an older version of Jimmy from GTA V